The lovely Tinkerman against the Arsenal as Dean petition passes 100,000!

By Tony Attwood

Yes we sure did our bit.  As of saturday morning over 102,000 people had signed the petition demanding that Dean never again can do an Arsenal game.  Now we shall see what PGMO does.  If you still haven’t signed the petition is still there.  Follow the link from the home page.

The FA has banned Gabriel for not leaving the pitch after he was wrongly sent off, and so he misses out today.  He was also fined £10,000 as punishment for “improper conduct.”

Now we wait to hear what Dean’s punishment is for wrongly sending a player off, wrongly not sending a player of, and making so many errors in refereeing the game it has taken us a week to get them all written down.  I hope to publish the data tomorrow.   Meanwhile I suspect they will fine Arsène Wenger for bringing the game into disrepute by pointing out the errors, and give a medal to the Chelsea manager.

In contrast to the bitter twistedness of Mourinho we now have the jolly chappie Claudio Ranieri, who our Arsène described as a “great manager and great man”.  Indeed it is Mr Wenger’s regular insistence that it was Ranieri who built up Chelsea’s success that has so annoyed Mourinho all these years.

On the other hand maybe it is because the Portuguese have never forgiven the French for invading the country in 1807.  It took under two weeks for the Portuguese to surrender, and indeed it only took that long because the French forgot their road maps.

The government packed up and headed for Brazil, and I suspect there was more fighting in White Hart Lane midweek than in Portugal in November 1807.   Anyway its all over now after the English forces went in to sort out the mess and liberate the country.  I suspect Mourinho doesn’t like that bit either.

I don’t think Napoleon ever invaded Leicester although I do remember that Mourinho started off as he meant to go on by claiming “Ranieri had been in England for five years and he still struggled to say ‘good morning’.”   He hadn’t and he didn’t.  But truth is a withering flower in SW3.

Mr Wenger also followed on the view we have been developing for the past couple of years that we have moved in football journalism over to a vision that the result is the only thing that matters in football.

“Because the very thing that makes sport beautiful is winning while respecting the rules,” he said. “If you can do whatever you feel like, it’s no longer a sport, it’s just a street fight. There is an increasing view that only the result counts and it doesn’t matter how you get it. That’s a stance that sometimes puts you in a situation that can be difficult to maintain. It’s important that the spirit of sport wins out too.”

“Football”, as our new banner now on display at the clock end of the Emirates say, “is an art”.  Did someone tell Mr Wenger that the banner is there?

Here’s something else worth noting in the small print.  On the Guardian’s web site today it says this

“Some Arsenal supporters have criticised Wenger for not recruiting a specialist striker during the summer and leaving the club excessively reliant on Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott.”

Notice “some” – the lack of which word we’ve been beefing about for years.  None of the lunatic assumption that they can measure the behaviour of all Arsenal fans, nor that they know how the minds of Arsenal fans.   Not just on that issue, but on many others of late, I think the Guardian has decided to stand alone against the drivel, and full praise to it for that.

On Alexis Sánchez’ slower than expected start, that is down to his involvement in the Copa América with Chile, according to Arsène Wenger.   What is forgotten is that Chile did not just win the Copa but they won it for the first time and Alexis was the star of the show.

And now he’s playing in Leicester.

Over the last six games, Leicester have won three and drawn three, while Arsenal have lost two, won three and drawn one.  We also usually draw 1-1 there.  We did last time around and we did in the Unbeaten Season.  That’s how it seems to go.

Although judging by the way Leicester play we’ll probably go into a 6-0 lead and then they will score six in time added on.   Certainly they don’t beat us much.  Actually they don’t beat us at all – at least not in the last 10.  And for the very last match of the unbeaten season we beat them (although that time we went 1-0 down at Highbury).

“Coming back from behind might be exciting, but it is not good. I would prefer to get in front and try to stay there,” said Ranieiri.  “It’s not easy to score goals when you go behind in matches. We must concentrate and be more careful because I think to beat Arsenal we must play the perfect match, and also have some very good luck.

“Arsene Wenger can put Alexis Sanchez in goal and Petr Cech up front and Arsenal will still have a great team.”


