Dean 2 Arsenal 0: Useless, bent, both or even more? 3 more points robbed as predicted

By Walter Broeckx

Chelsea with an early shot but Cech saved. Then Arsenal with the most attacking in the first minutes. Walcott just couldn’t get round Begovic to get an angle to shoot. A few shots from distance but no real opening chances. Chelsea leaning backwards most of the time trying to play the counter game. Walcott called back a few times when just offside.

Then Chelsea with a better period with some more attacking moments. Coquelin then going down as he grabs to his knee. A little twist in the knee when landing after an aerial duel.   He can continue for the moment but doesn’t look comfortable. Dean doing rather well up to now but letting a foul on Cech by Cahill go now. The then with a low shot but to near to Begovic so he can gather the ball. Still 0-0 after 30 minutes.

Cazorla goes in the book for a late challenge on Pedro to stop a promising attack with no chance of playing the ball. Pedro a bit later almost one on one with Cech but Cech quick to close him down. A misunderstanding on the right between Bellerin and Ramsey leading to a Chelsea counter and Hazard then going down in a challenge with Gabriel but Hazard first wrapped his arm around Gabriel and then went down. Dean rightfully giving a goal kick.

Chelsea attempting a few long range shots that went well wide. Theo just stopped at the other end by a last ditch tackle by Zouma on the ball or he would have been away. Özil with a great action but Ramsey couldnt finish the chance. Costa twice slapping Koscielny in the face and then chesting him down without the ball. Gabrel who wasn’t involved getting a yellow card and so did Costa. That should have been a red card for Costa.

And to top things off Costa suddenly claiming Gabriel kicked at him and he gets the red card Costa should have received. Dean again useless and costing Arsenal. The man who let dead kicks on Arsenal players go unpunished in the past now sends Gabriel off for… And Costa gets nothing.

Chambers came on at the start of the second half for Coquelin. Pedro with a shot but wide. Dean then invents a foul for Chelsea right outside the penalty area and Zouma heads in the free kick under Cech. Well done Mr. Dean. Hazard with a shot but Cech saved.

Suddenly Sanchez with a great chance after Zouma couldn’t head the ball away but Alexis missed the shot. Theo with a shot that went over after Dean let a blatant foul from Oscar on Koscielny go just outise the Arsenal penalty area. Another Dean trait and no yellow card for the Chelsea player despite him pointing at the player. Yes this is the Dean of old hat we know.

Arsenal now sporadicly trying to counter but Chelsea with the ball but not a lot of open chances for Chelsea.

With 74 minutes to go Wenger brings on Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain in the place of Özil and Alexis. Arsenal now playing much better and Dean wanting to end it here and how. Cazorla with a block on the ball but also a bit of contact and Dean gladly puts out the second yellow card. Dean really wanting to make sure that Arsenal will not come back. Dean confirming all what we have proven over the last years. He is uttely biased against Arsenal when it really matters.

Costa again with an incident with Oxlade-Chamberlain but again Dean “sees” nothing.

I now will stop my match report. Because otherwise I might say things that are out of order. I don’t want to bring this blog in to danger of being taken down.

2-0 in minute 90 when a shot from Hazard went in after hitting Chambers

Full time:  14 man Chelsea managed to beat 9 man Arsenal with  2-0.

Dean will be a happy man. So will Riley be.




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  1. Could Untold do a you tube type replay with an independant assessor commenting on Deans would go viral. i would send a copy to a couple of Chelsea supporters I know

  2. How many times have arsenal been shafted? Seriously, there needs to be some kick arse from the club. Its getting beyond a joke.

  3. I think that this week I can say in honesty that I nailed the referee preview -Dean at his worst and confirming virtually all of the points in my summary. As I asked in the earlier thread is there any way thay Arsenal can formally protest this result?

  4. Costa with a bigger kick on the Ox late on then the one that Gabriel is sent off for.

    PgMOB Rules Football.

  5. In answer to the question in the title my response would be “bent” or at best a cheating Arsenal hater, but probably the former.

    Shame on Dean.

    Shame on the PGMO for employing Dean and the other similar officials.

    Shame on the Odious One for the way the Chelski thugs play.

    Shame on the Chelski fans for applauding the main cheat – Costa off the field – they are no better than he is.

    Shame on the media for trying to cover up as much as they can the thuggery of the Chelskis.

    Shame on the vile owner of a vile clup!

  6. We now know why Jose usually gets the better of Wengers teams, he is a serial cheat, his team play in his image.
    As posted earlier, this is all about ensuring Chelsea are in a position to challenge city for the title, and we have to make do with third or fourth. Dean may be many things, but if it means doing Arsenal, he is clearly the most willing of accomplices.
    I would like to see the club do more, I am certain Utd or Chelsea would in our circumstances, I think David Dein may have something to say as well. But for whatever reason, and maybe the owner really is happy with third or fourth, we appear to do nothing.
    We now know this league as a genuine competition is dead, in time, that will become a serious situation for its popularity, but not yet. I now watch Arsenal for enjoyment rather than expectation they can overcome what we now know they face.
    Very proud of the players, must be demoralising, but they never gave up.
    The words of the media and critics will ring hollow after this.
    Chelsea sum up the world of football, FIFA, UEFA, Scudamore, the pgmol. Riley……just plain ugly.

  7. For once I wont blame Wenger for the loss. The ref was conned into sending off Gabriel.
    The FA shd look at the video and take action against Dean.

  8. I have tried to replay those incidences over and over again and each time, I have to conclude that Dean is a fucking joke. Is it wrong to wanna play well and tidy? No more matches this weekend. Time to spend my time doing something that takes my mind off Riley and his cohorts.

  9. It seems to me that the main ref took the opinion through the voice piece while sending off Gabriel. For obvious reasons he did not when costa handled RK.

  10. This match didn’t even feel like a loss to me. It felt like one match wasted, like we have played one match less than the rest of the teams.

    It felt like a theatre drama directed by the FA and PGMO and Arsenal were mere pawns in that.

