Leicester – Arsenal: 2-5, this is what you get when two teams want to play the beautiful game

With most of us being out and about over the weekend we didn’t publish our normal post-match summary of the game.  But it was such a fine and exciting match it would be a great shame for it not to be recorded on Untold.  So here it is… just to remind you how breathless it all was.  And if I had thought of it, I would have made a sound recording from the away support end, just to add to the feeling of it all. – Tony


By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal with the first big chance as Santi has a shot at goal but a Leicester defender can clear on the line. Arsenal with most of the ball in the opening minutes but Leicester tries to attack when they can. A shot from the left hand side is saved by Cech and seconds later as Leicester regain the ball Vardy has a shot that touches the leg of Mertesacker and hobbles on against the post.

When Ramsey was denied in the Leicester penalty area Leicester start a counter attack and Vardy cuts in from the left hand side and finishes in the far corner. 1-0 to Leicester after 11 minutes.

Alexis plays in Walcott but Schmeichel can smother the shot and clear for a corner. Not a minute later Santi with a shot but again Schmeichel with a stop. During the replay Cech has to be quick out of his goal area to stop a Leicester corner and a bit later Vardy has a header and hits the crossbar. Arsenal start an attack and Alexis with a perfect pass to Walcott who makes no mistake and finishes it in the far corner with his left foot. GOAL!!!!! for The Arsenal 1-1 after 18 minutes. What a breathtaking first 18 minutes so far.

Too breathtaking for Flamini who comes off with a hamstring injury and Arteta takes his place after 20 minutes. The match then goes to a bit of a more slower rhythm for a while. Just before the half hour Theo escapes but Ramsey’s shot is blocked. Arsenal slowly having the match firm in their hands again. Leicester claim a foul from Koscielny on Vardy but Koscielny cleanly plays the ball to Cech with a sliding and then Vardy who was running in the back of Koscielny just runs in to the back of Koscielny who was on the floor. How on earth can that be a foul from Koscielny.

Arsenal start an attack and Bellerin runs with the ball and puts in a low cross, Theo cannot reach the ball but it goes further to the second post where Alexis just has to put his foot behind the ball to score. GOAL!!!! for The Arsenal and 1-2 after 33 minutes for The Arsenal. Alexis scores his first goal of the season! And Özil with a great pre-assist.

Some Leicester players eager to win fouls (which the ref gave for clear dives) and claiming a penalty when Okazaki ran in to Mertesacker. He couldn’t really disappear in thin air our big friendly German.(In case of children reading) De Laet with a vital blok on Walcott when he almost was away on the left flank to cut out the shot from Theo. Leicester trying to play in some crosses but Per and Kos and Monreal cut out any possible danger coming from it. Ref calls a handball from Alexis when Hutt seems to have tripped him and the ball ended up against his chest in fact.   At half time Arsenal lead 1-2.

No changes for Arsenal at the start of the second half. And Arsenal tries to take the game in hand from the whistle. Theo at the start of an attack, ball goes to Özil on the left who cuts back to Alexis but a defender with a good blocking tackle who can take the sting out of the attempt of Alexis and Leicester can clear. A bit later Theo to Alexis who after some dribbling sees his shot being touched and it ends up just over the crossbar. Leicester also trying their best to attack when they can so at times a really open match. Theo with some great runs and linking with his teammates, a header from Alexis hits De Laet and goes out to a corner.

After another nice attack from Arsenal the ball ends up in the feet of Özil just outside the Leicester penalty area, one look, one touch, one cross and Alexis beats Schmeichel to the ball GOAL!!!!! 1-3 to the Arsenal after 57 minutes. A second goal for Alexis this season and in this match.

Lovely play from Özil, Santi and Theo but the latter his shot went wide. Amazing one touch football. Vardy with a needless push on Koscielny almost injures the Frenchman as he almost collided with Cech. Özil with a shot after Ramsey plays him in but De Laet with a last second block on the shot. Walcott with a run from the left but Schmeichel with a save on the low shot. Arteta gets a yellow card for a deliberate handball on the halfway line.

The game again very lively with both teams trying to add to the score. Arsenal getting in some more shots than Leicester. Ramsey twice with a shot and the second is taken away from goal by Theo by accident. And a bit later a shot from Özil is stopped by a defender this time. After 76 minutes Ramsey is taken off and Oxlade-Chamberlain comes on. Bellerin showing his pace against Vardy to stop the latter from getting dangerous. Just as Monreal, Bellerin has a great match so far. Giroud then comes on after 79 minutes and Walcott who had a great and lively match and scored the first goal, goes off.

