No! There is a keeper whose name starts with C, but it was the wrong guy!

By Gibberish McGibbon

Our man with a spot

Easy mistake to make of course.  Arsenal going to sign a keeper whose name starts with C so we all get worked up about Petr Cech.  But no, it turns out it was not him after all but was in fact Iker Casillas of Real Mad.

The story is that David de Gea is going to Madrid so Iker C. can come to Arsenal.  The Telegraph asks us “Does Casillas make our top 100 summer transfer targets?” but then takes any reader following the link to a load of pictures, the first of which says,

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid: The highly-rated France striker is reportedly wanted by Arsenal and Liverpool

Beats me what they are on about.

But Casillas is in the Evening Standard so it must be true.  And anyway everything has slowed down at Chelsea because Mourinho has just lost his driving licence.  He didn’t show up in court apparently, to answer a charge of driving over the speed limit for the fourth time in three years, so that’s the licence gone.  He did however send the Magistrates a note saying that he could walk on water so a licence didn’t really matter anyway.

On the other hand L’Equipe  is saying that PSG have confirmed that Cech is going to Arsenal, so they are not now bidding for him.

Back in the Telegraph there is the claim that Southampton have had a £12m bid for Grzegorz Krychowiak rejected by Seville on the grounds that no one can pronounce his name.  Arsenal however are showing interest on the grounds that since they have Woycheck Scezney anything is possible.  And they want Morgan Schneiderlin too, but are just checking he is not related to the car company of that name.

Mind you I have never heard of Schneiderlin cars.

And following Untold’s piece yesterday saying that just because Diaby has been released it does not mean the pay per play deal is off, every newspaper is saying that just because Diaby has been released it does not mean the pay per play deal is off.

This is also in L’Equipe  also where Bruno Constant says Mr Wenger is going to have a chat with Abou.

And as this is another day there is another story saying we will sign Gonzalo Higuian not least because he wants to play in the Champs League.  Where have I heard that before?

Tomas Rosicky has just had his contract extended but is now about to leave Arsenal because he hasn’t even been on the beach of late, and there are some nice beaches back in his homeland.

[Err, I don’t think so – Tony]

Trabzonspor and Bursaspor have been keeping an eye on him and Tomas is looking to see what the bathing facilities are like there.


Hey ho!  And one anniversary…

11 June 2012: Sylvain Wiltord retired from football. In 2015, he competed on the reality show Dropped, which puts sports people in inhospitable environments. The day after his elimination from the programme, three contestants died in a helicopter collision.

The books

33 Replies to “No! There is a keeper whose name starts with C, but it was the wrong guy!”

  1. This is the sound of C…. not that that ended well for those involved. Dance fanatics from the late 80ties and early 90ties maybe will remember the song 😉

  2. OT Isn’t it nice to see Maureen the specialist getting done for speeding!! Specialist in getting photographed breaking the law!!

  3. Whatever i cannot really see us going for Cech. Not at all, not at all. I hope i am not wrong.

  4. Menace
    My understanding is that Arsene doesn’t know reality from fiction and that’s why we didn’t get a trophy for 9 years.

    We can forget the broken ankle inflicted on Diaby. The foul was nothing. We didn’t win a trophy because Arsene lives in a dream world of ‘next year’. Is my take on what I read.

  5. Why would Rosicky leave after he signed a contract extension.

    It doesnt make any sense.

    I hope he is staying for anther year surely.

  6. colario -you must be missing a few cells!!! Wenger was working for the future by getting by focusing on good financial results not silverware that look good but don’t pay the bills. The League cup is worth less than 8 million in terms of financial reward. We could have gone with best team in that competition but not worth the risk. 4th place is worth minimum of 12 million plus a temptation for players who want Champions League the next season.

    He was forced to sell good players who were tapped up before their contracts were up for renewal. He did a fantastic job. He also turned down offers of jobs with big clubs because he was committed to building a club that was immortal. His project has been successful & now his team will start to compete for silverware while still ensuring financial benefit. There isn’t another Manager in his class. There are very few supporters who are intelligent enough to understand his project – most of those are here on Untold.

    So colario when you break a leg remember it is nothing. But most of all remember it takes a lot of courage to have faith in your employees.

  7. England U21 versus Belarus is delayed 30 minutes or so. We have one Gunner starting (Jenkinson), and one on the bench (Chambers).

    England U21 XI: Butland (c), Jenkinson, Garbutt, Stones, Gibson; Ward-Prowse, Carroll, Hughes; Redmond, Berahino, Pritchard.

    Subs: Forster-Caskey, Kane, Bond, Bettinelli, Chalobah, Keane, Lingard, Ings, Moore, Chambers, Targett, Loftus-Cheek.

  8. Rosicky@Arsenal

    It means we can get a fee for him if he gets transferred rather than him just leave on a Bosman

  9. Menace there are many that understood the project but not all of those agreed with it. The prize money for competitions are not state secrets and everyone realised why we prioritised finishing fourth above all else . However did it have to be that way ? Was there another way of raising the cash the club needed ? Was it so important to cut off the supporters collective noses on a vanity project . Could the board have mapped out another route that would have allowed the playing side to have remained in the hunt for the trophies as opposed to just making up the numbers. When he was forced to be blackmailed into selling his captains perhaps another financial strategy might have meant that he could have prevented their going. Which ever way you go there are always alternatives and there is no way of knowing whether they would have borne more fruit . But they might have.

  10. Half time, no scoring. Jenkinson was crying for a penalty, but the referee felt there was nothing in the ball to hand call.

  11. Women’s World Cup

    While the BBC has 2 pages sort of following the Germany-Norway game, they both leave a lot to be desired. has a running commentary on the game, which I think is loads better than what the BBC has.

