Avoid cold porridge. Watch the young guns instead of reading the transfer rumours

By Walter Broeckx

In between the first (rather meaningless) cups we won this season and the first real trophy  being at stake in the next weekend we are also still in the middle of the transfer madness season.

Let’s start with that. One of my board members of the Arsenal Belgium supporters club posted on the internet the other day a phrase using an expression commonly used in and that translated goes like this: I’m so fed up with it like with cold porridge. And that is exactly how I feel about it also.  Imagine day after day having to eat the same cold porridge, who wouldn’t get fed up with it. Now we cannot open the internet and find ourselves confronted with all the rumours in the world and beyond.

A picture of a player in a plane is enough to make half of the Gooners go mad and start to speculate about things that probably were never on apart from in the minds of some media fillers who picked said player randomly and linked it with randomly Arsenal. Although that last part is maybe not so random as Arsenal has a global and big fan base so it is more worthwhile to link them with Arsenal than with let us say AA Gent. (The latter being the champions of Belgium by the way and so a team also playing in the CL).

And that is what said player would only go to as they have said: a Champions League side. Again a few players have been spotted in airports. And that is not a big surprise as most teams are actually flying all around the world to play friendlies that bring lots of money to the clubs.

So yes lots of players spotted at the airport. Mind you I think some pictures are taken out of their context or time scale.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find out one day that a player who was with his team, allowed a picture to be taken from him alone as he was a few meters away from the rest of the players and then they recycle that picture a few days, weeks or even months later .  Indeed why not years later, when they want to link that player with another club and use the picture as proof of him being spotted at the airport on his way to sign a deal with a club or to do his medical.

In fact I think I can remember having seen a picture once of Higuain on his way to London from Madrid in the middle of the summer. The only thing was he was wearing an overcoat and that is not the usual dress code in the middle of the summer in Madrid.

What a load of bollocks, but it is almost impossible to escape. Let me say this about the transfer window: I will welcome any new player to Arsenal. But I think even without any additions this team can fight for the title. The only things that can come in between us and winning the league are injuries and referees. And both are linked. If we keep our players reasonably fit we can go all the way. If we are being kicked to pieces by thugs who are allowed to do this by lenient referees then we could be in trouble. I hope that the refs will do their job and not the PGMO’s job.

What I am mostly looking forward to is seeing if any of our younger players will develop this season. That is for me far more satisfying than to seeing a big star arrive on the scene. I get more satisfaction from seeing Le Coq finally fulfilling his potential (long ago predicted by Tony). [Kind of you to remember Walter.  Did I mention that once? – Tony].  I get an even bigger kick from seeing Bellerin growing in to the player I had predicted he would become. Of course the likes of Özil and Alexis also set me on fire but the feeling with them is different from a lad who joined us young and has now made it. I think most readers of Untold will understand the difference between the two types of players. I want all our players to be great but I just want our own lads to be great also.

And talking about young players I want to point to a tournament that is going on in South Africa for the moment. The Durban tournament with teams from all over the world and two South African teams. Arsenal are in a group with Celtic, KZN Academy XI and PSV. Arsenal won their first match beating Celtic 4-2. And if we can believe reports Gedion Zelalem was the main person on the pitch. If you want to read and see more about it I will link you to this article on Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth excellent website,   that show the class Zelalem has and we all hope he will produce at the top level for Arsenal one day. If I had the images somewhere else I would link to that but I haven’t found them yet. Zelalem had one great assist and scored a cheeky goal from the penalty spot.

The goals for Arsenal were scored by Tyrell Robinson, Ben Sheaf, Gedion Zelalem and Kaylen Hinds.

Next opponents will be the KZN Academy on Friday afternoon and I think the matches are broadcast on some sport channels as I found out too late yesterday. On Sunday they will play PSV Eindhoven but that match will almost coincide with the Community Shield.

I think if I can have the chance I will be trying to have a look at those matches and not lose my time on who, what, when, where we would buy another player from whatever club. Much more enjoyable to see the young guns play than to read the rubbish rumours.
Anniversary of the day:
30 July 1991: Arsenal 2 Celtic 2.  Paul Davis Testimonial.  He stayed with the club until 1995, making 447 league appearances all told and scoring 37 goals.

