Forget Cesc, Messi is coming

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by Walter Broeckx

So here we go again. Cesc has hardly put one foot on Spanish soil and the Spanish media are all over him again with all kind of stories about his move to Barcelona.

Now to understand how things work we must know that in Spain you have newspapers that are almost from the first to the last letter all about football and sports. Those newspapers are fighting a struggle with each other and have to come up with the best headlines possible. Some of the most important ones are Marca and El Mundo and Diario Sport.

You can imagine that a headline: “Cesc stays at Arsenal” does not sell many newspapers in Spain or in Barcelona. What could sell you more newspapers is a headline: ‘Cesc on his way to Spain”. The average Spanish sports fan would buy the paper to see that it possible only says that Cesc is coming in with the plane to join the national team. But the main thing would be that they have sold a newspaper.

You can imagine a headline: “Cesc is on his way to Barcelona” will sell you many newspapers, especially in the neighbourhood of Barcelona. Again when you read the article could find in it that Cesc is on his way to join the Spanish national team and that he is flying in from London to Barcelona to meet his family. But the main thing would be that they have sold a lot of newspapers.

Now imagine for a second that you are another Spanish sports newspaper and you have to make sure that you sell also a lot of newspapers. What would you do? Well you could invent “friends” of Cesc. Or you could invent “family” of Cesc. And you could invent that they have said that “Cesc is coming to Barcelona and that he has agreed a 4 year deal”. Now how about that. I think this will sell a lot of newspapers in Spain.

Now what the Spanish newspapers invent to sell newspapers is one thing. The thing that is frightening is that many bloggers and even main media take this up and reprint it as the truth and nothing but the truth. Even if you have only one brain cell working properly you must take everything that is printed in those Spanish newspapers not with a pinch of salt but with a whole mountain of salt.

Unfortunately some people don’t even have that one brain cell properly working and they believe what is written in those newspapers or should I say tabloids because that is what they are in fact. And so we have the whole summer once again with the same old stories over and over again. I can bet for a few pounds that let us say in 2 weeks time there will be a newspaper or a blog that runs the story all over again and again the same blogs will bring it as new and hot news and declare that Cesc now really will be leaving and that we are doomed and that all is lost.

I think sometimes it must be tiring when you are Cesc Fabregas. Every word you say will be misquoted whenever they can and will be pulled out of the context just to make new headlines.

By the way, the story that Cesc has agreed a 4 year contract with Barcelona and now the only thing in the way is a transfer agreement between Arsenal and Barcelona would mean that Barcelona, Cesc and his manager all would have broken the rules. Cesc is still under a contract with Arsenal and Arsenal and Arsène Wenger have on many occasion stated that there are only 3 players allowed to leave this summer and that are: Campbell, Gallas and Silvestre because they are the only one who are at the end of their contract.

I think this was clear enough or should be clear enough for everyone that Arsenal will not allow anyone to even talk to Cesc, let alone let him sign a contract.

So I would just ask to the Arsenal bloggers out there: please don’t fall in the trap from the Spanish media. If they want to spread lies and rumours just let them. If the media in England want to step into the trap set up by the Spanish press and reprint these story there is nothing that can be done about it, but we can be smarter and laugh it away.

To finish up I would just like to add one little story that I heard today from a friend of mine who has been living in Spain the last couple of years. He heard from his cleaning lady who knows someone who is living near the home of Messi that they have seen a car with a French plate driving slowly by and in that car there was a person who looked like Arsène Wenger and who asked they way to Messi’s home.

In his car was a document clearly visible on official Arsenal paper with the words “contract” on it. According to this source it said something like 10 years and had clearly the name of Messi on it.

So what do you make of that? If the Cesc thing would be the truth, maybe it could mean that Wenger has asked Barcelona to swap a Cesc for a Messi.

Don’t believe this? Then why believe the story of the friends from Cesc thing? I can make it up just like they do. Or maybe I do know someone who knows someone who knows Messi? Nothing is easier spread than a lie. Remember this until the next season starts and we will see our captain back in our red and white leading us to victory.

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56 Replies to “Forget Cesc, Messi is coming”

  1. The report I heard on good authority is that the Yank is poised to spend mega bucks to bring Messi to the Emirates PROVIDED he is appointed Club Chairman. I think the guy seen in Barca might well have been AW. Messi for Cesc……Yippeee.

  2. LOL, absolutely classic brother, finally someone that reports sanity!! I gig it, keep it up!

  3. I heard that Messi, Rooney, KaKa & Torres are all arsenal bound because their families all really like the weather in N5!! Oooooh, is true??