  11. Due to circumstances I was reduced to listening to this on the radio ( 5 live ), and the general opinion there was that Costa should have had an earlier yellow for a foul on Kos, and Santi was unlucky. They can’t come out and say cheat, but I got the impression that Nevin excepted they were not satisfied with those decisions and the outcome.

  12. Andrew, this, your finest ref preview deserves to go viral. Just a shame the mainstream media are part of the coverup. And the fact they love Jose of course.
    As for refs, bet Mason is still suspended for his perceived leniency on Coq.

  13. One can only be proud of these players, and they must be thinking ‘how do we stand or compete against that?’ Frankly, there is no premier league.

  14. I’m not even angry, I’m just disappointed and feeling like I just want to not bother with the season.
    After everything that has been made with Mike Dean and Arsenal how can he still be left in charge of big Arsenal games and then go unpunished when things like this happens?
    It’s an absolute disgrace…..
    It’s so blatantly obvious he’s stitching Arsenal up so why isn’t he banned from refereeing Arsenal games and why is it being allowed to continue.
    Every big Arsenal game he is in charge, coincidence?

    I just…. words can’t even describe how much I despise the man, if I ever bumped into him in the street I’d be serving time after,

  15. Glad to see no haters have dared to come on here (yet) slagging off the club/players/manager. Warning you now you will get both barrels (and I don’t think just from me).

  16. Numpties, we had one shot at goal in 90 minutes.11v11 we would still have lost when you dont create a chance at goal and up to Paulsita was red carded we still had not had one shot at goal.

  17. The footage shows Costa committing violent conduct on two occasions v Koscielny and Oxlade. Any chance of a six game ban?

  18. Arsenal Wenger
    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger: “I would not like to be Mike Dean tonight. Costa twice should be sent off. He hits him in the face in purpose. In every game he has aggravation and he gets away with it because of the weakness of the referee. We knew before the game he is only looking at that.

    “Gabriel should not have responded at all but the two sending offs for us and Costa staying on the pitch is a shame.”

  19. I have said this many a times. Its no use for use to rant. Its time the club takes legal action. Its come to that. Or take evidence and show it on the web or social media. We HAVE to take the the opponents..

  20. As if Mike Dean gives a shit,he gets suspended for a few weeks and then he is back to bring havoc on the english PL.

  21. Danish Gooner,

    What are you trying to imply here ? Are you trying to say that you know for sure that Arsenal would still have lost in 2nd Half will 11v11 ?

    My friend even before the red card we were playing on a good defensive and counter build up play against Chlesea

  22. Febregas pressured the ref for the first red. I wish they’d take down that fecking banner of him at Ems…

  23. Danish Troll,

    And how come we stayed 1-0 for most of the game, and they needed hell of luck and 2 red cards to score the 2nd.

    BTW it should have been 11-10 for them. Costa should have beem out not Gabriel you troll

  24. Yeah but we still didnt get behind their back line and when we did some red and white numpty passed the ball straight back to chelsea.

  25. Costa should have been off that is a given but when you are reffed by an ignorant like Mike Dean,hey that is the norm but our play was just as laboured as our play against Zagreb.

  26. Yassin, Usama, up to you, but wouldn’t even give him the energy it takes to reply, probably not even an Arsenal fan either.

  27. Dean is just a trajon virus that has affected arsenal for long what a shame this virus needs to be cleaned by FA

  28. Walter, please give Danish Gooner a red card, I and most other Untold regulars are not in the mood to have put up with trolls coming on and deliberately stirring things up.

  29. That is exactly what i think of you Mandy Dodd,you clearly have no ambiton on behalf of Arsenal Football Club because if you did you clearly wouldnt support Le senile.

  30. Danish Gooner, you add nothing to this site with your ignorant provocative comments so bugger off.

  31. I shall leave you ladies mostly(apparently) and gents and keep supporting Wenger he might eventually get it right but i wouldnt count on it !!!

  32. We are against all forces,..they hate us they do hate us so very much, the english media are praising at the top of their voice, how genius diego costa is, and how naive gabriel paulista and arsenal as institution tend to be,..poor them!..we will rise and rise against the pgmo, and there all forces.

  33. this comment was sent to me by a neutral supporter

    It started out as being a good game with lots of pace and some nice football. Unfortunately, it ended up as a farce. Costa spent virtually the whole match complaining and niggling at the referee and should have been sent off for what he did to Gabrielle. Dean is too weak to deal with these players and was clearly nervous about making any decisions against Chelsea.

  34. No Danish Gooner I don’t because I can have a sensible discussion with her whereas you are an ignorant d**k head intent on winding people up, so I repeat, bugger off.

  35. Not an Untold regular, I’m a Grover. Have had many a debate with you guys over the years but enough is enough. There most definitely is some form of corruption going on and seeing how you guys managed to get a banner up at the ground (with gritted teeth, bravo) you obviously have some clout, so on behalf of every long suffering Gooner, please start making as much noise about this as possible.


  36. Dean made a terrible decision and cost us dear as he has done in past. To say Cazorla got a block on his second yellow is frankly embarrassing. God forbid we look at why did Gabriel get involved, that’s what costa does and Santi should never have slid in on one yellow. I know you all like to believe in UFO the grassy knoll and conspiracy theories but we were naive. End of. One last thing Tony told us the other how Arsene was clever not to buy back cesc (I’m not saying he should have as I get why he did t) but please don’t pretend he didn’t cos he knew he was in decline. Again embarrassing.

  37. It’s unfortunate that the English football authorities would continue to allow partisan and biased officials like Mike Dean to continue to officiate in EPL. On the other hand, “players” like Diego Costa must be made to understand that people like him don’t belong to the EPL. They should be at the battlefields of Syria, Iraq and Libya. That is where people who are always itching for fights and not football like Costa should be.

    I’m afraid his super brittle temperament might prematurely ruin his football carrier.

  38. Mandy, I watched AW’s press interview – thought he spoke very well & was controlled although he must be as seething as the rest of us.

