Beating the system

By Walter Broeckx

In the last years we have done a lot of studying and investigating on referees and referee behaviour. And the strange referee behaviour we have sometimes seen. Based on our numbers and having looked around we could come to the conclusion that there is/was some kind of similar system at work like the Italian Calciopoli system that had been discovered some 10 years ago.

Regular readers will know how that worked but for those coming from Mars I will say that it was a system where certain clubs asked certain refs for certain matches. Referees that they thought were rather kind for their team and so they hoped to enlarge the chance of them winning that match. The TV companies had some allies in this system as they decided what to show and how to show the ‘errors’ that some refs made.

The similarity with what happened during the SAF days at Manchester United were very striking. Referees that made an “error” against United were kept away from their matches for years sometimes. Referees that gave penalty after penalty in favour of United got more of their matches and were even rewarded at the end of their career with nice follow up jobs in football. And one could say that the arch-enemy of United and SAF got their bogey refs a lot and in vital matches in a rather very high rate.

If you studied the referees, their errors, their habits, their strong points and weak points like we did, we now can predict how the ref will operate and what the danger is for Arsenal having a good result. That is being done by Andrew in a great way each week. And the fact is that his predictions are spot on for most of the time. And we can predict which ref we will get for which match. Sometimes weeks before the match. Of course this being made rather easy because of there not being enough referees in the PL thanks to the ineptitude of the PGMO.

So we predicted one of our bogey refs for the match against Manchester United. And we said how he would be lenient for fouls from United and not give cards to stop them from fouling our players. How he would invent fouls from Arsenal and would neglect fouls from United. The predictions was once again spot on.

And yet, we won. We won 3-0 in a very convincing way. So does this mean that we have been talking rubbish? Because one could say that Untold has predicted a few things but as we won 3-0 surely we must be wrong.

As we have shown in our ref review our 3-0 win against Manchester United was not because Taylor had a great performance. No, his performance was very biased in favour of United. But we did the one thing that makes even the most willing to tilt the pitch referee helpless…. we just knocked United knock out in the first 20 minutes and got completely out of their reach. That was our luck. The fact that we were great in our finishing in those first 20 minutes.

Because we could see in our review that Taylor did all he could to keep United in the match (if we could call it that way). The fouls he gave to Arsenal were all fouls that even he should give as otherwise too many eyebrows would be raised. But the number of fouls he let go was still stunning to see.

What also was rather stunning to see was how he completely has transformed over the years. In the match against Aston Villa two seasons ago he was given penalties to Aston Villa out of nothing. But even Schweinsteiger completely dragging and tripping Gabriel when Arsenal had a corner was no penalty this time. And that after he had stopped the taking of the corner to warn the players for not holding and grabbing each other. Now if you really want to make yourself a fool then this was the way to do it.

In that match against Aston Villa he also send off Koscielny when the score was 1-2 in order to make sure that Arsenal wouldn’t come back in that match. And we all remember the same ref sending off Chambers for two fouls against Stoke just when we were having a great comeback. And we also remember Taylor doing nothing when Adam manhandled Alexis and almost decapitated him. Well by doing nothing I mean he gave him a yellow card and that was so ridiculous…

So this ref who sent off Arsenal players for twice nothing now closed his eyes for Schweinsteiger committing numerous fouls in the first half and then he did the same when Marouane ‘elbow’ Fellaini came on in the second half and also committed foul after foul after foul…

But we predicted this to happen and Taylor did what he usually does when Arsenal is on the field. Just as Dean does. Just as Probert does. It was there to see for all that are willing to open their eyes.

And yet Arsenal won 3-0. As I said because we just blew them away from the start and got the just reward by scoring.  That is the only way to beat the system. Because clearly “the system” doesn’t really like us at all. SAF might have been gone and some refs are no longer fearful for United but they all know the whereabouts from the head of the referees and his career.  You can beat the system with a great performance but it makes it much more difficult than it should be.

And we must not forget that when looking at the results of Calciopoli in Italy they found that not all the matches got the desired result. Oh no, not at all. Because teams can beat the system and turn referees helpless to do what they would like to do. This was clearly the case when we beat Manchester United. But if we would have only scored one goal… I can assure you that we would have seen a completely different ref. Now he was trying his best to help when he could without running the picture too much. But as in the Aston Villa and Stoke match when things are tight, he will open all registers to help the result happen as it should be.





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  1. They (PGMOL) can counter everything – except CLASS because they don’t know what Class is!

  2. Infact SAF was benefitted from biased refreeing
    Which helped MU won many matches which cud have been drawn or ended with United losing.
    Horward webb being called the 12th Man at old trafford is an established fact.

    I believe with all those evidences against Fergie he should be stripped off his knighthood status once for all.

