Leicester v Arsenal 26 September – the Match Officials and the table of shame

Leicester v Arsenal 26 September – the Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw

Firstly here is the updated Table of Shame following the review of the Stoke game refereed by Jonathan Moss.  Two wrong Important decisions right at the end of the game with the not given penalty and sending off of Pieters for wrestling Giroud to the ground.  It made no difference to the points score as we already had the game won, just added to the tally against us.


Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents
2nd Yellow Cards 0 4
Red Cards 1 1
Penalties 0 5
Goals 0 2
Total 1 12
Possible Cost in Points 0 3


For Saturday our officials are

  • Referee – Craig Pawson
  • Assistants – M Salisbury and G Beswick
  • Fourth Official – R Madley

From last year’s table Mr Pawson is in third place with an impressive overall UNWEIGHTED score in excess of 80%

Referee Correct total Wrong total
Lee Mason 86.44% 13.56%
Moss 83.17% 16.83%
Pawson 80.82% 19.18%
Clattenberg 78.85% 21.15%
Oliver 78.18% 21.82%
Dowd 73.44% 26.56%
Taylor 72.88% 27.12%
Friend 70.59% 29.41%
Marriner 70.42% 29.58%
Jones 70.00% 30.00%
East 67.92% 32.08%
Dean 67.37% 32.63%
Atkinson 66.47% 33.53%


Looking at last Year we had Mr Pawson twice, once at home and once away – Exactly as it should be.

Untold Referee Review : Arsenal – Burnley

72% weighted score, bias against the two teams of 86/14.  Two wrong Important Decisions (second yellow, red cards, penalties and goals) when Boyd should have been dismissed for a deliberate handball and Arsenal should have been awarded a penalty.  No cost to Arsenal in terms of points but could have been important on another day.

REF REVIEW Southampton – Arsenal

78% weighted score, bias against the two teams of 14/86.  Again two wrong Important decisions, In Min 9 Wanyama should have been booked for a foul on Alexis, he was booked for an offence on the same player in Minute 22 so this should have seen him dismissed.  In Min 66 Gardos was wrongly given a yellow card for a last man offence, it should have been red.  Would the 2-0 loss have happened against 9 men – who knows?

I haven’t time this week to go back to previous years so will head straight to the conclusions

  1. Mr Pawson had one of the highest ratings for last year but in the two games reviewed still failed to send off three opposition players and not award Arsenal a penalty
  2. That this level of incompetence can result in one of the best scores against us shows how poor the standard of refereeing is in the Premier League and what Arsenal have to cope with on a weekly basis.
  3. The level of bias against Arsenal on all offences in both games was 86/14% or to put it another way for every one decision that was incorrectly given to Arsenal 5 were given to the opposition.
  4. Don’t expect Saturday to be any different, Leicester players will not be sent off for anything short of producing a gun and shooting our players and it is extremely unlikely that Arsenal will be given a penalty.
  5. Of course the PGMO should instruct Mr Pawson to be squeaky clean in this game following the almighty Cock-up of Mr Dean last week but I’m not putting any money on that outcome – are you?


  • 25 September 1963: Arsenal beat Staevnet 7-1 in Fairs Cup. Joe Baker and Geoff Strong each scoring three.  It was Arsenal’s first away game in Europe.
  • 25 September 1991: Ian Wright’s first game: Leicester 1 Arsenal 1 in the league cup.  He scored, naturally.  Arsenal won the second leg 2-0, with Wright scoring again.

The petition “Prevent Mike Dean from refereeing another Arsenal game”  needs just 2,500 signatures to reach 100,000.  Please sign up if you agree.

33 Replies to “Leicester v Arsenal 26 September – the Match Officials and the table of shame”

  1. I support the idea of Mike Dean not refreeing any of arsenal matches.
    support the banishment of mike dean. Referees must be intelligent people, period.

  2. OT: I didn’t think it was possible but my utter contempt for Mourinho has increased even further. Utter total contempt. Just beyond the pail. Continuing and totally unprovoked abuse. All Wenger has asked for is respect. I hope neither he, nor anyone at Arsenal, ever shakes Mourinho’s hand ever again.

