The DONE DEALS are not always DONE DEALS; but there is one is really really real. Really. Honest.

By Tony Attwood (and absolutely not by Sir Hardly Anyone, not at all, not one jot, certainly not in anyway, ok?)

Matters are getting serious as the Metro accuses Arsene Wenger of lying.  Yes I will run that again – they accuse our manager of lying.  Not the journalists of making up stuff just to fill the pages, not that Mr Henry who said “what are they smoking at the Emirates” and then confessed that he lied and lied, but Arsene Wenger deliberately misleading!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what they say…

At this time of the year, rumours and reality play really badly together.

One day you have Arsenal strongly linked with a certain player only for the next to find yourself reading about Arsene Wenger’s denials.

Who do you trust?

It really is hard to know.

Papers and websites get things wrong and the Arsenal manager? Well, he just flat out lies during transfer season and we all love him for it, especially when the man who probably knows every player in the French fifth division tells you that he’s never heard of Santi Cazorla.

Enough, enough…   OK let’s try this one.

DEAL DONE: Ismael Bennacer pictured signing contract after Arsenal transfer

That’s also in the Metro picking of Jeorge Bird’s comment below a picture of “Bennacer signing his Arsenal contract. Presumably a professional deal. Eligible for U18s but could play for U21s”

But oh, what’s this?

Reports in France yesterday suggested Bennace had accepted a five-year contract to join the Gunners from Arles-Avignon ahead of Manchester City.

And while neither club has made an official announcement about the 18-year-old, the deal has been confirmed with a photo doing the rounds on Twitter showing Bennace signing the contract.

Arsenal are thought to be paying £150,000 in compensation, with the player set to go straight into the Under-21 team for the new season.

So he is here.

And still at it the Metro says under the headline DEAL ON

Fernando Llorente’s agent arrives in London for Arsenal transfer talks

Fernando Llorente could be on his way to Arsenal this summer after the striker’s agent reportedly held talks with the Gunners in London on Tuesday night.

The 30-year-old is deemed surplus to requirements at the Serie A champions this summer following the arrival of Paulo Dybala from Udinese and has been told he can leave the club.

Oh, reportedly.  And “could be”.  Hmmmm

Meanwhile we’ve talked a bit about how the “Arsenal have rejected a loan offer from Southampton to re-sign Calum Chambers, according to reports,” story has been running around.

With Southampton having sold Nathaniel Clyne earlier this summer, Chambers was the perfect replacement drawled those with nothing better to say.

But Mr W was emphatic.   It wasn’t that he turned Southampton down, but rather that,  “They didn’t try to get him back on loan. And I would not consider it; not at the moment. I think it’s important that I want to develop him as a centre-back. At the moment we have just the right number. He will get games here.”

Now this was an important moment in the world of non-transfer makebelieve, because Mr Wenger made it quite clear that there was no approach, even though “reports suggested” there was.

In short it was made up, not by a club (at which point it is called Vapour Transfer) but just an invention made up by a journalist or a bloggette like the one Sir Hardly focusses on.

Trying to find the truth in the stories, the Abou Diaby scenario is resolved.  We had a laugh with Ex-Arsenal star Abou Diaby ‘rejected Liverpool offer’ before completing Marseille transfer in the Metro and we know he hasn’t gone to WBA and probably wasn’t going to WBA anyway, but he has gone to Marseille where I am sure every decent Arsenal fan will wish him well.   The wrecking of his career by Dan Smith should never be set aside and never forgotten.

Here is the evil Smith’s list of clubs.

Years Team Apps (Gls)
2004–2006 Sunderland 3 (0)
2006 → Huddersfield Town (loan) 8 (0)
2006–2008 Aberdeen 9 (0)
2008 St Johnstone (trial) 3 (0)
2008–2009 Gateshead 11 (0)
2010 Blyth Spartans 0 (0)
2011–2012 Chester-le-Street Town
2012 Darlington 1883
2012–2013 Dunston UTS
2013 Seaham Red Star
2013–2014 Gateshead 0 (0)
2014 Holland Park Hawks 1 (0

You can see how limited his experience at playing football is.  Holland Park Hawks his latest club are in Queensland, Australia.  You might want to write to them and warn them of what they are getting.  The man who destroyed Diaby and played 11 times for Gateshead.

A statement on the Marseille website confirmed that they have reached an agreement in principle to sign Diaby.

Meanwhile on Jeff Reine-Adelaide the boss said, “He is 17 years old and he looks very promising but he needs to work with us for a year in the first team, to be an adult, to play for the under-21s and to develop. There is fantastic potential there but he will stay with us.”