    He made the point that Costa deliberately struck Kos before the cross came over – in other words the game should have been stopped then & Costa sent off before anything else developed.

  39. I was shocked for sure the way Mike Dean handled the situation between Kos and Dieco C.For sure its unfair to see the ref leaving Costa to continue playing after what he did.He should have been given a yellow then a redcard.Dieco should not have continued playing after what he did.The refery was unfair becuase Dieco is the one who spoiled the game in the first place.Thank you Mike Dean for what you did becuase you have been unfair to Arsenal in every game you have officiated when they are playing.

  40. Don’t waste your energy on Danish gooner ,he is probably an early teenager who have taken a bet that went awry.

    Or maybe he is an innocent little boy brainwashed by the media.

    Mike Dean 2 – Arsenal 0

  41. If something doesn’t change in PGMOL the game in England is FINISHED…AFC have to take serious steps…investigate this SCAM!

  42. Why wasn’t Costa booked for waving an imaginary card when he got the freekick at the start of the game?

    What was the ref/refs assistant looking at for the hands to the face of Kos?

    What was the ref/refs assistant looking at for the arm to the head?

    If Dean saw the kick from Gabriel on Costa why did he wait for the complaint from Costa about it. If he had seen it he would of pulled that card out quicker.

    Cazorlas 2nd yellow was no worse than many challenges throughout the game that did not receive yellow cards. Ivanovich had a warning for his challenges Cazorla no warning just a second yellow.

  43. Yassin
    September 19, 2015 at 3:10 pm
    In that url report there is a photo of Zouma with his hand on Gabriels throat. Arsenal have to take all this evidence & publish it. There is enough evidence here to get many Chelsea players banned.

  44. Danish Gooner: Traitor.

    You obviously do not support Arsenal. Those of us who do are furious at what transpired. You clearly enjoyed it. F*ck off.

  45. When shit like this happens we all need to close ranks and get behind the boss and the team, but some still can’t help themselves and continue to criticise our team. You have to support your club otherwise there is no point supporting them, if that makes sense?

  46. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most useless referee in the world

    … Mr Mike Dean….

    How I wish Wenger could just withdraw the players in protest against this unabated injustice. No wonder England never do well in competitions.

  47. Like most fans, I’m beyond angry. Even for Dean this was beyond the pale. Add these 3 points to the ones he will take away in future matches this season (Walter is spot on in his referee assessment) and what chance do Arsenal have to contend? Add the knock on effect of Santi and Gabriel being suspended and we’re looking at a difficult slog. I’m disheartened and wonder if I’m masochistic enough to watch this continue.

  48. sometimes I think we should play fire with fire. give the team like chelsky, stoke and the likes a solid twofooter. better to see a red that way than this.

  49. This is what we talked about yesterday. They won’t open their reviews up and they will fight video technology till their last breath. With video technology in place our players would be in little danger of reacting to Costa. They’d know- ‘here we go, he has to go for that, let’s ignore him.’

    With video technology in place, Costa wouldn’t even try the majority of his shit. Can’t be clearer : rugby players, in an incredibly aggressive sport, used to punch each other quite often, now it happens very very rarely

    Really, an astonishing sequence of events. This is the other thing I was discussing yesterday (in relation to Riley) : it’s about refs taking nearly all the big chances available to hurt us, while ignoring or not dealing properly with situations where we should benefit. That’s how you could probably go through,say, Riley’s Utd pens and go, for most of them, yeah, case for pen/ pen there. The records don’t show the times he didn’t award opposition teams pens/ sendings off when he could have.

    Sad thing is, as incident began today I had a second or two when I thought : wow, we are going to get the benefit of an extra man here. Quickly I realised, no, he’s gonna let him off/ they’ve supposedly missed it…it goes on an on, then, the chance comes to do us and, bam, of course he takes it.

    Sad, but it encapsulates what we’ve faced for a decade or so better even than Riley’s finest 90 minutes on the pitch.

  50. Sadly, the outcome was no surprise, -exactly as predicted, or even worse.

    I would like Arsenal as a club, (ie not AW) to make a formal statement / complaint, using all the available evidence. We are not just talking about bias or incompetence, but criminal conspiracy.

    On a separate note, Chelsea players showed cowardice in parking the bus against 10 men, just to hang on to a 1-0 lead. Fabregas has shown that he is a fully fledged member of the cheating squad and is a total disgrace.

  51. “Frankly, there is no premier league”

    The premier league as a competition no longer exists.

    Gabriel had tussles in Spain against Costa no different to what happened today but he was never sent off for doing the same as his opponent. What kind of official believes that they can show such favouritism and partisan judgment during a contest?

    pgMOB Rules Football is played upon a titled pitch. The numbers and data exist to support this conclusion from the evidence is easily available. And they cannot be contested, which is why you won’t see anyone try.
    No football fan watching this early match today could come to any other reasonable conclusion other then that official was not fit for this job. At best.

    Even the efforts by the BT plundits were weak, they were embarrassing nd transparent because they can’t dress Riley’s emperor up with no clothes available in order to protect his dignity: To describe Cazorla’s fouls as deserved yellow whilst ignoring the easy observation and understanding that equivalent fouls for the opponent, especially when AFC were countering from deep were not carded is farcical punditry. They just can’t cover up what everyone can observe on the football pitch. so it’s just a screed of gibberish.

    The in game plunditry from th Sky plundits when I heard it bore no relation to the football in the pitch.
    As an experiment we watched half the game with the arsenal commentary and half with the Newscorp WWF showmen: one set of commentators described the football as it was played and were not biased iron iously partisan whilst the other set were clearly trying to big up the performance of one team over the other even if it meant that they had to sound very silly at times. No guesses which was which!

  52. Sick and gutted. We were always in for it given the assignment of Dean. Proud of the lads for hanging in there and even down 1 man and a goal, we had a couple of opportunities to tie it.

    Objectively though, we have some work to do. The first goal was poor defending – Alexis and Nacho needed to communicate better. This was similar to the goal we conceded against West Ham, free kick floated in the area between left CB and LB.

