Don’t you just LOVE it! One defeat and the aaa are gleefully screaming from the rooftops about relegation, failure, disgrace, incompetence, Wenger’s time is up etc. Here are a few reality checks they need to stem their tide of offal and bitter bile against all things Arsenal:

Reality Check 1: A few top clubs had a bad start to their season, not just the Arsenal. Moanhino certainly had a rough day at Swansea and it was a close run thing with United and Liverpool the reality is that 1 game does NOT usually make a season!

Reality check 2: This isn’t the first time (and my guess is) it won’t be the last time we start with a loss. It is unfortunate for the fans to see this happen at the Emirates BUT in seasons past we have lost an opener only to perform much better over the season or half-season as the case may be.

Reality check 3: While the competitions we won were rather Mickey Mouse and not representative of the EPL Circus Maximus we are facing this year, we did win two trophies, and one of them was against Chelsea and Moanhino. This has clearly upset José as revealed in his short-tempered outburst against his own club doctor recently. You’ve GOT to love that!

Reality check 4: We played our opener missing a few top players and while Sanchez did play a cameo role, the team were too disjointed and desperate to truly benefit from his presence. Adrian Clarke summed it up perfectly when he said that the Arsenal were not at their best and became too disconnected as the game went on.

Reality check 5: Wenger has stated many times that he pays NO attention to the media or aaa when reviewing his procedures and policies, as well as management of the team. Therefore, complaining, bitching, ranting, moaning, whining, screaming, pulling one’s hair out, threatening to burn Wenger in effigy or any other infantile behaviour will have absolutely NO impact on him or the club but could cause the distressed fanboy some serious suffering.

Reality check 6: Wenger is the longest serving manager in the EPL and is supported by the vast majority of fans, his Board, all his players and the owner Mr Kroenke. He is not supported by Alisher Usmanov or by the few aaa that dare risk exposure to daylight. He will never be let go and will retire one day, having done what he always wanted to do…leave the Arsenal in far better shape than when he first took charge. Get used to it!

Reality check 7: Speak to ANY of the world’s best managers and they will uniformly say the same thing; Arsene Wenger is a class unto himself and anyone crazy enough to try and have him removed as manager at Arsenal will be ridiculed and shown to be the idiot they truly are. Were Mr.Wenger to leave Arsenal, his suitors would be standing in a line circumscribing greater London and among the first in line would be the Spuds!

Reality check 8: Were Wenger ever to be let go by the Arsenal, it would be tantamount to letting their best players go as well, such is the fidelity and devotion his team have to this man. There are few professional managers who have earned and merit such respect and loyalty as Arsene Wenger. We can only hope that he retires, having prepared the way for his replacement and having had a major say in who that will be.

Reality check 9: The media deliciously and perniciously hyperbolized Arsenal’s chances to win the EPL and whatever else they fancied this season. Gullible and myopic plastic fanboys took them seriously.

The rest of us knew that a good pre-season did NOT guarantee the same results over a 38 game season. I am not saying we won’t have a great season, all I am saying is that anyone who believes the media and aaa hype needs to take a valium and return to full consciousness as soon as possible.

Wenger is definitely IN and will be OUT at the time of his own choosing. The panicky losers crying for a new signing don’t realize that Arsene has been out and about well before the end of last season, planning what he needs to do to produce a winning side (as he has done each season since 1997) and that includes a very subtle, diligent and persistent review of the team’s needs, the potential signings who could improve said team and the consequences of bringing someone new in on his youth and reserve players.

So he goes OUT and ABOUT all the time and surprises us with his astuteness and wisdom, perfect assessment of a player and timely, but opaque transfer dealings.   It has always been this way and will continue to be regardless!

Footnote: The publishers of Untold don’t feel that winning the FA Cup twice in succession, is “rather Micky Mouse”.  We agree that the FA is more Micky Mouse than Micky Mouse, but it takes style, courage, ability and overwhelming nous to win the FA Cup once – doubly so to win it twice.  Or more .  Just thought I would add that- Tony.

Two more anniversaries

  • 17 August 1943: Wally Barnes joined Arsenal.  He played in every position during the remaining time before the end of the war and then settled down at left back in the 1948 championship winning team.
  • 17 August 1955: Wally Barnes final appearance on the 12th anniversary of his signing.  He retired in 1956 having played 294 matches and having scored 12 goals.



