The deal is almost done, star arrives for medical, picture proof of shocking move

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Star Arrives For Medical, Arsenal To Make OFFICIAL Announcement Tomorrow

Now that headline looks like business as usual for the spoof sites of whom I have writ in the past, but in fact I spy a significant change.

Untold has been making a bit of a thing about how the sites that run all these fabricated headlines have set up below them a system which makes it highly likely that one might click on a link that leads to an advert rather than clicking on a link to close the advert and let one read the story.

It means that many more people click on the ad than would otherwise be the case – and clicking on the ad is the way all sites make money (not by counting the number of people who visit the site, as one of our readers rather amusingly suggested – oh if only that were true).

Now it seems a change is in place.  A couple of those sites appear to have moved across to normal entry to the site, while another group seem to have a new system in which the first time you click on any of that group, you get the misleading directions to make you click on the ad, but the second time, you go straight to the article.

I am saying “seems” here because of course it might just be a change by mistake, a change for today only, or maybe something quite different.  We shall see.

But if it is happening, although it is not perfect, it is a major improvement.  Was it Untold’s series of articles on the spoofs that did it?  Maybe, maybe not, but it is one little step in the right direction.

 But the misleading nature of the sites remains.
Star Arrives For Medical, Arsenal To Make OFFICIAL Announcement Tomorrow
actually leads to…
Even the most ardent Gooner can’t shy away from the fact that 22 year old striker Yaya Sanogo has been nothing short of a disaster since moving to the club in 2013 on a free transfer from Auxerre.
Moving on as fast as possible….
PICTURE PROOF – Arsenal DM Target Arrives Medical
In the last few transfer windows, Arsenal have been said to be looking for a new defensive midfielder. A lot of players have been linked to the club in that role but one of the most realistic names linked to the gunners have been Aston Villa’s Fabian Delph.
Wow this must be it.  But…
“Unfortunately, the player is not going to play for Arsenal any time soon as he is on his way to Manchester City after both Villa and City agreed a reported 8 million deal for the player.”

Oh well, try again…

£75,000-A-Week Defensive Star Set To Make SHOCKING Arsenal Move

Now that looks more interesting but…
Spanish giants Real Madrid fresh from the signing of Espaynol goalkeeper, Kiko Casilla are interested in signing Arsenal Goalkeeper David Ospina. 
Now as we know in a very clear interview Arsene Wenger said he wasn’t signing anyone at the moment but if someone became available he could do a deal.
So moving on

Breaking: Arsenal reach agreement for Karim Benzema – LATEST UPDATE

Despite the fact Real Madrid have said that Frenchman is not for sale and it’s believed that the terms are already agreed

We wait and see although…

“I will sign £45m-rated superstar” – Says Arsene Wenger!

as expected leads to

As the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed, he will sign the superstar‘s like Karim Benzema if they will become available.

Spaniard announces Arsenal agreement in place as superstar on way to London

is the same story as above but with a new headline.
Arsenal have been given a huge boost in the race for Karim Benzema with Real Madrid working on selling him, according to the Metro website.

Almost Done – Arsenal Striker Target COMPLETES MEDICAL, Will Sign Four Years Deal

Ciro Immobile is one of several strikers being linked with a move to the English Premier League, with Arsenal and Liverpool believed to be interested in signing the Dortmund forward. However, reports from various media outlet, including the Express, confirm that the Italian has completed a season-loan move to Sevilla of Spain.

DUO SIGNING: £55M Super Stars On The VERGE Of Signing for Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger certainly means serious business this transfer window.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is understood to be focused on signing Aturo Vidal and Lars Bender this summer before the transfer window shuts down.