    I love Cazorla (have his name on my kit) but he has to be more careful given the ref, the fact he was already booked and that we were one man down, probably not the most opportune time to go in with a hard challenge.

    Let’s shake this off and move on to the next match, we have the Spuds. Let’s use that to get our season back on track. Plenty to play for still….COYG!!!

  53. oscar did receive a yellow for that challenge, but someone else who grabbed arsenal player immediately after that didn’t
    so a correct advantage after oscar foul, correct yellow, but no yellow for the other foul (i think it was matic grabbing ramsey) and an incorrect advantage since the ball went to a lonely arsenal player on the wing surrounded by chelsea players

  54. Goonersince72′, think that is the point, someone somewhere doesn’t want us to contend. Refs have cost us several points already this season, Chelsea are poor, not sure at all they would have won without ref help.
    Every year, we get completely shafted by refs at the start of the season, then things start to maybe improve, maybe slightly in the second half of the season as we cement third or fourth place. If we failed in our bare minimum, I suspect the club might have a bit more to say, but maybe consistent ECL buys the silence of the execs. Or at least a possibility in my head at least.
    There are some teams who make agents …very rich, who court the media, who maybe get up to other things. We are not one of those teams, whatever is going on, we are not involved, and we pay the price.
    When Fergie was around, especially after our stadium move, hell and high water was moved to help Utd. Now, it looks like City and Chelsea are the chief beneficiaries, with perhaps a little intended spot for Liverpool to show it is not always the oilers. The problem is, this Chelsea team do not look that great at the moment, and even they cannot get refs like that every week.
    As for us, think the attitude is take your medicine quietly, and we will set you up with a nice third or fourth place, with the odd cup thrown in. Not sure you break a status quo like that the way we are run.
    But at least today pretty much proves UA, PA and FIF have been right all these years in their worrying claims.

  55. having counted to 3000 all i can say is WTF surly dean should be fired as a so called professional and sued

  56. In as much as Dean fucked us over, Wenger also had a part to play. When you play big teams, the difference between winning and losing is a fine line. Ramsey gets a chance, rather than take a shot, he tries to cut back in.
    Wenger really needs to drill this into the players, against the big teams, you only need one chance and you take it.

    I expect the club to make a formal complaint against Dean and Costa. Lets try and get him banned for dangerous play.

  57. Oleg

    That “advantage” was almost identical to the “advantage” Gollum applied to the hack on Wilshere last season when he was almost through.

    There was no advantage.

    Gollum’s problem is that when he tilts the pitch that the plundits cannot dress him up in the Emporers New Clothes no matter how repetitive they are because most people can hear the bells and whistles jangling as he runs (& jumps) about whilst wearing that jesters outfit that Riley gave him.

  58. Very telling that despite all that had happened, and was happening before his eyes, Jose felt confident enough not to hook Costa until late in the game. He knew his place on the pitch was safe no matter what he did, despite the fact he was clearly out of control. I hope other defenders of other teams pick up on how easy he is to wind up and use that on him, he won’t always have a dean or Atkinson to protect him.

    Will be even more telling how the FA react to him making contact with the face of Kos…I won’t be holding my breath on a retrospective ban unfortunately.

  59. For what it is worth the Danish Gunner seems to have been sent over from Le Grove and they are laughing about it.

  60. @Mandy Dodd
    September 19, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    Chelsea would not have won…not even close; had it not been for the sendings off…its a disgrace!!!!

  61. Great, professional post match report Walter! I don’t think I would have been able to type so composed after that screw job by Dean!

    Also, I think it would be a good idea if someone could continue the Mourinho vs Wenger article I wrote a couple months ago and add this match to it as well so we can continue the list of ref assisted victories by Mourinho.

  62. What happened to Gabriel put me in mind of the general circumstances and the difficulties our players face, especially new ones.

    Go over it again and it was a long sequence of pushing,grabbing, barging, slapping,etc…with no one getting sent off and things rumbling on and how are you meant to behave at that point, how can you make yourself do nothing unless it has been drilled into you that it is a rigged game?

    In this case, costa will be allowed to get away with all manner of shit, Zouma can grab you around the throat, but you cannot respond in kind : the appearance that this chaos is the standard, i.e permitted by the ref, is appearance only, and in fact if you do the same sort of thing back to the opposition , suddenly what was allowed will not be allowed, the parameters will reconfigure totally in an instant.

    The only way I believe our players can be prepared properly for this would be if there was openness within the club that we are, more or less, being systematically cheated. The difficulty is that the management team probably feel that is an impossible thing to be open about- you do not want your players inhabiting such a negative frame of mind and you do not want them thinking ‘well wouldn’t I be better off elsewhere and not have to put up with this shit?’

    So it seems a case of being snookered to me. Wenger and co can say things about the need to keep cool and that the ref might be poor,etc, in the build up to games, but they cannot, I don’t think, go any further than that. So they could not prepare Gabriel for what he would face : ludicrously inconsistent, farcical refereeing.

  63. Gabby shot to prominence with his duels against Costa in la liga. Were those duels what convinced the scouts o his obvious (now!) quality?
    In LA liga he was allowed by the officials to give as good as he got.

    Let’s be clear then in our understanding of what has transpired today:

    In the PL AFC are not allowed to be as physical as your average La Liga team.

    It is, what it is.

  64. Very disappointing. Unfortunately, for the second time in a few days, Arsenal players end up getting sent off through (naively) in my view) allowing themselves to be wound up. Costa is a cheat, and a wind up merchant, Dean is anti-Arsenal: the point is, if everyone on this forum knew that before the match, why does it appear to be a complete surprise to the players?

    I thought if we’d kept 11 on the pitch a draw was the most likely result, or Arsenal nicking it on a breakaway. Chelsea are a better team than their recent form, so it was never going to be easy. Hopefully Costa will get some sort of retrospective ban for his first offence – Dean has to claim he didn’t see it or be exposed as a crooked ref, although I wouldn’t put money on it.

