Norwich Arsenal, the facts and figures and some made up stuff too.

By Bulldog Drummond

Continuing the most in-depth and at times slightly silly preview of the match, which has already included

Past three meetings (all in the Premier League)

  • Norwich City 0 Arsenal 2 (Ramsey, Jenkinson) – May 2014
  • Arsenal 4 (Wilshere, Ozil 2, Ramsey) Norwich City 1 (Howson) – October 2013
  • Arsenal 3 (Arteta, Giroud, Podolski) Norwich City 1 (Turner) – April 2013

Here’s the last results for Norwich – most recent two in bold at the top.

Competition Fixture Date
Premier League Chelsea 1 Norwich 0 Sat 21 Nov
Premier League Norwich 1 Swansea 0 Sat 7 Nov
Premier League Man City 2 Norwich 1 Sat 31 Oct
League Cup Everton 1 Norwich 1 (Everton 4-3 on pens) Tue 27 Oct
Premier League Norwich West Brom 1 Sat 24 Oct
Premier League Newcastle Norwich 2 Sun 18 Oct
Premier League Norwich Leicester 2 Sat 3 Oct

Working in our favour is that despite the defeat last weekend our away form is still the best in the league, having won five away games.  Here’s the full and away team league table for the top of the league

Arsenal have 15 points away from home, as do Leicester.

It is interesting also to look at the foot of the table from a home perspective where we can see Norwich have won two, drawn one giving them seven points at home.  While Arsenal have a positive away goal difference of plus 8, Norwich have a home goal difference of minus 1.

So what are the big talking points at Norwich?

Well, they had their AGM this week, and the key issue was the queue to get food in the Jarrold Stand.  Now you may ask, why is it called the Jarrold Stand?

According to reports, The Jarrold Stand is on the former site of the South Stand, which was named NOT because it is at the south end of the ground but in honour of Sir Arthur South.

The Jarrold Stand was opened in 2004, and was the final stand of the original ground to be replaced.  It is named in honour of Jarrolds, a local department store. It is apparently “unusual in having not one, but three separate television gantries suspended beneath its largely perspex roof.”


In 2005, further work was undertaken on the stand and it reopened in 2006.

Anyway back to the food – this is important at Norwich because Delia Smith is still in control, and she announced she has decided to investigate the problem raised at the AGM personally.  So no calls for a new manager, a new tactic on buying players or anything else.  Just the food.

Norwich haven’t won against a team in the top half of the league but apparently they feel certain to win this time because of the “glut of injuries” that the local press have told the local supporters, Arsenal now suffer from.

They are also adopting a more negative defensive approach of late, so could well go for a goalless draw given that Arsenal will only have reserves in the side.

Guy Mowbray of Match of the Day wrote this weekend, on the BBC web site, “Given Arsenal’s injury troubles, [here we go again] and after another Champions League week, I’d ordinarily veer towards saying that this might be a ‘good time’ to play the Gunners. Now I think the opposite.

“After losing at West Brom, Arsene Wenger got a real response against Dinamo Zagreb – particularly from the star trio of Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez. In an open, entertaining game they might just shine brightest again.”

Which is why Norwich will play a ten man defensive wall in front of the keeper.

Norwich City manager Alex Neil joined in the silly pre-match chit chat.  “We will be regarded as one of the smaller teams in the league, but even when so-called bigger teams come to our place, they have been happy to sit behind the ball, soak up pressure and hit you on the counter attack – and that sort of surprised me.”

So in what way are Arsenal “so-called bigger” rather than “bigger”?  But Norwich are “smaller” and not “so-called smaller.”   It beats me.

Arsene Wenger meanwhile has compared Alexis Sanchez to Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy: “His style is very explosive and a very committed style.   Vardy is a bit similar. They go when they go. They are like the lion, he has to catch the animal in the first 200 metres. If he doesn’t get there, after he’s dead. They are these kind of killers. When they go, it is to kill and after they have to stop.”

Here are the snippets…

  • Arsenal have won seven of the last nine Premier League meetings with Norwich, losing just one, by 1-0 at Carrow Road in October 2012.
  • Norwich have only won two of the last 26 meetings between the two so-called clubs in all competitions.   [Hang on, why is there a so-called in there? – Tony]
  • Norwich have only kept one so-called clean sheet in their 13 league so-called games and have won just one of their so-called last eight league games, losing five.  [Right, stop it.  That’s enough – Tony]
  • Against Chelsea Norwich had 35% ball possession


  • Arsenal have won 10 of the last 13 Premier League away games
  • But historically under Arsene Wenger, November is Arsenal’s worst month.
  • Mesut Ozil has 11 assists in the Premier League this season, five more than anyone else.
  • Olivier Giroud has scored in each of his last four Premier League away games.