And just after that Alexis in some space after a throw in from Monreal, rounds his man and has a great shot from outside the penalty area .. GOAL!!!!! 1-4 to the Arsenal! A cracking shot from Alexis who not only started scoring in this match but decided to celebrate it with a hattrick. His first for Arsenal and he now is the first player to have scored a hattrick in Italian, Spanish and English football.

Cech then with a save against Vardy when most Arsenal players were looking in the direction of Alexis who seemed to have twisted his ankle. Cech then again with a fine save as Arsenal seemed to switch off completely (and some players did actually) but luckily Cech not one of them with a good fist to clear a dangerous situation. Leicester trying to score a second goal but Cech and a bad placed header prevent them getting one for the moment. Arsenal not really bothered at scoring another at the moment. But with two minutes from the end Cech first can make a great save, the ball ends up in front of the feet of Vardy who finds the far corner and score his and Leicester’s second goal. 2-4 after 89 minutes.

Arsenal woken up by that goal and Özil has a shot but Schmeichel saves. Cazorla with a low cross to Giroud but the Frenchman cannot make contact with the ball. Schmeichel just quick enough out of his goal to stop Alexis but in the third minute of extra time Giroud does what he was brought on for. Monreal with a low cross to the middle and Giroud with a good low finish as well. GOAL!!!! 2-5 to The Arsenal in extra time.

A good win for Arsenal against a team that was unbeaten for 17 matches up to this moment and thus unbeaten in the league so far. Alexis back to scoring ways and even with a hattrick. The other two strikers (Walcott and Giroud) also on the score sheet.

Great result, great win and a great match of football between two teams willing to play football as it should be played!


Anniversaries from games gone by

  • 28 September 1985: David Rocastle debut in 0-0 draw with Newcastle.  He went on to make 13 starts in his first season.  Also here
  • 28 September 1991.  Southampton 0 Arsenal 4.  Ian Wright scored both his first league goal and his first hat trick for Arsenal and went on to score 24 goals in 30 games in his first Arsenal season.







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  1. Great result and the last unbeaten rcord in the league falls to the good guns.

    As I have said, I cannot understand why people refuse to accept that Sanchez is a striker. He became the first player to score hat-tricks in the top divisions in England, Spain and Italy, you don’t do that unless you can score goals. Who are these people? Good to see him bang in three, great confidence booster. Theo had a good game and bagged another. Giroud too came on late and finished well.

    I notice some fans have already labelled Leicester as minnows and an eay win. For teh record, this is isnulting. Leicester are a strong team and deserve credit for the reuslts they have achieved. At home they are tough opposition. Any sane person who follows football should know football is unpredictacble, especially in the Premier League. Any team can beat any other.

    This was agreat result and it was important the lads gained some confidence after all the criticism they receive.

    With 11 players on the pitch we are a match for anyone. Had we been 11 v 10 against Cheslea, as the FA agree we should have been, we may be sitting top this morning.

    Fine margins.

  2. *insulting.

    Roll on Tuesday night I have a feeling the boys are starting to get in their rhythm.

  3. This is the last complete one I should be able to do for a while.

    Saturday 3 October 2015
    K.O. _MATCHES _ _ _ _ REFEREE _ _ _ _ ASST. REF. 1 _ _ASST. REF. 2 _ _4TH OFFICIAL
    12:45 Crystal Palace v West Brom Jonathan Moss _ _A Halliday _A Holmes _ _ A Taylor
    15:00 Aston Villa v Stoke _ _ _ _Mike Jones _ _ _ H Lennard _ M Wilkes _ _ M Dean
    15:00 Bournemouth v Watford _ _ _Michael Oliver _ G Beswick _ S Burt _ _ _ T Robinson
    15:00 Man City v Newcastle _ _ _ Kevin Friend _ _ P Kirkup _ _C Hatzidakis K Wright
    15:00 Norwich v Leicester _ _ _ _Mark Clattenburg S Long _ _ _R West _ _ _ M Heywood
    15:00 Sunderland v West Ham _ _ _Neil Swarbrick _ S Ledger _ _E Smart _ _ _C Pawson
    17:30 Chelsea v Southampton _ _ _Robert Madley _ _M McDonough M Perry _ _ _R East
    Sunday 4 October 2015
    K.O. _ _MATCHES _ _ _ _ REFEREE _ _ _ _ ASST. REF. 1 _ _ASST. REF. 2 _ _4TH OFFICIAL
    13:30 Everton v Liverpool _ _ _ _Martin Atkinson _M Mullarkey S Child _ _ _C Pawson
    16:00 Arsenal v Man Utd _ _ _ _ _Anthony Taylor _ J Brooks _ _L Betts _ _ _R East
    16:00 Swansea v Spurs _ _ _ _ _ _Mike Dean _ _ _ _D Bryan _ _ D Cann _ _ _ I Williamson