Nathan Dyer and Matty James are out for Leicester.  We’ve lost Gabriel and Coquelin is still out but Santi Cazorla is back.

On Coquelin Mr W said “He is progressing well, but he will not be available for Leicester. He has a scan today but the evolution is quite positive. He might start practice tomorrow. He has a little chance for Tuesday, and a bigger chance for Man United. It is very difficult to be definite today.”

Injured: Coquelin (Oct), Wilshere (Dec), Welbeck (Feb), Rosicky (no date reported).

We printed the injury table for the Tottenham game so I won’t do it all again.  Here are our relative positions

  • Swansea – 0
  • Leicester – 2
  • Arsenal 4
  • Newcastle 12

Background notes

I said Leicester haven’t won in the last ten against Arsenal above, actually it is 17 in the league.  Their last win was in November 1994 since when they have drawn six and lost 11.  Their worst record against any team in the Prem.

But they are still unbeaten, and in 2000/1 they went the first eight unbeaten.  This season they are top scorers with West Ham overall (13) and top scorers at home with eight.   Vardy has scored in three successive Premier League games.

Our position is the same as last season at this point, and as everyone has announced we have to take more shots per goal than anyone.  But I see that as a positive.  The difference between a goal and a miss is often narrow – just a boot getting in the way – and so it is far better to have this position than the opposite in which you are not getting shots on target.

Alexis Sanchez has had 31 attempts on goal this season but is yet to score.   We all know he will eventually and when he does the gates of paradise will open (or something like that).

The team


Monreal Mertesacker Koscielny  Bellerín

Cazorla, Ramsey

Alexis  Özil The Ox


Lurking on the Leicester Sands:  Ospina, Debuchy, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Chambers, Campbell, Iwobi

Please note: My apologies I missed Giroud off the beach in the first edition – I think he was having a swim at the time, or hiding under a towel.  My mistake – thanks to everyone who pointed this out in correspondence (below). I certainly should have put Giroud on the bench and had him to come on after 70 minutes.

That is curious I know, and you might want to go with Ramsey instead of the Ox and Arteta next to Santi Caz.  Certainly the fact that Leicester have scored at least two goals in five of their last six home matches in the Premier League needs to be remembered.

So Arteta is the sensible option, but sense was never my style.  You could also say that Flamini needs to be rewarded for Wednesday.  We’ll see.

The rest of the day

We’re all off to Leicester to watch the game, and then after that I’m doing a quick change act before driving into Nottinghamshire for a dance.   (Tie them up in Notts and other phrases spring to mind).  Walter is at the happy occasion of a family wedding.

So no further articles today I am sorry to say, and probably little chance of clearing anything held in moderation.  My apologies.  We’ll try harder next time.  Back to normal tomorrow.

Three moments from history

26 September 1970.  Stoke City 5 Arsenal 0.  League match 10 of the first Double season.  Arsenal in 4th, but the away record reads won 1 drawn 2 lost 2, five goals for, 10 against.  Arsenal were unbeaten in the next 14.   (So we are not only as good as the last game)


26 September 2002: Arsenal beat Leeds away 4–1 to create record for scoring in 47 consecutive games, and for 22 away league games without defeat. (Oh yes we are)

26 September 2010: The day it became clear that there was something seriously wrong with the official versions of Arsenal’s history as it was revealed that the story of Bobby Buist causing Arsenal to become professional could not possibly have happened. (Weren’t we clever to spot that).


130 Replies to “The lovely Tinkerman against the Arsenal as Dean petition passes 100,000!”

  1. If he’s not sick, on the bench or in the team where is my favourite non striker, on strike? Na na na na na na na Giroooooo

  2. Mr. Ranieri has always seemed to be an honourable and decent man. Mr. Wenger’s admiration for him speaks volumes.

    This must be at the root of the Odious One’s resentment of our manager, who has spoken the simple truth about where the credit is due for building Chelsea” successful team.

  3. It’s nice to read two admirable managers giving each other a bit of credit. It shows up Mourinho’s sour comments even more. That won’t stop the press from repeating them, though, probably with headlines. What are they trying to do, train people to always go for the negative?

