Tottenham – Arsenal, 1-2 and an unlikely hero!

By Walter Broeckx

A lot of changes compared to the last match. In fact only one player stayed in the starting line up and that was Ramsey.

Team that started : Ospina, Debuchy, Chambers, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey, Campbell, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Giroud.

On the bench: Macey, Iwobi, Ozil, Alexis, Walcott, Monreal, Bellerin.

A very tight start between the two teams. Lot of over hurried play in the opening minutes. No real chances for any of the teams in the opening minutes. Well not on my stream.  But then a great pass from Ramsey to Gibbs. Giroud was to advanced to make a good contact and so the ball bumped to Campbell but he had to stretch too much to direct his header in the right direction and so the ball went over the goal. The only real chance in the first 15 minutes.

The game went on with not much goal mouth scenes till the 26th minute. Oxlade-Chamberlain with a good turn just outside the Tottenham penalty area, a hard low shot that Vorm couldn’t keep hold off and Flamini on hand to put the ball high over the line. GOAL!!!!! 0-1 to The Arsenal.

Just on the half hour mark Rose with a shooting chance but his right footed shot goes well wide.  Rose again escapig on the right hand side but Ospina came out well enough so Rose had could only fire over the crossbar. Arteta then getting a yellow for coming to hard against Townsend.

Campbell then going in to the decorum after an attempted header after a cross from Giroud and then my stream stopping and I saw a booking for Flamini but don’t ask me for what. Oxlade-Chamberlain with a taking a loose ball but his curled effort went wide of the far post. Then Debuchy getting a yellow for bringing Rose down at the edge of the penalty area. The following free kick is cleared.  A hot moment in front of the Arsenal goal when a shot is hitting a few players and the loose ball is cleared by an Arsenal defender. Arsenal a bit under pressure in the final minutes of the first half as Tottenham press to equalise before half time. Arsenal then with a low cross but a Tottenham defender can come in front of Campbell. Tottenham then counter but Kane shoots wide. 0-1 to The Arsenal at half time.

Lots of ‘boerekoolvoetbal’* in the opening minutes with even a 1-2 between Gibbs and Marinner. Tottenham then have a shot that bounces back to Kane but he was meters offside after a fine save from Ospina on a low shot first. Tottenham trying to press Arsenal back. Oxlade-Chamberlain with some nice footwork but his pass to the right hand side goes wide. We could have done more as two Arsenal players were rather alone on that side.

Tottenham then with a shot from Chadli and Chambers deflects teh ball past his own goalkeeper. Unlucky for Chambers and Arsenal and a big slice of luck for Tottenham. 1-1 after 56 minutes.

Tottenham with a corner and a shot from Kane has to be saved on the line by Gibbs. That is why defenders are to be on the line with corners. After 66 minutes Campbell comes off and Alexis enters the field.  Ramsey with a shot from outside the penalty area but it goes wide. And seconds later Alexis with a cut back but his shot is too soft to trouble Vorm.  Meanwhile the goal technology confirms Gibbs cleared it right in time to prevent the ball from crossing the line.

Ramsey to Giroud but Vorm denies the Frenchman by closing down the angle well. Oxlade-Chamberlain then losing the ball but he can stop Kane before he can become really dangerous.

Ramsey with a cross to Alexis who was held back by a Tottenham defender and Giroud couldn’t reach the ball. That was mighty close to a penalty but do we expect anything from refs these days? Mind you my stream was not completely accurate to be 100% sure.

Delle Alli who had just come on then went in a bit wild towards Mertesacker and goes in the book of the ref.  And a bit later a pass from Alexis is diverted by a Tottenham defender and goes up high in the air and of all persons Flamini is on the receiving end and finishes with a perfect volley in the bottom corner. GOAL!!!! 1-2 to The Arsenal after 78 minutes.

Arsenal now trying to use the ball well and making room for themselves. Oxlade-Chamberlain can have a shot but it goes wide. Tottenham of course trying to press for an equaliser in the closing stages.

Arsenal make a late change in the last minute when Oxlade-Chamberlain goes off and Theo enters the field. Rose immediately with a jumping challenge but the ref makes nothing off it.

Walcott in the last minute of extra time with a shooting chance but he shoots wide. Tottenham with a last desperate long ball but it goes to Ooooospina who kicks the ball away for the last kick of the match.