Karim Benzema is coming isn’t coming is coming isn’t coming etc.  That tale goes on and on but The Daily Star reports Arsenal have struggled to secure top target Karim Benzema.   Benzema won’t be joining Arsenal, insists agent according to the Telegraph who also tell us that Arsenal will target Lewandowski when the Benzema deal falls through’ .

Meanwhile João Moutinho is on the way for €20m according to the Guardian was translated that sum as being worth about 0.79p.

Oh yes and Aaron Ramsey is off to Barcelona – even though they can’t buy and play anyone.

While the Metro always anxious to jump into any rumour going has Arsenal ‘ready to sign £47.8m superstar after hijacking Liverpool’s transfer talks’ to which the Telegraph replies  ‘Arsenal close in on Juventus striker Llorente ‘

They also tell us that Arsene Wenger has set his sights on signing Barcelona holding midfielder Sergio Busquets but then carefully put the blame for that one on Spanish publication Sport, adding that (rather late in the day it would seem) “Wenger has drawn up a list of potential summer targets and top of that list is Spain international Busquets.

“It seems Wenger sees the experienced midfielder as a player who could ‘bring balance to the Gunners’ midfield’.   Arsenal are said to be willing to meet the wage demands of the 27-year-old to secure his services.

“However, Barcelona boss Luis Enrique may not be keen to sell Busquets given he is already losing Pedro to either Manchester United or Bayern Munich.”

But the Metro is more certain…

Arsenal ‘willing to meet Sergio Busquets’ huge wage demands to seal transfer’ it shouts on today’s website.

Do you ever feel you have just gone around in a circle?

And you will note that they still say this last bit without even mentioning that because of their involvement in child trafficking, upheld despite giving evidence in the original hearing and two other appeals along the lines of “we are Barcelona we don’t do that” they are banned from buying anyone at all for use before January 1.

But hey ho, “Arsenal are ready to pay £48 million to sign Marco Reus from Borussia Dortmund, says popular German newspaper Bild.”  Apparently Lord Harris had the money in his back pocket and this is not just a transfer but a hi-jacking.

The Gunners have reportedly hijacked (told you) Liverpool’s talks to sign Reus, with Wenger known to be a long-term fan and speculation rife that the German is leaving Dortmund this summer.

And finally, Arsenal have apparently been offered Spain striker Alvaro Negredo as Valencia look to offload him.

Even more finally, Chelsea allow Christophe Lollichon to make transfer to Arsenal.  He’s a goalkeeper coach.  Maybe that’s the one.

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26 Replies to “The DONE DEALS are not always DONE DEALS; but there is one is really really real. Really. Honest.”

  1. That Reus transfer invention news was also a bit of a discussion topic in the facebook group of my supportersclub Arsenal Belgium today. It was according to Bild they said.
    So off I went and searched the whole Bild website from left to right, from top to bottom. And lo and behold I even tried the search tab from the Bild website and typed in ‘Marco Reus’. And lo and behold I got a few hits….but nothing, no nothing at all about a possible transfer to Arsenal. Not on the first page at least.
    One would think that if Arsenal would have made a bid of 70M and Bild knew about it they certainly would shout it out and find the biggest fonts they could get and in bold if you like.
    But the latest story about Reus was that he scared the Borussia Dortmund staff last week with having a minor injury on his ankle.
    Now of course I can read German but I can imagine that most English people can’t or will not take the trouble to go to the Bild website and try to find out if it actually is there.
    But the media who report it quote Bild as their source and that alone is false but they know that 98% of the people will accept it because they say so and they will believe it as it is in a German newspaper and even the once who don’t believe the English media might believe “a German newspaper’…

    But hey Wenger lied of course…. unbelievable….

  2. ” Papers and websites get things wrong…”
    think they do read Untold

  3. Ok I’ve got it!!!!

    I remember back in the days when still in shorts at school; this type of hype would have been great banter amongst my teen buddies…I am sure thats the target group for these media outlets. Because I can’t imagine any sane adult believing a single word of it!

  4. shame somone like sanderson who was writting the amazing Young Guns blog is now copy pasting and creating made up story on the toilet paper named Metro who get reader only because its free

  5. Kevin Ball the then Sunderland manager should also take some blame as no doubt in his own image he wound up his team that evening to kick hard anything that moved in an Arsenal shirt.
    I am sick & tired of misleading headlines that lull you into clicking on the article. Look at this one……

    You would think Wenger is giving Wilshere an ultimatum but that is not remotely the article!

  6. Just out of curiosity, as you know better then me

    The whole Considering our new goalkeeper has played 9 years (or is it more) for Chelsea, is it really out of a great leap of fantastic and unselfish gentlemanly generosity that Chelsea let him leave for Arsenal or if as you explained it they just had no choice under current laws ?
    Thanks for your clarification.

    Were this not generosity but just application of the law, I suggest maybe you of all websites could tell it out loud and stop this BS !