  4. Tony

    Enjoy game, and when you get back have a listen to this.

    An unpleasant minute for sure, but as your policy seem to be to try keep track of the worst crap spoken about us I think it’s worth a listen.

    Weirdly, it took me this long to fully realise what an unusual thing Mourinho is up to : no matter how much managers dislike one another, I believe it is unprecedented for one to try suggest another should be sacked, or have been sacked long ago.

    You could say aside from Mourinho, Wenger is the next closest to doing it- the implication from him is that Mourinho is so singularly awful that the game would obviously be better without him- but I’d say that’s a bit of a stretch.

    Mourinho is doing it,though. He is saying only some sort of black magic or sinister force has kept foolish people from seeing things as they are and kept Wenger in his job. He’s just flat out despicable old Mou.

    As for Henry Winter… wow. Hated that guy a lot already but have to reclassify him now.

  5. Yes I did leave out Giroud – but not on purpose. Really sorry. With so much happening this morning and trying to meet up with everyone at the right time in the right place I didn’t double check.

    Mind you, I don’t normally double check, so no change there.

    Sorry – put Giroud on the bench.

  6. Offtopic:
    One thing i have been meaning to compliment Untold on for a long time is the menu on the right. Simple and effective.

    I hate those sites where you have to scroll down miles of page, and if you are not scrolling, the page refresh interrupts your reading all the time.

    Having once programmed web pages, (in another life) i could not even understand the dislike of frames. They were so cool.

    Cant see Dean being banned really. Two few refs for that.
    I have suggested many times that there should be a ref league, where they get demoted/promoted(bottom 3 PL down, top three in championship up) like the teams, based on performance.

  7. If you are not going to the game and have some time to spare there is a new article on the history site covering the summer of 1913 – the year Arsenal moved to north London.

    A gathering together of facts that I don’t think has been done before quite like this.

  8. And para, thank you for the compliment. Design is absolutely not what I can do, nor IT. So that compliment means a lot

  9. I can’t see Dean getting any punishment, because it would make him reffing any top level game ever again , untenable….

    Flamini’s performance midweek actually has made me chill a little about the DM situation….

    Until Coqs emergence last half of last season , flamini had to me become a liability. AlWAYS getting booked, seemed off the pace….

    BUT he is only 31 (actually thought he was a little older), maybe just maybe if he gets his head right he could be enough to deputise for Coq….

    Who on here would prefer to see flamini as regular back up to Coq rather than Arteta?

    I certainly would, Arteta hasn’t looked good since coming back, and for a while before….

    If flamini comes in and does a good job then i am happy to admit that i was wrong but lets see….

    I wonder, with Coq out today how flamini or arteta will cope playing 2 games in 3 days.?

    Surely flamini is quicker than Arte? 31 is actually a very acceptable age for a deep lying mid

  10. Rich
    September 26, 2015 at 11:28 am
    I just listened to the clip. Henry Winter is part of the corrupt clan. These non entities have positions because of their pallet for arseholes. Jose is the one that is infatuated by Wengers honesty & class. Winter is too. Winter has an anti French agenda. Jose has an anti competition agenda. He hates Wengers success because he cannot see how a manager can survive despite Winter’s cronies in PGMO handicapping Arsenal for so many years. That combined with his agent cronies that pulled as many Arsenal players for financial greed & supplied Manchester & Barcelona.

    There is a wonderful tide slowly rolling in on the corrupt. It will answer Jose & Winter who incidentally might be sharing a room at Her Majestys pleasure.

  11. MadeToLoveMagic
    September 26, 2015 at 12:04 pm
    Sorry I disagree with a lot of your comment. Dean & Riley are both in untenable positions. They are bouyed by corrupt media & FA.

    Flamini scored, so if anything he should have satisfied the ‘striker’ agenda rather than DM.

    However, Arsenal do not play positional teams. The system is territorial – rather like the man marking / zonal defending of corners. Problem is the media & several pundits wouldn’t have a clue of Wengers system. The basics of the system is let the ball do the work & pass the ball to move the opponent until the ball can be passed into the goal. The players move into territory to create space for team mates in the opponents positions. The media call it tiki taka or wanting to score the perfect goal or anything that will frustrate the aaa into being anit Wenger. Observe, with patience, & you will understand what I’m alluding to. Arsenal play beautiful football providing the officials are honest & the opponent understand the Laws (sadly the Laws are not understood by most).