Finally Walter won’t be writing his review after the match as there is an Arsenal Belgium meeting (and as you’ll know, he’s the President, so he can’t sneak out early).

Can I say, “So-called Islamic State?”

No – go away.  Tony.


Final anniversaries of the day

29 November 1930: Chelsea 1 Arsenal 5  The third game in four that Arsenal score five.  Across these four games the scorers included Lambert (7), Jack (5), Bastin (4).

29 November 1946: First appearance for Joe Mercer.  Everton, his previous club, did all they could to stop him going back to say goodbye to friends at the club, even though the player continued to live in the north west and just went to Arsenal for games!

The campaigns

112 Replies to “Norwich Arsenal, the facts and figures and some made up stuff too.”

  1. Think we will be ok today. Just watched one of the most boring sense numbing games I have ever seen. Spurs and Chelsea, take a bow.

  2. Mandy,
    Interesting to see Mourinho reverting to type and being far more concerned with not conceding than scoring. And judging by the actions of Costa, the morale on the good ship Narcissist” captained by Mourinho just carries on getting worse.
    And was “the saviour of English football” Harry Kane actually on the pitch?

  3. Yes, can see Costa becoming a real problem. Won’t be easy for them to get a decent striker in Jan, that’s assuming Jose wants,an attacking player.
    Kane did precious little. Wouldn’t normally have watched that game, but wanted to see what the fuss is about this Spurs side.
    Wish I hadn’t bothered. As for Jose, he sucks the soul out of the game …on so many levels. Yes, he does win, for a while, but is he really worth it? Wonder what Chelsea’s owner really thinks? Have a hunch he will be boring fans to death in Paris next season.

  4. As long as the replacements for our “injured” do a good job today we will be satisfied. 🙂

  5. The new Dad starts (from

    > Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was included on the bench alongside teenager Jeff Reine-Adelaide while Kieran Gibbs missed out with a slight calf strain.

    > Arsenal starting XI: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

    > Arsenal substitutes: Ospina, Debuchy, Gabriel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chambers, Campbell, Reine-Adelaide

    As you can see above, Gibbs is (temporarily) on the injured list now.

    And Flamini is behind Ramsey. 🙂


  6. Arsenal starting XI:

    Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

    Was Untold right or were we right???

    Lurking on the beach

    Ospina, Debuchy, Gabriel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chambers, Campbell, Reine-Adelaide

    Might I draw your attention to Reine Adelaide who has been on the beach in a couple of recent matches. It suggests that what we saw in the Emirates Cup was no flash in the pan.

    This guy could be another one like Coquelin and Bellerin emerging from the reserves. And the Ox is back too.

  7. Hope Koscielny is ok.

    Norwich looking to hit us on the break. Carzola seems to have developed this this tendency of holding on to the ball too long in dangerous areas and often gets dispossessed, putting the defense under unnecessary pressure, and I think he needs to cut that out. Magnificent player otherwise.

    Are Arsenal the first team to fly to another team’s ground? The way it’s been in the news, as well as being repeated twice already during this game, seems to suggest they’re the first side to do that.

  8. How to go Ozil and Alexis!

    How is it the referee allows Norwich goalkeeper to wear black, when Arsenal are wearing black (pictures on commentaries is all I am looking at)?

    Isn’t this going to cause problems on set pieces in Norwich end?


  9. Whats all the whine about penalty!!!!… What about Bassongs shirt pull on Giroud during set piece then????

  10. Guardian says Norwich/Bennet has tried to injure Alexis by pushing him into cameras off the pitch. True? Where were the officials?


  11. That push was a sure yellow card on Alexis.

    Why oh why. I saw Norwich goal coming a mile off.
    Why do we do this to ourselves? Playing around in defense and lose the ball we put pressure on ourselves? Correct!

  12. Alexis ended up in some kind of square hole with rough bricks, could easily have resulted in serious injury.

  13. Come on Arsenal!
    Need to wake up the defence a bit. Yet again, we concede on virtually our opponents first attack, they could have had another as well. Let’s have no repeat of West Brom please, we need to put ourselves out of site in some of these games.
    Hopefully better to come in the second, this is a big chance. Sounds a bad foul on Alexis, which of course the ref ignored.