    I guess later tonight, we have Chile-Ecuador, and Alexis Sanchez to follow.

    And it would be nice to see some goals out of England U21. How about 1 from Jenkinson, and another from Chambers?

  12. England U21

    Chambers replaces Stones to start second half (another sub for England as well).

  13. Gord the Norway – Germany womens game is on BBC3 so most people in UK will be watching TV. Most of the games & being covered by BBC here. So I’m not surprised that the Internet coverage is not top drawer.

  14. colario – your Happy Birthday was good. So if you know so much about Wenger why ‘My understanding is that Arsene doesn’t know reality from fiction and that’s why we didn’t get a trophy for 9 years.’

    Arsene is probably the most astute reader of the game both on field & off field. He went with the new stadium because it was critical for the brand & income. He persevered with a tight budget in the midst of competition from clubs with billions from dubious origins & some from fortunate individuals. Trophies require some risk of your players specially when the officials slant the pitch. Wenger rightly chose to focus on the money not on the glitter knowing that time would allow Arsenal to sparkle.

    I love the mans approach & his thinking. There are some areas that need to be addressed & I wrote to him. He said then that he had sufficient coaches. Sadly none of them have coached our players in kicking technique that comes from playing bare foot.

  15. Many of the people that criticised the financial policy felt that Wenger was cutting off his own nose to prove that he could perform under the constraints he was under and it was a term used quite commonly at the time. That’s all.

  16. England U21

    Full time, 1-0 to England. No Gunners scored, and I don’t think any were booked or hurt.

  17. Okay, here we are with the Chile versus Ecuador Untold Arsenal news.

    Starting for Chile, is one Arsenal player: Alexis Sanchez. No Arsenal players are on the bench.

    There are no Arsenal players on Ecuador.

    Go Chile!

  18. Old news (Spain versus Costa Rica)

    For Spain, we have Santi Cazorla, who started on the bench. For Costa Rica, we have Joel Campbell, who started. Cazorla made an appearance at 60 minutes. Apparently Cazorla had a chance at goal. The reports suggests nothing of note for Joel Campbell. Spain won, 2-1 (after being down 1-0).

  19. Ecuador being managed by Moaninho?

    > Ecuador are just camped in their own half, with a field telephone required for striker Enner Valencia to speak to his team-mates. He’s not got a yellow shirt within 45 yards of him.

    Sanchez has had a couple of chances. but so far no goals.


    China lost to Canada in extra time. Well, today China wins in extra time. 1-0 to China. I was beginning to think that they wanted to be as boring as England versus Ireland the other day.

    At half time, Ivory Coast is trailing Thailand 1-2. I looked at the rosters, and Ivory Coast does not have a single female named Toure. It must be a men thing that to play in the EPL you need to be a Toure. 🙂

    Canada (coached by former Kiwi coach) plays Kiwis later tonight (for me, you think later in the very early morning when everyone should be sleeping). I think Herdman is Welsh?

    Go Chile!

  20. Second half for Chile vs Ecuador.

    No goals yet. Some BBC idiot trying to blame this on Arsenal influence.


    Canada vs New Zealand about to start (raining, chance of thunderstorms).

    Go Chile! Go Canada!

  21. Second half for Chile vs Ecuador.

    Vidal scores for Chile on a penalty.

    WWC – Canada vs New Zealand.

    Lightning delay after 4 minutes.

    Go Chile! Go Canada!

  22. Second half for Chile vs Ecuador.

    Alexis gets the ball to Vargas, for a second Chile goal!

    WWC – Canada vs New Zealand.

    Lightning delay after 4 minutes. And so far, hasn’t restarted.

    Go Chile! Go Canada!

  23. Second half for Chile vs Ecuador.

    A substitute for Chile at 68 minutes, managed to get 2 yellow cards and was sent off in extra time. Final result 2-0 to Chile.

    WWC – Canada vs New Zealand.

    No more news on this here, it isn’t Arsenal related. The match has restarted.

  24. Menace. I am at fault for not be very clear in my last post to you.

    I should have written ‘My take on the article or my understanding of the writer’s is this ‘is that Arsene doesn’t know reality from fiction and that’s why we didn’t get a trophy for 9 years.’ for me that is what the writer is saying. I which is one reason why I find the article so objectionable.

    We speak from the same platform 🙂

  25. I really do not understand why people blame or praise Arsene Wenger ALONE for Arsenal’s plan to build a new stadium.

    This was the plan of the CLUB and Arsene Wenger being part of the club agreed. He could have left, he did not so he became part of the plan.

    Fact is, the Club saw his talents and decided to put their trust in him, but he did not have FULL power to do what ever he wanted, else he would not have sold players just to balance books, or fear being told from above to sell players. (I like to think though that he sold RVP because he knew the man 🙂 ).

    The FACT that the CLUB kept Arsene Wenger and paid him serious monies to continue on, tells us they were satisfied with the job he was doing. All those who do not see this may as well go back under the rock they came from.

    Arsene Wenger, however much leeway he has in his job, does not run Arsenal, at least not yet 🙂 and is only part of the CLUB, a big part but a part never the less.

    Stop harassing the man.

  26. I still don’t understand all this argument about the stadium . It had to be done .It has been built and there’s no going back , no way to change history or the facts . Its the same old chicken or egg story .
    What we should appreciate is the benefit that it will bring us in the long run . Which by my calculation is more success .

    ” I wish people cared as much about the Earth as who they think created it.”
    Educate Inspire Change

  27. colario – I read the article & it was praising Wenger with a ‘handbrake on’ as the professor says. The article had to praise Wenger, for his faith (hope is probably more apt) in Diaby, though the writer didn’t want to.

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