  1. Reality Check 10 – No one seriously suggested Arsenal would be relegated after the loss to West Ham
    Reality Check 11 – There is no such thing as the AAA
    Reality Check 12 – Many still want Wenger out after the win against Palace, me included
    Reality Check 13 – You haven’t spoken to any, yet alone all of the worlds best managers about Wenger
    Reality Check 14 – Wenger has never spoken about the AAA, because they don’t exist
    Reality Check 15 – We didnt play our opener without many of our top players
    Reality Check 16 – When Wenger leaves, Arsenal will continue
    Reality Check 17 – You’re article is nonsense.

  2. A nice article, obviously not appreciated by the disingenuous chairperson of the anonymous branch of the aaaa!!

  3. 1. Does Wenger bring anything new to the table???? No
    2. What success in epl & champions league???? Nothing
    3. Is ur team at par wid other bigger clubs??? No
    4. We always have potential but where do we land up??? 4th
    5. What r we subject to?
    Constant humiliation from other supporters..
    6. Arteta, coquelain, monreal, mertasacker, are they world class???
    No frickin way….
    7. Do we need better dm,cb,striker???
    Yes yes yes
    8. Does Wenger realise dis????
    Beyond me
    9. Do we need to change uncle Wenger???
    High time….
    Salute to his loyalty n support to arsenal, put him in the board or something as respect….
    But get a more powerful coach n lets win epl n champions league now….
    Hail arsenal…

  4. Check – 19 like it or not@jayramfootball wenger is here to stay.
    Check – 20 sewer rats never threaten him as they are always in the sewers and come out once as jayramfootball and they are soon going back.
    Check – 20 no one is going to go unbeaten this season.

  5. The AAA exist…not as a formed body but represented by various blogs and there are some Arsenal ‘supporters’ who wish ill on Arsenal (losses or injuries for example – judged by reading their comments on various blogs) so that their particular changes somehow come to fruition…Being a supporter and wishing ill on Arsenal, Arsenal players, or Arsene seems to be an oxymoron hence Tony’s use of the AAA.

  6. I think the Boss can become Arsenal Oracle immediately he retake the Premier League title and wins the Uefa Champions League. The so called AOB group are not been fair to the Boss if they had turned against the Boss after our home lose to West Ham. But wait a minute, was there a serious anti-Boss outcry by the AOBs? I don’t think so. Rather, it was the Gunners lackluster performance in the WH game they criticized, more especially Giroud as they keep pressing the Boss to sign a Benzema or a Edinson Cavani. I am not a AOB but I am inclined to the AKBs. The good thing however is both the 2 groups are all rooting for Arsenal success on the field of play. What are we talking about here? Winning trophies? Right? But Arsenal have been winning trophies in the last 2 seasons or so, haven’t they? And I believe they are going to add more trophies to the 1 they have already won (the Shield) this season. So Let all Arsenal supporters and fans be patient and start praying for the Boss & the Gunners to have a most successful season in recent times. Let the Boss and the Gunners also join these prayers warriors and start praying too.

  7. I think the Boss can become an Arsenal Oracle immediately he retake the Premier League title and wins the Uefa Champions League. The so called AOB group are not been fair to the Boss if they had turned against the him after our home lose to West Ham. But wait a minute, was there a serious anti-Boss outcry by the AOBs? I don’t think so. Rather, it was the Gunners lackluster performance in the WH game they criticized, more especially Giroud as they keep pressing the Boss to sign a Benzema or a Edinson Cavani to enhance the Gunners’ line. I am not a AOB but I am inclined to the AKBs. The good thing however is both the 2 groups are all rooting for Arsenal success on the field of play. What are we talking about here? Winning trophies? Right? But Arsenal have been winning trophies in the last 2 seasons or so, haven’t they? And I believe they are going to add more trophies to the 1 they have already won (the Shield) this season. So Let all Arsenal supporters and fans be patient and start praying for the Boss & the Gunners to have a most successful season outings in recent times. Let the Boss and the Gunners also join those prayers warriors and start praying for success too.

  8. OT – PGMO at it again. Bournemouth robbed of good goal while Pool allowed an offside goal!!

    New interpretation; old cheats!

    What is the point of all the hype if corruption remains.

