What happens now to Carl Jenkinson could be a model for the future.

By Tony Attwood

Carl Jenkinson came to Arsenal in 2011 from Charlton for about a £1m transfer fee.

On 11 November 2012 he was given a new six year contract by Arsenal which was reported by the not-necessarily believable Daily Mirror to include a salary of £25,000 a week.


He had played just eight times in the league Charlton when he was purchased, and as we know after a fair number of games for us he trotted off to West Ham for 2014/15.

Now the story is that he is being invited to play for Sunderland next season – on another loan deal, and that Sunderland are offering £2m for the privilege.

If these figures are right then Arsenal will recover all of Jenkinson’s salary – and more.   With Bellerin and Debuchy ahead of him it looks quite an interesting deal all round.

And it could be part of an interesting strategy.

We all remember how Coquelin was recalled from a loan at Charlton to take up his place in the first team, well this could be another insurance policy of the same type.

Jenkinson plays for Sunderland and gets experience and practice, Arsenal get their salary costs covered, and yet has a third backup in waiting should we suffer another huge array of injuries in one department.   If we don’t and the player completes the year long deal, then we might by that time rate him above Debuchy, and so want to keep him back at the Emirates.

He has played 37 league games with Arsenal, and played 32 league games for West Ham last season.

This model could indeed be the way Arsenal is seeking to cover themselves against dubious refereeing decisions which allow our players to be chopped to bits at every turn and thus run up our injury list.

It might not be something that could be executed at every turn, but given that no one is moving to stop Chelsea’s exploitation of the loan system this more sedate use of the regulations does look rather promising.

Anniversary news…

  • 12 June 2008: Derek Tapscott died.  After retiring from playing football he worked in the sporting goods business until retiring in 1997.  He also wrote an autobiography, Tappy.


28 Replies to “What happens now to Carl Jenkinson could be a model for the future.”

  1. Tony,

    This would be a sensible article if we were discussing commodities.

    Players are being robbed of careers by this methodology and the FAs around the world should stop it.

    Buying, not playing and leasing out permanently should be banned.

    Arsenal are not the worst club either.

    Nothing remotely clever here

  2. If you cant beat ’em join ’em.

    We need to do something, what with United predicted to be spending £200 Million and City £150 Million, in the transfer market.

    I cant see Chelsea not spending.

    This is what I mean when I rebuke posters that come on here and say ‘Wenger has no more excuses now’ when suggesting we should be winning the Premier League.

    He has every excuse, but hopefully he wont need any of them because I think we will win the PL next year.

    But having a back up mechanism to counteract the Billionaires and poor Refereeing, such as carl, will be a big help.

    I must admit I’m not a lover of these machinations but given that Fair Play just doesn’t look like halting the Billionaires, and the way the loan system is already being abused by the likes of Chelsea, we have to try something in order to keep up.

  3. If Sunderland are going to pay £2 million for a season’s loan does that mean we would not be able to recall him in an emergency?
    Anyway, I’m glad he’s not leaving as Debuchy probably has two (at the most) seasons left at this level

  4. Carl Jenkinson is certainly one promising young Gunner in the waiting, who should take his rigthful position in the Arsenal back line in the foreseeable future. One man’s posion is another man’s food. Jenko served West Hammers very well last season. And they still want to sign him according to reports, but on the cheap. Now, Sunderland are wise to have met the £2m price tag Arsenal have placed on him to loan him out. Carl’ should gain a valuable first team experience at Sunderland as he undertakes a 2nd load spell away from Arsenal. I believe the Boss will equally gives other Gunners that will become surplus to requirements, some loan deals out too. What should be of paramount for Jenko, is for him to continue to maintain discipline at all levels, on and off the field of play. So far, there hasn’t been any report of any misendervour by Jenko at any place. He should keep that discipline up.

  5. Carl Jenkinson is certainly one promising young Gunner in the waiting, who should take his rigthful position in the Arsenal back line in the foreseeable future. One man’s posion is another man’s food. Jenko served West Hammers very well last season. And they still want to sign him according to reports, but on the cheap. Now, Sunderland are wise to have met the £2m price tag Arsenal have placed on him to loan him out. Carl’ should gain a valuable first team experience at Sunderland as he undertakes a 2nd load spell away from Arsenal. I believe the Boss will equally gives other Gunners that will become surplus to requirements, some loan deals out too. What should be of paramount for Jenko, is for him to continue to maintain discipline at all levels, on and off the field of play. So far, there hasn’t been any report of any misendervour by Jenko at any place. We have not read about him smoking, drawing from the Shisha pipe, inhaling Nitrox Oxide and drunkennes. He should keep that discipline up.