But, you will be saying, where is the done deal?  Ah here it is…

DONE DEAL: Arsenal Finally Complete The Signing Of South American Star

Arsenal are on the lookout for world class stars this summer, but will also be looking to lose a few players as well, to free up space and funds going into the transfer window.Arsenal have extended the contract of Brazilian star Wellington Silva and will now be seeking to send him out on loan to another English side

It turns out “accepted” and “made a bid” are now synonymous.
Arsenal have made a bid for Napoli defender Faouzi Ghoulam, according to reports in Italy. MediaSet claim the Gunners have tabled an offer of around £10m for the Algeria international who played in two of his nation’s four World Cup group games last summer. Reports claim the player is ready to join the Gunners and Napoli are ready to accept the bid from Arsenal and the player could possibly undergo medicals with Arsenal this weekend.

So…. if early views are right and some advertisers have got wind of what the spoof sites are doing to hitch up the numbers of people who click on the ads by mistake, then the little campaign to reveal their silly tricks has had a bit of success.
Just be careful what you click on.  Unless of course you want to keep the spoof sites in business.
Two anniversaries from bygone days…

19 July 1954: Joe Haverty signed from St Patrick’s Athletic, and although only 18 immediately made his debut for Arsenal.  He stayed until 1961 when he moved to Blackburn.

19 July 1995: Alan Smith announced his retirement.  Between 1987 and 1995 he played 264 league games for Arsenal, scoring 86 goals.  He went on to have a career as a commentator and reporter.

An index to the full series on all the pre-seasons for Arsene Wengercan be found here.

34 Replies to “The deal is almost done, star arrives for medical, picture proof of shocking move”

  1. And it seems you are using the same strategy. That headline you used will tempt people to click and go into the article.

  2. Here are my rules for clicking on links (or not):

    1) Don’t read if the player’s name isn’t mentioned eg ‘Arsenal: Romania U-16 captain Dragomir joins in £71,000 switch’ is great, click away if interested. ‘Photo Confirmation? ‘European Joins Arsenal, Dick Law Completes The Deal’ shouldn’t be clicked despite it being the same story. Similarly ‘Arsenal Target Heading To Madrid, Confirms Player’s Agent’ is likely a player never targeted by Arsenal.
    2) Don’t click if more than one club is mentioned ‘Video: Arsenal and Man City target Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s top five goals’ is a waste of energy, the website is speculating and trying to get two sets of fans to click.
    3) Conflicting stories ‘Arsenal prepare to reward Jack Wilshere with new contract’ and ‘Arsenal will not bring forward Wilshere talks’ appearing on the same day.
    4) Only look at the BBC, or Arseblog News (with its poo-meter that judges a rumour), they all will have any valid news before most other sources.
    5) Block sites if they consistently spout rubbish.

    Happy to hear any other rules that anyone has.

  3. My long established policy with regard to transfers is to log on only to the official Arsenal FC website.
    That way avoids spoofs and fairy tales, high blood pressure and marital discord. 😉

  4. BBC? Not a mention of the Barclays Asia Trophy. However, Sneiderlin scores for Manure is news. Biased reporting by our decaying national broadcaster!

  5. no 6. never click Daily Star and by far the greatest team sites. They employ inventors not journalists

  6. Arsenal ladies away game this afternoon on BT Sport kick off 18:00, start of a busy week for them with further home games against Watford on Thursday and Notts County on Sunday.,

  7. Lucazzy,
    and then if people read it and understand it they will not fall for these headlines so easily in the future

  8. I came across a site which had 6 teams in the headline 5 so called purchasing teams and 1 selling team.
    Why would anyone click on a site that’s treating it’s readers like idiots.

  9. Lucazzy…’re new to this site so we’ll cut you some slack. Which parts of the article failed to catch your attention and indicate the intent of this joke post?

    1) Sir Hardly Anyone?
    2) The spoof-like title?
    3) The content….which you appear NOT to have read?
    4) The regular appearance of articles such as the above by Sir Hardly?
    5)The rather obvious fact that getting people to read its articles is the raison d’etre of UA?

    I know you are trying to cover your chagrin at missing ALL the obvious signs of a spoof article but your level of naivete and desperate wish to believe the title is rather amusing and depressing at the same time!