  65. My comment in the previous article here on Untold before the game!!

    “apo Armani
    September 19, 2015 at 7:20 am
    I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is a set-up!!

    Dean will shock us if he was to be fair.

    We can expect Dean to be Chelseas 12th man and our nightmare.

    We have to take care not to give him the slightest opportunity to penalize us and/or reduce us to 10 men!


  66. PGMO should be threated like ISIL. They are an organization that should be dispatched and their members trialed for terrorism. Because it was an act of terrorism in front of our own eyes.

  67. Don’t like seeing our players sent off but I cannot get upset at Gabriel-his performance was great! He played well and showed great mettle in his battles on the pitch. He was wronged with his sending off…at the very least his antagonist, Costa should also have been shown a red. His sending off must, in fairness, be contrasted with Giroud’s at midweek. Gabriel didn’t whinge when he was being man-handled, he just got more stuck in. He didn’t whine at the ref when Koscielny was assaulted, he stuck up for him. IMO, Olivier, should do less complaining and just start running over defenders that foul him.

  68. ColG

    What I’m saying is, it must be near impossible for Gabriel to keep in mind, while angry, and in the middle of all that nonsense, that while the opposition are permitted to get away with things against him and his colleagues, the apparent threshold of what is allowed by the officials- created in the last few minutes while all sorts is happening- is a misleading one : suddenly the ref is going to about turn from letting a ridiculous amount go to penalising you severely for doing less than what’s been happening.

    Players adapt to referees, countries, tournaments, they set themselves according to what’s allowed and what isn’t. Going on the last few minutes of action, that leg flick was nothing. Only the ref suddenly flipped and said it was. Gabriel would have had no chance of understanding things were like that unless he had been briefed to expect enormous inconsistencies, against Arsenal, from referees.

  69. What Wenger should have done….and this is not just in hindsight cos I thought so at the time….is to order the team on to the bus at half-time. We would have conceded the game (by 3-0 I believe) but it would have highlighted the dreadful state of the official decisions we have had to endure.

  70. If we observe by comparing Gabriel’s duels with Costa in la liga and then in the PL it appears that AFC playing in the PL are not allowed to be as physical as a mid-table team in la liga.

    We have more then enough context with which we can understand the degree or scale and consistency (Diaby at Newcastle etc.) of this PGMOB ‘handicap’.

  71. Rich – “Gabriel would have had no chance of understanding things were like that unless he had been briefed to expect enormous inconsistencies, against Arsenal, from referees”

    The point is he should have been, particularly from Mike Dean. Equally he should have expected Costa to try and wind him up. For all I know, maybe he was, and I agree, it is difficult to your cool in such circumstances, but if he had kept his cool and stayed on the pitch, the chances are Arsenal would have drawn or pinched the result.

  72. Mike Dean once again proved what a biased/bent twat he is. You would think that with all that has been said about him and Arsenal (even in mainstream media!!), he would not be anywhere near an Arsenal match. Sadly this is PgMOB we are talking about with Mike Riley in charge. A referee association with zero accountability and transparency. Nothing will happen to Dean i am sure of it. He will be refereeing next weekend as if nothing happened.
    Speaking of Riley, i wonder if he told Dean to watch the video of his performance in match 50 for inspiration.That performance from Dean felt very much like natch 50

  73. Garth Crooks is ripping into Dean.


    I see no laughing on le grove, (either before or after your comment there) but quite a lot of sympathy for Gabriel. Also criticism of course.
    Tomorrow’s article should be interesting.

    From my point of view this is the player we’ve been waiting so long for, but he will get plenty of time off unfortunately.

  74. To start a change, an overt protest at the Ems at The Dean’s next appearance need be taken by fans – who show him a sea of red cards. Not just words but something visible on the tube or in photos that go viral.

    Fans must be seen to care enough to protest The Dean (Riley’s cat’s paw) The endless mute passivity and teeth-gnashing of the fan-dumb is a factor in our getting what we regularly and predictably get from this Golum.

    As for the club, I am inclined to agree with Mandy Dodd that “maybe consistent CL buys the silence of the execs.” Sorry, Mandy, but there’s no maybe here. On balance, their silence fattens the purse. Only fan protest – which may spread to the other sides fans can be a real start. This could also be done outside the Ems by any who can’t afford a ticket, but have seen what we all have seen on this day, without the need for a video replay that will go ignored by the Leak and the PigMob.

  75. Another thing we can do is to give Gabriel a sustained stading ovation and appropriate song for the Dean when Gabriel is next permitted to grace the pitch at the Ems – and I do mean grace. He at least has stood up against the blatant warpage that Dean/PigMob and their stringpullers have again set out to ensure. Not to appreciate Gabriel is to further the fleecing and further the silence of lambs (as they see us)

  76. This fits into the old familiar theme in the media and minds of many re Arsenal. It’s self-fulfilling. The PL & unPGMO ensure Arsenal can’t contend and then it’s ‘they’re satisfied with a UCL place. Allow the players to be kicked, punched and pushed off the pitch (remember Debuchy?); punish them if they respond so that they can maintain the fiction that Arsenal are small, weak little technicians lacking the spine to stand up to the ‘big’ teams. Kos, Le Coq, Gabriel, Rambo, Giroud are all strong, tough and ready to leave it on he pitch for the team. AFC are not allowed to play a physical style. But it’s almost always 12 v 11. Anyone who thinks this is paranoia need only look at the FACTS -not the pundits or the former players whose defense against AFC was kick them off the pitch and espouse that now, or the inveterate haters blinded to the facts. Like many others posting here I’d like to see a very strong, PUBLIC response from the club. To the owner, the board and management: PROTECT YOUR PLAYERS!

  77. Premier League = WWE

    PL is a fixed competition: hey needed to provide competition to City and make things more “exciting”. Shameful. So is Costa, he really fits Chelsea.

  78. So much for those singing – we NEED a powerful DMF…FFS – he would have played 4 games during the entirety of the PL games!!!

    Is it not obvious now??

    We are not allowed in the slightest to fight (be it even fairly)…we have to lay down and accept defeat every time with a headlock by PGMOB!

