FA promises investment in grassroots football by copying Sport England proposal

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Here’s a snippet of news…

The FA has said it will invest £260m in grassroots football over the next four years although it is not saying at all where the money is coming from, or if this is another case where it announces a plan and then goes around trying to bully the Premier League into paying for its project.

The policy is called the National Game Strategy for Participation and Development – and is based around the notion of 30 new city hubs across England. Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester are among the cities who have declared an interest in hosting the hubs, which include state of the art 4G pitches and new facilities.

This clearly is a retaliation for the similar project that Sport England announced in Nottingham, which we have mentioned before and which is already well underway.

The FA’s chief executive Martin Glenn, said, “We have identified four key areas in which we have committed to investing £260m over the next four years – facilities, coaching, participation and developing the football workforce. Our goals are ambitious, but achievable.”

Untold’s goal meanwhile is to re-attain stability on line.  We’re working on it.

Tony Attwood

4 Replies to “FA promises investment in grassroots football by copying Sport England proposal”

  1. The problem today with the young is that increased technology, coupled with a vast improvement in the standard of living,is luring them into armchair lethargy.
    In the 1930’s when I grew up, our interests were nearly all physical….football, cricket, running around playing cowboys and Indians. The occasional cinema visit was the only “sitting down” past-time we practised.
    No TV or mobiles. Public libraries did a roaring trade. Of course we were never really health conscious. The coach potato temptations were just not there yet.
    I hope added investment in grassroots football will succeed although there will be a real battle with the serious distractions facing the young of today.
    Schools will be one battleground but parents will play an important role.
    It must not be forgotten though, that football is for all to enjoy and not merely for those good enough to progress to a professional career at the sport. 😉

  2. It is far too late I fear here in Crawley.
    Government directive. Crawley must build several thousand new homes to help alleviate the housing shortage in the South East of England.
    Problem, no land available.
    Solution. Put the pitch prices up so high for the local football clubs to use the council playing fields and parks the local 3 division league collapses as the clubs cannot afford the charges.
    Result. No teams left so no one using the pitches, bingo for the council, plenty of land available now. All those disused playing fields: what about planning permission… no problem.
    The first new estate is just down the road from me on what used to be football pitches. More will no doubt soon follow.
    Still not to worry, all those lads and lasses who used to enjoy a nice healthy match on Saturday afternoon can play a football game on their computers instead. And they wonder why the kids are getting fat.
    Call me a sceptic but I cannot see this initiative making a difference, certainly not in Crawley anyway, the horse has already bolted.

  3. Search TheFA. The FA will invest more than a quarter of a billion pounds in grassroots football over the next four years as ambitious new plans are unveiled for the nation s favourite sport.

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