Arsenal win 1-2 and with the most unlikely double goal scorer : Flamini.  I suggest that the Flamini out brigade shut up for the rest of the season. He was hardly involved this season but at the first time the manager really called on him he was there and performed! And he gave us victory at White Hart Lane! Well done Mathieu


* boerekool voetbal = farmer cabbage football . Is a Dutch expression used when the ball just bounces between the two teams with neither team really getting a string of good passes together.  It might have been my stream who was of the farmer cabbage style also

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  1. Great fun. Terrible coverage from Sky, doing a history of Arsenal from a Tottenham point of view, complete misrepresentation of 1919…

    Great response from our guys

  2. Man City v Crystal Palace
    Liverpool or Carlisle v Bournemouth
    Man Utd v Middlesbrough
    Everton v Norwich City
    Southampton v Aston Villa
    Sheff Wednesday v Arsenal
    Hull City v Leicester
    Stoke v Chelsea

  3. I only hope that those so-called Arsenal fans who have questioned why Flamini is still retained on a wage at the Emirates, will now have the good grace to accept that experience remains a valuable asset at Arsenal FC.

  4. So let’s recap the last eight days: We’ve lost to Croatia’s finest, suffered the indignity of Mike Dean’s tender loving, had two players ridiculously sent off, one later cleared of all charges and ban rescinded, then Flamini gets a brace to win at WHL.

    Oh to be a Gooner

  5. A much needed win, good to see the spuds looking so little this season. Really pleased for Flamini as he takes a lot of stick for his mistakes. On my stream there is an arm on Alexis in the penalty incident and you see them given as the cliche goes. I did think that Debuchy was consistently narrow for the first half and a football team may have exploited that. It was a reassuring game to watch as even though there was the own goal you never felt the spuds had enough about them to win it and a very comfortable game to watch. Nothing better than a win at that shithole……

  6. That Spurs attack can’t even bite. They needed Arsenal to score for them. Shame. Soon we are going to hear someone say about Flamini, “Oh it’s just one game, and it’s only Tot’nam!” Some people cant just see anything good in this team….

  7. Not impressed that some of our fans tore down their hoardings. It is unneeded- the place is a dump all on its own…doesn’t need our help..Just know that they will trash the Emirates when they visit us.

  8. What odds you reckon we’d have got the call in our favour ,and correct, pre goal-line technology- 10-1; 20-1?

    Makes you think how much we could gain with video technology elsewhere.

  9. A very satisfying win – always good to beat the Spuds given the support they get from Sky!

    Compared to Dean the ref wasn’t too bad – he only failed to give a second half penalty when Sanchez was wrestled to the ground & allowed Giroud to be hugged continuously – not too bad by PGMO standards!

    I was very impressed not just with Flamani, but with Gibbs – who was really excellent.

    I think after the week we have suffered a wee dram is in order tonight!

  10. @Rich
    September 23, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    Red-napkins; had doubts about Flamini and Arteta…now theres a pundit 🙂

  11. Liverpoo had to beat mighty Carlisle on penalties…and lets not forget…our weekend opponents who went well into extra time time to beat West Hamburger

  12. How about learning not to bad-mouth your own players? How about having a little faith in our boys? The stones (Arteta and Flamini) that the aaa had rejected has now become chief corner stones tonight.

    I guess Giroud will never get a foul in his favour again or so it seems to me. Don’t be deceived, until we take PGMO down, they won’t stop messing with Arsenal.


  13. Spuds well and truly cooked by Flame’ini. Great result except for the idiots taking down the hoarding’s, no need for that at all. We won and that should be enough. Well done to all the Players and to Wenger.

  14. Ah the song for Eva Carniero

    Don’t cry for me Mourinho
    The truth is I never loved you.
    All through the spending
    Your wild existence
    I loved the Arsenal
    So keep your distance

    You will suffer defeat
    You’ll be in pain
    Your players may not win again
    Your team is groaning
    Roman is moaning
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    I’m glad I’ve left you.

    And as for fortune and as for fame
    I’m a doctor & a good looking dame
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    So keep your distance

  15. Tony, think you will soon be saying what a fine manager Rogers was.
    Love it when our players expose their critics as fcukwits.
    Coq is stellar, but Flam and Arteta still have much to offer as we fight on many fronts

  16. The bbc site reports that Danny rose had a penalty appeal rejected. There is no mention of Sanchez at all. Do we really need anymore evidence that the media is biased against us?

  17. Good win. That’s like the 3rd goal coming off Chambers in our net in 3 matches. The kid need more game time to be on par with our defensive unit. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect his confidence.

  18. I thought apart from his own goal Chambers really was great today. The same cannot be said of our backup right back. I think Debuchy was trying too much to impress Wenger. A few times he joined the attack carelessly and left his flank completely open and that forced Per and Calum to come to the rescue and Oooooospina had to come out also at least twice to deny Rose. Let there be no doubt who is our best right back for the moment. Hector Bellerin it is and who tweeted after the game: North London is Red! And Santi was quick to retweet that clear message 🙂

  19. Compared to Dean, ref was not too bad, but that’s not saying much. He was eager to book our players, ignored numerous numerous fouls on Giroud and failed to award a clear penalty for the foul on Sanchez.

