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  1. Al

    Wow, 11 goals in 11 starts! That’s amazing. Guess it doesn’t count because he didn’t cost in excess of £40m…

  2. omar

    the reason why not many people are talkin about theo getting 11 goals in as many starts is coz unfortunately we live in a day and age where eveyone has an opinion and its almost like the most important thing is for their opinion to be right to get some sort of self satisfaction. benzema missed a few unbelieavble chances against shakhtar but ofcourse no1 talks about that, when theo or giroud miss then you can read about it on every singl websit and how they are not good strikers. funny really

  3. AJ_GoofyGooner

    Attack Ivanovic through Sanchez, create overloads with Ramsey and Bellerin vs Azpilcueta and use Theo’s pace against that back 4.

    Defend deep and attack with speed on the break.

    Throw on Giroud(Theo) and Arteta (Ramsey/Cazorla) for last 15 minutes if we have a lead or even take a valuable away point. The Ox if we are chasing the game

  4. serge

    I can only see a very close game this time, with Chelsea taking an early lead and us coming back to level, take the lead ourselves only to surrender a late goal for a draw.
    On the other hand another 5-3 would be welcome.
    OT. The rugby match last night was NOT a good showcase for video tech.

  5. Florian

    Excellent preview, as usual. My wish is to have a Cheatski injury in added time, so that their medical team get slowly decimated because they entered the field.

  6. Pat

    I think they’ve started already saying Arsene Wenger has changed his team too much, Tony. That was one of the themes after we lost in Zagreb. By the way, I’ve got a friend who was at the match. He says the peculiar behaviour of the ref was obvious and Arsenal fans were shouting that he was bribed. Interesting in view of what Walter said about the accusation of bribery faced by those in charge of Zagreb at the moment.

    You’ve made a small slip on the team. I think you meant Bellerin instead of Coquelin twice.

    Glad you mentioned Dr Carneiro. I read the other day that she is considering her position and may sue for constructive dismissal. Don’t know if this is true or not, but I wouldn’t blame her. I’m sure she’d get another job without much trouble with her qualifications.

  7. Pat

    Sorry, Bulldog. I called you Tony by mistake!

  8. JohnW

    I would take a 1-0 win to the Arsenal, a last minute own goal by Terry after Coquelin fouls Cesc would make my weekend. In other words, I would like us to make it extremely painful for Mourinho this time round, just so we see what the press write in the evening papers.

  9. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Good morning to all Untolders. Arsenal will beat Chelsea today to collect all the 3 points at stake by divine intervention of God, and move up to 2nd position in the table. I want Walcott or any Gunner to desist from picking the ball out of the net whenever they score. Let the scored keeper or any of the scored player do the picking out of the ball. And not any of the Gunners doing it, even if they are chasing an equalizing goals. There is a spritual reason behind it. Sir, Mr. Drummond, your starts are great. But for me, I’ve decided to keep my own to myself and leave them for the Boss to reveal his. I don’t want to give away any advance starts imformation to the oppositions to have time to ponder over them. CFC 0-1 AFC is a massive score line the Gunners will not fail to get at the Bridge today, and go back home to the Emirates Stadium to deposit the 3 points into the Emirates Stadium points’ bag.

  10. Tom

    Very interesting match up.
    For the first time in a long time Arsenal have the better keeper for the clash with Mourinho’s Chelsea.

    We also have the advantage in speed all over the park.
    One disadvantage is size. Set pieces might decide this game for Chelsea.

    Another advantage for Arsenal is that we don’t need to win this game.
    Chelsea, on the other hand, anything other than a win and they are done in the league if City win their game.

  11. Judge

    Good start Arsenal keep it up very encouraging !

  12. ARSENAL 13

    Theo and Alexis looking sharp….

  13. Kenneth Widmerpool


  14. Menace

    The dirt started with a Costa dive & Dean gave a free kick, no cards for Coq despite several Chelsea appeals. Costa stickick his elbow in the face of an Arsenal defender & all ignore it. Dean is playing the innocent official by giving Arsenal the odd free kick.

  15. Menace

    Coq being targeted by Chav kicker Matic.

  16. Menace

    Here we go a chat with Ivanovic instead of a card. This is the second deliberate foul on Alexis.

  17. Menace

    Here comes the first card for Santi. The cheats are on the roll.

  18. Menace

    The BT twats are all on the attack ; They say Chelsea should have had a pen.

  19. ARSENAL 13

    Red red red red

  20. ARSENAL 13


  21. GoingGoingGooner

    is oscar translating for Gabriel?