  12. MadeToLoveMagic. September 26, 2015 at 12:04 pm,

    Maybe now you have jinxed it. Arteta scoring our winning goal today at King Power stadium. Why can’t we just leave the coaching and management of our players to AW while we support whichever 11 he put out there on the pitch each time.

    Let’s beat the unbeaten Leicester.


  13. 100,000 people signing a petition alongside the transparent bungle witnessed by all last week is what makes Mike Dean’s position untenable.

    That’s why there’s been so much media in defence of Costa and Gollum. Apprently Kurt Zouma didnt meant to describe his teammate as a cheat – that was a headline from a rag owned by an oligarch which came as a surprise to me I can tell you!

    And there in the City you see an offside error by a pgMOB representative in afavour of a petro club. *coughs, Ramsey Liverpool coughs*
    Any one who watches football and any other sport that used reply can’t really defend this set up. But the 24/7 football hacks as witnessed this week, they will try.
    Thank the football gods for the use of goal line tech during the week.

  14. MaureenO bought a few very good players (like Essien) to ‘crown’ the very good team that the tinkerman had assembled.

    I guess the Guardian used a psychic in the summer so they knew Danny W would be injured.

    Hopefully a quick front line including Alexis, Theo and Ox will cause their ‘flanker’ Huth (from his Stoke RFC days) to give away 6 or 7 penalties (with the ref actually noticing one or two of them!).

  15. Poor officiating isn’t reserved solely for Arsenal games. Half time at Spuds 1-1 neither goal should have stood, players offside for both. Each assistant ref at fault. Only difference is that in this game so far it does “even out”.

  16. @Andy Mack – I wouldn’t put any money on an Arsenal penalty, they are usually missed by Pawson.

  17. Watching the Tots v Man City – City goal was good though the ex PGMO Webb says it was offside. I didn’t think it was. The Tots offside was more than 5 feet offside. No call for Webb to comment. The PGMO books DeMichelis for complaining after the halftime whistle about the selective vision that is being used. Like Wenger says ‘it is the calls on the pitch that matter’. The FA & PGMO get away with cheating good football.

  18. Fair play to BT for exposing the obvious mistakes in the games and getting
    a respected Refs analysis maybe the Fa will now start to take notice ,

  19. Thanks Tony, for this post. I wouldn’t want us to preempt the English Parliament on Dean. If he gets his just recompense for his many misdeeds, which I believe he should, it will send a definite signal to other misbehaving refs. They will pick the definite hint that you can only push your luck so far. Mean while we all await the response of the appropriate authorities on Dean’s fate, let’s go whoop some arse!

  20. Andrew – the first goal- Assistant was a yard behind the last defender so he doesn’t see the inches, because his line of vision shows defender in line between goal & attacker. The second is just PGMO at its normal.

  21. I am now sure that the PGMO have an anti Man City agenda. Far to many fouls being allowed without cards. Same happened against West Ham including some reds for deliberate leg breakers.

  22. Kane looked offside for the Spuds third goal. City were awful.

    COYG three points needed this afternoon. How about a Flaming hat-trick!

  23. Leicester wheels to fall off today think pressure will start to tell predict their first loss of the season and Arsenal’s best performance yet !

  24. Wow, all of a sudden this Man City team is not going to win anything this season?

    After 5 games, they’ll win everything

    After 2 games, they’ll win nothing

    Gotta love the pundits and their ability to predict the future!

  25. I am glad to learnt that our signed petition to have Mike Dean banned from officiating in any game that involved Arsenal FC, is now above 100,000 signatures. We may have our case debated in the House of Parliament to our favour. The Boss should have concluded his starts and bench for the Leicester game by now. But let me restate my updated starts & bench that I earlier revealed on, which I think the Boss should start for our today’s away game to Leicester. Starts: Cech. BellerinRhino’KoscielnyMonreal. CazorlaFlamini. RamseyOzilSanchez. Walcott. Bench: OspinaGibbsDebuchyChambersArtetaOxladeGiroud. I am going to check the Boss’ starts & bench now to see how far I’ve tallied with that of the Boss’ selections. I am reading Tottenham 4-1 Man City on the BBC Live Scores – Football, at 13:26 pm.