  4. Mr. Broeckx there you have your answer, your lie is spreading (thats why lying is a curse) 🙂

    What can you do …. lets play MEDIA MEDIA. We have the whole summer

  5. This is a more realistic blog than I have seen since these rumours started. Keep it up mate. The share truth is that Cesc is under contract until 2014! He knows it, Barcelona knows it, Arsene knows it and we know it, end of!!! What’s all the farce? If he chooses to go on strike to get ‘his wishes’ then that’s another matter altogether but in the mean time, a contract is a contract, is a contract!!!!!

  6. cheers!what aperfect understanding and analaysis about CESC’s move speculation to Barcelona.i also understand that the medias or tabloids are doing business by creating such tidy transfer issues on seems to be rubbish and annoying when ever the medias come up with these head is true that people are always eager to read fresh and new magazine results what ever the case is fallacy or has been along time since cesc’s move to barca is a talking point across Spain and England despite FABREGAS’S denial and refusal to leave ARSENAL with in ashort period of can dare to say that he will exit from arsenal after acouple of years as HENRY did two years ago.we gunners are very confident on our skipper and he will shine and reach at the climax of his carrier at arsenal accompanied with glory and silverware in the following consequetive years.GUNNERS FOR EVER GUNNERS FOR LIFE!!!

  7. I’m from Catalunya, and i’m living near Barcelona right now. The truth is that here there are some journalists that get information right from inside the club, from people who do the signings and negotiations.

    What are they saying right now?? (Or at least latter yesterday) They say David Villa is almost signed and could be presented by Friday (Joan Laporta wants to leave doing major signings, even if this does not allow the next president to do nothing because there is not more money).

    About Cesc, despite i firmly believe that he will stay, they’re saying there are some “conversations”, but that is really complicated compared to Villa’s signing. Anyway, was Arsenal willing to sell Cesc (and he should first tell Wenger that he does not want to play for AFC anymore, which i don’t think he will ever do) the selling prize would be nowhere near to what here are talking Barcelona would pay. I mean, if Ibrahimovic was 65M€, Cesc is nowhere near 40M€!!! At least Cesc should cost them twice as much as Madrid payed for Ronaldo.

    By the way, As and Marca are Madrid newspapers, and Sport and El Mundo Deportivo (not “El Mundo” alone, which is a very very conservative minded general newspapers that has nothing to do with the sports one) are like supporting Barcelona. The first two are written in Madrid, and the last two in Barcelona. Usually journalists from Madrid and Barcelona insult each other and that stuff… But they are all absolutely cunts!!

  8. Well,i understand what d spainish press are trying to frustrate Arsenal board but i think the English press too should link Messi with Arsenal or Man u and see how crazy d spain ish people will behave

  9. I know someone who is very close to the teacher of the son of the chief cook of the family of messi. The information i was privy to was that messi advised fabregas not to come to barça if he wants trophies. This being that since barça won six last season & could only manage one this season, it goes to reason dat next season might see them qualifying for Europa league. Hence anyone dreaming of CL football, not to talk of winning trophies shld look elsewhere other than camp nou! He too (messi) is contemplating tendering a transfer request now or…maybe come january! Itz authentic!! How is dat for a change walter?

  10. I m getin 2 tired about all d stories. If they want to do business with us, then let them involve yaya toure nd xavi hernendez or let it be lionomessi 4 fabulouscesc: then we can consider d deal.

  11. as far as i’m concerned,barca should be sensible and stop offering us yaya for cesc rathere they should do the sensible thing by offering us iniesta.

  12. Thanks Guillem for reminding me that I forgot As. As in what a mistake to make. I cannot understand I didn’t mention them.

    I could also have added that actually Messi has been spotted in the Emirates and it was not when he was there with Barcelona.

    In the media they would put it like this:

    “Reports tell that Messi has been seen in the Emirates and it was not when he was there with Barcelona to play in the CL this year.”

    Now this statement is true. And if it is spread in the media and people believe it… it starts to live a live in itself.

    But the real fact that Messi has been seen in the Emirates was in september 2006 when he was there with the Argentina team to play Brazil.

    But this is the way that media can change facts by just “forgetting” some things to make the story a bit juicy.

  13. Hey everyone, i just got a call from a russian friend who just saw an interview of messi. Messi says he would love to play for arsenal because of the french connection. You know his name is messi (merci)

  14. the most reasonable article ive read about that cesc going to barca shit…….well done mate

  15. I must say you whrite always the most reasonable comments on the web. I always like your analysis of the events. BUT, Im afraid it is true this time that Fab will leave us. He asked for the settled things before the worldcup. and secondly It is an official statement from the club which announce VElA and Fab are coming to Barca. I hope Im wrong

    Sorry for my english

  16. The game that is being played is the headline game. For example Just Arsenal is currently running the headline

    Barcelona confirm negotiations with Arsenal for Fabregas

    but admit in their article that this is utterly untrue. Indeed Barca actually say they have not done like that.