  14. I hope they get a tongue lashing from AW in the break. A good one too.
    They should be ashamed for letting Norwich get back in the game, all our fault. 🙁

  15. Ramsey shoved off the pitch, player number 3 for us getting shoved off the pitch in dangerous fashion, and moss thinks it’s all ok?

  16. Damn, what’s with these injuries. Not looking good, that Alexis pull up. This is beginning to remind me of the match against Sheffield Wed…

  17. Early knock on Koscielny’s back leading to his injury? Will need to rewatch to see what happened.

    Sanchez? Not right after the push and knock on his knee. Gave up running for the rest of the first half.

    No protection?

  18. Finsbury
    My thoughts exactly, especially that shove on Sanchez into that 1m x 1m hole, which moss didn’t even think warranted a caution. Now Alan Smith says Wenger should face criticism for playing Alexis…how daft.

  19. Why are we playing like this after a great 15 min at the beginning? We could have kept up the pressure longer and probably we would have scored 2 or 3. Now we are letting them play.
    If we continue like this, we will lose.

    Regroup lads, and settle down, you are too flustered.

  20. Last 15 or so. Giroud, you’ve been quiet. Nothing better than a goal or two. Alex/Joel, a goal off the bench would be nice. 🙂


  21. Para
    Your 15:21 post asks why the ref is not issuing any cards to discourage fouling, and now you are wondering why we’re playing like this. Can’t you see a connection between the not issuing cards for persistent fouling and our play getting disjointed, with players getting injured left right and centre? I worry for Santi too, that knock he took to his knee could re- surface later on…. Moss has been nothing but a disgrace with the way he’s handled this match.

  22. Or could it be because Sanchez left the field against Zagreb with a suspected hamstring injury is it possible that he shouldn’t have played today ?

  23. I cant watch this anymore. This is terrible. Where is our closing down in packs of 3, where is our ball keeping skills? Where is our closing down(again)?

    3 points lost. That’s all i have to say, alongside, what a pathetic performance after dominating the game in the first 20 mins.

    It’s not the loss so much, but the way we let them draw. Stupid.

  24. Disappointing. But it is 2 points lost, not 3. We did get 1. Too bad the ref ruined the game.

    Now to look for news on Koscielny and Alexis (and …).

  25. That was a desperately poor end to a very poor month in which we have lost momentum in games which most would have down as winnable.
    The positives….we didn’t lose, we could have. We can still qualities in Europe, and we are not so far behind at all in the league, though we are letting some catch us.
    The negatives. Back to the old conceding of poor goals. How many times is that during November we have disrupted the team through a double substitution because of injuries. All our worst fears of injuries to key players are coming true. When something happens so often, and so predictably, maybe it has to be considered some of this is self inflicted. It is clear playing Alexis has been a gamble to far. Yes, I know he was shoved into a camera pit, and that other players being out didn’t exactly help in resting him
    But how long can we sustain such injuries….and at what cost? It just appears that Wenger either has to really get to the bottom of these injuries….and worryingly, many seem muscular this year…..either that or have the maximum players in the squad to cover them. Yes we have numbers, but the likes of Flamini and Giroud looked fatigued today. And toot surprisingly, injuries have meant that Giroud has been pretty much our sole striker for much of the last few years.
    I think Wenger will have much to consider as we go into the busiest time of the year, with injuries to key players on a par with anything I can remember.

  26. i’ll tell you what fuck it ,lets push some others into the camera pit again preferably the refs that was obscene.

  27. Moss was poor and pathetic but it seems that PGMOB has established a practice that shoving our players to the boards is not punishable. Maybe we should try to do it sometimes just to see how it works.

    However, if Alexis’ hamstring problem is of a serious nature there is only one man to blame for that and we all know who that man is. How stupid that witty comment about resting Alexis through not resting him sounds now.

    In the spring 2014 we had lost Özil to hamstring injury because the player himself had played for a whole half-time against Bayern with an injury that he had felt in the second minute of the game (Özil himself wrote that on his Facebook page back then). It was irresponsible from a player. This time, it’s only Wenger to blame.

    This season, Arsenal can win the title but injury crisis that has now hit the biggest part of our spine will keep us at 3rd or 4th place unless Arsene signs at least one outfield player in January (please, don’t use that Reine-Adelaide argument regarding this issue as he is a youngster who hasn’t played a single minute this season).

    And, watch Giroud closely. I fear he is next in line to get injured. He has played every game in the last month.

