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  1. Tony Attwood

    What I really would like to see would be one or two of these players come through each year.

    All the rave reviews are about Jeff Reine-Adelaide. Maybe it will be him. But if not, a couple of the others would do me fine.


  2. Gord

    Thanks for this Andrew. I tried looking for news (restricted to the Netherlands), nothing really jumped out for me on this.

  3. Hisham

    A lot of emphasis in the previous years (and still continuing I suppose) has been on the “development” of the youngsters as future football professionals.

    Would be good to know if the strategy or policy of the Academy is now also changing to achieving a winning mentality by capturing the Youth League or the FA Youth Cup (last was in 2009?).

  4. Andrew Crawshaw

    Reiss Nelson is my choice for the player to watch out for in the future, he is very young but is very highly regarded in the club. It is very rare for a schoolboy to be moved to Colney for all of his football training.

  5. Gord

    Run across TalentsHunter? They used to be .net, are apparently changing to .eu. Looking at the Talents being tracke din England, Arsenal has 32 players, Chelsea andLiverpool have 17, ManCity has 21 and ManU has 6. Arsenal appears to be one of the strongest in Europe, on that website.


  6. Gord

    It would appear that someone is squatting on the ReissNelson domain. Losers.

  7. Jambug


    “Would be good to know if the strategy or policy of the Academy is now also changing to achieving a winning mentality”

    I’m not 100% sure how important this is, especially in the younger age groups.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert on this but my understanding is that the ‘play to win’ mentality, as opposed to the ‘learn to play’ mentality, is one of the reasons we produce the Shawcrosses and Taylors of this World by the bucket load, and the Gazzas and Le Tiss’s are rarer than rocking horse sh!te.

    Also having a winning ‘youth’ side is not always indicative of the amount of individuals that will progress to senior level.

    A good, or even great team may be just that, a great team. This doesn’t necessarily mean that any of the individuals will be good enough to progress though.

    I know that, eventually, a winning mentality is needed, but I’m not sure that actually ‘winning’ medals at youth level is that important.

    Just a thought but I stand to be corrected.

    Actually, I’m sure it will all be there in the stats somewhere, but that’s for one of our more enlightened contributors who follow these things more closely than me.

  8. Gord


    I gather the FIFA NNNN games are starting to work with female players.

    Being a Canadian, ice hockey is what we are exposed to, and in terms of female ice hockey players, Hayley Wickenheiser is the person to look at. And she has played mens senior ice hockey. Most other females coming into ice hockey, seem to make a statement as goaltenders.

    As being able to do the splits is part of being a goaltender in ice hockey, it may be that females will come into the NHL more in the future due to their superior flexibility in this one particular maneuver.

    I don’t know that females have a genetic advantage in any position in football. But I would not be surprised to find at some point in the future, to find a loan where a female was picked up to play a position in a Men’s league. And this would likely be from two related teams (one is male, the other is the associated female team).

    But in terms of TV advertising I seen, it would not bother me to see Christine Sinclair coming on as a substitute for any male striker. The women’s game is different, and male defenders would not know how to play her. But there is no doubt that Christine Sinclair is professional.

    I said that I don’t think there is a genetic disposition to positions in football. I think the same one might exist in football, for goaltenders. Maybe.

    Nearly all the coaching I have seen about goaltending in football, has goaltenders dive (two hands) to the corner. As a (makeshift) goaltender, I seldom dove to get a ball. More often than not, I did the splits, to reach with one arm and one foot for a ball. This includes penalties.

    Obviously, I cannot catch/trap a ball with one arm and one leg. I can however; redirect the ball much further with a leg, than most goalkeepers can parry a ball with their hands.

    Getting back up to consider rebounds is much easier to manage if one does the splits, than diving.

    Are we going to see females in the EPL at some point? Doing what? Why?

  9. apo Armani

    c’mon!!! let Arsenal go and spend up 1billion on signings and salaries like Greece has done to the IMF and EMF or hang on on thats not the same as spending the Russians or the Arabs’ money!!! 🙂

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