The big worry: did the summer holiday plans clash with the Emirates Cup?

By Tony Attwood

And the big question is – how will you occupy yourself in June (other than by watching Copa America)?

Here are the dates.

  • 30 May: FA Cup Final
  • 3/4 July: Copa America 3rd/4th, and final
  • 15 July: Asia Trophy (Stoke, Everton, Arsenal, Singapore) – two games
  • 18 July: Asia Trophy: (ditto) – 3rd/4th play off; final play off.

25 July: Emirates Cup

  • 14.00 – VfL Wolfsburg v Villarreal
  • 16.20 – Arsenal v Olympique Lyonnais

26 July Emirates Cup

  • 14.00 – Olympique Lyonnais v Villarreal
  • 16.20 – Arsenal v VfL Wolfsburg
  • August 2: Community Shield (Arsenal v Chelsea, always assuming…)
  • August 8: Premier League starts

Goodness know how much of a first team we will put out in Singapore, but certainly no one who has gone to South America will be there.

But at least some of the guys will have had a kick around by the time we get to the Emirates Cup, and everyone will be excited (well, interested, well, looking up from their drinks) to see Nic Bendtner.

Villareal are sixth in the Spanish League, Wolfsburg second in the German League, and Lyonnais are second in the French League, ahead of Monaco (last season’s party poopers).

This is the competition that BT Sport mocked like crazy two years ago, but then suddenly transformed themselves into supporters of a fine tradition.

So not much space for a holiday except for June.  Just leave the kids behind and go.

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  1. Tony,

    You forgot the Arsenal Ladies fixtures, those not involved in England’s World Cup Squad in Canada have the rest of May and June off, fixtures re-start on Jul 12 with a home game at Meadow park against Liverpool, then there are games on 19th away at Birmingham, 23rd hove v Watford, 26th Notts County and 29th away at London Bees.

    June is definitely the time to be away!

  2. I have been reading this blog for many many years, but I rarely comment because (1) I usually don’t have any more to say than what is already being said in the blogs (2) I was one of those who had begun to doubt the direction the club and whether could win another major trophy for Arsenal, (however, never being disrespectful to Wenger or calling for his head like some other Arsenal supporters). My belief was that Wenger should be allowed to choose his own time of departure given his achievements in the past and his enormous service for the club. But I did not want to confront in your (rightly placed, I now admit) faith in Wenger.

    I decided to write today because some of the things I read about Ozil’s performance in some of the boards and newspaper comments. Now I don’t ridicule others who do not attend games as “armchair” supporters as I myself barely go to any games (simply because I have a young family and cannot afford to spend the time or money of attending live games). However, for a change, I was at Old Trafford yesterday (incidentally sitting with the “home” support in the SAF Stand thanks to the generosity of a Man Utd supporting friend who had a spare ticket!). And for the first time I had the privilege of seeing Ozil play live.

    On Television, most of the time you see the action around the ball. So you have no idea of the of- the-ball movements that intelligent players make. Many years ago I had seen the movie -Zidane: A 21st century Portrait, where they filmed Zidane using 17 synchronous cameras and an on-body microphone as well. Watching the movie, I was amazed how few touches he actually managed on the ball in the whole game. He was obviously heavily marked, so most of the time, he kept running and moving, always asking for the ball. You could hear his breathing and shouts for the ball. You could see the sudden intensity when he entered into (a few) duels for the ball and his genius when he managed to pass the ball even as multiple opposition players converged on him. Overall I think he created an assist and managed to get sent off in the end.

    Watching Ozil yesterday reminded me of that movie. I had been keeping an eye on Ozil’s runs with the corner of my eye even when the ball/action was elsewhere on the field. And I can tell you that Ozil was everywhere. Sometime he was on the left flank. Sometimes on the right. Always moving. Always providing options to other players. He also created several chances (including the one which Giroud missed), one of which could have very easily been a goal.

    Ozil will never have the industry of Sanchez. He does not chase every ball like mad. However, his movements are very efficient, very well thought. He sees things on the field that others don’t. He works very hard though, I can vouch for that. He doesn’t get into flying tackles but he moves intelligently and continuously all over the field providing options and distorting the opposition’s shape. And unlike the impression created by the media and some fans that he looks uninterested, I saw the anger in him when a pass didn’t come off or when other players wasted an opportunity, so I know that he passionately cares for this team too!

  3. Sam,

    I have had the privilege of watching Özil for the past two seasons, my son who rarely gets to the home games hasn’t and we had a very similar conversation before the Southampton game where he used our season ticket. He too didn’t appreciate all of the work that Özil puts in during the game and I suggested that he keep an eye out for Özil’s movement. After the game he reported that he now understood what I see in the player which is an awful lot.