  28. Oh no we’ve lost the league November, according to the TV muppets also Erik Lamela is a vampire.

  29. Giroud gave the impression he may have been carrying something today Josif. He was taken off against Zagreb due to an injury. Think Flamini is also a worry if he plays too many games.
    If we lose him, we are in trouble….theo is hopefully back soon but prone to relapses. Can see Alexis out for a few weeks. And could be a while before Danny is fit and firing.
    As for the refs, we know that if given the opportunity, they will hinder us in any way they can,especially if we are near the top. This will continue until the club, and their highly influential CEO choose to challenge things, it looks to me as if they have done no such thing….perhaps for good reason….perhaps they know it is best to hold onto what they have. The Mike Dean performance should have led to an Arsenal delegation including lawyers visiting the FA.
    I wouldn’t go as far as blaming Wenger for Alexis, due to the vicious spiral of a lack of alternatives, but I fully expect him to get a lot of grief over this.
    Sadly, I agree with you on our title chances, it just seems there are too many elements stacked up against this club, as you mention, perhaps some self inflicted, but not all.Watch the likes of Liverpool, city,and Utd wrapped up in pgmol cotton wool for the remainder of the season.

  30. So what should the judgement have been on the Sanchez push into the camera pit? The ball was dead (so no foul could be given) and it was off the field of play. Violent play?
    Another two injuries. Are we now in crisis situation Tony? Or are we only catching up on Newcastle? Please advise.

  31. Apparently Gibbs was also injured, calf strain kept him out of the squad.
    I cannot see any adequate replacements for these players being available in Jan no matter how much some say we have in the bank. the coaches might have to get existing players up to speed…..which they are sometimes very good at.

  32. @Mandy – I agree with you regarding Giroud. I hate the phrase “body language” as I honestly believe it was invented by poor pundits who believe physical football is the only football England should watch but Giroud’s body language against both Dinamo and Norwich was worrying. 🙁

    I agree about the Mike Dean point too. I’ve read Tony Pulis’ comment on Mike Dean the other day, how they had written a letter after Dean sending their player off in 2010 (I think it was third or fourth red card Dean gave to Pulis’ butchers) and after that Pulis’ Stoke hadn’t had problems with Dean afterwards. If our Board think that they can Gandhi out this fight against PGMO that we have been drawn into – against our will, that is – we won’t stand a chance.

    @serge – it should have been a direct red card. But then again, we have seen it before (Arnautović destroying Debuchy’s career).

  33. So Mandy what could the reason be that Arsenal do not challenge the biase that untold and many of its followers seem to think exists from referees because when I read this site it seems it now includes European games as well why is this Europe wide biase not seen or challenged by are AFC ?

  34. Oh yes! And may I be the first to point out that we’ve lost seven points in our last three league matches. Is that title winning stats?
    C’mon lads: give me the big triple A, you know I deserve it even though I speak the truth.

  35. The injuries today certainly disrupted our play. In addition to Kos and Sanchez, I don’t think Cazorla was right after he was fouled (from memory he was fouled & a free kick given against him)!

    Another ghastly performance from the PGMO anti refereeing idiot – Giroud was pushed pulled & fouled the whole game, not that that is unusual, but it just an example of how blatant (or biased) the PGMO have become.

    Re the thug who pushed Sanchez into the camera pit – will we see a retrospective red card – don’t hold your breath!

    Lets hope the injuries are not too bad.

  36. The good news just carries on flowing…..wengers post match interview….he said now Caz has a knee problem, and finished the game on one leg. So many key players.
    Is there anyone we can recall?

  37. It seems that Cazorla is also injured, Arsene has said he had finished the game on one leg.

    Our whole medical team should be sold to ISIS. If that doesn’t defeat them, nothing will.

  38. Just to remind everyone, we’re still only two points off the top of the table.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that push into the hoardings, compounded with having to leap over an opposition player trying to get his leg, was what did for Sanchez.

    I think any attempt to blame Arsene Wenger for it is pathetic.

  39. @Pat – I think it’s pathetic to justify a gamble Arsene had taken with Alexis’ hamstring. Nobody has asked for Arsene’s head (aside from Piers Morgan, that is), for God sake, but it was his mistake. Just like it was a mistake not to sign a Coquelin’s cover in the summer.

    It’s not a hindsight that you’ve been arguing with right now, it’s a common sense.