  9. It’s like you have read my mind. Too many fake and disloyal gooners out there who feel that we have some kind of birth right to the title. Being a fan for me is about sticking with the team and the manager through the good and the bad times. Arsene will never be sacked so booing him is both short sighted and counterproductive. Instead of the nervous silents when our players are struggling, we should be galvanising and supporting our team. The fans negative attitudes transcend from the stands, we should be Arsenal’s 12th man and perhaps look at ourselves to provide answers rather than players that we don’t even own. If it was up to half the fans we would have signed so many flops by now (Balotelli, Downing, Falcao, Sahin, Fellaini)to name a few.

    My favourite aspect about Arsene is that he improves and motivates players more than any other manager in the league. How many managers won trophies in the last few years with unheard players. Ferguson was the last before AW’s FA Cup success. Mourinho has bought in talent but once he tries to develop players he struggles massively.

    All the while Arsene is able to get his players playing for him and can still draw in big names like Sanchez and Ozil he’s the man for me!

    Don is clearly a true gooner!

  10. Jamramfootball………you must have missed the blogs, including some of your statements that it is the same old,same old and that AFC are doomed to mediocrity…..perhaps not relegation but the Wenger haters like you rejoice at the prospect. You are the most two-faced hypocrite about your beloved Arsenal. When we win you are all compliments and supportive. When we tie or lose you are all bileand invective. You are truly a Bishop of Bray type and a fair weather plastic fanboy….that’s a reality check for you!
    then you must be a figment of our imaginations as well, as your favourite meme is Arsenal are poor and Wenger is useless……if it walks like a duck,quacks like a duck and smells like a duck it’s a duck or the aaa. Don’t capitalize aaa as they don’t deserve proper titles.
    How many want Wenger out? Who told you the numbers or is this another figment of your imagination….more likely a wish-list. Maybe your soulmates on LeGrove website want this but the vast majority of supporters appreciate him and want him to stay. If you are so sure that many want him out, do a poll and find out exactly how many!
    I guess you don’t read the papers or follow the other blogs, because wherever Wenger is discussed, he is considered one of the best in Europe. EUFA named him among the top 10 and talk to any supporter from any club in the EPL and they’ll tell you how much he is admired.
    Wenger HAS spoken about some of the fickle fanboys like you and the media who pretend they know how to manage a club better than him…..he basically said he doesn’t listen to your kind….it is a waste of his time.
    Wislhere , Wellbeck, Rosicky and Sanchez are not top players?
    Indeed the Arsenal will continue but you totally missed my point, they will progress even more because he’ll have prepared them for their new manager….since AFC isn’t a revolving door like the Spuds,United and a few other clubs.
    You are basically nonsense, with your dual personality issues and lackey-like duplicity on UA. If you are so astute and skilled, please write an article and grow some balls, sniping from your sewer is easy and free of risk…be a man (I assume you are one) and try writing for UA.

  11. Holy crap.

    If pgmol were making a dvd to help the officials on the new offside rule they might use that Coutinho one as a gentle introduction. The one you obviously can’t get wrong but which could help get their warmed up before the difficult stuff. Embarrassing.

    Surely refs/linesmen are advised that if they know something might be up but haven’t been able to process it instantly, they just need to buy a few seconds. In that situation you’d consult and ask- ‘was anyone standing off? Er, yeah, Coutinho, by a few yards. Did he..’- shit no need to explain further, but they blew it awfully. Twice.

    He somehow didn’t see what was wrong, but he also didn’t see that something may have been wrong with the picture. You’d think that type of thinking- give yourself a sec- would be as engrained as knowledge of the rules.

    unless of course it was plain old cheating

  12. OT too-Hope Bournemouth are allowed to score a couple and upset the PGMO agenda!

  13. Don McMahon,
    Great, but I expected a Dr. Seuss styled post when I looked at the title.
    Here is my take.
    Wenger in, Wenger out, Wenger is now out and about.
    He masters his zipper,
    And looks far more chipper.
    His giraffe majesty mocks the hippo, the rhino, and Mourinho the grinch,
    Telling him that it is a fact that the next Premier title Chelsea won’t clinch.
    He fields a Cech, a Bellerin, a Mertesacker, a Koscielny, and a Monreal,
    This defense is pretty good, well tested, and not at all surreal.
    The midfielders include a Coq, a Ram, an Ox, and the wizard of Oz,
    As well as Arteta, Cazorla, Flamini, all active, none of whom like to pause.
    And up front, Alexis, Theo, webzine, and Olivier Motherf***ing Giroud,
    But none of that nonsensical Costa, Falcao, Remy, or the plug-haired Roo.