    Dean gets Spuds. Are some of the assistants new?

  4. And see that Mike Dean has a game too. I think PGMO are very clearly stating that they are happy with his performance at Stamford Bridge. Surreal.

  5. Hahahahaha! I am so ashamed about the 100% predictability of referees for arsenal games.

    Someone predicted we will have either of the two most incompetent men with a whistle after Mike Bean (A.Taylor or Atkison) and lo and behold we have Antony Villa.

    This is becoming a joke. I hope the Emirates becomes very hot for him if he wants to “mike dean” us or tries to “Aston Villa” us.

  6. Good article about a fine match. Yeah, who says we can’t go on a run ? Why can’t we? If Leicester can go on an unbeaten run this season, then why can’t we? Imagine us going 17 games unbeaten, with 12 wins minimum! Why not?

    If we do not beat the so called ‘weaker teams’, then who do we beat? I think, for some strange reasons, that this team has a thing or two up their sleeves. I will say it again, not because of the visit to Kings Power Stadium on Saturday, but because I believe, that AFC will be a very strong contender for the EPL title this season. They have the team, the experience, the manager, and the strength in depth to do it.

  7. On paper, the appointment of Taylor as referee for Sunday’s encounter with Man Utd, was met by many Emirates faithful with a crestfallen look.
    Last season’s shambles against Aston Villa is still remembered with disgust.
    However, I felt that most of last term’s refereeing was fractionally not as anti-Arsenal compared to previous years.
    Accordingly, I’m going to give Taylor the opportunity on Sunday to officiate without fear or favour.
    In my naïve way I keep recalling the brave refereeing in the Newcastle game a few weeks ago and hope for a repetition. 😉

  8. soglorious.
    Did you really expect Mike ’50th game’ Riley to do us a favour?

    He appoints a referee from MANCHESTER to referee our game at the Emirates. You couldn’t make it up. They are laughing at us. Porbably travelling down on the Manchester United coach!

    Mind you, there is not ONE SINGLE referee from the South on the PL list, apart from 2 out in the far South West of the country. So fat chance we will ever get a break with all the Premier League referees from the North and in particular Liverpool and Manchester. It’s incredible really. 30% of all referees are from the Manchester/Liverpool North West region:

    Anthony Taylor – Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester (8 miles Manchester)
    Mike Jones – Chester (30 miles Manchester/20 miles Liverpool)
    Lee Mason – Bolton, Greater Manchester (14 miles Manchester)
    Neil Swarbrick – Preston, Lancashire (30 miles Manchester/Liverpool)
    Mike Dean – Heswall, Wirrel, Merseyside (10 miles Liverpool/45 miles Manchester)

    Mark Clattenburg – Durham
    Michael Oliver – Northumberland

    Martin Atkinson – W. Yorkshire
    Robert madely – W. Yorkshire
    Johnathon Moss – W. Yorkshire
    Craig Pawson – S. Yorkshire

    Phil Dowd – Stafforshire
    Kevin Friend – Leicestershire
    Andre Mariner – W. Midlands
    Graham Scott – Oxfordshire

    Lee Probert – Wiltshire
    Roger East – Wiltshire

    Oh, lets not forget Mike Riley is also form Yorkshire.


  9. Interesting news for those who follow football stats: the CIES Football Observatory has just released the list of the best players at each position in the top 5 European leagues, and the Gunners are exceedingly high in the Premier League. A brief recap of their methodology is that they analyze the performance of every player who has been on the pitch at least 60% of the total minutes according to 6 indicators (rigour, recovery, distribution, take on, chance creation and shooting). Best player is always a 100, others graded on that curve.