    I do hope you comment again soon, well considered and presented thoughts, opinions etc are always welcomed here.

  4. off topic
    Platini has just announced that the Financial Fair Play rules are going to be relaxed.

  5. As I won’t quite be watching the Copa America , I ‘d probably be catching up on my reading . Humour , history and cartoons will be my companions .
    Care to join me ? Here’s some Peanuts – nearly 55 years of it , to keep you occupied !

  6. Agree with the Ozil comments – he is very much underestimated, especially by the brain dead aaaa types.

    I would hope for two things to be worked on over the summer: –

    1. An increase in understanding of movement, where to move to and where and when to expect a through pass. I know this seems basic but sometimes we play wonderfully flowing football, but on occasion this can fall down seemingly because of misunderstandings or slight lack of co-ordination, (not entirely unexpected given our early season absentees and injuries). If we get it right more goals will follow.

    2. Wilshere (a very fine player) and Sanchez (a world class player) will both be more dangerous if they learn to pass the ball at the appropriate time – and not dribble into trouble.

    Anyway, by the sound of the article we should see quite a few of our young players over the summer, always an enjoyable experience.

  7. @Sam & Andrew,
    What a generous and intelligent tribute from you both about a player who is constantly criticised as being lazy, by ignorant folk who know little about football.
    I hope Ozil is with us for years to come as one of our greatest playmakers.

  8. A few days ago, Kelly Smith made a comment about the incident that led to her being injured and needing surgery. Some on Untold were happy that she had.

    Well, two stories out of the bumbling BBC today. First story, the FA has charged her. Second story, the Sunderland player is contemplating suing Kelly Smith.

    As near as I could tell, the Sunderland player (Abby Holmes) is an athlete who only started playing football 2 or 3 years ago. But, research via Wikipedia and sports articles is unreliable.

  9. What more can we expect from these thick skinned bastards….

    You charge a Kelly for having her legs broken and for having the courage to speak out…sic. Disgusting.

  10. Gord – the Smith story is an utter disgrace. I hope she sticks to her guns. She is the one lying there injured and, given her age, may never play top flight football again. I think she should be taking legal advice per the FA and the Sunderland player. Loss of earnings? Assault?

    Very angry about this. It is the job of the authorities to protect players from physical damage. The foul was awarded a red card. Now take to the next level. I think it would be fantastic if she sued the FA. May make them reconsider their ridiculously lenient approach.

    End of rant.

  11. The U21 versus Wolves just kicked off. Hayden is apparently back in the lineup.

    XI: Macey, Johnson, O’Connor, Pleguezuelo, Bola, Hayden, Bielik, Maitland-Niles, Gnabry, Robinson, Iwobi

    Subs: Huddart, Dobson, Kamara, Sheaf, Eyoma


    I’m surprised there is nothing on the Arsenal site about the Sunderland player considering to sue Kelly Smith. But, it could be that Arsenal is consulting its lawyers.

  12. Half time

    14 minutes Iwobi is on hand to bury the rebound off a Hayden shot,
    Arsenal lead 1-0.

    29 minutes Maitland-Niles gets to the byline and passes to Gnabry, who scores.
    Arsenal lead 2-0


  13. Zorro (Cesc Fabregas)got sent of in the Chavs v West Brom, & they are down 1 – 0.

    Jose is at his level!!!

  14. Full time

    51 minutes. Gnabry’s free kick is flicked onto the bar, and Pleguezuelo converts with a header.
    Arsenal lead 3-0.

    58 minutes. Gnabry has another free kick, deflection of defender goes into the net.
    Arsenal lead 4-0.


    Chelsea is tired of being boring, and resorts to handbags to liven things up? Cesc you naughty boy!

  15. Full time

    Game ends 4-0. Welcome back Hayden. Good to see Gnabry in the goals.

  16. @Gord

    Thanks for that update on the U21s – good to follow Hayden & Gnabry’s progress.

    Re Fabergas – I would be interested in Walter’s take on the incident – I have never seen anything like it.

    Costa seems to be the main protagonist in a team with multiple red card candidates – who collectively have had a very protected life all season!

  17. It’s not the first time a Sunderland player has destroyed an Arsenal players career.

  18. bjtgooner, if Cesc would be a Sunday morning park football player one could say: oh, he was clumsy and hand no intent of kicking the ball that way. But we are talking about a professional football player who completely on his own decides to kick the ball up in the air aimed at the head of a bunch of players AND the ref. That is deliberately kicking the ball in the direction of an opponent. Even if it hadn’t hit someone that is a red card. Same as throwing a ball in the direction of another player.
    Red card and Cesc shoul miss the opening two matches of next season as this should be a 3 match ban. Would this include the Charity Chield?