    Keep up the good work


  7. Chris
    I think he had another year on his contract and would have been able to walk on a Bosman next season, so to get £10/11 million for him now is pretty good business.

  8. Chris
    I suppose the so called “generosity” was allowing him to come to Arsenal instead of going to a European team.

  9. Never believe transfer rumours – someone did a study not so long ago and found most outlets to be well over 90% incorrect. If I remember rightly the guardian was th emost successful on 20-30% success.

    My personal hate is the “Arsenal on RED ALERT as…..”

  10. I go camping with the kids and check in every 3 or 4 days to see what has really happened. I recognize that my being aware, or not, of the various goings on don’t affect them…somehow I don’t have the same attitude during the season.

  11. @Chris
    ‘a great leap of fantastic and unselfish gentlemanly generosity’
    You are correct to point out that the media have portrayed Mourinho as the epitome of magnanimity for letting Cech go to a rival. In contrast I do not recall Wenger receiving similar praise when granting RVP his wish to go to Man united, in fact the opposite, he was castigated as an idiot and fool for selling him to a rival.

  12. The papers I have read have said that Abramovitch overruled Mourinho who did not want Cech to go. Particularly to Arsenal. I don’t know if this is true or not, but that is what I have read.

  13. Pat
    I have no doubt you are right, but the two faced Mourinho is only too happy to take the accolades thrown his way by the equally two faced fawning British media cretins. Mourinho and the British media, a match made in heaven.

  14. Roman Abramovich probably sanctioned the Cech move is the sweetener part of a more complex quid pro quo deal with countryman Alisher Usmanov .
    Those naughty but brilliant little imps encamped in my head inform me that Abramovic is trying to get all the Russian oligarchs together to save the Russian WC . He is the driving force of a cartel of businessmen who have invested heavily in the games ,and are now not only in danger of losing their money ,but also their pride.
    With Septic Bladder and FIFA throwing the proverbial spanners into all their hard work at regular but poorly timed intervals , there is an urgent need to stop the rot .His presence in Russia recently for the draw was notably uncomfortable for many.
    And with the posturing Putin not helping things with his latest comments about giving the Nobel Prize to Bladder , they are circling the wagons to save Mother Russia from any further embarrassment. But they are happy that at least Putin did not take off his shirt again at the draw .
    With his help in having smoothened the Cech transfer , Usmanov now hopes to get that much coveted seat on the Arsenal board ,and more say in the running of the club . Arsenal FC have nyet, sorry yet to comment .

  15. Brickfield:
    “Septic Bladder” is hilarious.
    Like a serious case of UTI.
    Urinary Tract Infection.
    Until The Impeachment.
    Soon, I hope. It is never late to serve time in jail, even at age > 80.

  16. @Brickfields Gunners
    July 31, 2015 at 5:26 am

    Arsenal FC have nyet (, sorry yet to) comment(ed) .


    As Pat also said-
    Apparent according to some sites/rags Mourino has repeatedly said that if it was up to him he would not have let Cech come to us. (In fact it was just this alone that had made me a little suspicious of the deal).

    When the following stunning news as it was reported in The Guardian @ , yesterday that….
    ‘ Di María failed to join United’s summer tour of the US on Saturday, with the manager, Louis van Gaal, saying after Wednesday’s 2-0 defeat to PSG that he did not know where the player was. “I don’t want to answer that but you can keep asking,” said the Dutchman. “Maybe you know where he is. I don’t know.”..’ all hell broke loose in the football world .
    At press time ,no more credible facts were available , but that will not deter the UA sleuths from leaving any stone unturned or following the silliest of rumours or other crappy leads.What we can confirm is that he is not in London or anywhere near the Arsenal ground , medical facilities nor the vicinity of AW’s house.
    They were unable to hack , sorry , contact Di Maria ,his agent and his family members .Its almost as if he has vanished from the surface of the planet.
    One link took them to the famed Sigmund Freud Institute in Vienna , where the staff only communicate by Freudian quotes , and the hospital motto ,in broad lettering proudly proclaim , Neurosis ‘ NEUROSIS IS THE INABILITY TO TOLERATE AMBIGUITY ‘.
    The creepy receptionist when asked about Di Maria’s whereabouts ,only said , ” The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises.”
    When our Spanish investigator asked , ” Que ?” , she replied ,” ‘K , thank you !”
    Which leaves still in limbo ,and the whole still in the dark .

  18. Thanks, guys ! The imps in my head are hyperactive today ! And bored ,to boot.

  19. This is bonkers.. the media has nothing to say about and are making things up to fill their sports pages.

  20. The club is in a fantastic position and ever since I joined the club at a young age I knew it was the right place to be. I fell in love with the place straight away, he’s been gushing since signing his new deal at Southampton.

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