  79. Bob, think you are right, I should remove the word maybe from that post. FIF claim Arsenals board……and according to them, the manager are myopic to the true extent of the corruption that exists in this league. But not sure I agree with them, surely anyone associated with the club can see what is going on, especially Wenger. But with Gazidis being as influential as he is in the game, and appearing to get nothing done for a level playing field, can only conclude the club….if not the managers silence is in some way bought. Think that is their modus operandi, hit us hard at the start of the season, so it is difficult to catch up, then ease off in the second half of the season. Stan Ivan and co might be more inclined to act if this really cost us…ie a top four place…..if indeed they can act. The brand is all, and we perhaps do not do as much as some to enforce the brand….ie spend ridiculous amounts on players, creating stories for the media…..or maybe we just don’t sign enough Mendes players!

  80. Sadly, very true Sammy the Snake though not sure Chelsea are currently good enough, or at least without substantial help.

  81. If the pL is the hardest toughest most physical league in the world how is that everyone can see the level of protection from the officials in the PL for Costa far exceeds the protection he received from the officals in la liga (using the Gabriel context for starters)? That is, it is strange.

    He had a terrible game of football. Yet none of the plundits could bring themselves to comment on his poor play, his poor touch, his inability to beat anyone etc. that is odd. Clearly they were not discussing the Football that had just passed. To compare this with WWF is not really fair WWF.

    A much as I like Wrighty it’s hard to listen to gibberish like he “Costa played well”. He didn’t. That’s why he eventually got subbed off (JM saw the Ox hack as a second yellow, shame the PGMOB offical did not…),

  82. Guys…I watched the game live with 2 Scouzer and 3 Chelsea friends (all very good friends…educated and completely balanced in mind – friends for 20+ years)…without exception they were stunned at the happenings.

    All questioned the Integrity of the PL…ALL!!!

    I didn’t have to say a thing…they said all amongst each other!!

  83. Goonersince72,
    all true. for some on the board/mgmt, perhaps the message needs to be protect your a$$et$. You’d think protect your players would be enough, but there’s been calls for them to say a peep for years (ask Mandy Dodd) and there’s only been some decent condemnations from AW along the way (though undertandably, not enough or we would not have a proper manager on our sidelines, like they did to him in the CL a few seasons ago).

    I’ll be amazed if the powers don’t give AW a one-game suspension for mouthing off about The Dean’s not sleeping well tonight (at the post-game post mortem today).

  84. Mandy, it has looked likely for a long time that there is corruption at a high level and while some of us may suspect some of the persons involved, they cannot be named without 100% proof.

    I suspect AW and Gazidis know exactly what is going on but are constrained by the lack of comprehensive proof.

    As to the individuals – some names might surprise us – but logically there could well be a selection from within the media and within the administrators of the game.

  85. Are they naive or not aware?

    In the after game comments the AFC manager commented on the protection that Costa has been receiving from the pgMOB (didn’t focus on today’s game). That is a very clever and concise comment given the emotions and context and timing of his interviews after the match.

    There’s not much more you can add to that!

  86. The biggest JOKE is that the WORLD is watching us…the players from other leagues also…who in their right mind want to join this circus??

  87. Talk about Arsenal being predictable?? How about the PL and its corrupt set-ip becoming OBVIOUS!!!

  88. I should have added, AW knows, as we know, it is not just sufficient to build a team to win every or nearly every week. He has to build a team that will win despite a hostile PGMO – every week, a handicap that no other club seems to suffer.

    You can normally see Arsenal being very careful with their tackling – the players know they will be subjected to an inappropriate response from the ref if they commit even a minor foul – but having to deal with Dean the Devious, the Odious One and a team of thugs will, on occasion, be too much.

  89. Chelskie for ALL the blood money they have spent to buid a squad for Mooorinooo…wasn’t sure to beat us even with 10 men…they needed us down to 10!!! that is the concern of the PL>

  90. …and does anyone think that Citehh will be left to lose??? going down 0-2 and up to 1-2 now?? they will never lose this game…obey is on their side – DIRTY MONEY!

  91. After all the pourings of outrage quite rightly expressed on this site, let us calmly return to normality.
    Arsenal may appeal against the Gabriel and Cazorla sending offs…..but I doubt it.
    Apart from that, nothing so far can be proved against decisions of referees.
    Arsenal now have to re-group, plan how to tackle the opposition next weekend without two of our normally certain starters.
    Mertesacker, Chambers, Bebuchy, and Gibbs
    are all available

  92. Sorry if this is too negative or too angry and maybe I should bottle it but I think this is honest: On the basis that Arsenal aren’t in control of what the ref sees or does (and in this game he definitely didn’t get things right), neither can we influence what the Chelsea players do or don’t do (and in this game Costa was despicable in his cheating behaviour), but we are in control of what WE do, let’s face the truth: we contributed significantly to our own downfall. Gabriel lost it and flicked out his foot, Cazola as team captain did not calm his player and deliberately tripped Fabregas for his first booking, neither did the oh-so-experienced Cech come out and sort out his centre half, our defence was a shambles for their first goal and time and time and time again we gave the ball away. One chance to equalise. Alexis fluffs.

    So let’s hope the ref realises what a fool he was, let’s hope Costa gets a retrospective booking but wait… no.. we can’t control that either can we. So let’s hope even more we take a long hard look at ourselves (cos that we can control) and 1) point out to Gabriel that Kos didn’t need his help and in fact had fallen over perfectly to expose Costa’s cheating and aggression but Gabriel went and spoiled it all, 2) create a much greater sense of responsibility with the senior players – don’t stand away and shrug, instead act like it matters to you and go and stop inexperienced players from making stupid mistakes 3) improve the physicality of the team to stand up to the physical strength that permeates English football, 4) improve the speed and accuracy of our passing to reduce unforced passing errors 5) organise the defence significantly better for set pieces, 6) plan to buy another Coq or two In January so the squad doesn’t have to put the minute Ozil, Cazola, Ramsey and Alexis in front of the defence to protect them and 6), if those things don’t improve or aren’t actioned, ask why?