  14. Reality check 21, Wenger needs to buy, like nine other “world class” goalscorers, because all the chances we create are not meant for a top class striker only. Our goal scorers have always been spread across the team and that is a reflection of how we play rather than how some perceive we should play. Two different things imo….

    A top striker is most welcome, if we can find one good enough. He has to be a huge upgrade on what we already have and willing to come to us, and who will be readily released by the present club. Very rare, if not actually elusive…

  15. Seems like Liverpool are on the pgmol chosen list, two key decisions on liverpools favour both wrong.

  16. jay
    Reality Check 11 – There is no such thing as the AAA
    Reality Check 12 – Many still want Wenger out after the win against Palace, me included
    this seems contradictory, are you Piers Morgan in disguise?

  17. No fighting! Everybody should please calm down. Afterall, we are all on the side of Arsenal success and not on the side of Arsenal failure. I have a thought that tells me the Boss’ current deal which expires in 2017, will be renewed for another 3 year deal. He the Boss has never gone bellow 4th place in the table for 18 years running. He is not a gamble but an assurance of consistency 2nd to the Legendary Sir. Alex Ferguson of the fame Manchester United. Save Sir Alex, who other manager can be said to have equaled or battered the total success of the Boss?

  18. I think Wenger will at least be given the option of carrying on beyond 2017, barring disaster or something unforeseen. Wenger departing will most likely be traumatic , and possibly costly for the club, as Utd found out, and I would imagine the powers that be will delay that for as long as they can. Yes, Arsenal will carry on after the great man, if they get the right man, he may be able to stabilise or take the club into a new era, but I would imagine that is a very scary thought for Ivan and co, and why I believe they may well replace from within.
    A bit of a travesty this evening, PGMOL 1 Bournemouth 0, maybe the south coast team need local resident Arrys knowledge of the dark arts to help them out. I wonder if liverpools fortune will make as much news as what some regard as coqs fortune.
    Londons year last season, time to help the north west?

  19. Found it funny how quickly such good proof came along that the Coquelin stuff yesterday was a load of crap.

    Gomez, on a booking, properly pulls someone back : the bournemouth players, new to all this, complain without going wild; the crowd, being a home crowd, keep totally schtum; the commentator ,very meekly, suggests that some of the bournemouth players weren’t happy and, almost whispering now, he’s already been booked, and leaves it there. About right, perhaps, but in total contrast to yesterday.

    So either it was total bullshit yesterday, or today. It’s like Sky have not managed to notice, for 25 years, a tendency among home crowds to seek advantageous decisions for the home team.

  20. What a load of bollocks! Yes, he is ignoring everyone of course, because he is painfully stubborn. He has NOT addressed widespread concerns re. both Arsenals’s lack of defensive stability and goal scoring flair. Witness the panic of pulling Coq out of obscurity and getting super lucky when lo and behold Coq surprised us all last year (by Arsene’s own admission). And don’t get me started on a host of other panicked and inappropriate purchases that did not work out at Arsenal but we’re frustratingly kept on for ages. So the alleged genius is flimsy and fleeting at best. We have long since got used to watching Arsenal overelaborate close to goal and the agonized pontification of Giroud at all his squandered opportunities. But hey, let’s pretend Arsene is great rather than being more realistic regarding his strengths and weaknesses.

  21. At least Jayram has shown his hand, now we will know (if ever there was doubt) what his agenda is. What I don’t get is Rupert not coming out to state that he also wants Wenger out, when almost every comment he makes here is aaa-centric. I don’t like two faced individuals, but I dislike cowards even more.

  22. Tonights report in The Mail” Bournemouth got absolutely stiffed by referee Craig Pawson”.

  23. Menace 8.51pm
    Even Fifa want to install platini as blatter’s replacement; his close pal who only ‘denounced’ blatter after the fbi raid. Old wine, new bottles. Corruption in football is here to stay. Sometimes I wonder why I bother following this stupid game.

  24. Jayram – which part of fuck off do you not understand.

    Wenger is the contracted manager of Arsenal & you are a dim supporter who cannot manage a piss up in a brewery.

    Unbeaten? The PGMO will be invincible. The FA & EPL will make sure.

  25. @Rich,
    good points in regards to the media reaction of similar fouls by Liverpool’s Gomez to Coquelin.

    It looks like the Bournemouth manager Howe is the first one to question PGMOB asking for “some feedback on both decisions.” I wonder if Riley or Webb will make that call/apology, especially they get relegated due to missing those 3 points.