  6. Tony
    Excellent observation. I don’t think it’s at all devious or against FFP. The oil clubs and other high financed (MU, LFC) teams don’t let FFP bother their business. I’m sure Mr. Wenger is well aware of the implications of these loan spells. He’s used it successfully with Coquelin, why not Jenkinson? Hope it continues for us. I like developing EPL players at someone elses expense.

  7. Fabianski played in goal for Poland’s 4-0 win, Szczesny was on the bench. Lewandowski gets hat trick in last 2 minutes.

    Özil starts for Germany, Podolski is on the bench.

    No lineups out yet for England Women versus Mexico Women.

  8. I like Jenks and hope he does come back to us one day. He’s a GOONER and I love it when we have a real arsenal fan in the team

  9. As I understand it, If he goes on a season loan then he can’t be recalled (only GKs can). We’d have to get Sunderland to agree to short terms loans which I doubt they’d be happy with. If he got injured with them in the 1st loan period then they could call it quits an save themselves any further salary…

  10. Özil is making passes and taking some kicks. He also has one shot, and believe it or not, he even fouled one of the Gibralter players. Oh the goon! 🙂 Schweinsteiger missed a penalty. Gotze was hurt and subbed off. 1-0 to Germany at half time.

    It looks like both Gunners on Spain are starting, Losada and Natalia.

    All the Gunners on the England team, are on the bench: Siobhan Chamberlain, Jordan Nobbs, Lianne Sanderson, Alex Scott, Casey Stoney.

    Commentary for Brazil vs Spain and England vs Mexico are at FIFA.com. Commentary for Germany vs Gibralter at UEFA.com

  11. It’s the Mesut Özil show!

    Özil gets an assist, Podolski is subbed in, Özil gets an assist, Özil fouls someone again, Podolski whiffs and another German scores, Özil shoots, Özil gets an assist.

    And there is still 15 minutes left.

    An 8:50pm message of mine, still in moderation.

  12. The Mesut Özil show ends, Germany 7 – 0 Gibralter.

    Özil gets another couple of assists, another foul, and I think he had 3 offsides in the game as well. He was everywhere.

  13. I’m not sure this is legal or at least within the spirit of loan arrangements. It’s almost like third party ownership of a player. I hope loaning out a player and taking a fee on top of player’s wages being paid will at least be outlawed if it is currently legal as this is not good for the game and again puts more distance between the haves and have nots.

  14. Alex Scott makes an appearance for England at 85 minutes, with England ahead 2-0. Mexico scores to take away the clean sheet in extra time.

    Natalia was subbed off at 71 minutes and Losada played the entire game in Spain’s 0-1 loss to Brazil.

    And I believe, that is all the Arsenal action for today.

    90+3 Özil (Germany) gives away a free-kick for a challenge on J. Coombes (Gibraltar).
    90 Özil (Germany) is adjudged to be in an offside position.
    90 Podolski (Germany) delivers the corner.
    73 Özil (Germany) is adjudged to be in an offside position.
    73 Özil (Germany) delivers the corner.
    71 Schürrle (Germany) scores!
    Two perfect passes present the VfL Wolfsburg man with his hat-trick. Lukas Podolski’s ball splits the home defence wide open, Mesut Özil runs onto the pass, plays a first-time touch square and Schürrle has the easiest of tasks.
    69 Özil (Germany) has an effort on goal.
    65 Schürrle (Germany) scores!
    A second for the No9 after İlkay Gündoğan weaves his way past three men before seeing a shot saved by Jordan Perez. Lukas Podolski looked certain to tap in the rebound but could not make contact, allowing Schürrle to control and stroke home.
    62 Özil (Germany) is flagged for offside.
    59 Özil (Germany) is penalised for a foul on Gosling (Gibraltar).
    57 Bellarabi (Germany) scores!
    A third in 11 minutes for Germany comes as Jordan Perez tries to prevent a corner kick but can only turn the ball into the path of Mesut Özil who rolls to the No11 and the winger provides a low finish.
    56 Podolski (in) – Herrmann (out) (Germany)
    47 Kruse (Germany) scores!
    Jérôme Boateng angles a ball across the area from the left and Mesut Özil meets it at the back post, the Arsenal FC man maintaining his composure to roll across goal where Kruse strolls in to tap into the open goal. A well worked goal from the visitors.
    45+1 Özil (Germany) delivers the corner.
    44 Özil (Germany) has an effort on goal.
    39 Özil (Germany) delivers the corner.
    34 Özil (Germany) gives away a free-kick for a challenge on Walker (Gibraltar).
    26 Özil (Germany) takes the free-kick.

