It’s saturday night and time for another Untold Quiz (or not as the case may be)

Nat Whilk- Clerk.

Only nine questions today, for reasons that will not become apparent at this time

1: Who had the biggest Willie? 

a) Willie Old

b) Wee Willie Winky

c) Willie Carson

d) Jeff Crabtree the man with the nicotine beard from the local tool hire shop

e) Arsenal, whilst Willie Young was playing for them.

2: Why was George Graham sacked from Arsenal?

a)stealing some sacks

b) stealing some dung,

c) taking a bung

d) taking away from a Chinese take away

f) Speaking in tongues at Anna Selswick’s new year séance party

e) Impersonating Elvis during his Vegas period

f) Dunno but he was better than Wenger.


3: Who missed Arsenal’s first penalty in the 1980 CWC final?

a) Liam Brady

b) Ian Brady

c) The Brady Bunch

d) Bunch of grapes

e) Old Grapple me grape-nuts at number 14

f) William F Buckley in his later years after a few sherrys.

g) Beethoven

h) Don’t be silly there is no Cup Winner Cup,

i) Who is Beethoven?

4: Who hates Untold the most?

a) Peter Wood

b) Ed Wood

c) Would like to come out but me Mum says no

d) Dennis Hill-Wood

e) Uncle Woodbine, the bloke from Bones stores who sold cigarettes kids but put them in a paper bag so the neighbours wouldn’t notice and grass him up to the old Bill. Everyone’s got to make a profit you know!

5: In what geographical location does Dr Billy Dog McGraw work?

a) Scratch wood

b) Slingback

c) Itchy patch

d) He doesn’t, it’s a lie

e) Up North at Santa’s Grotto

f) Somewhere on the North circular Road

g) The underworld

6: Who is Untold Arsenal’s oldest poster?

a) Nicky

b) Niklas Bendter

c) I didn’t nick ‘em officer, honest

d) Old Nick

e) Old hat

f) Harry Oldham the bloke from number 22 who always has his curtains closed even in the day.

7: Why was Liam Brady called Chippy?

a) he liked chips

b) he had a chip on his shoulder

c) he could chip the ball

d) he was a chip off the old block

e) it was a whole lot better than being called Fishy Hogsmead Swathmore III which nearly became his nickname in 1970.


8: What does AAA stand for?

a) Abolish Antique aggravation 

b) ArduousAbusive Apertures

c) Anti Arsenal Arsenal

d) Agoraphobic Alice Aroused

d)Abnormal Agricultural Animals

e) Alienated Ancestors’ Anger.


9: What’s inside Dennis Bergkamps Allotment shed?

a) contraband

b) Brickfields Gunner

c) Walter making up the ref stats

d) The HQ for Le Grove

f) garden tools of course

9 Replies to “It’s saturday night and time for another Untold Quiz (or not as the case may be)”

  1. I must be mad to even try to make sense of such a quiz, but here goes…
    ecadfaccf. The letters actually make up a word in Norman patois meaning a whilkclerk, a writer of rubbish. 😉

  2. ecaafaccf is my guess.

    Do I win another evening out with Billy now? Or am I disqualified because I already won the first quiz?

  3. Love the site, don’t forget you have readers who aren’t in the inner circle…

  4. Ooo…another one ! Woopiee !

    1.e) Arsenal, whilst Willie Young was playing for them.
    2.c) taking a bung.
    3.a) Liam Brady.
    4. Who hates Untold the most? – Probably all of them who aren’t in the proverbial ‘inner circle ‘!
    5.f) Somewhere on the North circular Road.
    6. a) Nicky – but I hear he lies about his age to pull in the broads !
    7.a) he liked chips
    8. THEM !
    9.f) garden tools of course . I was initially under the impression that UA normally held their brainstorming sessions there seeing that God IS one of US !

  5. To those who want to be an AKB , it is a prerequisite that
    a) you believe in The one supreme being .
    b) That we truly are in the rapturous time of our Lord .
    c) That he will ultimately deliver on his words , in his own time – definitely not on yours.
    d) That you undividedly support the team , in good and in bad times; through hiccups and little slips .
    e)That you totally ignore the ostriches and their mutterings from under their holes.
    f)That you totally don’t give a shit about THEM !

    If you are able to do all the above , there is hope, salvation and safe passage for you in this mighty ark, the Untold Arsenal.

    As for the rest ? Try and move to higher ground or learn to swim or just get an umbrella .
    Is that thunder I hear ? The countdown begins !

  6. The excitement of the close season knows no bounds!
    The answers are: ecaafaacf

    Nickys right about the Norman patois! I heard Norman Wisdom say that a few times,although its even older than that -anglais sexon- Nat Wilk Clerk means “I know not whom- writer”.Although Ive heard another term, one that rhymes with ‘hanker’.But yours sums it up!
    So on to the prize:
    1st prize is…
    Eternity with José Mourinho in a room 3 metres by three metres and no windows or doors! What larks!
    One can discuss tactics, José,José and much, much, more like, erm José.

    Roll on Aug 8th!

  7. @ Nat Whilk-Clerk – June 21, 2015 at 2:16 pm – Please do a Spud or Gunner or…….face off quiz .
    Not only would it be tons of fun , but am sure the other lot will be here in full force to show their support !

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