    Koscielny best CB (by a mile, the next player is at 77.8), Nacho 2nd best FB with a great 97.2 (Bellerin is 12th with 66.9, and of note is Carl Jenkinson 14th with 64.3). When it comes to midfielders, Santi best DM by a mile too (Coquelin 3rd with 59.5, Ramsey 7th with 43.1), AND Özil best AM. Where things could get better, as we all know, is when it comes to forwards, where Walcott is 10th with 50.6 and Alexis 11th with 48.9.

    Despite the inherent limits to this evaluation, it corroborates the general impression left by the team these last weeks, which is that except for the disastrous first game, Arsenal have been playing quite well, with a few stand-out performers (the inevitable Koscielny gets his dues, but when will the media learn to recognize Özil´s incredible play?). http://www.football-observatory.com/Best-players

  10. Just a precision, I should have said that this list evaluates players since the beginning of the season.

  11. Nicky.

    I take your point.

    But for me employing a referee from Manchester to officiate a Manchester Utd v Arsenal game creates an unneccesary problem. After the Mike Dean fiasco, you would have expected Mike Riley and his mob to apply some common sense. If Arsenal get stitched up again Sunday, I think the proverbial could hit the fan. This is a daft appointment, whichever way you look at it.

  12. Proudkev,
    I wasn’t aware that Taylor originated from Manchester and one can only hope that he favours City rather than the noisy United.
    On a more serious note, the birthplace of good referees should not be factor in the performance of their duties. 😉

  13. Taylor was also the ref at Stoke last season when he allowed Adam to try to rip Alexis his head from his body with no red card, Crouch could karate hit, stamp and wrestle Chambers who when we came back at Stoke after scoring 2 goals in quick succession was send of for…. well nothing….

    Oh, no this stinks…

  14. Taylor….now there is a real earth shaking surprise. They aren’t even subtle. Let’s see what happens, but if it as many of us on here will suspect, you just have to wonder how much the club are going to put up with.
    As someone who wonders if the club keeping quiet means they don’t go too far to stop us getting third or fourth, I wonder if refenge from the Dean fiasco means they will go even further on us.
    I really hope FIF is wrong, and the club have their eyes open to what’s going on.
    If Taylor is anything other than even handed, I hope the crowd tell the world what he is, as with the petition.
    Just get the feeling Riley is fuming with us.

  15. I think we need to start a petition asking the feds (fbi) to investigate the pgmob. Of course that is unlikely to ever happen but this is beyond ridiculous now.

  16. My referee preview may be quite short again this week – he is bound to screw us. Dean made nine incorrect Important Decisions (naturally all against us) in the Chelsea game. I can’t see Taylor having the guts to make that many on Sunday, we’ll have to see.

  17. Taylor is from Manchester…but conveniently claims to support non league Altrincham.
    Whoever he supports, we all know that to ensure he keeps his FIFA badge, he will support anyone Riley tells him to support.

  18. nicky,mas you say birthplace should be irrelevant, it is about ability.

    BUT my point stands. It is asking for trouble appointing a referee for Arsenal v Manchester United who comes from Manchester. If Taylor gives a dodgy penalty to Rooney or sends off an innocent player, this could get messy. If he gives us something dodgy, his house could get firebombed (joke).

    PGMOL don’t seem to have any brains. Unless they are thinking of saving expenses by letting Taylor commute on the MUFC team bus….!!

  19. Dean against Chelsea, Taylor against United…Atkinson against Manchester City again?

    When will we get Clattenburg for a change?

    Anyway, I still believe PGMO will continue with their regular policy:

    1) screw Arsenal as long as we are in the title race, and

    2) give Arsenal a break when the remaining European places are decided as Arsenal can actually win some European points for English coefficient.

  20. See where you are coming from Josif, but if they really wanted to improve our coefficient, our teams would be given a winter break, and more rest time before and after ECL games, I stand to be corrected, but would be amazed if any other major league would have a team play in Europe wednesday evening then the defending champions, and a bent ref on the sat lunchtime game.
    Thanks for that Mr Scudamore, with him and his ilk, it’s just all about the money.

  21. Tony Attwood

    As you seem to of opened a cordial lines of communication with Neil Ashton, with specific reference to the Chelsea referee review, perhaps now would be an appropriate time to ask him what he thinks of a Manchester Referee being put in charge of the game on Sunday?

