The Untold Banner at the Emirates: time to vote

The Untold Banner

Tony and I have come up with a shortlist of FOUR slogans for the banner and so now we need you lot to vote on them.

You can access the survey here

Please vote just once and for ONE slogan only

Once we have agreed the slogan I will sort the designs (perhaps with help form some of you that have been kind enough to offer) and then will approach Arsenal to get the ok.

Assuming Mr. Gazidis and co. are happy we will then get it made, ask for your money (☺) and hopefully aim to get it installed for Emirates Cup in July (I assume its in July given the season starts first weekend in August).

So get voting, thanks


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  1. Banner is a great idea, but I’m underwhelmed by the choices of slogan. They are all linked to Arsene. I am not anti Wenger but foremost I am a supporter of the club. I would have welcomed a choice of slogan relating solely to the club or it’s ethos. I have not voted.

  2. Voted and looking forward to the seeing the completed banner whichever slogan is chosen.
    AllanC the whole point of the banner is to show our support, appreciation, and gratitude to the manager for all that he has done for us, but thanks.

  3. Allan the reason that they are all related to Mr Wenger is that there are already many other banners up, by and large supporting the club in general.

    Untold has always specified its support for the manager, and we carry a quote from him on our home page, as we have done for years.

    Anyone can put forward an idea for a banner, and if they get it approved, then get it made and put up. We are doing one that reflects our ethos as an informal group of supporters focussed on this site.

  4. In my opinion the club will always be in debt to Arsene. There is also the matter of David Dean who is primarily responsible for bring Arsene to Arsenal.

    Arsene could as David Dean pointed out after the ”invincible season” continued to seek trophies, instead he turned his back on ‘personal managerial glory’ and made it possible for our great stadium to be built.

    Arsene has taken a lot of stick from all and sundry a lesser man would have caved in and gone else where. Instead Arsene has ignored them and remained loyal to the club.

    Of course no one man or woman is greater than the club however where would Arsenal be without Arsene? At the old stadium playing out dated defensive boring football.

  5. colario, I think we’d still have moved to the Stadium but we’d still have 5+ years before we could consider the Ozil & Alexis type signings.

  6. Tony/ob1977,
    I do not manage to get onto Untold every day (it’s blocked at work).
    I have since found all the posts regarding the banner. I saw the first one and my reading was that the theme was not settled and you were looking for suggestions for a theme and not that you had already decided. I missed the second post and this current post post did not mention the that the theme would be Arsene. I am not at odds for a banner for Arsene, it’s a good idea but my expectations before reading the suggestions were different. I will now go back and vote. Keep up the good work !

  7. It is quite strange that anything arsene invokes dissent immediately from pple who claim to be arsenal fan. are they really fan, do the comprehend anything at all apart hatred?

  8. Hi everyone, its been a while since I last posted a comment here though have been reading every single article.

    I couldn’t vote during the last election in Nigeria, but now I just did for my favourite Untold banner.


  9. I think the survey should at least find a way to register voters to Untold Arsenal. I suspect that all that is present now, is the fact the URL to the survey isn’t well known.

    I don’t think Arsenal will entertain Wenger Stadium as an idea. Maybe ManU has enough cahs flow to not rename Old Traffic, I don’t think Arsenal can suggest to Emirates Airlines that we would like to rename the stadium.

    For me, instead of 4 ideas, you are down to 3.

    None of the remaining 3 do anything for me.

    But, as I seemingly don’t have anything to contribute, I am not voting. It was nice to be noticed by Blacksheep.

    Good luck with your banner.

  10. @ Gord May 16, 2015 at 3:28 am -I was under the impression that as the banner is being paid by the AKBs , it should only matter what we think it should be .
    Anyone who wishes to put up his own banner should be welcome to do so as long as he gets the approval from the people in charge ,and he pays for it himself , of course !

  11. Gord – I agree with you about the Stadium bit. However, a vote is sacred. It gives the voter a choice. May not be the most agreeable but best of whats on offer. Life’s choices aren’t always easy!

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