  26. Al – despite all the bollocks – the ball players still get a chance to shine & entertain. It’s the professional aspects that are screwed up.

    Wenger is the only ray of sunshine in the game at the moment. Pity we have to get the smell of Jayram wafting through like he knows better than Wenger.

  27. Oh Eddie Howe, there is so much you have to learn about this league and the PGMOL, especially when you are a southern team playing north west giants and on the night, are giving said North westerners a bit of a fright.
    I suggest you give Mr Wenger a call some time, he will be able to tell you a few things.
    But Mr Howe, fair play to you for highlighting what was a disgraceful refereeing performance, won’t get you anywhere, but fair play anyway…..
    Back to the excellent article on Wenger, you see a performance like that from an official, just goes to show how well Wenger has done to keep us in the top four, because there are many powerful and influential people in the game and media who would go to great lengths to separate Arsenal and the Champions league, that they have not done so is huge testament to our players and manager.

  28. arsenal needs a world class striker, please tell Mr wenger we need a striker and DM for us to compete with our rivals.

  29. Ray….great Dr.Seuss improvisation!
    Rich…..at that level (EPL) one expects the assistants and referee to be so closely in tune and to be capable of making a simple call like offside correctly that it is both inexplicable and shocking they failed twice to do that!
    when I say inexplicable, I mean almost impossible to screw up but somehow they did. I was a professional official for 5 years and a national official for 8 and in that time I might have gotten one offside call wrong, because I and the referee or vice-versa, were so well trained and prepared to work together that we almost NEVER missed the call. We might miss an offside where one or both of us were blocked but that is technically very rare, since we usually run at an angle to each other and the second to last defender, and assistants become extremely competent in judging an attacker’s positioning.
    It would appear as if the match official and assistant were NOT working well together…or worse still they were working together with another agenda?

  30. Al
    Rupert did state unequivocally that he wanted Wenger out. You and others called him names and told him to stay away. He respected your wishes or got bored of the same arguments or being called a sewer rat.

    And now you call him a coward for not coming on here when you and others told him to f..k off.
    You must be very hard to please or just plain confused.

  31. “We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others.”
    — John Lennon

  32. The AAPA or Anti-Arsenal Pseudo-Arsenal do not support the team, the players, or the manager. No matter what happens, they keep pulling names of linked players and likable managers, and boom! The said players and managers fail at the Club that snatches them under Arsene Wenger’s nose. M’Vila, Mandzukic, di Maria, Higuain on one hand, and Moyes or Roberto Martinez on the other. I have even this theory that some voodoo high priest has this system whereby a victim is chosen, the press made to link said victim to Arsenal, then another Club comes in, “snatches the player from under AW’s nose” with “Arsenal missing out” on the player, as the AAPA would say, and the epilogue being that the player fails and moves on. Higuain is the perfect example, with the epilogue in his case being the decline in his production after moving to Napoli.

  33. Unfortunately, if the only “choice” other than Platini is Prince Ali, I would run for cover. Prince Ali will ensure that Qatar gets their FIFA World Cup no matter what. His Winston-Churchill-draw-on-a-restaurant-napkin country, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, needs oil money to ensure the survival of its monarchy. So, Prince Ali will never allow due process for the reversal of that decision. Platini may, especially that his own country, and the EU, and Switzerland, will provide the ammunition and the brotherly advice to look back at the decision. I am a big fan of Aldo Platini, Platini the dad, the first man to trust Arsene Wenger with a head manager job at Association Sportive Nancy-Lorraine, the club that Michel Platini played for in his youth.

  34. Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence .Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all .

    So don’t feed the trolls !

  35. Onwards and forwards , AKBs !

    “Aspiration is greater than realization, because it keeps us eternally climbing upward toward some unattained goal.”
    ‪Napoleon Hill‬ ‪

  36. What I would like to see in bold letters on this site , and every pro -Arsenal establishment , including the stadium .

    ” If you want to walk into my life the door is open . If you want to walk out of my life, the door is open . Just one request , please : Don’t stand at the door – you’re blocking traffic !”

    The cruder version of this is , “Lead , follow , or get the fuck out of the way !”

  37. Tom
    Well spotted.
    Rupert hasn’t been anywhere near this blog for over a year.
    Whatever can that fool mean?

  38. AAPA?
    Is this another previously unidentified group?
    Will they be in opposition to the AAA?
    This blog is becoming very Monty Python.

