Shock, horror, media edges towards Untold’s ideas. This must be the end…

If Fifa can no longer be trusted to govern the game fairly, unsullied by greed, corruption and ugly nepotism, we must take a stand.

Better still, the writing is realistic for as Mr Edwards acknowledges, the idea England should boycott a World Cup in the hope it will force Fifa to change … will be dismissed as a futile exercise in self-harm.

However he does then go a bit off the rails saying that

To miss a World Cup would deprive a generation of footballers the chance to play in the biggest tournament. It would ruin a summer for millions of football fans in this country. It is a bitter pill that would, at best, be hard to swallow. For some, it will be an indigestible argument, but it is a debate worth having.

On the contrary, for England to pull out of Fifa matches would greatly enhance the chances of bringing more and more to the fore in the Premier League, for a player’s value to a club will always increase if the player is not playing Fifa arranged games at crazy times.  Just imagine how much better off we would have been at the start of the season just gone, if we’d had all our team fresh and ready to roll.

Besides, missing a World Cup is something that English players do from time to time – or at least they miss most of it, as I seem to recall they did with the last World Cup.

Mr Edwards goes on…

If we stand for anything like fairplay in sport, if we believe in honesty and the rule of law, we must take radical measures to uphold those values. The threat to withdraw from the world football’s biggest global event must be made in order to increase the pressure on Blatter and his self-serving minions.

The home nations should take the lead, a boycott should be discussed. Fifa need to realise that they are no longer able to dictate, without also being held to account when they abuse their power.

Now I don’t know if anyone else will pick this up, but the mere fact someone is saying it is a huge step forwards and for once, the Telegraph, mouthpiece at times of PGMO, is to be congratulated.
So if we can next get a paper to come out and suggest (as if it were their own idea) that the FA is clearly corrupt by attempting to bribe Fifa, and by endlessly being associated with Fifa when we all knew they were corrupt, then we really will be getting somewhere.
Another anniversary…
  • 10 June 1919: Dr Kevin O’Flanagan born – he played for Arsenal in 1946/7.  He played for Ireland at both football and rugby, was also a sprint champion, and played football for both N Ireland and the Irish Free State.

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  1. OT
    Abou Diaby and Ryo Miyaichi both released by Arsenal FC. Good luck to both of them. I am so sad for Abou, I hope the thug who ruined his career feels suitably guilty.

  2. Don’t know if Abou reads this blog, but if he does I would like to wish him all the luck in the World.

    A career ruined by a thug, roundly aided and abetted by our shameful media who actively encourage violence on the football field.

    Okay, not all as overtly as the disgraceful Neville sisters, but others are just as guilty by way of the utter contempt they show towards the victims by refusing to condemn the perpetrators.

    I never heard Diabys, Eduardos, or Ramseys assailants get anything like the criticism they should of done. In fact in all three cases the fall out from the games was much more critical of Arsenals reaction, than to the thug that broke the leg.

    Sorry for the rant but it really does stir up the emotions when something like this happens.

    I feel so so sorry for him.

  3. I am sure that all true supporters will wish Abou well for his future and thank him for his contribution to Arsenal. I understand that the way he coped with his recurring injury problems with such courage and strength was an inspiration to others such as Theo and Jack, which helped them cope with their own extended periods of recovery from foul-induced injuries.

    Credit to Arsenal for supporting him for so long.

    Sadness that such a brilliant talent was only seen in glimpses and never fulfilled.

  4. john

    “Credit to Arsenal for supporting him for so long.

    Sadness that such a brilliant talent was only seen in glimpses and never fulfilled.”

    Well said.

  5. I thank Arsenal also for not letting him Abou leave Arsenal injured, he has been nursed back to health. It is sickening that the media WILL NOT criticise when a player makes a tackle like that and always try to play it down. My personal thought on the tackles is that they were targeted and deliberate. I’m not even going to suggest that they may well have been paid to do it too. I would not know by whom, but three times to the same club is too much coincidence for me.

    Check this out: 🙂

  6. Forgot the article 🙂

    I think when a thought/word or writing is put out into the universe, it starts to make it’s own little ripple. Now if enough people pick up on this and agree, the ripple gets stronger and stronger causing things to change.

    So Untold, just carry on putting your and our ideas out there. Some one reads, repeats it, another hears, repeats it and so on… Suddenly the ones who are paid to do it(oh wait, they are only paid to create supposedly exciting news) pick up on it too and take all the credit.

    It takes very strong persons to see others taking full credit for everything they have ever done. Yea it sure does.

  7. Best wishes to Abou for the future, whatever that is – a total shame that PGMO incompetence was a factor in a thug being permitted to end a very promising carer.

    Re the media – they may make some sensible noises from time to time, but when another corrupt incompetent is installed in FIFA the media will close ranks (as they did before) behind him!

  8. If there is found to be evidence that the next two world cups were boutpght, yet they still go ahead in Russia and Qatar, I hope England and other bidders launch a lawsuit against FIFA, then boycott the next World Cup.
    Have a nasty feeling Blatter will do everything he can to stitch up the likes of England before he goes, he will still have enough votes to do such things.
    Personally, I would not be able to stomach watching a fraudulently bought World Cup in Russia and especially Qatar, an easy decision as I can no longer stand international football, my only interest is that our players avoid injury

  9. Intelligent people, when assembled into an organization, will tend toward collective stupidity.
    Karl Albrecht .
    That explains FIFA . And they were also excessively greedy .
    What about the English FA or the PGMOL ? Maybe the assembly of stupid people there will dilute their overall and collective stupidity ?
    No ? That’s what I thought too !

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