    I would not want him within a million miles of Arsenal. I don’t want him anywhere near English football. In fact, I don’t want him near any kind of football.

  3. Andrew – is there any reason not to include the Chelsea game? Do you only update table of shame after the Untold review?

  4. Pete, the problem with MaureenO is trying to dig himself out of a hole he’s dug with his media buddies. AW realised that it was better to claim blindness (the famous ‘I did not see it’ which the lazy hacks drag up whenever possible) whenever Paddy (or others) committed the indefensible incidents. Whereas MaureenO in a moment of pure ego tried to defend Costa. Now it’s clear that only idiots think Costa didn’t do anything wrong so he’s trying to create enough smoke/fog etc that the hacks will forget what a fuck-witted comment he made about Costa being MotM.

  5. Pete.

    Aye. The sad thing is that, as always, it is not just bullshit, but is verifiably bullshit. Every accusation he makes contradicts other accusations he has made, is generally demonstrably false, and is something he himself is probably massively guilty of.

    In this case, Wenger has indeed been fined numerous times by the FA, has been banned at least once that I know of, and, of course, has been under great pressure all these years. As for crying and moaning about referees- it is mourinho who infamously accused Uefa of a conspiracy, not so long ago while at Real. A long monologue of about three pages worth of speech- why, why, he cried. He has also done similar things at Inter, chelsea in both spells, and presumably at Porto,too.

    So, aside from the fact complaining, or crying, about complaining is still, yep, complaining, or crying…you have all the complaining (i.e first phase complaining- as opposed to complaining about someone else’s supposed complaining) or crying he has done consistently throughout his career. A recent big example being all that stuff with calling out the minutes after the Burnley game last year, then going on television for an hour to talk about it the next day.

    The sad bit is that if I can effortlessly keep track of it, and easily find examples which expose his hypocrisy, how can you explain none of the people whose full-time job it is to do this managing the task?

    The media at these times generally act as though they have no capacity to form opinions of their own or to evaluate what is said to them for accuracy- they report what is said and, by their lack of judgement, of course suggest it is probably the truth- bizarre behaviour as of course they do possess those intellectual capabilities, and indeed use them regularly for opinion pieces.

    In short, if he is not quite a creation of the media, he could certainly not exist as he does if they didn’t, for whatever reason- none of them good or having the slightest thing to do with integrity or any of the things you would hope for from journalism- enable him to do so.

    That’s the sad part. Horrible people of all descriptions exist ,we know, and often there is nothing anyone can do to prevent them spreading their muck and misery. But in this case he’d be so easy to stop. The media choose not to. They encourage him and they, effectively, endorse him.

  6. Menace,

    Yes, the table by Andrew is updated after every ref review. These numbers will rise incredibly after the Chelsea ref review gets published.

  7. Oh Dear! Duck Billed Plati pus of UEFA apparently was paid by Septic.

    Here we go! here we go! here we go!

  8. It’s beyond comprehension how time and time again mourinho launches attacks on the person of Wenger out of the blues especially unprovoked.

    someone has to call that dude to order. what a vile human being. I get he is jealous and feels insecure but still the level he is willing to go is unbelievable.

  9. Pete.

    I took a dislike to Mourinho when he was at Porto. They way that team behaved was appalling. When he moved to Spain he showed the same attitude to this great sport, dragging Real Madrid into a dark place. We have already discussed Roman Calderons view about how he disgraced that white shirt. The Spanish media know what he is and they let it be known, they despise him.

    England is a Country of neanderthals. We celebrate the dark arts and strong arm tactics, we don’t like the ‘fancy continentals’ and their tikka takka approach to football. The list of pundits and media personalities who get on their knees in front of Mourinho is embarassing.

    The contempt in which technical passing football is held at times is bizarre, while we are told every team should have a Diego Costa – a man who spits saliva into his hand before rubbing in an opponents face. We think rotational fouling is ‘clever’, another Mourinho tactic, amongst the various others he employs.