    Why you’re at it, perhaps by way of highlighting your concerns, you could send him some videos of Taylors previous attempts at referring us without fear or favour !!

    I’m sure Ashton cant wait to highlight how we have been, and are still being, permanently screwed by the PGMOL, although for some reason I have my doubts.

    This from Neil Ashton following the Chelsea match:

    “This was the chance for Wenger’s side to build on the psychological blow that was struck on August 2 when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s strike at Wembley secured the Community Shield.

    Instead the dopey dismissals on Saturday have given Arsenal an excuse again, preferring to blame Costa, the referee Mike Dean, or a combination of both for this defeat. There was more to it than that.

    To match the champions Chelsea, on a bad run themselves in the league after successive defeats against Crystal Palace and Everton, would have been a powerful message. Instead, they are caught up in another cycle of excuses.”

    What on earth makes you think this excuse of a Journalist will have any sympathy with us, or put any credence in UA’s Refereeing reviews, is beyond me.

    Still, you must know what you’re doing.

    Let us know how you get on.

  22. Loanees

    Bummer. Another frustrating day for Serge. WBrom has made all their subs and are losing. And he is still on the bench.

  23. Very valid points Jambug, Mr Ashton doesn’t have a history of being too pro Arsenal….at all…..but we shall see.

  24. Would be nice to compile a table of who the refs are when the top four play… sure ours would be very interesting.

  25. Seriously Riley try and be subtle. I said yesterday i feared we might get Taylor/Atkinson and lo and behold its Anthony effing Taylor. I am fully expecting another Dean-esque performance come Sunday. The pgMOB has clearly shown they dont give a shit about a refereeing screwing us and actually encourage them.
    Cant we as fans do anything to demand the investigation of PGMOB? This is beyond pathetic

  26. One thing i cant get is why the hell have we stopped getting Clattenburg? Its not just big matches as we see very little of him nowadays. Why is that? Is it because he might be the only honest and unbiased referee in PGMOB ranks? If thats the case it must not sit well with Riley seeing how he cant trust him to do what needs to be done. No wonder we continually see Dean/Atkinson/Taylor vs Chelsea, City and United. They must be Riley’s most trusted servants. The Bellatrix Lestranges to Lord Voldermort

  27. I have noticed that all premier league referees are caucasian. In my time, I have seen only one black referee in the premier league around 2000-2004 period.
    If its a global league with a global audience, why are referees of only one race? Are there no blacks, hispanics or Asians in the UK capable of being referees or is the PGMOL a racist organisation? And most importantly why is this question not asked by the media or is it a non issue?

  28. As you perfectly analyze in your article Walter; this was an excellent match to watch. We did play well, however so did Leicester (credit to them for playing open and fair football) which says much about the way they are managed by another true gentleman of the game – Ranieri!

    On the topic of Taylor; all I can say a stitch up is on the cards!!!

    Lets just deal well with the Greeks today and go to the MaNure game in the right frame of mind!

  29. Ashton was the petty jingoist who attempted to stick the knife in Özil whilst ignoring the likes of Soldado etc.

    we can all see his weak game. He’s almost as obvious as the Lesser Dean (A.Taylor – the apprentice).

  30. finsbury

    September 29, 2015 at 10:03 am

    “Ashton was the petty jingoist who attempted to stick the knife in Özil whilst ignoring the likes of Soldado etc.”

    Well remembered.

    And this from Ashton back in March:

    “Lost and lazy Ozil might have cost Arsenal £42.5m but he isn’t worth two-bob… and he’s nicking a living

    At £42.5m Mesut Ozil is the most expensive export in the history of German football. After his performance in Munich you wouldn’t pay two-bob for him.

    Ozil was replaced by Tomas Rosicky at half-time and Wenger said: ‘He’s out for a few weeks. It is a hamstring injury and it looks quite serious. I don’t know how long and we hope it’s not so bad.’ In the half that he was on the pitch, Ozil had just 21 touches of the ball.

    To put that into some kind of perspective Thiago Alcantara, operating in the heartbeat of Bayern’s midfield, had 66.

    Want more? Bastian Schweinsteiger: 47. Arjen Robben 33. Franck Ribery 33.

    Ozil, the highest-paid player in the history of Arsenal, is nicking a living.”

