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  1. Josif

    No Sol Campbell in Pires’ Ultimate XI?

    I still remember how thrilled I was when we signed him from Marseille. He had been a big thing at Metz (they ended up second in Ligue 1, just behind the champions Lens) before he was signed by Marseille. Even though a commentator on Bosnian TV was saying during EURO 2000 that Pires had already signed for Real Madrid, I hoped it wasn’t true. Sometimes incompetence of the journalists is a good thing.

    One of my favourite players of all times. Unrivaled elegance on the pitch.

  2. Al

    What a player, very humble too (putting himself on the bench in his all time XI, although I’d probably put in the starting XI 🙂 ).

  3. Gord

    Ozil has an article at Arsenal.com, where he mentions that Francis Coquelin has another nickname (Pit Bull).

    I am lousy at French, but maybe: le Coq et Terrier
    It would make an unusual image.

    Maybe someone could correct my butchering? Wikipedia does not have French page on the Pit Bull, but some of the Terriers that go into the breed do have French pages.

    In any event, I think it was very nice for Pires to include Francis in his XI.

    I looked at a bunch of predictions for the game tomorrow last night. I think most of the muppets have the game ending in a tie (usually 1-1). Arsenal and the Spuds are equal, and there is no home advantage? After accounting for the PGMO that is. I found almost as many predictions, showing an Arsenal win. But not by famous muppets (or not famous to me). The most optimistic I remember is Merson, at 3-0. And I did see one prediction of a Spud win, by a single goal.

    Let’s get that win!


  4. Goéland

    Great read, Tony. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. As for the squad Pirès elected, there are fascinating things there. Look at that midfield. He chose Coquelin, which is just amazing (no one at all on Earth would have predicted that as little as a year and a half ago)! That should tell any lingering doubters how utterly unbelievable he is in his defensive role (it´s also why I´m not too bent out of shape by Özil being on the bench, it makes sense in this particular tactical setup). Oh, and look, another complimentary Olivier sighting! And here I was thinking it had been conclusively established that Giroud was the worst player ever, with FACTS! and pundits alike making a case against him. As for Kos, there´s really nothing much to say, is there? Pleased he´s in, he truly is that good.

  5. Brickfields Gunners

    Bobby Pires was awesome when he was on form . Was a great partner to TH 14 and a very important piece of the completed puzzle that was the Invincibles . His goal against Aston Villa where he not only brushed aside George Boateng , but went on to chip the giant Peter Schmeicheal in goal, will forever linger in my mind . Alzheimer or senile dementia excepted of course !
    Pure class !

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  7. porter

    I was so gutted when Overmars left us , but then along came Bobby a majestic player alongside the imperious Bergkamp.

  8. Gooner S

    Until this season I have only ever had one Arsenal shirt of any kind (Ok it was one of those you can buy from outside the ground) with a players name on it and that was Pires. I wore it to every game I attended until he left. This season I bought an Ozil shirt.

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