  26. According to some BBC muppet, Martial is down injured after Lee Cattermole did him. The muppet seems to be saying he thinks Martial is faking injury.

  27. I’m not able to watch this and am relying on BBC updates, but there was a suggestion that Arteta fouled a City player (not given) before we countered and Sanchez scored.
    Any views?

  28. get in theeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee!!!! ( that 1-3 to the Arsenal).
    Sanchez. Great psas from Özil!

  29. @serge….it wasn’t a foul. Just that two players tangled. Both players advance to the ball was halted a little…

  30. Something a little different in the WHam game. 🙂

    > 55: Sad news. A pigeon looks to be in a bit of trouble in midfield. Howson picks up the bird and takes it to the safety of the East Stand

    I don’t see who caused the problem for the pigeon.

    Come on you gunners!

  31. Come on Villa, tie that game against the pudlians.

    Alexis, today would be a good day for a hat trick. Walcott, you want another brace, don’t you?

    Come on you gunners!

  32. Crowley off the bench for Barnsley at 71min, with Barnsley leading 2-0 at home. Come on Dan, get or assist a goal for Barnsley.

    Come on you gunners!

  33. Now 2 – 5.
    The rumors of Arsenal’s death, to quote mark Twain, have been exaggerated. I had expected a tough game from the high flying Leicester but it becomes the day Sanchez found his scoring boot. Arteta was poor though.

  34. Good work gunners! Congratulations on your first hat trick for the gunners, Alexis!

    Crowley picked up a yellow just before extra time started at Barnsley.

    Still no idea how the pigeon got hit.

    Canada seemed to have a good game against Italy, but still lost in RWC.

  35. what a game of football. both side doing their best to win the game witha good football 😀 absolutely enjoyed it!!!

  36. From what I saw on my stream (more like whitewater), I thought Vardy should have been off for his shoulder barge on Koscelny making him trip over Cech. The rest was difficult to see but the third Alexis goal was something to behold. Looking forward to see what the plundits make of this result (once again despite PGMO).

  37. A great win, some excellent goals and some very exciting play – and a very valuable three points.

    We were not quite as tight at the back as I would like, but we were really brilliant going forward.

    Well done the team!

  38. And we had 26 shots… Ie shooting accuracy of 46% now…

    These stats are potentially league winning stats….

    Come on gunners clinical…. More clinical finishing please…

  39. Congratulations Arsenal.

    You know we need to buy a wc striker because…well Sanchez, Walcot and Giroud sure know where the post is.

    PGMO will destroy game of football in England if nothing is done about it.

    Many wrong call in today’s matches. They should be proud of themselves now that manure tops the table.


  40. Well done lads. Was losing too many balls in 1st half, but second half played well.
    The goals are starting to come, the goals are starting to come: (sing to any tune you like 🙂 )

    And our record is intact. 🙂

  41. Great match Gunners! The late second goal seemed to be due to a bit of fatigue. Understandable considering the pace of the game. Theo, tremendous shift. Mert the picture of composure at the back. Cech, terrific again. Arteta held his own against a very pacey side. Who says he can’t deputise for Coq? And the best thing of all? None of us are talking about the referee. For the most part he let them play. It was a FOOTBALL MATCH for a change! Up the Arsenal!

  42. Something like 42 shots from the two teams, 18 or 19 on target. Can’t wait to watch on Arsenal Player tomorrow, listened to their radio commentary. Well done to both teams! Especial praise to our beleaguered strike force who each showed that they do know how to score and a new name on the hat-trick board inside the ground.

    Now for Olympiacos on Tuesday – U19s kick off at 14:00 at Borehamwood, then on to the Emirates for the main event. Looking for two good wins.