    Yep, I simply cant wait to see what Ashton has to say !!!

  31. Rich

    I know. All sounded very implausible to me, and just now I have seen a post from Tony on the other thread that suggests an imposter, as the Ashton Email address appears to be invalid.

    On another point you mentioned elsewhere regarding penalties and the out of context way they where presented.

    I also posted a piece on this, and if memory serves the journalist in question wasn’t Ashton, I think it was Martin Samuel.

    I thought in the London Evening Standard, but I think he works for The Mail so my memory might be playing tricks on me there, but where it was is by-the-by really.

    Anyway it was basically presented thus:


    He then went on to take a statistical sample over just a 3 Month period. The inference being this is how badly Chelsea are always treated.

    He totally failed to mention the statistics for the last 10 years, that have appeared more than once on UA, that show Chelsea get a clear penalty bias IN THERE FAVOUR.

    Conversely the statistics show Arsenal get a clear penalty bias AGAINST them.

    For as much as I detest journalists they are ‘professionals’ and as such I would suggest they know all the statistics we do. (For a start we know for sure this blog is visited and referenced on many occasions).

    If not to deliberately mislead, why distort the statistics in favour of certain clubs and against others?

    He must know that for years Chelsea have been highly favoured on the Penalty front, yet clearly makes a premeditated decision to completely ignore this fact, in favour of his obviously misrepresentative micro sample.

    He must also of been aware of Arsenals diabolically poor penalty ratio and yet has NEVER seen fit to mention that, despite it stretching back over a 10 year period.

    Or the coincidence that everything changed at the time the odious Mike Riley took charge at PGMOL.

    These journalists know ALL this as much as we do, yet make clear and premeditated decisions to ignore it.

    Chelsea get a slightly rum deal for 3 MONTHS and it warrants back page headlines.

    If that isn’t an agenda I don’t know what is.

  32. For football fans the attempts by multiple hacks and the in game commentators to attempt to describe costa’s performance against AFC as a good performance was not only hilarious, but it completely exposed their weak and lazy attempts to excuse the cheating from the official.

    it exposed their disinegnious bias. You can’t be telling people who play or watch football that Costa had a good game, he was proper shite. Bellerin had him in his pocket, he couldn’t beat a man, his first touch was awful on the day, he didn’t play good football.

    WWF commentators or made up spoofs like Alan Partdridge have more credibility then these frauds:

    Newscorp the oragnistaion that supports Utd and the petro clubs or any laundrette club that are benevovlant towards agents and their favoured mules like falcao (hasn’t really been given the same jip as an AFC player, has he?) , a media outlet that performs on behaldf of these parasites as Marca propagates on behalf of Real Madrid. That is all. There is controversial or sensational about acknowledging the venal bias from these hacks. it is simply stating the obvious.

  33. You only have to watch Sunday Supplement to see how vicous these guys are. Henry Winter is a very smug, posh Cheslea fan. Anthony Kastrinakis is a Liverpool fan who not only fancies himself but never has a good word to say about Arsenal. Neil Ashton, who chairs it, seems to have a vendetta against Wenger. This may stem from his debate when he asked Arsene ‘who are you looking at’ or may just be because he writes for the Mail. (other contributors to the Mail include Adrian Durham and Peter Wood – make of that what you will). He has slaughtered Mesut Ozil in the media but avoided doing the same to other big name signings who really did flop at oter clubs. He even refused to acknowledge that Arsenal going down to ten against Cheslea, changed the game. Instead he claimed we were using it as an aexcuse and seemed to somehow ignore the Dean and Costa pairing and the FA’s comments agreeing with us. Mind you, the love affair he and his mates have with mourinho is cringeworthy, so they dont like losing face and are scared to take him on. Much easier to slag off and be snidy to Arsene. Dinosaurs.

    it is clear these guys are arrogant. They have no idea about the game, the narrative they recycle is short on facts and its just one long anti-Asrenal narrative. Like the AAA, I suspect they are secretly hoping we get a spot of bad luck or a bad result.

  34. “You only have to watch Sunday Supplement”

    No Thanks! 🙂

    Spoofs like Alan Partridge* have more credibility then these frauds
    *disturbingly accurate, don’t you all agree? Or is that just “great banter”?

    Imagine thinking you are a great football hack when the world sees you as someone who has modelled your career on the great man from Radio Norwich?

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