Wanna be on the tele as they talk about Arsenal?


Untold has been contacted by The Clare Balding Show, in association with BT Sport and BBC 2.

They are having a special show next week Wednesday 27th May at 7PM where Clare will be talking about the FA Cup final.

They haven’t yet confirmed the guests on the show, but they have asked if any Untold readers would like to to attend.  Their only requirement is that you are a) an Arsenal fan and b) can turn up wearing an Arsenal shirts.

There is no charge for admission – but of course you do need to have a ticket.

If you want to go you need to visit


and follow it up from there.

Have fun

Tony Attwood

From the Anniversary Files: Debating goalkeepers has always been with us….

21 May 1923: Ernest Williamson, Arsenal’s goalkeeper, won the first of two caps in three days becoming Arsenal’s first post war international.  But after conceding fourteen goals in five matches he had been dropped in favour of Dunn.


11 Replies to “Wanna be on the tele as they talk about Arsenal?”

  1. On TV? a resounding No thank you.
    Aren’t the guests there just to replace the clap machine 🙂 ?

  2. May we heckle the presenters/guests when they trot out the tired old cliches/lies about Arsenal?

  3. Actually, it might be a good platform to challenge any misconceptions they may want to portray…

  4. I would love to question the corrupt FA & their PGMOL officials who are all past their sell by dates!! FA Cup? It’s traditional but the FA? Just ‘shit in a tin’ as the TV ads would put it.

  5. Aliens…..why don’t you wear your CRETIN t-shirt instead…..it will be closer to the truth!

  6. Oh what merriment we may have as we ‘give voice’ as to what they really ought to be saying .I’m talking about those Liverpuddle loving presenters and experts , like Hanson , Carragher , Owen and Redknapp .Fuck them Scousers , for a change !
    In fact many overseas fans may finally get to understand them ! We can do it all the languages .
    Come on guys , do your worst !

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