With Arsenal there can never be a balance

One of the great things about supporting Arsenal under Wenger is that I haven’t got a clue what is going to happen.  Take Diaby – the notion that he could occasionally run into the top third of the pitch, behave like a proper forward, and score a goal or two, was about the last thing on my mind when he came back from injury.  Even when I saw the line-up in Turkey I thought he was just there to secure the midfield as the team tried  to get one goal in a breakaway.

I also never foresaw what would happen to Flamini in his last season with us.

Which often leaves me questioning what I am doing here, writing this stuff.  Especially at the moment, when the transfer window has turned upside and become, what?  A transfer skylight?  A transfer door?  A game show in which Bruce Forsyth ploddles around making that funny noise he does and pretending he is entertaining by saying “higher” and “lower” a lot?   (Probably the latter).

The point being that we have got used to transfer windows/doors/gameshows being times when the entire Arsenal first team, and most of the reserves, are going to be transferred to BarBarBarca-sheep, WC Milan, and Real Mad.

This month it seems not too many are on their way out – Gallas maybe but not too many others, while we are going to buy that guy from Everton, someone from Newcastle, a fellow from Zenit Leningrad that no one had heard of before last summer, and anyone else you can throw a stick at.

Years ago, in the early days of the Lord Wenger’s reign, when he was bringing in utterly unheard of people and playing them out of position (like that Henry chap) my mate and I used to have this running joke that Wenger’s next purchase was a goalkeeper from Peru who was going to play at the centre of midfield.

I mention this because I think I’m as likely to be correct with that purchase as I am by talking about any of the stories in the press or on the blogs.  If Wenger does buy the man from Leningrad then it will be just about the first time he has done a deal that has been heralded so far in advance.

But then he always does the unexpected, so maybe that is the next twist.  Certainly with no Theo, no Rosicky and no Cesc for most of the rest of the season, it is getting tough to see how we would cover if there are any more midfield injuries.

On the other hand, imagine next season, if those three are fit again, and we have bought in one or even two more midfielders, and we have most of the current bunch fit, and we have our two genius children – Ramsey and Wilshere – there are going to be players who get annoyed they are not getting games.  And one year on Fran Merida will be wanting a game or two, as will Bischoff – and the extraordinary Coquelin, if he carries on developing at this rate.

Then we are back to the old thing in which Cesc is off to Spain etc etc.

In short, there is never a balance.

Happy new year

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  1. Nice job of not fanning the flames of hysteria. I guess one of the way’s of selling newspapers is to link Arsenal to every player, club, groundsman on the planet. Why do many bloggers follow suit though? Same cheap thrill seeking?

    AW will buy in January, but not to sate the calls of know nothings for a change in philosophy or acquisition strategy. He’ll buy, as you say, because it would be foolhardy not to with so many long term injuries.

    I don’t expect to see huge outlays for big name players. I do expect to see (young) quality players who will gell with the rest of the squad and position Arsenal perfectly for next season.

    I had been thinking Gallas would go. I’m not so sure now. He and Djourou look good together and, on current form, our strongest CB combo. Nordveldt seems to be a great prospect but not ready yet for first team. I suspect Gallas will go at the end of the season. So will Silvestre. Toure’s future will be sorted out then too. In the meantime, Kolo is playing like a numpty and, on CURRENT form, would be no great loss.

  2. I have been thinking the same thing. There’s Vela as well. Do you think he might go for a loan deal for the creative player?

  3. King Kolo must not be allowed to leave, rather Gallas who for all his undeniable quality absolutely decimates team spirit in our dressing room,.

  4. I will be really interested to see what Arsene does in this transfer window because we know he wanted to add at least one more player last summer but could not land any of his targets. He is now forced to buy due to the injuries, but at the same time he cannot put too many obstacles in the way of the upcoming youngsters. If only we could have an injury free season we could do so much with our existing resources. It must be so frustrating for Arsene, so near, yet so far…

  5. Kolo Toure has put in a transfer request and it seems to me he is just trying to take the easy option.

    What happened to the fighter that we all loved? Why has he given up so easily?

    Kolo Toure and William Gallas have apparently had a falling out, so what! People fall out all the time. Its called life.

    I suggest that Kolo pulls his socks up, gets his head down and works hard at trying to regain his place in the Arsenal side.

    Now is the time to show what he is made of instead of sulking because he isn’t in the team. Believe me, thats what this is really about, not the argument with Gallas (if that really did happen)

    He has no one to blame but himself for not being in the side. He has been woeful over 2008 when played and seems out of condition.

    If he loves Arsenal as much as he says then he shouldn’t give up so easily. He should fight for his place and earn it back.

    He owes it to us Gooners. We love him and don’t want to see him leave the club. I want to see the old Kolo back, not the player we are seeing at the moment.

    Having said that if he has given up then sell him. I don’t want to say it but its the only option really. There is no point having a player who doesn’t want to be there, regardless of who he is.

    We must remember that the club is bigger than any person, and that includes Kolo Toure.

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