  93. All is not lost.
    And whether we like it or not, at the end of the day IT IS STILL JUST A GAME OF FOOTBALL. 😉

  94. apo Amani,
    here’s an example of what you are saying from the match right now in minute 61 (Guardian): “61 mins: Aguero takes the ball down brilliantly and breaks into the box, but goes down too easily under a Reid challenge. He asks for a penalty, but he does not get a penalty.” So, why doesn’t Aguero get penalized here for simulation? (because Citeh would lose his firepower and be a man down),

  95. @bob
    September 19, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    I have been around football long enough…my brother played top fight (need not expand)…to me all this shit is so obvious – it makes me never want to watch another game!

  96. Arsene was spot on in his post match interview. The main problem is the weak referees that allow Costa to get away with thuggery in every match. I’m willing to bet my left breast that there won’t be a retrospective ban for him.
    * Another galling point is our lack of leadership, only Bellerin was trying to push Gabriel away from Costa. Coquelin was apparently 2 seconds late. We don’t seem to fight for each other. Gabriel was standing up for Kos. We’ve become too nice (I miss the days of dirty Viera and Keown). Something similar happened in the City Vs Chelshit match, when ivanovic and the rest where pushing Costa away from Fernandinho to prevent him from lashing out at him.
    * But the most galling part is the media who praise ‘evil geniuses'(costa and maureen) and we wonder why our league is woeful in Europe and England national team are still shit.
    * For the record, Gabriel has officially become my favourite Arsenal player. Love his ‘Taking no prisoners’ style of defending. He’s going to be a star..

  97. Just look at the telegraph website… A couple of slaps a scratch a headbutt and a wild kick all captured on pics……all that by the one great player to ever play in this league….Costa.


    And Zouma also has a choke hold on Gabriel.

    There are 2 red cards for Chelsea players there….2. Both not given….and Zouma went on to score after that….

    It took Chelsea, the title contenders a couple of red cards, a set piece and a lucky deflection to win the game..

    And we are not title contenders. Not by a long shot.

    If this game didn’t open the eyes of the ‘buy brigade’, don’t know what will!!!!…

  98. The media commends the way Costa plays beyond the edge he would not be the same player they say so with refs giving no protection to his opponents this will continue its the MEDIA I think that controls how games are referred against us
    There has never been a written article on how Arsenal are ref’d compared to any other club

  99. Some great points Laen, Gab is going to be something special. But with the refs we are getting, with players like Vieira and Keown and the like, we would never finish a game with anything like a full team. Our players are walking a tight rope every time they take the field. Not just Gab and Caz, but noticed Chambers got booked for absolutely nothing.

  100. One word for Gabriel……legend(already!!).

    Others should follow. At expense of some games…let that be. Enough is enough…

  101. Rich @ 4.45

    You have got it did right.

    By the way, as Andrew said in the pre match ref review, Dean does actually know how to referee a match properly, so performances like this one can only mean one thing – he did it deliberately.

  102. @Mandy Dodd
    September 19, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    I was just about to write – almost the same thing; with Viera and Keown today?? we would be down to 8 – once you take out Cazorla (for nothing) and another (take your pick Dran/Riley) we would be on bare bones in todays game!!!

    These cheats need to GO!

    They are distorting the PL…they are distorting integrity of football…they are part and parcel of FIFA underground activities. And just as we all predicted this here on Untold in black and white…we will come back sooner rather then later to say to all..WE TOLD YOU SO!

  103. OT…wouldn’t you know it!!! Man C with all their Billions LOST t home to West Ham!!!

    This stinks all the way to the bank (for some) !!

  104. If Arsenal had of taken all three points today (which they would have had they not been reduced to fodder) – we would of been SECOND…now that can happen – can it??!!!

  105. True, Gabriel should be the new star, and he is a hard, strong defender he going to be a firm favourite from now on.The more you watch the incident the more you see how relentless Costa is in winding him up, why didnt the linesman see anything of the initial assault on Kos?What do you mean he did and ignored it?A shame Gabriel just didnt run to another part of the pitch(captain hindsight).Perhaps Kos can show him the way to react.The Coq spots whats about to happen too late.I feel really sorry for him and (dirty)Santi.The lads must be so angry tonight.Chambers did his best,but he will grow too.
    The Coq going off at half time was also a major blow,bloody hope hes alright. So Zouma and Costa should have both been off-certainly a different game with vid tech playback.It would have meant Chelsea down to nine before HT. It will be interesting to see the ref report on this pantomime of a game.Its time to change the reffing system, so far this season many teams have suffered at the bs of poor reffing. The refs are just no longer good enough with a game that has so much money flooded into it, they are the dinosaurs of the moment.
    I would like to see a big clock like in American Football and bugger the fourth official,too much time is lost in these games.We the fans could implement vid playback and big clock, by protesting enough.But I think the state of reffing has gone viral after this game.What a virus it is.
    COYG!Lets wring the Chickens necks.

  106. I rated defenders quite highly. Other than the dick moves, Costa was completely ineffective in this game, ditto Pedro.I know I’m biased, but I still contend that the players didn’t lose this game, Mike Dean decided the outcome. And to hell with Fabregas, who lobbied Dean for Gabby’s red.

  107. Agree mandy. But we need to ball up now this is war. Something so criminal will be wageshed under the carpet. Maureen will trash Newcastle who have obviously forgotten how to play football ⚽

    To be honest we need to pull our socks up and start clicking going forward. When the refs allow us ofcourse. O

  108. just when I thought the ref performance in game 50 would not be repeated!
    We may well look back at this game as the moment we galvanised and refused to back down. ’91 3 points deducted and we went on to lift it. COYG

  109. Lets simplify it all…we were robbed daylight (lunch time) and all were watching the robbery!!!

  110. Tony, Walter, every Arsenal SUPPORTER, can we sincerely launch a campaign against Mike Dean, Mike Riley, PiGMOb with all irrefutable evidences gathered so far.