  22. Kenneth Widmerpool

    Costa should be off

  23. Kenneth Widmerpool


  24. ARSENAL 13

    What the efff

  25. Menace

    An unbelievable bit of cheating gets Arsenal reduced to 10. The whole lot are playing together.

  26. ARSENAL 13


  27. GoingGoingGooner

    Why didn’t Costa get a red? And why did Gabriel get a yellow? Poor show, Mr. Dean.

  28. ARSENAL 13


  29. Andy Mack

    So is Deans new holiday home being funded by Abramovich or by MaureenO?

  30. Tony Attwood

    All you have to do is read the ref preview. Andrew once again got it totally right.

    Worth asking, how is it that we can predict what will happen with the ref, and get it right.

  31. ARSENAL 13


  32. GoingGoingGooner

    Dean is bent so badly

  33. finsbury

    Les not mince about here.
    What a farce. It’s a fix.

    Costa with the red card offence.
    Gabriel sent off.

    Mike Dean. He’s no dickie bird.
    Not close.

  34. ARSENAL 13

    Such a joke of an officiating…

  35. Sammy The Snake

    Dirtiest team in the world, the biggest mother f#cker is Costa the Butcher. If he doesn’t get reprimanded after the game, EPL is just a sham.

  36. Kenneth Widmerpool

    Why so little added time? Dean, the king of refs. Doing at little dance at half time with Maureen.
    Costa, the puppet of Maureen.getting a BFTA for his acting.

  37. Jerry

    So Dean misses Costa slapping Koscielny twice in the face and then bumping Koscielny aggressively knocking Kos over, but he sees Costa’s toes getting stepped on? What a disgrace for an official.

  38. Mandy Dodd

    Very predictable. Unfortunately, maybe understandable but also naive if our players …again. I really hope Gabriel was prepped for this ref. how does costa get away with so much…sorry stupid question. Hope coq ok seems to be limping a bit?

  39. finsbury

    Anyone out there still genuinely genuinely confused as to why in 2015 there’s no video ref in top flight football?

  40. Judge

    Costa is an absolute disgrace a first class Cheat !

  41. Al

    Exactly what I said on Andrew’s ref preview, Gabriel would be the one to get sent off. A real joke.

    And I also said Costa gets away with fouls 10 times worse than what Giroud got sent off for, and hoped I wouldn’t be proven right. Sad indictment on English footbal. And perhaps honesty too?

  42. andy bishop

    Lost for words with Dean…..Costa was probably insulting Gabrial in Portugese…was gabrial warned about the shite Costa?? Dean will see what Costa did to Koscielney and do nothing about it.

  43. Vinnie Losada

    The cosmic irony (I think…) of Gabriel’s sending off is that he seemed to get into the altercation with Dismaygo Costa after Costa pushed his elbow into Kos’ face, and then took a swipe at him a moment later. Kos really showed his experience and focus there by not even hinting at reacting. It’s good, in a way, to see that kind of initial reaction from Gabriel as it shows fight and fire, but ultimately Costa got what he wanted. It’s now a real pity and from here a 0-0 draw would be an excellent result.

  44. finsbury

    But wait!
    PGMO PR whizz kid Howard Webb to the rescue of the PL’s farcical reputation.

    *reaches for the vomit bag*

  45. GoingGoingGooner

    And commentators saying its Gabriel’s fault because he was too naive and has to learn to deal with Costa. Sad.

  46. bjtgooner

    I don’t usually comment during a game, but I am livid.

    What a bunch of professional thugs and cheats Chelski have become.

    Also, this was dirty Dean at his blatant worst – Dean should not be allowed anywhere near a football field.

    If any of our resident aaaa’s or their disingenuous apologists blame Gabriel – from me – just go and F yourselves.

  47. ARSENAL 13

    Now you know…..therz a big conspiracy against Chelsea…

  48. Yassin

    Now tell me that was not cheating!!!

    Where are the AAAs who used to tell us that our players should stand for each other? how about standing for your team for once, just fuckin once!!!!!

    As always our players will be blamed and they will get away with it11

  49. Josif

    I just want Mike Dean to share the same cell with Septic Bladder and Mike Riley on the day the real justice comes to football.

    Diego Costa is a skunk. A piece of garbage. An insult to football. A Mourinho among the players.

    Gabriel – son, you are going to be an Arsenal legend.

    England – I wish you a lot of defeats from dodgy penalties, offside goals given and non-offside goals of yours disallowed. I wish you that until you make a Calciopoli in England and remove all disgraceful thieves with the whistles and flags in the maximum security prison. I wish your football all the worst because you don’t deserve Arsenal.