    By the way, IF there is one site that doesn’t try to trick its readers into clicking on sponsor ads, it is UA. The fact that you visited UA doesn’t get Tony or Walter any financial gain, afterall nearly 100,000 people do the same every week on UAand they are not even close to being rich.

  10. omgarsenal – Tony & Walter rich? They are wealthier than most (untold riches) with a group of Untolders that enjoy & support their creation – this site.

  11. Menace,
    hit the nail on the head. What Untold brings me to richness is much more than money. Moneywise it brings me nothing, (in a world where time is money it actually cost me money) but the fact that we are like a big world wide family with the same feeling about our club is what brings me joy to my heart. And has done so ever since my first article.
    Something money can’t buy…

  12. An England U19 Women’s team was defeated by Spain in Euro competition yesterday. There was 1 Arsenal player on the team, an unused substitute (Taome Oliver).

    I’m not seeing any activity such as commentary for todays Ladies games.

    It’s about 30 minutes to kickoff at Solihull Moor (Birmingham City), and things are still quiet on the Arsenal Ladies twitter feed as well.


  13. Starting XI:

    Byrne, Scott, Stoney, Rose, Mitchell, Williamson, Janssen, Losada, Corredera, Natalia, Ubogagu


  14. Short Summary

    Just prior to half time, a Birmingham player was sent to the showers for a second bookable offence. The Birmingham player got her first yellow tackling Natalia in the 44th minute, and her second tackling Williamson in the extra time (maybe 1.5 minutes later).

    On the restart, I believe Daniele Carter was brought on for Alex Scott, causing Marta Corredera to fall back into defence from midfield. I don’t see a reason in the twitter feed for why Alex Scott was taken off.

    Arsenal score in the 53 minute, and I think the scorer is Ubogagu (there are just twitter handles in the twitter feed, not names). Arsenal did 2 more substitutions as well.

    There were 3 minutes of time added on, but no more scoring.

    Attendance: 1278

  15. I’m sure Lucazzy read and understood the point you were making about sites hit whoring, doesn’t change the fact that you used the same strategy as them to get people to read this article. He like many fans at the moment are hoping for some exclusive news about a new signing and clicked this hoping for some transfer news. You made the headline to prove a point but left fans with the same frustration they have when the visit these sites. Do you think these sites are wrong to mislead people? if yes then what your doing is having a go at a fan for venting his frustration at a site that did exactly the same things as those sites that you wrote your article about, whether your being paid for it or not, or whether your intentions were good or not you still mislead fans into clicking

  16. Menace….read my post again….I say they aren’t even close to being rich….but Walter says it all….richness is relative.

  17. Analysis

    Earlier this weekend, I ran across an article about Stoke. And how they were making themselves a top-half EPL club.

    Grammatically, absolutely nothing wrong with that statement. Statistically, it just means consistently over some time interval, finishing in the top half.

    But it really is a non-sense statement. The EPL does partition, some years it has 2 parts and sometimes 3. Whether it partitions in 2 or 3 parts, it is unusual to see a partition boundary at halfway.

    In general, the top partition is 25 to 35-40%. In a 2 partition season, there is a gap between the top partition and the rest. In a 3 partition season, teams to be relegated tend to differentiate themselves earlier than usual.

    But, what Stoke’s statement is, is that they are trying to set themselves up as a top of the bottom 2/3 team of the EPL. Quit breaking legs, and they can probably do that.

    The top 1/3 to 40% is often dictated by money and luck. The money teams are there because they have the players to do the job. None of the teams in the EPL are slackers, and get a run of luck, they can get into the top partition.

    Getting into the top partition on a run of luck (supposedly) happens, if it gets repeated (multiple times), it’s likely a change has happened. If it doesn’t get repeated, it doesn’t mean a change hasn’t started.

    If “Walmart” has a bad year, it could be that Stan sells out to that rich African from Nigeria. Wenger will get replaced with some Nigerian manager. All the non-African players will get sold. Who knows, Frimpong may come back? Maybe there is a bonus for Nigerian heritage. And ideally expect Arsenal to become the 0 or 1 goal champion of the EPL (winning some and losing some), all games being 1 goal games. What a future this person from Nigeria has planned for HIS Gunners! And I doubt a single AAA has problems with that.