  39. Mandy, I thought Bournemouth at least gave Liverpool a run for their money, they must be feeling very frustrated after last night, no doubt Brendan is mightily relieved and knows what his lot got away with.I’d rather Bournemouth stayed up and stoke or WBA go down.

  40. Andrew, we don’t normally publish comments in which there is polemic but no facts, but I do occasionally, just as example of the commentaries we sometimes get.

  41. Maz, you see what you really need to do is bring some sort of argument to back up just one of your points. Why not take one point, and instead of polemic, just explain slowly and carefully what you think. Just saying “yes yes yes” in answer to one of your own questions doesn’t actually make it real.

  42. Now Tony don’t be hard on him. He thinks he is the ‘football oracle’ and knows the one and only truth. Because he says so….

  43. All,
    Stay calm. Schools go back in 3 weeks then the problem of having to put up with comments from some of these people will simply go away or at least lessen.
    Deep breath……

  44. Jayram said that “many” want Wenger out.

    The only recent survey I have seen is in the Online Gooner: http://www.onlinegooner.com/article.php?section=exclusive&id=3284#.VdLoMbNViko

    As you can see, 87% of respondents thought he should remain for at least the duration of his current contract (2 years). This survey typically gets several thousand responses. Further, the Online Gooner has, very sadly, become very negative – certainly in the Comments section – over the last few years. Very sadly, because it used to be a top quality blog (and magazine) – I even wrote for them on occasion. But now it has become an intellectual version of Le Grove.

    Therefore, if 87% of Online Gooner respondents want Wenger to say, I would suggest the overall number is significantly higher.

    So those who want Wenger out are in a small minority. There is not really even a debate to be had.

  45. Just something that I think lots of aaa fans miss, is the consistency of where Arsenal have finished since Wenger. If it had not been for that, paying for the stadium would have taken longer, while Europa games on Thursdays would have dented the progress in the following year. Had United played in Europe last year, I doubt that they would have made 4th. Their squad would have been tired on weekends like Everton and I doubt whether they have the depth to have sustained that. Look at Fulham that played in the final of EUFA cup and gets relegated next year…. Would we like to see that happen to the Arsenal. I know my answer but I think fans should be logical and realistic for once. It may be a new experience for some, but please try it. You may be surprised at the result……

  46. The only reality check Arsenal needs, is to become focused on winning. From the time they enter the changing rooms for a game, whether home or away, then they should be focusing on WANTING to win. Stop shaking the opponents hand, you can do that after the game. They are now rivals, so treat them like such until game end.

    I do not accept the excuses that come, the team is good, they just do not KNOW it yet like some of us watching do. We get to see them PERFORM sometimes, where it is as if they are playing in a little dimension of their own. No everything is not perfect, but in that game it is as near as one ever gets.

    Then comes the other performances. 180 deg turn. Enough said.

    On Wenger, those who want him out are not considering that the one who replaces AW will be so much like him as to be a clone, that is if Arsenal Football Club keeps to it’s policies, and i cannot see them changing them. He will have to perform the same duties as AW, in his own way, yes, BUT the requirements of him will be the exact same. The only thing he will have is a little more money to spend as Arsenal grows. They think that someone will come in and shakes things up? When Arsenal is ready for a “new type of manager” they will let us know.

  47. Para, think Arsenals next manager is a member of the backroom staff, or, in my view, a player already there, patiently being groomed to take over when Mr Wenger calls it a day, think you are right, it will not be a revolution, or some outside appointment the critics imagine or want. Wengers philosophies have bought stability and success, why would they change that for a maverick , outsider or big name….or a Jose?

  48. @Pete
    How does the other 13% translate to numbers across Arsenals fan base? Many? Depends what I meant by many I suppose. But a few thousand in my view is indeed many. A minority for sure for being in a minority is not a measure of right or wrong.

  49. @para
    I agree with your assessment on inconsistency of performance. We never quite know how much focus will be on a game. Wenger himself said we strolled into the West Ham game thinking we had won. Not really good enough.
    If Wenger had his team fully focused for every game he would get no criticism because I have no doubt that the group of players is capable of winning the league and seriously competing for the CL. The one exception is we do need a striker.

  50. The sooner some people except that our manager is Arsene Wenger, and learn to appreciate what he has actually CREATED – the better off we will be!!!

    Its very boring reading the ‘attacks’ on his person!!!