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  1. The Paul Davis Anniversary reminds me of his best performance for Arsenal…the perfect right hook he administered to a mouthy Southampton player out of sight of the referee. Unfortunately, it was recorded by TV cameras and Paul was heavily punished.
    He was a good servant of our Club and had many admirers among the Gooners of his era. 😉

  2. Oh yes, wasn’t that the time Paul Davis played with Micheal Thomas and the late David Rocastle? What a formidable midfield that would be even today.

  3. I don’t know about your Belgium delicacy, but here ( In the UK ) we’re more likely to say “I’m sick to the back teeth with it”.
    Anyway, I don’t understand all the negative fuss over the internet gossip & rumours blogs. It’s just a few blokes making a bit of money, and they have my full support.

  4. Without speculation, whatever people use it for, the world would be that much more boring. Best is to check them(the rumour mills) once a week.

    I guarantee that those complaining the most(?) are probably checking them twice daily 🙂 else you would not be complaining. 🙂

    Roll on the season.

  5. I watched the highlights of Arsenal vs Celtic Under 19 game and it was really interesting and intense. However the 2 goals we conceded were very bad and I will have to blame the GK for both goals.

    Zelalem was shoulder above most of his peers and it was showing. I will be watching the rerun later today on Super Sports (For selected African countries) and maybe posting a review if I can.

  6. That would be great Nonny.

    I only found out that a Dutch sports channel is broadcasting it during the PSV match. But I couldn’t continue after it was 3-2 for the KNZ selection so don’t know the final score.

  7. Walter, Like you I’m keen for the youngsters to ‘make it’ in the 1st team but as we become more successful it will limit their chances more than the last few years. Bellerin was used continuously out of necessity and was allowed to get over his poor games quite quickly. It’s the usual problem with youngsters that they always (ALWAYS!)have a few bad games. I’m really hoping Hayden stays injury free this season and makes such an impact in the TinPot Cup games that he becomes a bench regular, but we’ll have many games where we can’t afford to risk him playing that bad game.
    So injuries permitting, they’ll be used sparingly.

  8. Youngsters and not…I am still convinced that unless we get the required protection from PGMOB; we will be in similar positions as previous seasons, only difference is that our current squad is more complete. Whether the players (who manage to avoid) serious long term injuries – due to lack of protection, are the ones who the actual core of our strong side remains to be seen.

    This Sundays game will be a good indication (even though due to too many eyes watching we may get slightly better protection) of what we can expect a/ from Chel$kie during the season and b/from PGMOB!

  9. TailGunner

    “Anyway, I don’t understand all the negative fuss over the internet gossip & rumours blogs. It’s just a few blokes making a bit of money, and they have my full support”.

    You certainly have a point that it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but that’s the point, and the problem, it is. Not by everyone or course, but by enough to suit the machinations of much of the media, who’s sole aim it is to either stir up shit, or create positivity, depending about whom they are talking.

    We all know that in general the whole point of naming an Arsenal target is to whip up a fan frenzy simply to ridicule Wenger/Arsenal when we don’t acquire him.

    Where as nothing like the same level of ridicule will be aimed at United, for example, should they fail in the acquisition of any of there targets, real or imagined.

    The point is, every Summer we get pelters from the media regarding our transfer dealings, even though on the face of it Wenger does very well.

    It all just adds to the pot of Arsenal negativity that is constantly kept on the boil by our beloved Media.

    Yes, we should take what they say with a great deal of sceptisism, and indeed I do, but many many don’t, and there in lies the problem.

  10. On the point of the blogs and ‘whats out there’ from different media; I will certainly agree that much if not all is fabricated by these outfits so as they can generate ‘clicks’ and readership bringing them some $$$. What it does trigger to those who take the bate and even the ones who want to see the gossip columns, is the question of the ‘what if’ we were signing so and so…

    In simple terms, it would be wonderful for us to sign a 30+ goal ‘hitter’. Is he out there ?? Doubt it. would he be available at a price we would be willing to pay?? Doubt that too. Would he want to join us?? Who knows!!

    Which brings us back to be satisfied with what we have, be aware of what to expect from those who are against us…and look forward to The Boss and Team to get out there and prove us right and the rest WRONG!!

  11. apo Armani @ 12:19 pm

    Very well said as usual my friend, especially:

    “In simple terms, it would be wonderful for us to sign a 30+ goal ‘hitter’. Is he out there ?? Doubt it. would he be available at a price we would be willing to pay?? Doubt that too. Would he want to join us?? Who knows!!”

