Scouting for talent: a report from one of Untold’s intrepid reporters

Scouting for talent: a report from one of Untold’s intrepid reporters


There has been a lot of speculation here and elsewhere about who the Arsenal should sign this summer. Big names such as Vidal, Higuain, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger (let’s face it they don’t get much bigger than those two!) have been bandied about in the press and the mysteries of vapour transfers have been discussed in depth on this site. Sir Hardley’s column has enlightened us on possible targets and Tony regularly exposes the machinations of what used to be known as Fleet Street.

I am in the fortunate position of having worked as an independent football scout for the Indiana Red Hawks since I retired from the Royal Marines in 1998. The marines gave me the opportunity to travel all over the world and I’ve taken that experience with me to work with youngsters in Africa, Eastern Europe and closer to home. In that time I’ve identified a number of potential stars, some of whom I believe could add something special to this current Arsenal squad should M.Wenger and Ivan Gazidis see fit to follow my advice.

We can all speculate on what or who we need and in which positions, and recently we’ve added Petr Cech so perhaps negated the need for a reliable keeper (no disrespect to our incumbents implied though, Ooooooooosssssspina has been one of most effective guardians for many years). Most seem to think, despite the emergence of le Coq (something none of us expected*) that we need to add a defensive midfielder. Others will say we need a proven goalscorer or at least someone that can guarantee 25-30 goals a season.

But it isn’t easy to find these ‘missing links’, especially in the cutthroat world of oil rich mega clubs and greed driven agents. If Arsenal wants a high profile professional footballer you can bet your life savings that so do City, Utd, Chelsea, and the Spanish, Italian or German Giants.

So it pays to have embedded scouting networks and (as Arsenal have done) make use of new technologies that allow us to identify and monitor future stars; stars that our competitors have NOT noticed (well not yet anyway).

So here are some names for you to conjure with, some may be familiar others less so. But remember where you heard them first!

First up is Cistač Zamiatarka, just 19 but a real hot prospect in the French second division. Cistač was born in Turkey but his father moved to France in 2007 with his catering business. His son had already shown evidence of his ability and was being tracked by Fenebache  and a number of other Turkish sides. Cistač is a strong tackling midfielder who could, at a pinch, play centre half. His future probably lies in a classic sweeper role. He has European citizenship so there’s no problem with work permits. I reckon Arsene could do worse than give him a trial as a potential understudy to Coquelin.

Next I’d like us to take a look at Onbekend Doelskieter. Onbé (as he prefers to be called) is muscular centre forward. He is a Namibian national but currently plays for FC Duisburg in the German second division. He is 18 so perhaps a bit early for this season but is being talked about as Drogba-esque. For him to still be relatively unknown until now is amazing but we’d have to act fast.

One player that I’ve had my eye on for a few years is  Don Kri. He plays in Hungary for Vasas FC and suits the holding midfield position best. Already 20 and beginning to catch the eye of Italian scouts he is a raw talent than someone like M. Wenger could cultivate

Finally a bit of pace on the wing (just in case Theo does decided not to sign ‘da ting’). I saw this guy playing for the German side Nurnberg last year in a reserve match and boy is he quick. He’s Moroccan and has all the tricks – Al Alzata Rapida is his name.

So there you have it (or them) – four potential under-the-radar buys we could make. Not box office or marquee maybe but in a few years time I reckon one of two of these could be household names.

Scott P. Reid (an IUN affiliated coach)

* except Tony of course J

The books

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  1. Purte-a ed
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  2. Scott and Gord,

    Since you have both obviously been imbibing some potent liquor and I noticed some blackthorn trees with the makings of a great crop of sloes this year. They were growing in a park in South London and are a common hedgerow shrub throughout England. Anyway here is my recipe for sloe gin.

    Pick enough sloes to fill a large(ish) food container, take them home wash and dry them. (Elf and safety notice – Blackthorns have the most vicious thorns so please take care during the picking operation otherwise cuts will happen)

    Add granulated sugar to the container, shaking it down between the berries till you can’t get any more in.

    Pour in sufficient gin to again fill the container and secure the lid.

    Two or three times a week give the container a good shake.

    Just before Christmas (with luck) the liquid will be a lovely purplish colour and will be ready for straining and bottling. It can be enjoyed through the second half of the season but do keep some back for a toast when we are crowned champions in May.

  3. I should have said that the sloes ripen during August or early September.

  4. Andrew, I’m surprised you didn’t figure out what I had done. 🙂

    Surely you remember the Muppets? I believe that was the show that had a Swedish Chef, who ended every sentence with Bork Bork Bork!

    Well, here is your recipe, in Swedish Chef language:

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    (Ilff und seffety nuteece-a – Bleckthurns hefe-a zee must feeciuoos thurns su pleese-a teke-a cere-a dooreeng zee peecking oopereshun oozeerveese-a coots veell heppee)

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    Bork Bork Bork!