    We have more than a million visits on Untold…that surely would go a long way.

    Can I blame Gabriel? NO. I remember many accused Arsenal players of being too soft, now you see what happens when you wear an Arsenal shirt and try to stand up to injustices? The ref gives you NOTHING.

    Shame on MIke Dean, Riley and PGMO.

  111. I am not normally a Stan Collymore fan but fair do’s to him tonight on Talk Sport, he is giving it to Costa and Mourinho with both barrels.

  112. Im pretty sure that Fabregas` writhing around on the floor in agony helped Dean into justifying sending Santi off too.
    Well Fabregas is Maureens toy boy now his last drop of Arsnal blood ran away down the drain.Re Maureens post game comments,hes like the little snide weasel at school whose always a sly sneaky turd (Grima wormtongue) but whom you cant quite get as hes under the teachers protection.But in the end they get it.And the media loves it as they recognise him as one of themselves.Lets hope he leaves the premier league soon.Hes as cocky as hell tonight, but his comments and the objective reality of the game are well and truly separate and underneath it the slimy kack knows it.Chelsea weren’t much cop today and needed Dean to rescue the game.And in his quiet moments he knows it.Unless hes a sociopath/psychopathic narcissist and has no self reflection which certain aspects of our society worships as being the “way”, but whose time in now limited what with the general state of things on the planet…

  113. I cannot understand which part of PGMO are corrupt cheating bastards you do not understand?

    Every one of their officials are pushed into Rileys cheating methods. Arsene Wenger was correct in his after match comments apart from Mike Dean sleeping. The cheat Dean will sleep well because he has done a good job & achieved his targets. He knew waht Costa had done – do not think he wasn’t aware because he has two assistants & a fourth official telling him in his ears. The officials also told him about the Gabriel flick. He saw the throat grab by the hand of Zouma – it was the only black hand there!! He chose to ‘not see’ it. The FA have no excuse to ‘not see’ the whole episode as there are several cameras.

    Isn’t it a shame when we have the Rugby World Cup in the country that PGMO show the corrupt officiating Football has to suffer with.

    The Prime Minister knows all about corruption. He appointed some quality corrupt ex Murdoch employees to advise him. He sits in the House of Commons where several ministers stole money in false claims. If corruption at that level evades justice, what chance has football got?

    I would rather watch non league in India than watch cheats ruin quality football that is being broadcast to the world.

  114. Disgraceful performance by the ref.

    Listen to Mourino press conference after game, and he said, He(Costa) played the way he needed to play. I repeat this in case you dont get it: He(Costa) PLAYED THE WAY HE NEEDED TO PLAY.

    This really sums it up.

  115. Menace:
    ” If corruption at that level evades justice, what chance has football got? ”

    You hit that nail on the head real good;
    To those people, justice is a word they have heard of somewhere, but they have no idea what it means, this is not in their make up for sure.

  116. Went to my first game in 1972 and have seen some player’s trying to manipulate ref’s over the year’s and have seen some dodgy decisions as well but I can honestly say never have I seen such blatant cheating by both player and ref in a single game. From the moment Costa dived and then signalled to the fellow in a ref’s costume to book le Coq I knew we were in trouble Costa by my account should of had 3 yellow and 1 red card Ivanovic 3 fouls and only a talking to Oscar lunging in and and I didn’t see a card and then a blatant shirt pull when we were breaking out of defence and nothing absolutely nothing was given our way. I am writing to the morons who run our game and asking for a full explanation and so should every football fan to put pressure to have a more open dialogue such as referees coming out at the end of a game and explain their reasons for certain decisions

  117. The way Arsenal is treated looks a club from a foreign country. Do football people think Arsenal are part of English football history? Where is the standard? So many times we have seen the same or similar actions from players interpreted in different ways (disgrace/MOTM). This is ridiculous.

  118. Firstly thanks to Walter for this report and Andrew for the pre-match referee review. Both are excellent reporting. I would however like Walter and Andrew from their extensive knowledge of refereeing to comment on what can happen from here.

    Firstly for clarity let us catalogue a number of refereeing issues highlighted from the game. The initial two hands in the face of Kos and the arm swung to get an open hand slap in his face are both red card offences for raising the hand to an opponents face. The next offence of the chest bump knocking Kos to the ground could be deemed either a red or a yellow card by the referee and we would need to see the referee’s report but for me this must be the offence for which Costa received his yellow card. It is noteworthy that Howard Webb on BT said Costa was very lucky to stay on the pitch. In addition when the Ox was deliberately kicked by Costa Howard Webb said this was why he was immediately subbed because it would have had to be seen as at least a second yellow and thus a well deserved red. Finally the Telegraph show pictures of Costa putting an arm round Gabriel’s neck and then three red lines where the assault drew blood and again I struggle not to see this as a straight red card for violent conduct.

    Now all these incidents will have to be checked against the formal referee’s report. If the excuse is that the referee saw none of these (with the possible exception of the chest bump) then the two assistant referees and the fourth official should be asked what they saw and what they reported to the referee at the time.

    If all these incidents are reviewed properly then I would be very surprised if all of them were held to be seen and reported by the officials and so I would expect Costa to be issued a red card as a consequence of this review. In addition I would expect the performance by some or all of the officials to be brought into question and both Dean and possibly others to be removed from PL games for anything from 4-8 weeks as they must be more culpable than Mason for the marginal decision for which he has been banished for 4 weeks.

    Ivan Gazidis is involved with FA disciplinary and must make sure that appropriate action is taken

  119. Morning, after sleeping on it again – I suddenly had this vision of the sweet FA taking “nor further action” against Costa but deciding in their wisdom to charge Kos for that last minute foul, and AW for his comments about Both Ways Dean. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least either if both Santi and Bouncer get extra for failing to leave the pitch, and the club for failing to control the players. Anything to avoid PGMO and FA having to admit that DEAN was in the wrong!

  120. According to Channel Goebbels, sorry, Sky, Dean is in a meeting with the FA “Right Now” sez Hayley McQueen

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