The Untold Banner at the Emirates: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Tony Attwood

I’ve just had a call from Blacksheep who, for reasons that will not become clear at this point, is currently driving his car in the outer reaches of Scotland.

And he has told me that he has received confirmation from Arsenal that his project to get an Untold Banner up in the Emirates Stadium, has been accepted by the club!

The banner Arsenal have opted to go with is

Football should be an art.

I do appreciate that the Stadium Wenger slogan was the first choice of many readers, but we always felt that might not be agreeable to the club.  I still think the slogan we have is very appropriate because we have had the full Arsene Wenger quote at the top of every page on the website for quite a few years now and it is synonymous with what this site is all about.

Here it is, in case you’ve never noticed it.

“I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art.” 

With luck we should have it up before the start of the season – and maybe even for the Emirates Cup.

Thanks to everyone who supported this venture, but doubleplus thanks to Blacksheep who came up with the idea and pressed ahead with it despite my initial less than enormous enthusiasm.

I will come back with the begging bowl later, but for now, please don’t start throwing money at me.  (I’ve never said that before in my life!)  I’ll let you know how we will do this later.

For the moment, let’s just raise a glass of whatever tickles your fancy and celebrate that there will be an Untold Arsenal banner at the Emirates.



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  1. Bravo! Kudos to Blacksheep, Tony and Untolders all. And surely to those with the very good taste to go with Artistry 🙂

  2. Chelsea are releasing their own at the same time – ‘Anti-Football is our art’

  3. And there I was thinking that this was just another Arsenal blog run by senile, sentimental old folks. Wow this is huge, well done to Untold and u all

  4. Nice to see that Arsenal saw sense and refused the ridiculous “Wenger Stadium” option.

  5. For what it is worth we support the management of the club and we support the leaders of this website, too.

  6. Good news, it will be excellent to have an “Untold” banner in the stadium.

  7. excellent news and well done. maybe chelski could have one at the bridge saying football is like parking a bus

  8. Hilarious! this is a good news for all the Untolders. I wish it will be upgraded from being a Banner to Emblazone emblazed at the Emirates Stadium in the new season starting with the Emirates Cup. Because the Untold group have not only given an unrivaled support for the Boss and Arsenal FC over the years from time immemorial, but has remain and educative website where genuine history and statistics about Arsenal can be sort. Bytheway Sir, please, looking at the picture banner that always greet me whenever I access the Untold website, who among the 2 elderly men in the picture is Tony Attwood and Walter? I feel like MR. Attwood is a more free minded person as I do get my comments published whenever he posted an article as agaisnt MR. Walter who seldoms pubish my comments.

  9. Tony’s the good lookin’ one and Walter’s the one who’s smilin’ 😉

  10. Wonder if the AAA critics will counter this and try and get their own banner!
    But proud to support one of the very few teams ….and managers ,certainly in the Premier League that could live with such a banner. Would look very silly at some grounds I could think of.

  11. Congratulations!
    Well done blacksheep63, Tony, Walter and everyone who writes for and reads Untold Arsenal.
    Will there be an ‘Untold’ name anywhere on the banner?

  12. @ Mandy

    The AAA is so negative that I can’t think that they would ever be able to agree on one thing apart from ‘Wenger Out!’ and I shouldn’t think that the club would approve the vitriol that they would want on the banner.

  13. It’s a good banner, but is there to be no indication of the source?
    Nobody other than Untold readers will know of it’s origin, or doesn’t the club allow naming?

  14. arse_or_brain, leave Chel$ bus alone we may need it to send them home in during next season. 🙂

  15. Congratulations to everyone at untold Arsenal,really happy with the slogan.

  16. Off topic, Aaron Ramsey will take his country (well almost there) to Euros, their first major tournament is 50+ years.

  17. I LOVE the idea of an aaa ‘ banner’, printed on used toilet paper with something like this smeared across it:

    Arsenal are only as good as their worst game, or

    Wenger doesn’t do anything we couldn’t do better,or

    aaa supporting our egos and illusions since the Invincibles, or

    When the going gets tough, we bitch,whine and complain, or

    We love everything Arsenal except the Club,board,Wenger and the players,or

    aaa Working since Chapman to bring AFC into the gutter with us.

  18. A suitable banner for ‘them’ – ?????????????????? or maybe even ! @ # $ % ^ & * () _ + = .

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