Does Arsenal need another striker? Not on these figures.

Need for a Striker

By Mashwar

I have read so many articles this year but none of them ever mentioned or even came close to mentioning the fact that how fatal the combination of Arsenal can be with Sanchez and Walcott both in front and Ozil coming behind them.

Well that’s one pacey and talented attack with creativity at the very footstep and talent unimagined.  But let us not forget that with such devastating attack in front there is the ambience of creative talent following them with Santi Cazorla in the middle along with Ramsey. All this creativity is built on the solid foundation of Coquelin who stands like a wall in between the counter attacks and creative play of the opposition.

Pundits: I do not know the reason why but they do try to down play Arsenal’s attacking option where we all forget that scoring 4 -5 goals was a regular against mid table clubs by Arsenal in recent past.  And though that luxury of raining goals have dried a little still the talent has immaculately increased if not remaining at the same high standard of the past.

The only thing lacking or found absent as of right now in the Arsenal team is spark, which is bound to come and the arrival is not far away as these set of player rub shoulder with shoulder day in and day out, and begin to form a chemistry which will run thrills in the life of most supporters.

Let us see closely how many goal scorers we have in this current lineup analyzing the last 5 years goal scoring records, with proven track records and those with talent to reach there.

Season Player Goals Season Total
2010/11 Van Persie 22
Nasri 15
Walcott 13 114
2011/12 Van Persie 37
Walcott 11 85
2012/13 Giroud 17
Walcott 21
Podolski 16 102
2013/14 Giroud 22
Ramsey 16
Podolski 12 99
2014/15 Sanchez 25
Giroud 19
Ramsey 10 107



So looking at above details it seems that Arsene Wenger has created a pool of goal scorers where the team is not relying on a single source. Walcott has been on the top sheet for some time and with his current form seems a 20 goal asset right now, and Sanchez is another 20 goal asset, so all together we come in the region of 40 plus goals with these two.

In addition not to forget Santi, Ramsey and Giroud all easily can pass 10. Plus we have Oxlade, Wilshere and Welbeck waiting to be unleashed in the football arena to prove their worth and talent to the world.

As Arsene Wenger on multiple occasions has said, the other team should always be in doubt which player to mark, as there are so many goal scorers that one cannot just pin point and block the given player.

If you analyze you will find all big teams do the same and not rely on one resource for scoring goals, and often they have one or two players on the bench to provide an impact as and when required.  The total goals per season suggest that we have not been much off with the goal scoring any ways, with passing time the chemistry has increased and with some world class talent there is a lot of hope especially this season.

Our current squad certainly has all the elements of a big team and the potential to rule the world of football and the past week has shown just some of that promise that I have talked about and plenty more is on its way as more and more players are gaining confidence.

So just to sum up GOONERs, we have a squad already in our hand which requires little adjustments and a lot of backing and cheering from our side just to make them feel that we as Supporters are with them and want to enjoy this season with some sensational football and Trophy will do a cheery on the top.


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  • 27 October 1981: Arsenal 2 Sheffield Utd 0 (League Cup)  Final game for Willie Young (who scored one of the goals; Sunderland got the other).  He had played 170 league games, after which he played for Nottingham Forest, Norwich, Brighton and Darlington before becoming a publican, and running a kennelling business.
  • 27 October 1984:  A 3-1 defeat to West Ham was the start for Arsenal of a run in which they won just 12 league games out of 30 between this date and May 11 as they slipped from being top of the table and finished in sixth place.

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10 Replies to “Does Arsenal need another striker? Not on these figures.”

  1. Tonia – I think you may be heading towards a site record of Dislikes…

    Anyway, who would you suggest – and how much would you be willing to pay?

  2. If the question is do we want a striker that will knock in 30+ goals a year? Then, yeah, we would love to have him but is there one out there and available? Probably not. Would we be able to secure his services? i.e. would he want to come to London N5 sufficiently that he would ignore a bigger payday elsewhere? Maybe. Do we need his services? As Mashwar has pointed out, we do not. And, you just know that if we had a scorer like that the press would call us a one-dimensional team.

  3. Marshwar, the point you’ve made is undisputedly understood. Another top quality striker coming in to Arsenal in January window despite the available Walcott and Giroud? Yes! Why not? The Gunners league season will reach the half way mark as they welcome Bournemouth FC to Emirates Stadium in December. It is our prayers and hopes, that Arsenal injury list will decrease and not increase by the time we get to the Bournemouth game. Lost of form, dry goals scoring spell, do they happen in the 2nd half of the season? Does Arsenal need to make contingency plans for the unforeseen inevitable occurrences. Yes! Ofcourse they cannot afford not to be proactive, could they? Is there a chance to see Aleksandr Kokorin as a striker addition to Walcott and Giroud? By the way, where is Welbeck? February! Is Sanchez a striker or star at Arsenal as a left winger? Would Arsenal required a total of more 139 goals this season to complete their winning the fifthruple, haven scored 1 to lift the Shield? Sanchez 20, Walcott 20, Giroud 20 and Kokorin 10 for a minimum of 70 goals by 4 Arsenal strikers wouldn’t be bad. Can the rest of the Gunners’ midfielders and defenders make up the remaining 69 goals? Not by the current evidence on the table. Maybe the duo will get to 50 goals. The residual of 19 goals will have to be made up by 4 Gunners’ strikers. I hope I am not out of point. Thanks. SWFC 0-4 AFC @ full time plus the added time.

  4. OT
    It’s very disappointing to hear Thierry Henry lowering himself by guesting on the Adrian Durham show on Talk Sport this evening.

  5. Why do people think we need a striker? (Strikers are dying out and have now become an endangered species 🙂 ). They have not understood the way Arsenal is progressing and what Arsenal is now becoming.

    Then we have other options who are being slowly given the chance to grow and shine. This has to happen if youth are to be cultivated, Arsenal does not just replace them without giving them a chance to impress.

  6. Really don’t know para but either way it’s disappointing to see him on with that Arsenal hating pr**k.

  7. Mick , Its no secret that Sky spends a great deal of money with Talksport, sponsoring their Drivetime show and numerous ads . Chances are that Henry had to live up to contract obligations as he does with Carragher and Neville.

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