  43. To add to Andrew’s post, the ladies kick off in about 40 minutes. They are away to Sunderland.

    Starting XI: Van Veenendaal, Scott, Stoney, Losada, Natalia, Nobbs, Carter, Ubogagu, Williamson, Rose, Janssen

    Subs: Byrne, Sampson, Yankey, Humphrey, Corredera, Wubben-Moy, Bailey

    I would say 3 good wins. 🙂

  44. The only news I see about Flamini, is some medja muppet taking a dig at Arsenal for not buying a DM in the transfer window.

  45. BBC’s gossip page leads with:

    Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville believes a north-south divide is developing in English football which reflects a drift in economic power towards London. (Daily Telegraph)

    I really don’t know what drugs this Neville is currently on, but it is very warped thinking. He (and many others, like 😈 Mike Riley, had absolutely no problems when the north was ruling everything. The divide has been there a long time. What may be happening is the south is starting to win more than the north thinks they should.

  46. It is just not PGMO! The toon are playing so well & chavs are fouling & getting booked!!!

    What has happened to the specialist?

  47. This New-Che match is enough proof to show that the BullyBoys do not deserve to win Arsenal. So loving the game. More please Toons .

  48. I don’t read any Gary ‘hacker’ Neville articles/interviews but it does seem odd to me that he’s talking about a north/south divide with 2 Manchester clubs at the top of the league…… very odd.

  49. Atkinson sees the Ramires ‘take out’ of the toon sub, plays advantage. No card – No RED card!!

  50. Played an extra 8 minutes for 4 minutes of extra time. MaureenO has inherited ‘Fergie Time’.

  51. Toon may look like zebras but the PGMO are cheating foxes. Very clever with how they tilt the field of play.

  52. I have to say that a draw with the toon is probably a slightly better result than a toon win. That really would shock the Chav players so much they may start playing properly again. Hopefully a draw will keep them in the “we didn’t lose so it’s not a catastrophe” mode.

  53. Menace

    The BBC thinks they were having coffee or something:

    Newcastle substitute Siem de Jong is down after a coming together with Ramires.

    I guess the BBC must be observing the game through Atkinson’s eyes?

  54. How can a 4 minute extra time extend to 8 minute? PGMOL are bunch of rouges. They just want Chelsea to win.

  55. Newcastle should start a petition that Atkinson should not be in charge of any more of their matches! 🙂

    The next step would be a combined petition – Riley must go! 🙂

  56. Relief! it ends 2 – 2.
    “The special one” wasn’t looking so special.
    Nor was the happy one looking happy.
    All the pundits predicted a Chelsea win so,
    There were enough eggs to go round for the faces.
    7 games, 8 points to Chelsea; team in 15th position –
    a strange place for Chelsea and Mounrinho to be –

    No Costa for 2 more games. Arsenal may have just contrived to
    turn Chelsea’s victory at Stamford Bridge into a Pyrrhic one.

  57. @Tony -‘Alexis Sanchez has had 31 attempts on goal this season but is yet to score. We all know he will eventually and when he does the gates of paradise will open (or something like that).’

    Perfectly respond by Alexis.

  58. Just watched the post match interview by the Odious One – he does not “approve” of Atkinson – a bit unbelievable but he claimed Atkinson stopped the game too often & spent too much time talking to the players!! No doubt Golum is now the all time favourite of the Odious One!

    Off topic – I find the Like/Dislike click system doesn’t always work – anyone else find this?

  59. Congratulations to bride, groom and family!

    Unrelated to the wedding, but news for you and your wife (maybe).

    When I was out at the farm this last time, the CBC (Canada’s BBC) had a story about a woman from Newfoundland who got Lyme disease, and was in medical school while still trying to figure out what was going on. She is graduated, and is now working at a lab in Connecticut that specialises in lyme disease.

  60. Good news on the Petition, need to keep up the focus on it to put pressure on FA.
    Great result for the boys and a little bit of justice today with Chelsea not winning. Need Southampton to win in next game and one can happily say justice has been truly half been delivered with Costa’s 2 PL ban and the FA did not get away with the fast one they pulled on all the Arsenal fans.