  50. Mandy Dodd

    “Cheats never prosper” not sure who coined that phrase, but they should have waited for the advent of the EPL/pgmol before making such a statement.
    Dean embarrasses the game, as do Chelsea.

  51. Yassin

    As per Bein Arabia here, the arabic referee (Who is a chelsea fan) said that Costa should have been awarded the red card 2 times, and then the camera showed Gabriel nick, the commentators said that was a disgrace!!!!

    How can our players survive? Am surprised how they still come to Arsenal, and get into the danger of losing their career!!!

  52. Menace

    BBC MOTD tweet Arsenals red card count. They are all colluding to destroy Arsene Wenger.

    The commentators & their puppet ref don’t do anything for the game.

  53. Andrew Crawshaw

    If there is anyone on here that now believes that football in the Premier League isn’t fixed then nothing will convince you. At the same time absolutely appalling and yet totally predictable.

  54. Menace

    Offside ignored.

  55. GoingGoingGooner

    Dean 1 Arsenal 0

  56. colario

    This is game 50 all over again.

  57. Kenneth Widmerpool


  58. blackfoox

    chelsea, costa, mou, pgmol, disgrace of epl…

  59. Menace

    The whole EPL is s farce.

  60. Kenneth Widmerpool

    Got to take our chances, COYG!!

  61. Kenneth Widmerpool

    keep your head Chambers

  62. Menace

    Dean is a cheat & he is doing his bit for The Specialist in mourning.

  63. Kenneth Widmerpool

    Come on the OX and OG.Get one, then squeeze in the winner…

  64. Kenneth Widmerpool


  65. ARSENAL 13

    Hahahahahahahaha…… Hahahahahahahaha

  66. Kenneth Widmerpool

    Dean is a total bloody remedial. Santi didnt even touch him.Fabregas is a total git.FFS!!!!! Funny that Arsenal were getting back in the game.total bulllshit.

  67. Menace

    This is the worst case of cheating after the 50 in EPL.

  68. Andrew Crawshaw

    Any more proof required!

    Come on Arsene take the team off the pitch in protest!

  69. Al

    What a farce

  70. ARSENAL 13

    Such a bastard….that Costa. Such a….

  71. Kenneth Widmerpool

    Deans just doing a dance.Big hug with Maureen and the AAAC

  72. Nekuhan

    Professional thugs and cheats:
    1. FA 2. PGMOL 3. Chelski 4. Mouhrino 5. Diego Costa
    and Mike ‘Fu..ing’ Dean! What a fix! What a robbery!
    Instead Ivanovic 2 yellow carda, Costa red card, 50 min with one player advantage, Chelski without Costa for 3 matches, we end up with Cazorla 2 y.cards, Gabriel red card, 50 min without one player + 10 min without 2 players, without Gabriel + Cazorla for 1 match, 0:1 after another phantom foul graced by Mike ‘Fu..ing’ Dean and own goal!! Well done Mike ‘Fu..ing’ Dean!! You deserved you salary from Chelski, PGMOL, FA, whoever… Disgusting!

  73. Menace

    There was an offside before the ball was cut back for the 2nd goal, Another one for the 14 man squad.

  74. GoingGoingGooner

    I’ve looked at the replays of the foul that led to the free kick and goal…I can’t see the foul.

    Cazorla’s second yellow was a foul…maybe…he pulled his feet out of the challenge.

  75. Al

    now we know what clencie need to win against arsenal.
    dean and 9 man

  76. Al

    Well done boys, never wilted in the face of adversity. Proud of this team.

  77. Vinnie Losada

    I’m bracing myself for the mocking tone of most media articles and post-match “analysis” programmes until we beat Spurs on Wednesday. At least the Jeff Stelling and Alan McInally called Costa and Dean out, though they did say Dead “fell for it”. He hardly “fell” for it, he clambered down onto the floor for it!

  78. WalterBroeckx

    The match report is on

  79. Yassin


    Same thing was I screaming on the TV (as if they will hear it), take the team out!!!!!

    I just want to see the Arsenal fans reaction (Not untolders, but the others who usually says we should take it on the chin)!!!

  80. Andrew Crawshaw

    Seriously is there a way for Arsenal to formally protest this result?

  81. Joncas

    I am disappointed that our players shake hands with Mike ‘Fu..ing’ Dean. It is the same that admitting that he did a good job. That is why I am not a footballer, I would have tackle Mike ‘Fu..ing’ Dean at knee level.