    I am so glad we have Wenger and not some other stuck up cheating fool like Maninho!!!


  51. Arsenal fans are classy, or at least 87% of Arsenal fans are classy. Unlike the Crystal Palace fans who tried in vain to have Coquelin red carded, the Emirates faithful never tried to have any of the three yellow carded West Ham players red carded, despite far more egregious fouls multiple times. With Coquelin, we were dealing with only one small fowl.

  52. I just asked an innocent question regarding Rupert, and someone seems to have taken offence. Me wonders why 🙂

  53. From what I have read Arsene Wenger tries to train the players to make the correct decisions on the pitch as opposed to setting up tactics and having the players act like martinets. He aims to have the players react to internal rather than external stimuli – having the player become the best player/person that he can become. Robin van Persie alluded to this. And, AW never bad mouths his players present or former. This attention to the person inside of the footballer seems to engender extremely high loyalty amongst his players. His leadership techniques try to shift the motivation and attitude toward performances/results closer to the intrinsic rather than extrinsic end of the spectrum. With regards to the West Ham game, Arsene suggested that the team was too confident. It was a message to his team that they must re-evaluate how they, internally, approached matches.

  54. Yes, but Coquelin may mean young Cocu, a junior cuckold after all.

  55. @Jayram – The “rightness” of minorities is a complex matter, verging on the philosophical. It also depends on what our expectations and desires are of the manager and the club – do we want to prioritise short term or long term success for example? However, in general, when a large majority believe one thing over a small minority who believe something else, the large majority are very often (but not always) “right”. In terms of numbers, Arsenal have 60,000 attending games live regularly, plus many more occasionally and millions more on TV or casually. Therefore the absolute number of fans who want Wenger out will be high – but that doesn’t mean they are significant compared to the far greater number who don’t – or right.

    @Para – Players are not machines. All managers always bang on about “consistency” – but there will always be variability in performance and results. We could look at the variability of results by some statistical measure and compare, but I suspect Arsenal aren’t that different to their rivals.

    @Al – I miss Rupert! At least he tried to argue his point of view from a more sophisticated perspective – albeit sometimes needlessly twisted and provocative. In fact, he is the inspiration for a couple of articles I have been writing for 18 months and haven’t yet finished (well, I did finish the first one but it disappeared into the bowels of my email server never to be found again).

  56. Para, I’d be interested to know what you thought of Sunday’s game.

    presumably you were more or less satisfied and thought it was an example of the team being properly focused on winning.

    But what would your opinion have been if the ball had bounced differently in those two late attacks for Palace?

    Ask yourself if the difference, of your opinion, would have been the mere bounce of a ball (or the connection made for a header from someone who had risen well to meet a great cross)? or would it have been much greater than that?

    I’m yet to see the more critical elements insist the team wasn’t focused on winning after we’ve won a game, nor that we were focused on winning but ended up, alas, happening to lose a game.It’s always, after a win, well we were focused there, even if just about. And ,after a loss, we didn’t want it enough, we weren’t focused.

    Considering the extremely narrow margins of the sport that’s bizarre and hard to make sense of.

  57. @Pete – i dont disgaree. My point was that many want Wenger out but I agree they ARE in the minority. Who is right or wrong doesnt really matter as I also agree that Wenger is going nowhere until he decides.

    What I take exception to is the OP which positions people as flip flopping based on the result. Simply not true. Just like statements stating all the top managers will say the same thing about Wenger. Also not true. Just like saying we were missing a lot of top players. Not ture (I see the OP has edited that to be more truthful which is a good step). Claiming Arsene Wenger has spoken about the mythical AAA. Not true, he has spoken out aginst those challenging him. Not the same thing.

    The whole article was in fact just blurting after a win – a kind of ‘I told you all’ article without any decent substance.

  58. Al
    Your comment was most certainly not innocent ( and not even in context), and Tom was quite correct in calling you out for it.
    I don’t know the English word for it, but in Germany we would call you a cunt.

  59. jayramfootball
    Yes, but by post editing his crap article MacMahon has diluted your worthy criticism of it.
    It was dreadful from start to finish and you were right to say what you did and shame on your critics for being the lemmings that they are.
    I anticipate getting banned from this site now, but who cares.

  60. Rolf, sind Sie wirklich ein Deutscher? Ich habe niemals gehört dass man einen Mann eine Fotze nennt.

  61. Al

    If you truly believe you ” just asked an innocent question “, then your perception of reality is even more distorted than you could ever imagine.