    Costa got a 3 match ban on Tuesday, while Gabriel’s red card was rescinded for a 3 match ban on the same Tuesday. The question which has not been asked and answered is why the delay on the decision on the misconduct charge given to Gabriel?

    The delay could only have been to make sure Gabriel missed 1 PL game (Leicester City – with their speedy players against slow – Per Mertesacker) and Costa is only missing 2 PL (Newcastle & Southampton) games as both player were unlikely to play in the mid-week cup games.

  61. @bjtgooner
    I occasionally get that same issue with the like/dislike click system, only on my Android Tablet and the culptrit for me is the webpage hasn’t fully loaded, or glitched. A refresh usually sorts it.

    Up the Gunners!!

  62. I cleared down the Firefox history – that seems to have re-enabled the like/dislike click system.

  63. Thanks Andrew for the Ladies update.

    Earlier, I mentioned that Crowley got a yellow just before extra time in his game. We had a few young gunners playing in the Championship.

    Toral started for Birmingham, played 62min. Shot 2, foul 2, assist 1
    Wellington started for Bolton, played 71min. Fouled 3 (1 was yellow), shot 2, assist 1
    Akpom started and played the 90 for Hull. Shot 4
    Hayden spent the entire game on the bench for Hull.
    Maitland-Niles started and played 71min for Ipswich. Foul 2, fouled 1 (1 yellow), assist 2, shot 1
    Martinez played the 90 for Wolves, with their opposition having 2 men dismissed (one a straight red). He faced 8 shots, of which 2 were on target. Opposition goal was at 9min.

  64. A few in the media have been making a joke about the canary that saved the pigeon today. One media person thinks all pigeons are filthy, and that the bird should only have been handled with a shovel.

    In terms of canary saving a pigeon, I seen a show about game wardens where a herring saved a seagull, yes a game warden with a surname of Herring.

    And I think seagulls are much filthier than pigeons.

  65. CaughtOffisde is presenting:

    But it was Infostrada Sports that noticed that Sanchez’s hat trick wasn’t only his first since joining Arsenal in 2014, it was the first time that a single player had scored a hat trick in all three of UEFA’s biggest leagues:

    Alexis Sanchez is the FIRST player to score a HAT-TRICK in England, Spain and Italy’s top flight leagues. @Arsenal

    — Infostrada Sports (@InfostradaLive) September 26, 2015

    There is at least one other record mentioned in the article.

  66. Just a dumb trial message, to see how deeply one can nest the blockquotes (like I used above with Alexis’ record).





















    And I think that is probably enough. Sorry for the interruption.

  67. Gord – thanks for the info & updates.

    The FA are the most ridiculous idiots in sport. A 1 match ban for Gabriel, when it should have been rescinded because he was being sent off wrongly. The fact that he pleaded guilty was a sign that he has integrity. More integrity than the FA.

    The FA needs to be replaced by an annually elected board to run football. The current lot are just ignorant & arrogant beyond common sense.

  68. Menace

    Here in Canada, we are being exposed to the longest election campaign in our history (nominally this election will cost each taxpayer twice as much as they normally do). All because our Prime Minister thinks this was his best chance of getting re-elected. Participation rates in elections have been going down, and participation with new (mostly young) voters is too low.

    Running a football association isn’t quite as important as running a country (the septic one would disagree). Maybe we could experiment?

    Let’s find a way to measure all the things any person elected to the “board” does. We will assume that normally, each board member can potentially do many (more than 100) things during the course of their term (1 year). To make things easier, we will assign a value of -1, 0 or +1 to each decision/action they took. A value of -1 is assigned to decisions or actions on the part of that individual that were not useful to the long term objectives of the FA, +1 is assigned to decisions/actions that were useful, and 0 otherwise.

    People miss meetings, have conflicts of interest, and what not. So, we can’t expect all members of the board to participate in the same number of decisions/actions. There is no point having a person onboard, who doesn’t participate. As a first pass, those people below the 33.3 percentile level are to be replaced (or do we use 25 percentile?).

    Of the people still remaining, we total up the -1/0/+1 for actions. Again, I am assuming 33.3 percentile, which might be too aggressive, but the bottom of this classification step are more often than not doing things which are contrary to the long term goals of the FA. All the people above 33.3 percentile, are accepted by “acclimation” and only the remainder participate in the election process (or maybe they cannot participate in the election process, or maybe they get a finite number of tries).