    Hes an over rated cheque book manager. Anyone can manage Chelsea, Roberto Di Matteo won them the Champions League thanks to their resources – Mourinho hasnt managed that.

    He is a horrible human being who does nothing to promote the beautiful game.

  10. Mourinhooo is a hypocrite if ever I have seen/heard one!!

    How easy he forgets the VIOLENT tackles his bunch go out to hurt opponents on his instructions!!

    Cheat with a complex!!

    I think he wants to be Abramovich and have what he has but he is well aware the the later will sack him soon 🙂

  11. Arsenal must have figured it was best, as the blurb at the FA says Gabriel admitted the charge. It would be possible for the disciplinary committee to drop the charges, but what the heck if he wants to say he is guilt, the FA can always use the 10,000 pounds fine money.

    The payment to Platini in 2011 for work done in 1999-2001 sounds fishy. Not many people wait 10 years for a payment.

    A long time ago, the Swiss authorities seized many TB of data from FIFA. And in the last day or so, they seized email. Why wasn’t email seized earlier?

  12. I watched, “From The Cradle to the Grave’ last night. Autographical series by Danny Baker. In it Danny is playing in a school cup final when the referee gets injured and cannot carry on. Enter the sportsmaster of Danny’s school and coach of the team. Score is nil nil and the coach / referee has played ten minutes extra showing unashamed bias. At 112 minutes he awards a corner to ‘his’ team. The ball is sent high into the centre and over the heads of all the attackers. The Ref / Coach heads it into the net and blows the whistle. I was the only one watching who didn’t laugh. I’d seen the head of Mike Dean transposed onto the Ref/Coach. If he is allowed to carry on I fear its just a matter of time.

  13. Gord – email was probably seized earlier but current email might shed new light. I only wish they could do the same in England, The FA & PGMO might have some interesting stuff. It is all available from security anyway.

  14. Have a feeling Roman will soon tire of his manager….again, especially if results are not great. Costa has been found out, he will now be targeted, and generally get away with a lot less. Roman as owner of Chelsea has his faults, but does he want controversy to this level, does he want lawsuits and compensation for a doctor, does he want toys out of the pram if he doesn’t spend enough for Chelsea, does he want boring football. RA could easily get another manager with far more class so could provide success on that clubs resources. But in the meantime, enjoy the car crash as one of the more unpleasant men in football unravels. His obsession with Wenger is beyond bizarre.

  15. Was wondering, outside of Chelsea and City, has any premier league team parted with a manager who secured champions league football the previous season or was on track for it in a current one?

    Utd haven’t, and I doubt Liverpool have either. Spurs almost certainly haven’t. So all the examples of doing so must come from Chelsea (prob a few) and City (Mancini and?)- in other words, only owners who have invested 100s and 100s of millions in a short space of time and who can spend as much as anyone else in the league have ever parted with a manager who finished in the top four/champ league.

    Of course Mourinho does everything to muddy those waters- or to deny those frigging waters exist- but that’s the truth of it.

  16. I read a piece recently arguing that Mourinho is actually jealous of Wenger. He believes he is a better coach than AW in terms of the core measurement for coaches which is the number of trophies won. Yet, in no country or club he has worked is he accorded the type of respect or held in such an awe as AW. In all cases to date his tenure has ended suddenly and, almost always in controversy and mutual loathing.
    His return to Chelsea is with the promise or hope to build a Wenger-like career or dynasty and respectability and now, on the third year, he is running into problems and Wenger seem to be very part of the reason why.
    Since he is short of originality, class and genius, he has to resort to what he is best at: Classlessness and character assassination. But alas, Wenger figured out the best antidote for the antics which is to ignore him royally. I don’t know which pains him more: that everyday he shows that he can never achieve the respectability that Wenger has achieved or that Wenger disdains him thereby showing others his true colors and how best to castrate him.

  17. The petition is over 103k signatures strong now but I’ll appreciate it if someone can explain how the change.org petition process works. What happens next?

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