    Sky news has the headline

    Barca close on Villa & Cesc

    But they too carry the same comments from Barca which says that they are actually not at all close on Cesc.

    It is not just that the media is naughty in its use of headlines, it is that some people, for their own ends (normally because they are Tottenham fans) want to upset Arsenal, the manager, the fans and the players.

    Of course we all know Cesc might go one day. The Tony Adams type player who stays with us forever is a rarity. Henry went and Vieira went, so it is likely he will go. But saying at each and every transfer window, he will go now, or it is looking likely, is a totally negative thing to do, which can only benefit those who are against the club.

  17. Can sombody invent a ‘Cesc filter’ software that will prevent all these stupid articles being generated for the next 3 months? Or else that will re-direct anybody considering reading such nonsense to here, where they can read someting interesting and even factual.
    I see a longggggggggggg Summer ahead, when’s The Open starting??

  18. I think you raised a very interesting issue that real AFC fans need to pick up on, especially those that like to pick one line on the newspapers and run with it.

    The opportunity is there for these blogs to gain lots and lots of hits by insinuating that players like Messi, Ronaldo Kaka, etc are coming to AFC. We will be giving them back a taste of their own medicine. We should be doing unto them as they do unto us (Bible).

    Maybe that would teach them to stop destabilising our players.

  19. Regardless of if this stories have weight or not, I am far from pleased with the reports going around this morning about our Captain being sold.Do you know how much damage Cesc could do in a team with David Villa, Messi, Pedro, Ibrah, Bojan as his main targets to provide assists . Cesc has scored and assisted more goals than Xavi has in his entire career, considering Cesc has only had real quality in Henry, Dennis, Robin and AA to target plus making Ade look good.Should Cesc be sold, there is no one with his current ability and potential given his age the club could bring in that will appease me. Lets not forget the new UEFA home-grown in place from next season and seeing that Cesc is classed as HG that would be another loose in itself.Its been long accepted that the previous players we let go were in it for the money or had won everything possible with the club but if Cesc should leave at 22yrs of age with his best years still to come then surely its for footballing reasons That in itself should hit home the fact our club well and truely lack any form of ambition AND THAT SHOULD BE THE FINAL STRAW!As fans its time we put up or shut up, the direction the club is going could not be clearer and even Roseys cant be happy with this.  

  20. its better we offload him..atleast we can cash in now…da guy has said many times dat he wants to go…so y wait, lets cash in now and bring in yaya toure as well!!

  21. I would like to ask : how many times have you heard Cesc say that he want’s to go?
    I only have heard him saying that he is an Arsenal player and that he still has a contract. All the rest we never heard him say but are words put in his mouth by the media.

  22. Thanks 4 givin us somtin 2 console our self. I think fabregas is hungry 4 trophy’s n personal honours just like his mate in other clubs. I believe he want Aw 2 sign players that will help him archieve his goal or he will move ahead in search of greener pasture. But all the same player go player come, if fab want 2 go aw should not try 2 stop him, Aw should tell barca how much fab whot, cr9 n kaka even ibra was sold at the rate of £80, £60, €40 a with player respectively. Fab is a world class player individually n collectively and he is very young so if barca can pay £90 who are we to say no. We can buy gourcuff, hazard,melo, balotelli,hengeland,chiellini and joe hart with the cash and go ahead to win the leagues.

  23. I hope upon hope that you are right about Cesc. You do wonder whether some sites are on Barcelona’s payroll-they are promoting the sale of Cesc to Barca so strongly. for example.

  24. Why is it that every year it’s always our player that became media Victims
    I understand the spanish press
    But English media?
    I mean Liverpool have failed to qualify for Europe!
    Why not they start writing rumors about Gerrard and Torres!
    Every season we get the same old “Player Exodus” story for being trophyless
    What have Liverpool won since instanbull? CMIIW
    Why is it always Arsenal
    Remember 08/09 when we almost fail to retain the “Big Four” status?
    It’s Exodus time for Arsenal
    But the English media really have soft spot for Liverpool are they not?

  25. are a pain in the wrong places. so anti-arsenal it hurts. wonder what they’ll do when come august cesc is donning red & white + that yellow band

  26. Amit – you really must give some evidence to back up your claim that Cesc has says many times that he wants to leave. If you won’t I am going to get rather suspicious of you. Making wild statements which have no evidence is a typical catastrophist ploy aimed at causing consternation and dismay.