  20. Menace. Great song for Carniero. Here’s another ditty to raise a smile.

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  21. @Walter – spot on regarding both Chambers and Debuchy.

    Debuchy still suffers from rust that is a consequence of the long absence. Which was directly caused by that cretin from Stoke.

  22. OT: Even Wenger is still angry about the Chelsea match. How he could watch that match again the same day baffles me. Wenger must surely have a big heart.

  23. Walter:

    I thought MD actually had a better 2nd half, once he realised he was in the team to defend.

    I actually thought Marriner was very poor – lots of decisions given their way, but not ours. These included throws in given the wrong way and corners that should have been goal kicks.

    Still, at least he got the right players when booking them this time around.

  24. Of the today’s backline only Per was a first team regular, and it showed. Proof of this is the miscommunication at their goal, plus indeed the space available on the right, even though Debuchy was back defending.

    I was actually impressed with Gibbs. He really got a stronghold of the left flank, to the point where the Totts simply gave up attacking that side, and targeted our right side. Not to mention being in the right place at the right time and keeping Kane off the score sheet;)

  25. Norman I agree with you about his second half that was much better. I thought he was trying to show Wenger that he can also attack like Bellerin and still be back in time. The last part of the job was somehow not really fulfilled in the first half. But as you say much better in the second half. I think it is down to rust and being too desperate to win your place back. I do think he can be a good right back but has to get his priorities right. I liked him a lot in his first weeks at Arsenal by the way and then when he came back from his first injury.

  26. Great win!
    Felt sad for Chambers.
    However, i think it was more a communication problem. had Ospina shouted that he was nearby and ready to smother the ball in his embrace, he would have held his shin in check.
    Chambers seems to be solving our need for a second back-up center back very nicely and, given his age, he has time on his side.

  27. The bst part of the defending was by Gibbs at the corner. When he left the past and realized that he can’t get the ball and then went back to the post. Just in time to defend keans fine strike. Great presence of mind.

  28. On the Flame’s 2nd strike, all the so called pundits said that he kept his eyes on the ball, which is true, but if you saw the replay, when the ball was in the air, he took a quick look at the goal and then never took he eyes off the ball. So he knows exactly where he is going to place the ball. A technique very difficult to execute.

  29. That volley from the flamster surely is a contender for goal of the season? He was not standing waiting for the ball so he can smash it into the net; he was running and at the same time looking up towards the ball, and then putting it where he wanted to put it. Amazing skill, and very difficult to execute.

  30. A quick question for Walter or one of our other expert referees please.

    A long shot by Chadli (I think) bounced off the inside of the post to Kane well inside the six yard box and directly in front of the goal who was rightly given offside as he was two or three yards off both when the ball was struck and when it reached him off the post.

    Should/would Kane have been given offside if the ball had gone in the net rather than back to Kane in open play?

    I ask because I am slightly losing the plot on offside. Many years ago when I played and refereed there would have been no question but Kane was interfering not least with the shape and position of the goalkeeper but now I am not sure how this would be perceived with current directions to referees.

  31. Vintage Gooner,

    To determine interfering one has a few things to check and I posted it in an article a few weeks ago on Untold. You can find it here.

    In short:

    A player in an offside position shall be penalised if he:

    1. Clearly attempts to play a ball which is close to him when this action impacts on an opponent (would not have been the case for Kane if the ball had gone in directly)


    2. Makes an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball (for this I should have to see it from the behind the goal camera angle but don’t think he was in line of the shot and moved to distract the keeper)

  32. What Walter is saying is the correct interpretation of the Laws. PGMO interpret it differently for each club.

    You can see the difference in the Chelsea game. You can also see that the FA have their own rules for post match checks & balances. 3 independent referees are separately given footage of the match that needs checking. What footage is not disclosed nor is it given to the clubs in question. The FA rule on the referees decision(checks) but do not replay the match if a serious breach of the Laws by the match officials impacts the result (balances). Mr Wenger is the only manager as far as I’m aware that offered a replay after having won a match (honourable balance) because of a sporting mistake by one of his players. The mistake did not breach any Laws of the Game.

  33. @Walter
    Debuchy was exposed because of Campbell,if the fullback makes the run beyond you ,you play the ball to him or make sure you dont lose it Campbell did not play the ball to him and managed to lose it every time Debuchy made a run
    In the second half as soon as Sanchez came on and the Ox played in front of him he looked composed and more confident
    Last thing Spurs did not have one chance in the game where you could say he should have scored

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