  3. Nice analysis Walter

    I’m curious to know the last time Arsenal played Manchester United (In the League) without incurring a Red Card or a Penalty and still won.

  4. It’s a sad reflection of the professional game that Arsenal won’t always be capable of winning matches IN SPITE OF THE REFEREE. Bent officials, still tainted with the Judas Iscariot Syndrome of the Ferguson Years, do not change that easily and neither does the PGMOL.
    Continue plugging away in your good works, Walter & Co and one day things will come right. 😉

  5. I wonder, also, if they may try to overrule good goals next. We’ve already had the good Ramsey goal ruled out, wrongly (or rightly if you are a PGMOL lackey.) Let’s not forget the linesmen wanting a piece of the action. After the Riley years, the Webb years, now the Dean years, and they all go on to have a top (useless) job. Taylor is next, no doubt. What an appalling state of affairs, but can we hope for some sort of karmic justice? Or…. for good people to do something?

  6. I have no hope of things ever changing. There is a worrying lack of honesty that permeates in the English media, football authorities, pundits, referees, etc. Even if the current bunch of useless refs leave there will soon be others to take their place who will want this fergie bum licking to continue… They will not want anyone to threaten his (artificial) record. One just needs look at how prepared the BBC are to churn documentary after documentary about Ferguson, Rooney, etc, to realise that he may be gone from the scene but his shadow still looms large.
    All these chancers (more like boot lickers) know that if you want to get somewhere here you need to praise the red faced one. Mourinho realised this (nothing clever about that, just shows what an undignified person he is) and knew that a quick and assured way to English hearts was to lick the ‘famous’ one’s bottom. Unfortunately for the likes of Rafael Benitez and Wenger they committed the cardinal sin of not bowing before the ‘great man’. They’ll always be ganged up on by all and sundry in a shocking and disgusting manner that borders on the xenophobic.

  7. They can talk about SAF as much as they like. We beat his record of FA cups. And we had the Invincibles. And all while playing great football in a sporting manner, and with the refs against us. Arsenal fans will always have this to celebrate. And nobody can say we did it by cheating.

  8. There was a time when it was SAF organising things against us, but I wonder what it is now. Is it because as a club we don’t go along with certain agents, and maybe even bookmakers?
    Whatever it is, the truth will eventually out , yes there will be people making huge amoutnts of money from corruption in this league, but there will be other insiders eventually driven by envy, in fighting, fear…..that’s how these empires fall. And don’t forget, England takes a moral high ground on such things, there will be people in the know who would love to knock us from our lofty pedestal.
    Only a matter of time

  9. When you consider that at the last World Cup in 2014 that Wilshere Walcott and chamberlain for starters were not fully fit is it fair and reasonable to conclude that the PGMOB is one of the highest obstacles hindering the development of young English footballers and their ability to perform for the national team at the highest level?

    Master Dean and Apprentice Taylor were directly responsible through their bungling for the impact injuries that took all three players out.
    Can’t remember who was the official for the Tottenham FA cup game, but no fouls were called for any of these hacks (hacks as they were then called were outlawed from Ass. Football C1850). These were all very serious injuries. It is, what it is. A farce.

    When you reflect upon the ire that some England cricket coaches received for messing about with Steven Finn’s bowling action then yes it is reasonable that the PGMOB most certainly should be the focus for those who say that they love English Football.

    As for the petty plundits and hack dwarves. I can think of hundreds of millions of reasons why these associated hangers on try to stay onside with their Special Agent pals etc.

  10. Al @ 9.36PM

    Agree with every word.

    “All these chancers (more like boot lickers) know that if you want to get somewhere here you need to praise the red faced one.”

    And or slag off Wenger.

    For confirmation, if you need it, you only have to see the article in the Sun earlier this week from Fat Sam.

    -Headline slagging Wenger off….Tick

    -Praising Fergie to the hilt….Tick

    Apparently, according to the Fat one, it was Wenger who ‘influenced’ referees and had the media in his pocket.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  11. When you see how Wenger has been robbed of a fair chance of success, but succeeded nonetheless, & you see what an evil mess the media is in trying to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, you just begin to see how corruption reigns.

    Corbyn may not be everyones cuppa but an even playing field should be part of a free society. Every little thing he does is magnified while the rest of the corrupt world is hyped as super achievment.

    Wenger has had to live with the corrupt FA & its tool the PGMO hidden by a corrupt media that wouldn’t know truth if it hit them in the face.

    As an Arsenal supporter, I have observed, rarely in silence, the cheating of the officials & the reporting of lies by the media. How they picked on Wenger with personal abuse & teasing, while the cheating just continued unabated.

  12. Nothing’s going to change is it? The FA’s apparent 100% support of Platini suggests that they are deeper into the FIFA corruption than they are admitting. With their major tool, PGMOL, they can continue to influence the “sport” for personal gain.

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