  27. Tony, there you are
    Can you say a thing or to about my comment
    Is it true or not?
    About the English Media, Liverpool, and Arsenal?
    Will appreciate some answer 🙂

  28. @ Alcovinco

    Why is it always Arsenal? Because they were right in the past. They were right with Vieira and they were right with Henry. They fail to see that Cesc is much younger and therefore, the same logic doesn’t apply.

  29. Oh what i meant is why the English Media does not create “Player Exodus” headlines since Liverpool fail to qualify for Europe they are in more troubled condition than us
    But i fail to see any Armageddon News about them
    It’s like they prefer to write Arsenal Is Next but not exposing the condition of Liverpool itself

  30. scythe: Why do people like you make football fans seem like complete idiots?

  31. LVR: The reason where today Arsenal Fans seem to divide is because people like you who calling people with opinion different than you Idiot!
    You should learn a lot from guys who maintain this site!
    By making points and ignores people who came to far
    Not calling people idiot

    Are you like 5?
    If you cant say anything it’s best by not saying anything at all!

    This site used to be fun but all this Glooms and super fans wannabe like you ruins it all!

  32. Tony – in his last interview he said that if he ever leaves arsenal, it will be for barcelona…also fab made a statement that he feels a lot when his youth team-mates that he had played with as an youngster are winning so many trophies…

    we all know that if he leaves it is going to be barca and no1…so my point was not blaming the player for making such statements…i was just contemplating the possibility to get some cash now rather than lose him for free later…

    personally i would want him to stay with arsenal till he retires…i just saw da screamer he scored against spurs, da solo run…wow dat was brilliant…would be very difficult to let the GOD go…

  33. Here’s a scenario to contemplate.

    Joan Laporta has promised Barca fans Cesc on a plate before he hands over the reigns. Laporta then gives Cesc an implied threat that if he doesn’t put in a transfer request and force Arsenal’s hand he will lose face in the eyes of Barca’s fans. And if he loses face because Cesc yet again snubs their advances he will make sure that Cesc never ever gets the chance to play for his boy club.

    I could imagine that this would put a lot of pressure on Cesc to make up his mind this summer one way or another.

  34. Cesc handing in transfer request as we speak.

    You go get yourself some medals mate. It would be a travesty for such a talent to miss out on his full potential to be part of someone elses dream.

    He will win more next season with Barca than he has with Arsenal in 7 years (1 FA Cup, 1 Shield), well maybe not actually as Barca’s worst nightmare appears to be coming to live near them. Jose Mourinho managing at Real.

    Good luck Cesc, been a pleasure watching you (especially against us).

  35. i’m a barca fan..and the truth is we dont even need fabregas(who plays as a sub for spain) in our squad…
    So the papers are making shit for nothing….

  36. I think we all need to accept the fact that Cesc will go back to Spain eventually, maybe this summer. All I care about is making sure we get properly paid for the transfer. I laugh when I see these media stories quoting prices like 30-40million. As if we would ever sell Cesc for such a piddling amount. But if Barca are willing to pay 75million (more than Ibra and Kaka, slightly less than Ronaldo) then I just do not see how AW could do anything other than sell Cesc. That kind of money, combined with the Toure/Ade money from last summer, would allow us to strengthen every part of the side that needed strengthening and then some.

    The question would then become, do Barca have that type of cash (especially if they are already buying Villa)? If they didnt have that cash, then they would look utterly ridiculous for starting all these rumours in the first place.

    Last year Barca paid for Ibra with their CL winning money. They dont have that this season so whether they would be able to afford both Villa and Cesc in the same summer is the great unknown.

  37. hi Walter,, big fan of Untold and 99% of the time you and tony are right but lets suppose this fab rumour is true then where do you think we are heading?? what about youth project and his replacement? its realy loud here at sky sports and you know about there reputation.

  38. I think the English media want Cesc out of Arsenal. Just because they hate us. So everything that would weaken Arsenal is something they like.
    I think the English media is creating a dangerous situation.
    If they keep on suggesting that he wants to leave they hope that even when he stays the fans turn against him.

    About what Arsenal should do IF he leaves I will leave that in an article. But in short: replacing someone like Cesc is not easy but I think that we have what it takes but it will set us back some 2 years I think. Unless we tell Barca that they can have Cesc and that we are willing to let him go if we get Xavi or Iniesta and Keita or Toure and some 25M-40M in cash. In that case we have him replaced.

    Remember we don’t need to sell any player for money. It’s not like Utd that needed the Ronaldo money to buy new players er to pay of part of the debt. So we can demand an extremly high price.