  19. Referee appointments are out.

    Sunday 24 May 2015
    K.O. .MATCHES . . . REFEREE . . . ASST. REF. 1 . .ASST. REF. 2 . .4TH OFFICIAL
    15:00 Arsenal – West Brom . . .Mark Clattenburg S Beck . . .A Garratt .S Attwell
    15:00 Aston Villa – Burnley . .Mike Jones . . . R West . . .M Scholes .D Coote
    15:00 Chelsea – Sunderland . . Lee Mason . . . .J Brooks . .A Halliday R Madley
    15:00 Crystal Palace – Swansea Craig Pawson . . I Hussin . .M Perry . .P Bankes
    15:00 Everton – Spurs . . . . .Jonathan Moss . .D England . S Bennett .K A Woolmer
    15:00 Hull – Man Utd . . . . . Lee Probert . . .H Lennard . D Cann . . A Marriner
    15:00 Leicester – QPR . . . . .Michael Oliver . L Betts . . S Ledger . S Martin
    15:00 Man City – Southampton . Chris Foy . . . .M McDonough R Ganfield P Tierney
    15:00 Newcastle – West Ham . . Martin Atkinson .M Mullarkey S Child . .K Friend
    15:00 Stoke – Liverpool . . . .Anthony Taylor . G Beswick . D Bryan . .N Swarbrick

  20. @Walter

    Thanks for that info – hard to understand Fabergas’s thinking!!

    Good to see Chelski stuffed tonight – but another strange scene – the Odious One and the the almost equally detestable Pullis hugging each other – ‘orrible sight!!

  21. Using the ball as a weapon during a stoppage in play is a cardable offence. During play if you kicked the ball at an opponent it is not a foul. I’ve seen this before. Best use of the ball during play was by Eusebio. He was not being protected by the referee so he ran after the ball, got it and dribbled round the pitch to get in position to shoot the ball into the midriff of his protagonist. This happened in Highbury – Arsenal v Benfica (if I’m not mistaken).

    I hope there’s no precedence for our game against WBA.

  22. Grrr. I’m trying to get a trilateration program working, and I keep going back to Kelly Smith being injurred.

    Kelly is being sanctioned by the FA for what she said. And I suspect a big part of the reason, is that Kelly is a coach of the Arsenal Ladies as well as a player. The threat of a lawsuit is just dumb.

    It is not necessary for a player tackling another to have malicious intent, in order for the tackle to have a high probability to injury. I don’t believe the first “coach” Abby Holmes was exposed to was the coaching staff at Sunderland. She has had coaches before that.

    But, if Abby Holmes has only been playing for 3 years, whoever has taught her about tackling has taught her the wrong thing. If it is only 3 years, it is not likely to be an ingrained behavior which is almost impossible to change. Which means the current management at Sunderland is responsible for _how_ she tackles now. It is entirely possible that none of the management of Sunderland ever thought about their responsibilities to football in the event they find themselves coaching a player who is new to the sport.

    Now, if Sunderland taught her how to tackle, then they (Sunderland) are responsible for teaching ways to tackle with high probabilities of injuring (intent to injure). And it should be Sunderland that is sanctioned by the FA. And if it comes to it, criminally responsible.

    If Sunderland are just failing in their duties to correct an a behavior that is not ingrained, there should be no threat of criminal action involved. But it should be Sunderland that should be subject to a lawsuit, not Kelly Smith. That is as dumb as all those whorenalists saying that Wilshere was responsible for Paddy McAsshole breaking Wilshere’s ankle.

  23. So what you telling me is that despite boasting arguably the best ‘spine ‘ in the entire EPL ,
    ie ,


    Cahill Terry


    Diego Costa

    they couldn’t even score a goal , nor prevent conceding three ,against a team 40 points , and 12 places below them ?
    What do the ostriches say about this ?
    Then again this was a Tony Pullis team , and in his own words , ” I have managed against Jose Mourinho twice and managed to beat him twice.”

    A 100 % record – I’m sure this will have bells ringing !

  24. “Walking” is the best exercise…!
    This year, ‘Walk Away’ from arguments that lead you to nowhere but anger.
    ‘Walk Away’ from people who deliberately put you down.
    ‘Walk Away’ from any thought that reduces your worth.
    ‘Walk Away’ from failures and fears that stifle your dreams.
    The more you ‘Walk Away’ from things that poison your soul, the happier your life would be.
    Gift Yourself A Walk towards happiness .

  25. bjtgooner
    Yes I, those two points are spot on man. On point 2 if you could hear me when Alexis and Wiltshire get the ball, i’m shouting RELEASE it now, Damm.