  5. What language was that, that is posted above? I don’t know it. Let’s hope the Boss will act on those 4 talents you have recommended to him. Talking about more signings, as the Boss continues with getting the Gunners to top physical and strong mental fitness which prime necessary for the commencement of the season opening that starts at Wembley. The Boss should please not jettison my own recommendations to him to sign a LB that has aerial prowess to deal with those kind of crosses that infiltrated into our goal last season. And also find a top quality right winger who can score sufficient goals and give many assists on a regular basis next season. Even if Jack Wilshere is made to play to the wide right, he must be supported and he too has to support the in-comer. Jack alone can’t hold down the right wing starting role. He will become overplayed and Ramsey will be forced there against his likeness to assist him. Moreover Jack has already started to complain about not preferring to play to the wide right. But I think he has to. This my idea is premised on my believe that the Boss will alternately play Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck centrally next season.

  6. The first thing I wrote, was I believe an Italian page which starts with:


    that was run through a perl program that translates into Swedish Chef on the basis of a recursive descent parser in Perl.

  7. That doelskieter guy, have heard lots of good about him. If Wenger doesn’t buy him he should be sacked

  8. All the above mentioned names are so weird that I do not believe they exist Added to the fact that the author is a mystery. I rest my case

  9. There is an Indiana University (actually Indiana University Northwest) which has sports teams that share the RedHawks name. They are a little university (6052 students last year).

    > Established in Gary, Indiana, in 1963, IU Northwest is located on a 36-acre campus in the northwest corner of the state. We are a focal point for our students and the region offering nationally recognized degree programs, a diverse student body, a supportive environment, and unique cultural opportunities.

    The only men’s sports they have are golf, basketball and cross country running (the ladies also have volleyball).

    The chance of someone from the Royal Marines retiring to Gary, Indiana and getting hired by them, to do recruiting all over the world for a sport they don’t play is pretty close to zero.

    The last name, didn’t look vaguely Moroccan to me, and finding parts of the name in lots of sites written in Italian more or less verified that it was a fabricated name.

  10. I gullibly googled Duisburg only to discover they did not employ anyone by the name of Doelskieter 🙁 My hopes have been shattered.

  11. New York City is a big city, with lots of suburbs. I think that Newark, New Jersey is among the worst suburbs of New York City. I once changed planes at Newark. I had heard that Newark was the asshole of the world.

    While going to university in Pittsburgh, I went to a conference in Chicago. And just before hitting Chicago, I was introduced to Gary, Indiana. Which is another asshole of the world. Unless you were a steel worker, I don’t see any reason for anybody to live in Gary, Indiana. But really, even if you were a steel worker, I still see no reason to live in Gary, Indiana. Or have things changed that much since 1984/85 when I drove by?

  12. Used to live in Duisburg. Not exactly a tourist destination…but lots of friendly Germans from Turkei like Mesut Ozil.

  13. Rantetta

    I would think you are an expert at converting English to Swedish Chef. Except for the cockrect part.


    > Cows may come and cows may go, but the bull in this place goes on forever.

    into Swedish Chef produces this wonder:

    > Coos mey cume-a und coos mey gu, boot zee booll in thees plece-a gues oon furefer.
    Bork Bork Bork!

    Good night Irene!

  14. I think it was good that only 1 person wasted time trying to verify something. Actually 2, I wasted time verifying it was nonsense in a different way.

    If we are looking for ways to get through the transfer window, I have ideas.

    There are songs for players. I think had an article about Bellerin hearing his song for the first time. Maybe write down the songs? The melody and the words.

    The world needs more lightbulb jokes. How many ManU supporters does it take to change/screw in a lightbulb?

    Do we have enough chicken jokes? Why did the ManU chicken cross the road?

  15. Smoke and mirrors –

    A guy goes to his friend and says “I’m sleeping with the priest’s wife. Can you hold him in church for an hour after mass for me?”
    The friend doesn’t like it but being a friend, he agrees and after mass, he starts talking to the priest and asking him all sorts of stupid questions just to keep him occupied.

    Finally the priest gets pissed and asks the guy what he’s really up to. The man feeling guilty confesses , ” My friend is sleeping with your wife right now.”

    The priest smiles and says ,” You better hurry home now. My wife is dead!”

  16. In Church there is a family that has recently been baptized. After a month of being new members the Bishop calls them in separately to see how they are doing. During an interview with the father, the bishop asks, “Will you give a talk next Sunday in Church?”

    The new convert replies, “Sure, but what would you like me to give my talk on?”

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    Her husband is known to be a big joker so she shrugs it off not worrying about it for the time being. As Sunday comes though, she starts to get nervous and can’t take it any longer. When they arrive at the church parking lot she says to him, “Alright sweetheart, the joke’s over. What are you really going to give your talk on?”

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    So he goes to his backup plan. He gives a talk on adultery. After he gives his talk and the session ends he goes back to the parking lot to get his wife and kids and to apologize for the way he acted.
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    The wife stared at the Bishop incredulously. “You must be joking! He’s only done it twice. Once with my mother and once with my sister and couldn’t stay up either time!!”

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    And that is how the bailout package works!

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    See? Older guys are helpful like that.

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