  82. Mandy Dodd

    It’s been a long time coming, but something in the English game died today.
    Untold Arsenal, PA, FIF have been right on the money.
    I don’t know if this is about a ref receiving payment, a ref who hates us, or more likely a ref part of an organisation told to ensure city and Chelsea fight it out for the title, U.S. , Man U and Liverpool for third or fourth. Dean is the foot soldier, but the cause lies elsewhere.
    Arsenal won’t join them, and ultimately most likely won’t beat them.
    Watching this league is now like watching pro wrestling, many outcomes are determined. I will now watch Arsenal for the enjoyment, but without expectation. This is not about buying players, or wengers tactics or anything else the cry babies and the media will tell us, worth remembering we faced one of the riches clubs in the world , and their special manager, it took a bent ref for them to beat us.
    Well done to our players, twice this week they have done their best in the most trying of circumstances.

  83. Menace

    This is such a corrupt game that it almost brings me to tears. It is difficult to avoid swear words but I will control my temper. The commentators are all over the great Chelsea victory while evading the corrupt chaeting by Dean & his assistants who only see what they imagine.

    If Arsenal do not protest in an open letter to the FA, I will seriously consider giving up the game I love.

  84. Al

    Menace 2:39
    Saw that too, it was Ramires who was offside. Anyway this just shows what we have been saying all these years, cheating is rampant in this league. In the 10 years we have not won the league we certainly deserved to have won 2 or more titles, 2008 being one of them.

  85. Nekuhan

    @ Andrew, Yassin – Only one person, as I know, did the right thing. H.E. Sheik of Kuwait. In World Cup, year ? in Spain they gave a hard time to France and were cheated to the bare bones. Well, from his place in stands, he made a sign with his hand and the team left the farce to the ‘Great footballing nations’ which are not supposed to lose. Similar in our PL. They just did not want to be part of the scum anymore. Kuwait did not fear the sanctions. Well done and a lesson to everybody. Unfortunately, nothing had changed since or in English PL since game 50! Disgrace to FIFA, UEFA, FA, PGMOL, Chelski, Mourinho, Drogba, Costa, Hazard, Fabregas, Ash.Young, Rooney, Stevee G. and all similar cheats. COYG!

  86. Yassin

    Nekuhan, agree, but when most of Arsenal fans are still blaming the team and not putting a thing on the refs, I think its harder on the club to do that. I would have been really proud had they left the field. At least Wemger should have left in protest.

  87. Menace

    September 19, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    You are right. There comes a time when the righteous should stand up to the criminals.

  88. Sammy The Snake

    Costa is sport’s biggest cheat, a dispicable person and fits right at Chelski

  89. apo Armani

    The Premier League is no different to the Greek Super League…RUN BY CORRUPTION and CHEATS!

  90. Polo

    Disgraceful game, I don’t care if arsenal lose in a fair game but this is ridiculous. How is Gabriel a red card when Costa did the dirty on Kos. Normally I don’t fume at refs cos you win some lose some but this is totally ridiculous. How is Santi’s challenge a yellow then red? There are worse challenges and ref gives another chance before red. Totally ridiculous. Usually I don’t believe in conspiracy but this game look suspectful.

  91. apo Armani

    Not even the most hard core AAA can argue with the fact we were blatantly cheated today!!!


  92. GoingGoingGooner

    MOTM – Gabriel…don’t care what other people say about him being ‘wound’ up by Costa. Bullies and cheats are called ‘wind up merchant’ now, eh?…Rubbish… He stood up for his teammate. He played brilliantly and didn’t take and sh*t from the other team. Well done – a legend in the making!!

    As for you Mr. Dean…must say you do know how to set the bar for others!

  93. Polo

    Praise to Kos for not making a meal out of Costa’s dirty action. It’s funny that when the player go down for play acting the ref usually gives the allege tackler/offender a yellow but when the player who got fouled but didn’t play act the ref ignore. No wonder a lot of players do fakes to get fouls.

  94. ArseneIfy

    Wow!!! I’m really proud of d manager and the players. Can’t really ask for more than dt in the face of blatant cheating. They will only grow stronger on the undiluted n strong foundation of respect n fairness they av built unlike d crooks we faced 2day. Disappointed we ddnt come out with any points but I left the viewing proud of club I support, excluding some idiots who think they are supporters, and I believe the same should apply to the manager and players.
    I hope our firepower can grow sharper subsequently so dt we can really destroy The crooked one n other strong teams in the future. Up the Arsenal.

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