  15. Not involving Arsenal, but there is one more game at WWC tonight, except you guys call it Sunday (midnight). South Korea plays. Five ladies named Kim, and three named Lee.

  16. From a Charlton point of view we would be more than happy to take on board more of your players.

    The deal to sign Jenkinson enabled us to build a League One winning team and seeing Coquelin at the Valley was a breath of fresh air and so happy Arsenal are reaping the rewards from him.

    Fingers crossed the good relationship can continue!!

  17. Bayern Munich does it from time to time. I remember they loaned out Toni Kroos and Philip Lahm for two solid years each before the said players came up to perform for their team. In fact I would have liked the same done to Benik Afobe, instead of selling him outright.

  18. Sid and Paul, I’m guessing you have not read earlier Untold articles on the loan system, and if you are Charlton supporters there is of course no reason why you should. But of course your comments are very welcome.

    We’ve run a number of articles about the way the loan system has changed, and we lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of Chelsea for the excesses, in which they have 30 players plus on loan, and use the system both to seek out future players for the club (which they rarely if ever manage to do) and to stop players being signed by their top four rivals. They have also used the system to get huge fees for a couple of players from German clubs outside of the Champions League, and thus beyond FFP, but which brings Chelsea under the FFP radar.

    Untold has also welcomed the change in the regs in one year which will outlaw emergency loans – ie loans outside the transfer window – although many clubs in Leagues One and Two have objected strongly to this.

    There is now the extra worry that clubs like Man City with strong links to related clubs (in New York and Australia) can share players far too easily and mislead selling and loaning clubs as to where a player is actually bound for.

    So it is complex, and with Fifa now disintegrating it is hard to see them doing anything at all about it. In such a situation Jenkinson to Sunderland seems a reasonable situation. When Arsenal signed Jenkinson the club didn’t know that Bellerin would make such rapid progress, so we are where we are.

    I do understand and appreciate what you are saying, but how we get there is a difficult concept.

  19. Good luck for young Jenks, but was there any sell on deal when he waspoached from Charlton for a measley1 milion.

  20. Please keep in mind that Carl Jenkinson is a child-hood Arsenal fan. He will not quit Arsenal that easily. Jenkinson with experience can also play CB. Future captain perhaps.

  21. OT: Statistics

    There have been a few articles in the medja about statistics. One says that the WWC USA versus Sweden had a larger viewership than 2011 UEFA Cl Final Barcelona versus ManU. The articles to me seems to be trying to talk about global viewership, but when it actually uses numbers, they are USA numbers.

    From UEFA.com:
    > The world’s most-watched annual sporting event was aired in more than 200 countries – an estimated global average audience in the region of 165 million (and a projected global unique reach of 380 million viewers) tuning in to see Real Madrid CF fight back to defeat Club Atlético de Madrid 4-1 after extra time.

    The numbers being presented for USA versus Sweden was 4.5 million (for Fox Network).

    Someone is just trying to generate clicks on advertising I think.

    What other numbers are being flung about? I would imagine FIFA has spin.

    We are almost halfway through (24 games of 56). The big number is 3.1 goals per match, which works out to 74 goals scored. But, we have some unusual scores in there 6-0, 10-0, 10-1, and should a person call 3-3 unusual? Subtract off the two 10 goal games, and our average drops to 2.4, take out the 6-0 and it drops to 2.2 goals per game. Indeed, if we look at the median goals scored per game, it is 2. And 2 goals scored also happens to be the most common number of goals per game.

    To me, the message is that whether you attend a game, or watch on TV, you are probably going to see 2 goals being scored.