    I will go find another SPORT and team to follow. And the world can sing about boring Arsenal.

  18. Fishing –

    A boy confesses to his priest.

    ‘Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl.’

    The priest asks, ‘Is that you, little Joey Pagano?’

    ‘Yes, Father, it is.’

    ‘And who was the girl you were with?’

    ‘I can’t tell you, Father, I don’t want to ruin her reputation.’

    ‘Well, Joey, I’m sure to find out her name sooner or later so you may as well tell me now. Was it Tina Minetti?’

    ‘I cannot say.’

    ‘Was it Nancy Connor?’

    ‘I’ll never tell.’

    ‘Was it Judy Cohen?’

    ‘I’m sorry, but I cannot name her.’

    ‘Was it Kate Takenyo?’

    ‘My lips are sealed.’

    ‘Was it Rose De Marco, then?’

    ‘Please, Father, I cannot tell you.’

    The priest sighs in frustration. ‘You’re very tight lipped, and I admire that. But you’ve sinned and have to atone. You cannot be an altar boy now for 4 months. Now you go and behave yourself.’

    Joey walks back to his pew, and his friend Franco slides over and whispers, ‘What’d you get?’

    ‘A four month holiday and five good leads…’

  19. You’re definitely getting hidden from my newsnow feed. Also, your blog looks terrible. Like 1999 terrible.

  20. Lulz, why would you bother to write to say you are not going to read this any more? I mean, why not just stop reading? Very odd in my opinion.

  21. Jack Jebb (former Gunner) has been at Stevenage, is presently on trial at Swindon Town.

    I have a suggestion for an improvement at In the Player Twits area, only allow for a single copy of a twit. Quite a few times you see 2 or even 3 copies of essentially the same twit. If visitors to want to see all of the various minor difference, let them go to the twit page.

  22. In other news, Arsenal has nixed the idea of getting Karim Benzema.

    > Heck no! He is too short.

    > We are talking to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. We have to find someone noticeably taller than Cech and our BFG.

  23. Samrat Jha, if you really think The Daily Star journalists spin tales, then you should (not) try clicking on the sites. They have taken spoof headlines to an art form, putting out different eye catching headlines about the same story and always making it into Newsnow’s “most read news” section. Guess there are so many Arsenal transfer rumour junkies out there, parading as rational fans.

  24. More Corruption

    Many places running the story, but during the South East Asia (SEA) Games, someone tried to bribe one team with $11,000 to throw a game. That person has now been given 30 months in jail (Singapore). Many of the articles mention similar incidents in the past.

    Gulf News (Persian Gulf I believe) has a bee in its bonnet today about corruption, running stories from the Washington Post and Reuters, both quite critical of FIFA and the idea that anything useful came out of FIFA and the septic one yesterday. A quote from the WP article:

    > Now it seems Blatter is intent on dragging this out as much as possible, and giving himself enough time to somehow reposition himself in the public eye as Fifa’s champion for change, an outright absurdity.

    There are a few stories about agents, and how they fit into this corruption business. Maybe a court case is coming? Maybe someone can explain what their exact problem is, the articles I read were not clear.

    I really wonder about pay scales at the various federations. For what are supposed to be a bunch of Moms and Dads doing things in their spare time to administrate leagues, some are sure making a lot of money. Webb had to pony up $10,000,000 for a bond to stay under house arrest in _one_ of his homes (in the USA). Going into the bond were 3 luxury cars, some expensive watches, jewels. Oh, and his wife just happens to have $400,000 just sitting in a savings account.

    I guess the blatter was heckled a bit yesterday about executive pay, and refused to say how much he is being paid to be less than competent.

    Not corruption, but last snippet.

    BTSport has divorced themselves from Halsey. And they expect to have Webb in studio on a regular basis to justify decisions. Good luck on that.

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