    Ozil is going to be even more powerful when the rest of the players adapt to him more and he to them more. Will Zelalem even get a look in? Mind you he is young yet and has plenty time.

    Now we know why more players do not speak out even though they know exactly what goes on. The fact that P Neville was chastised for saying what he said as pundit, but never dared saying as a player just highlights that all players are aware that some players target other players for injury, and many retaliate.

    Boorinho and Chel$ players have done it, why get injured before hols is probably their mentality going into the game. But Cesc, the man is not happy really, not happy at all. He mismanaged his own career to be at a club that had never appealed to him, and now he has to live with it.

    Brickfields Gunners, walking away seems to be the postured way of behaviour, probably created by those same people who want to be safe from retaliation. 🙂 Each situation warrants it’s own response, there is no common response for incidents. Walking away is basically “turning the other cheek” and we all see/have seen what that type of brainwashing does to people.

    So, Sunderland next eh?
    They will want a point sooner rather than later, and knowing Arsenal, soft hearted/kind hearted (you choose) that we are, 🙂 will probably let them get it too. Then they will owe us one next season. 🙂

    I hope our season begins with the thrashing of Chel$ in the Shield and carries on with a winning run all the way to the end of the season. 🙂

    Happy off times for all, and enjoy the sun all those who can.

  26. @ para – May 19, 2015 at 8:39 am – We pick and chose what we deem important enough to care and fight for . I tend to avoid stupid and ignorant people like the plague ! Especially in crowds !
    I’m much happier for not reading the papers and not hearing the news on tv .Ostriches don’t bother me a bit !
    Every day I get patients who listen to stupid , gullible people and end up with complications from self medication of worthless ‘Organic ‘, ‘Herbal’ , ‘ Natural’ and ‘Holistic’ products.
    They gorge themselves on these multi-level-marketing products and often shun fresh produce that is not only easily available to them , but often at a fraction of the cost .
    Some even trawl the internet and think that the have found the answer to all their problems, only to find out that they have inflicted irreversible damage unto themselves .
    When their mistakes are pointed out to them , they give all manner of excuses and feign ignorance.
    It is no surprise then that the number of kidney failure patients in my country is unnaturally high. Not to mention a heavy srtain on the state coffers .
    Then again , to each his own !

  27. bjtgooner

    “Good to see Chelski stuffed tonight – but another strange scene – the Odious One and the the almost equally detestable Pulis hugging each other – ‘orrible sight!!”

    I know. Sounds to me like Pulis has a serious ‘man crush’ going on here.

    He has single handedly taken the Mourhino love-in to a whole new level. Surely we had enough arse licking on the build up to the match. Enough already. Alas it seems not.

    This is what he had to say after the game last night on SKY’s MNF:

    “For all we’ve done tonight, they’ve been worthy champions,”

    “A fantastic football club, they have some wonderful players. For people to criticise them, it’s just unbelievable.

    “They’ve been by a country mile the best team in England this year.”

    Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz get out of his arse.

    Listening to his gushing tributes and sycophantic plaudits, was more akin to listening to a Gwyneth Paltrow acceptance speech at the Oscars, rather than a football manager.

    It was fawning at it’s cringing worst. I fully expected him to burst into tears.

    If I was a West Brom fan I’d be gutted, and not a little embarrassed.

  28. On the subject of Pulis/Mourhino love-in it lead to an interesting debate at work last night.

    Was he right to be so gushing in his praise?

    In the wider context, are the media right to be so gushing?

    Maybe, maybe not, but the thing that more or less settled the debate was that old chestnut ‘Context’.

    Whatever Mourhino in particular, and Chelsea in general, achieve, has to be put in to context with the resources they have had at hand.

    It was nailed down to this question:

    If you said to Pulis, or any other current premier League manager, we are going to give you an annual Net spend, or loss if you like, of £50 Million pound per season for the next 10 years, as well as an unlimited wage bill, do you think you would win the odd trophy?

    The truth is the answer is so obviously yes that there wasn’t a single dissenting voice. Everyone agreed that any manager worth there salt would expect to achieve what Chelsea (and City) have. Most, like me, said they think they would be able to do it themselves.

    Well of course that maybe taking it a little far, but it does highlight how easy your average football fan thinks it would be to win things, given an unlimited transfer budget and wage bill.

    So the conclusion was, no.

    Whilst of course every one knows Mourhino is a good manager, he is not the genius Pulis, and his fawning media, would have us believe, at least not in our mess room.

  29. @Brickfields Gunner. Thanks for your post on “Walk Away”. Brilliant as always man. I wrote it down, and I intend to share it with many of my friends- with full credit to you and Untold Arsenal, of course.

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