    But again, I don’t think that AW will let him go.

  39. “I think the English media want Cesc out of Arsenal.”

    Walter, from my perspective in N4, there is no doubt about that.

  40. Cesc is off Walter, Apparently……

    Wenger needs to pull his finger out and construct a Premiership winning team. He will have the money for sure.

    No more close but no cigar.

    So he has to upgrade in key positions.
    defensive cover
    buy Eden Hazard while he can

  41. Amit fuck you. Go wank to a pic of your mom. You lazy totenscum supporting cunt. Fab is staying with Arsenal. Would Wenger really sell him??? NO!. Fab loves Arsenal and Barca, but he loves Wenger more. Watch the CescFabregas Show when Wenger talks about him. He is almost crying when he hears the words of Wenger. The only player leaving us is Silvestre and I think we all know why.

  42. The media in my country only are talking about Torres going to Barcelona today. Not a new word on Cesc.

  43. What really is strange to me is how people talk and pretend they know.
    I read on a site (wrighty7 – it was a good article btw) and it looks that they were sitting on the same table as Cesc or that Guillaume Joke person or AW.

    In fact we don’t know anything. There will only a few persons out there who know the truth. The only things we do know is that Wenger at one of his last press conferences said that he would not answer any more questions about Cesc leaving as it was the same every week. So that is the last statement he made about that and as long as he doesn’t say anything else on this is the standard we have to deal with.

    If we look at Cesc’s statement : “that he would only consider a move to Barcelona BUT THAT HE WAS NOT IN A HURRY (this last sentence is ignored by the press) if he would leave Arsenal” was somewhat a desperate move to stop all the gossip that has linked him to Real Mad and Inter.

    But the media higlighted the first bit and let the second part away and build further upon this.

    I think we all know that he will be going back to Barcelona one day but if I may quote Cesc himself a few months ago : “I don’t want to be a loser. And as I haven’t won anything yet with Arsenal if I would go know, I would be a loser”.

    Is it possible he has changed his mind and that he wants to be a loser now. 😉

  44. Just to clear something up in my last comment: That catalan journalist Guillaume Balague if you pronounce his name with a French tongue you have the word: Blague and in English this means “Joke”.

  45. @arsenal: i think ur mother forgot to gave u lessons on decency and behaving properly in a public forum 🙂

  46. Walter

    All the media story is due to me wanting to cash in a flat in France I bought just as Cesc came to Arsenal. My sister’s like Sir Alex Ferguson, my dad’s like Arsene Wenger and I’m like Cesc in some ways.


    Trust me.

    It’s true.

    Cesc will go when I sell my French flat.

    And Arsenal will be sold when I cash in my Club licenses.

    It’s fixed.

    Just like Maradona put money on Argentina to win the World Cup after they threw the match 6-1 in where was it, Peru, Ecuador, somewhere in South America. That’s why he was playing Messi out of position. To make Argentina look rubbish. To push their odds out.

    Now he’s in the finals he wants to stick it to Brazil. And to the Italians for kicking him to bits in Spain in 1982. And stuffing him full of I don’t know what in Napoli.

    Just remember, Messi has told Cesc that he can’t come back to Barca unless Argenina win the World Cup.

    And Peter Hill-Wood has told him he can’t go unless England win the World Cup.

    And Arsene has told him he can’t go unless France win the World Cup AND he tells Eboue to tap up Yaya Toure on the team bus.

    Danny Fiszman has told him that, as he’s in for Eden Hazard, Belgium now rules Europe, not Spain, so he can go as long as it’s for more than £50m.

    Darren Dein’s got Wellington on his books so one good pay out for Cesc and he’s cushty.

    And Rupert Murdoch will just start running more Torres stories if this one is no longer showing ‘legs’. What with Cesc’s legs being quite short ‘n’ all that.

    Gazidis does what Arsene tells him to. Arsene does what Stan Kroenke tells him to. Murdoch would like Kroenke to do what HE tells him to. And his rottweilers write stories based on what I think, say or write on my PC without sharing it with anyone else.

    This is all true. Really. Truly. I’m not paranoid.

    Ask Thierry Henry.

    He’ll tell you.

    And he’s not paranoid either.

    Is he??

  47. So this is all a media hoax?

    What can we believe these days?

    Did the conservatives win the election?
    Is there an alien in the cabinet?
    Is there an oil spill in Florida?
    Is Prince Harry in Afghanistan?
    Is Michael Jackson dead?
    Is Obama controlled by telemetry?

  48. Messi is coming to Arsenal because he never got to thank Silvestre personally after the Barca match…..sorry I couldn’t resist!

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