    So much better and more succinctly put than I managed !


    “Which brings us back to be satisfied with what we have, be aware of what to expect from those who are against us…and look forward to The Boss and Team to get out there and prove us right and the rest WRONG!!”

    Here here.

  12. Jambug
    I must have misunderstood Walter.
    I thought he was referring to bloggers, not the media in general, but I suppose he meant all of the Internet including the media.


    The match was played at about 13.00 GMT in Durban, South Africa. Arsenal line up
    Hugo Keto (GK)
    Aaron Eyoma
    Marc Bola
    Stefan O’Connor
    Julin Pelguezuelo (C)
    Gedion Zelalem
    Ben Sheaf
    Kaylen Hinds
    Chris Willock
    Tyrell Robison
    Jorvi Tutu

    The game started slowly for arsenal been on the defensive for the 1st 5 minutes but by the time the team settled, Arsenal was on top with Zelalem in the middle of everything good coming from the Arsenal side and so slick ala Mesut Ozil. After a good chance blasted away, Arsenal took the lead via an exquisite through ball from Zelalem to Tyrell Robison which put him through one on one with the Celtic GK who he rounded and finished beautifully.

    Arsenal continued to attack and scored again through Ben Sheaf curled effort after a cleared corner to make it 2-0 to Arsenal on the 21st min.

    Celtic scored their 1st on the 24th min after a 30 yards shot was palmed by Hugo Keto to go over the cross bar only to notice that the ball was going into the net. His second effort to pull the ball away from the net was directly on the part of an onrushing Celtic attacker who uses his knee to push the ball into the net.

    This balanced the play with Celtic been a bit more dangerous and Arsenal mostly on the back foot. The 1st half ended with the score line at 2-1 to Arsenal.

    Celtic kicked off the 2nd half and attacked at once. When it seems Arsenal was beginning to find their feet and press for a 3rd, Celtic scored their 2nd after Arsenal lost the ball in the midfield and a 20 yards shot nestled on the top left corner which is the near side of the goal keeper in the 57th min. The replay shows the GK was slow in reacting. Although he got a touch on the ball, he could not prevent it from nestling in the net

    The goal prompted a 1st substitution for Arsenal where defender Stefan O’Connor was replaced by Kostas Pileas. Arsenal took control of the match with the play mostly in the Celtic half. 2nd Arsenal change was Aaron Eyoma coming off for Josh Dasilva.

    Arsenal got a penalty dispatched beautifully by Zelalem (a panenka penalty) after Kaylen Hinds was brought down through a silly tackle to make it 3-2 on the 78th min.

    Celtic tried to attack after the goal but Arsenal kept possession although a passing error in the defense nearly resulted to an equalizer. There was a late entry for Harry Donovan replacing Ben Sheaf.

    Arsenal got the 4th in the injury time when Kaylen Hinds low shot rolled away from the goal keeper into the net.

    Final Score: Arsenal 4-2 Celtic

  14. Saw the game live when it was already 2-1 . We conceded the second from a breakaway , but did improve after that.
    Zelalem was impressive and was oozing Ozil style confidence in the middle. Scored a very cheeky penalty too.
    For most part the younglings played in a fashion similar to the first team with a lot of passes .

  15. The anticipation of happiness is infectious. Good to know that Untolders have hot porridge for breakfast. Rock on Untold Gooners!!

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  17. Good write up Walter! I appreciate the way Arsenal youngsters continually get promoted to our first team. Amazing the success rate Arsenal has compared to other teams in this regard.

    Off Topic: Anyone else notice how LVG said he does not know where Di Maria is? I could only imagine what the media would have said about Wenger if he said he didn’t know where Sanchez was.

  18. Hi Walter, untold-ers,

    Walter, good to see what every gooner is feeling right now: to all news sites, shut them arsenal rumours down until we have something to mention.

    I am really sick and tired of the nonsensical rumours generated by the news groups. The mega ones.

    TailGunner, I suspect Walter is putting this across to all internet. Everyone. The source is those big media with nothing better to do.
    Nothing with our young gunners winning on any paper I see, but I may be wrong.

    Something that I might want to add: Re Zelalem, he is now playing lots of games in the youth league and all things related to youth. One more season and he will break into the first team. And another season later he will start a few games.

    I am all for us to keep bringing talents up, like what we are doing. And we might not be building a Classico team but at least we are not buying players for the sake of buying.


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