    People on Untold have wondered about how much time actually involves play. The game is 90 minutes, how minutes of play is there? FIFA presented that number, which surprised me. In the first 24 games, on average 51.4 minutes per game is playing time. There was 38.6 minutes of stoppages, time wasting and so on.

    Actually, it is worse than that, because to get that 51.4 minutes per game, the referees are already adding on 3 or 4 minutes per half, or 6-8 minutes per game of extra time. It looks like nearly half the game is wasted time, and referees are not adding anywhere near as much time at the end of play as they should be.

  22. Gord
    The way to make sure no time is lost is to adopt the Ruby Union system of stopping the clock when the ball is dead . No time is added at half time or the end of the match because the game is played to the clock and fineshes on 40 mins (each half) exactly

  23. More power to AFC and Wenger if they work within the legal limits of the FA and EPL loan policy. We have a cartload of new players coming up and they ALL need exposure at the EPL level or at least the championship. The Arsenal have enough top class players to restrict these youth players from seeing much top class game time so loans make a lot of sense.
    It certainly didn’t hurt Jack or Sanogo or Coquelin or Bellerin to get game time and if they struggle at a loan club, it tells us a bit about their potential at AFC. However that is where Wenger makes the difference….he knew Coquelin would come good and he stuck with him! That,my aaa friends is the definition of a top manager.

  24. Since others are doing it without any penalties so far , I think that we should take advantage of the loop holes too .
    Our youngsters will get good exposure and experience ,and we have an enlarged pool to pick from. That their presence there could potentially wreck the chances of our near competitors is an added bonus .

  25. Stand out performances for jenkinson?

    Debut in the tie against Di Natale and Udinese

    3-5 at the Bus Stop in Fulham

    0-2 in Munich

    Like debuchy he might be able play as a back up CB too.
    If it’s possible to keep him on the books then the club have to make the effort. He’s developed well an trained well since he came to arsenal, obviously could do with more of a left foot but he’s got a better chance of improving that at AFC then most places.

    England could done with starting Jenks or Clyne over the lump from Utd, both are far better FBs and have been for a while now.

  26. UEFA has statistics on its various leagues, below is some data from 2015 Champions League.

    Minute 1-15 _ _ _ _ 44
    Minute 16-30 _ _ _ _ 57
    Minute 31-45 _ _ _ _ 60
    Additional time (1st half) _ _ _ _1
    Minute 46-60 _ _ _ _ 52
    Minute 61-75 _ _ _ _ 52
    Minute 76-90 _ _ _ _ 74
    Additional time (2nd half) _ _ _ _ 19
    Extra time (1st half) _ _ _ _ 1
    Extra time (2nd half) _ _ _ _ 1
    Total _ _ _ _ 361

    The scoring of goals is often considered a counting process, and a common assumption of a counted random deviate is that it follows Poisson statistics. An assumption behind Poisson statistics, is that probability of scoring at any particular time, is independent of time.

    The data for minutes 1-15 looks low and the data for minutes 75-90 looks high. Ignoring the two “additional time” categories, it would appear the data is substantially the same. If the number of goals scored in each period is about the same, one can guess that the probability of scoring during that interval of time is independent of the time. Something seems to be interfering with this behavior at the beginning of the game and at the end of the game. There also seems to be something different with additional time in the first half as compared to the second half.

    I am going to guess that the behavior of additional time in the first half is about the same as 15-45 minute scoring. We are normally seeing about 4 (3.5?) goals per minute in the data. The additional time is probably 3 minutes long, hence we are expecting a number like 10, and seeing only 1. It is possible that it is a statistical fluke we only seen 1, or there is some real effect which decreases scoring immediately before half time.

    A possibility of a real effect, is that additional time at the end of the first half does not tend to be 3 minutes long, but is rather considerably short. If it tends to only be 1 minute, then we are expecting only 3 goals in first half additional time. To observe 1 is probably okay.

    It seems unlikely that the players are deliberately not scoring at the beginning of the game. Perhaps officials are keeping players from scoring at the beginning of the game?

    The data at the end of the game (75-90, 2nd additional time) shows increased scoring. A team in a losing position (in the game, or in the group standings) has extra incentive to score in that interval. 75-90 seems to be about 1.3 times the rate during most of the game, and additional 2nd half time seems to be about 2 times the rate.

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