    But the idea is to keep the people who are active and do good work, and not put them out to pasture until they start to perform contrary to desires.

  69. The -1/0/+1 scoring.

    All of these boards at some level, spend money. In the case of a football association, a first guess would be that allocating money to build a football pitch is in the long term interests of the FA.

    A board member presenting a motion to vote on on such a project is doing something useful, and gets +1. People that abstain from voting on the motion due to conflicts of interest, get a -1.

    A board member that presents a motion to increase the pay board members receive for being on the board, is doing something non-useful, and gets -1. People that vote for the pay increase, get -1.

    That last one has to be taken in context, they are expected to be scored on a large number of decisions/action over the year. If the only thing they have done during the year, catches that rule; they are of no use and should be turfed.

    Hence, if remuneration is expected, there is a mechanism to increase it. People who do little to help the FA and are only interested in seeing their remuneration increased, will not find it useful to do that sort of thing. People active in the FA and doing lots of positive things for the FA, will not suffer from the minimal negative points this kind of activity suggests.

  70. I need to go do some more packing, especially since I have a software update going in the background.

    Somewhere, I commented on the image which showed Bellerin being tackled in a bad way, in his debut game.

    The picture itself was an anchor, that could be visited by clicking on the link. As I understand things, members of will see the larger version of the picture, and possibly have an opportunity to buy a copy of the large format image. If you aren’t a member of, maybe you get an invitation to join, or maybe you get the black bear at night image with a red border.

    I am not a member of, in large part because I don’t run Windows or Apple. I am a nerd, and I run Linux. I suppose I could be a super-nerd and run *BSD or an ultra-nerd and run Plan 9 (or Inferno).

    But these pictures from Arsenal’s archive could be more. Some of the pictures are still images from a camera, and some are frames from a video stream (I would imagine).

    For pictures taken from a game (or training), there is potentially a lot of metadata associated with the data. Some of this metadata may be deemed proprietary. But for what isn’t, maybe instead of bringing up the “big image” when clicking on the image, a person is presented with an intermediate page which presents the “public metadata”? And sure, if they click on that image, they can get what happens now.

    The intermediate page tells you what time the image was taken (GMT/UT), if the picture is during a game, at what time with respect to beginning, beginning of second half, …. The intermediate page identifies all the players in the image. It gives you the weather data for that time (temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed for the stadium). It gives you the location of the player (to a resolution of centimeters). Maybe it gives you the location of the camera (to similar resolution).

    If the image is part of a foul, was the foul called or not? What action did the referee take (free kick, card, advantage, …)?

    If the image is part of a video stream, maybe there is a link to one (or more) videos which present some part of the video stream containing that frame.

    The metadata could be much more. If the image comes from a foul, how many fouls have been called before this one. Was a card issued? How many times has the recipient been fouled before this in the game? Did any of those previous fouls result in action (cards) by the referee? Which? For the person committing the foul, how many times have they fouled before this incident in the game? Did they receive a card for any of these previous fouls?

    This is too long. But you can see that there is a lot of room for Arsenal to give the fan much more information about the images they present on the web page.

  71. Mourinhio slagging Wenger again for not being under pressure does not realizes why Wenger is not under pressure.

    Wenger develop players Maureen buys players.
    Wengers teams play attractive football for the crowd and sometimes lose.Maureen park the bus to win.

    Infact Wenger brings honour to the club. Mourinhio brings shame to all aspects of the club.

    Moriniho is jealous of the power Wenger enjoys at the club as he got sack twice at Chelski and Madrid.

    Another sack coming hopefully this year.

    What a disgrace…….

  72. Rosicky@Arsenal -I love your line ‘Wenger brings honour to the club. Mourinhio brings shame to all aspects of the club.’

    It sums up the difference.

  73. Gord – a board will make decisions that will be implemented by staff over a period of time exceeding the life of the board. What it does do is ensure no time for financial abuse?
    Doesn’t mean total security but better than the septic situation.

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