    Rupert , unlike you, was an asset to this site and even though I never agreed with him on the main issues, his posts were always interesting.

    And if you really are wondering what Rupert has been up to, I can almost guarantee that he’s busy reading books and listening to vinyl records.

    And what he’s not doing is engaging in argumentum at infinitum with the likes of you.

  62. I’d absolutely no idea that there were so many [put whatever you like here, so long as it’s not dignified] ready to lick Rupert’s ass. If only he knew, maybe he wouldn’t have left.

  63. Pete
    I hope you find , or finish, one of those articles, sure they’ll be very interesting 🙂

  64. Thanks Al… one’s with Tony now. Will try to get the others done before my available time vanishes completely.

    Jayram – and I have now learnt what “OP” means! So something good!

  65. rolf
    I’m pretty sure the site moderators won’t ban you for taking cheap shots at someone who didn’t provoke you. They’ll most probably see you for what you really are (bambaclaat), and ignore you. Which is what I’m also going to do from now on.

  66. Rolf……….please save the creepy adoration of Jamramfootball for another site. On the other hand, you can write an article for UA stating your points about all things Arsenal and I know Tony would welcome a balanced view, but until you do that your lemming aaa opinions hold little validity. I took the time to research what I wrote and to review it as well before submitting it, You on the other hand, are just a mean little man sniping from behind the cyberspace wall. Man up and take the challenge….. Do write an article that is superior to mine! Until then go back and hide.

  67. @ Al – As the season progresses , I personally hope to see much less of ‘them’ . And to ‘them’…
    ” If you don’t like where you are ,move. You are not a tree .”
    Sadly most don’t get the message !

  68. ” Let the future tell the truth ,and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs ; the future for which I have really worked , is mine.”
    Nikola Tesla.

  69. A physician once said , ” The best medicine for humans is love .”
    Someone asked , “What if it doesn’t work ?”
    He smiled and said , “Increase the dose !”

  70. A beautiful speech by Sundar Pichai – an IIT-MIT Alumnus :

    The cockroach theory for self development.

    At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady.
    She started screaming out of fear.
    With a panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach.
    Her reaction was contagious, as everyone in her group also got panicky.

    The lady finally managed to push the cockroach away but …it landed on another lady in the group.

    Now, it was the turn of the other lady in the group to continue the drama.

    The waiter rushed forward to their rescue.

    In the relay of throwing, the cockroach next fell upon the waiter.

    The waiter stood firm, composed himself and observed the behavior of the cockroach on his shirt.

    When he was confident enough, he grabbed it with his fingers and threw it out of the restaurant.

    Sipping my coffee and watching the amusement, the antenna of my mind picked up a few thoughts and started wondering, was the cockroach responsible for their histrionic behavior?

    If so, then why was the waiter not disturbed?

    He handled it near to perfection, without any chaos.

    It is not the cockroach, but the inability of those people to handle the disturbance caused by the cockroach, that disturbed the ladies.

    I realized that, it is not the shouting of my father or my boss or my wife that disturbs me, but it’s my inability to handle the disturbances caused by their shouting that disturbs me.

    It’s not the traffic jams on the road that disturbs me, but my inability to handle the disturbance caused by the traffic jam that disturbs me.

    More than the problem, it’s my reaction to the problem that creates chaos in my life.

    Lessons learnt from the story:

    I understood, I should not react in life.
    I should always respond.

    The women reacted, whereas the waiter responded.

    Reactions are always instinctive whereas responses are always well thought of.

    A beautiful way to understand…………LIFE.

    Person who is HAPPY is not because Everything is RIGHT in his Life..

    He is HAPPY because his Attitude towards Everything in his Life is Right..!!

  71. omgarsenal
    Christ almighty, you’ve got a rather inflated opinion of yourself. Iread your earlier comment and it’s good, but not that good.
    On occasions I criticise jayramfootball for his views, but have to agree with him this time re McMahon’s article which in part is actual lies.
    As regards Rolf, anyone who calls Al a cnut is tops in my book.

  72. I dislike Usmanov but I heard sevearl times since around a year ago that he prefers Wenger to stay and that he thinks Wenger was let down by other management. Further, he recently said that Wenger spent his best years carrying Arsenal in a very difficult situation and as a result earned the right to decide when he will leave.

    Of course, those may only be words to win over supports but if Usmanov do what he says, Wenger will be staying regardless ownership.

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