  40. Same old, same old.It is ALWAYS the usual players who get injured.I do mean soft tissue injuries.Gibbs,Walcott, Chamberlain,Arteta and Kos.Not good enough, sorry.Regarding Sanchez, AW does not come out of this very well.Why tell the media during the week he has a hamstring problem.They will now throw it back in his face big time.Sometimes he is too honest for his own good.If that had been Ramsey he would not have played him.I love Sanchezs commitment, but we all knew he must have a rest sometime.I do understand that clearly teams do target us, but this is just too much.Oh, Sunderland next, what joy.

  41. Very hard to directly apportion blame, as we do not know so much……yes our summers transfers does not look too clever now, but at the start of the summer, it didn’t look too bad.
    As for the title, I am convinced our manager, and squad are good enough, however should Wenger win this year, I would put that as his finest achievement, including invincibility.
    The reason, having a pretty good idea what he is up against.
    The main factors that I believe make it very hard to win the title, the pgmol, and injuries. And maybe they are interlinked. For some reason, either the manager or club is not favoured by the football establishment in this country. It may have been thus when Wenger arrived, but he had the ferocious David Dein who backed the club to a fault. Until we get to the bottom of the injuries, and whatever it is with the pgmol, this team are up against it. Do the club do enough to deal with either….well we do know they have bought in top medical and fitness staff with track records, but maybe they are up against something they have not experienced at this club.
    Are the club doing all they can over the pgmol, like Josif, my guess is no. Are they doing enough with the root cause of injuries, we just don’t know, what we do know, at the moment it seems there are issues.
    But all we can do is keep backing the players and manager. We face Sunderland, they will have noted the tactics used today and by west Brom, and let’s face it, Big Sam is not going to make it easier. Ozil wil be targeted.

  42. Bjt
    Agree. Moss was the difference,and by a mile.

    The facts:
    1. He first gave Santi a yellow for diving and awarded Norwich a free kick in the process.
    2. Then the incident you mention, high boot on his knee (which I did point out during the match, to Para, could have resulted in another serious injury) and yet he awarded Norwich a free kick again!

    3. We had 3 players shoved into the advertising boards/camera pits with noone censured for that. We lost Debuchy to such an injury last season, he was out for a long time and has not been the same player since..

    I’m not going to muddy the waters by mentioning the constant pulling of Giroud, but all the above is what happened and don’t think anyone can dispute that. All this, and apparently it’s Wenger’s fault. What on earth do some individuals use to think with?

  43. To add, when Arsene Wenger has to use up two substitutions for replacements for injured players, he cannot send in three substitutes in the second half to add fresh legs and make any tactical adjustments which might lead to a win.

    In the event, I am relieved we got a point and are still in the chase at the top of the table.

    I do not agree that it was obvious we needed more midfielders in summer. The midfield was exactly the area where we appeared to be over-stocked.

  44. @Mandy – I’ve been writing about it for a while: Arsenal are not favoured by either PGMO or FA (just take a look at our fixture list in 2013-14 and how many big games we had to play back-to-back) because we don’t fit the narrative. We have to accept that only by playing physical football one can win the Premiership. Anything else would be a terrible thing for “ol’ English football”. Arsene has already poked them in the eye with The Invincibles – something that none of the bunch of Ferguson, Shankly, Paisley, Mourinho, Clough and Graham could achieve and they will do everything to prevent him from repeating the league success.

    (Speaking of narratives, just take a look at all those euphoria regarding flavour of the month Jamie Vardy. He made a racial abuse in August that led to rumours he would be sacked by Leicester City. He wasn’t and now everything is forgotten because he is an English player. Just like John Terry got away and Luis Suarez didn’t.

    Take a look at the referees’ decisions in the last few games while Vardy was going after Van Nistelrooy’s record and you might notice something strange.)

    That being said, Arsene hasn’t been helping himself in the last eight months – since Welbeck’s knee injury. Welbeck was supposed to be out for a few days and he hasn’t played a game since then. We didn’t sign Coquelin’s cover in the summer and it has bitten our bottom already. Every single evidence was pointing at the fact neither Flamini nor Arteta are good enough to replace the Frenchman but he gambled and we lost. Same can be said about Alexis’ hamstring.

  45. Just watched Arsene Wenger’s press conference. Koscielny got a kick. Cazorla got a kick. Sanchez got a kick. I suppose it was Arsene Wenger on the pitch kicking them?

  46. Just one more thing because some people generalize things instead of making evidence-based claims:

    Tomorrow is the last day of November. We have two games that we have to win in order to keep our title challenge alive (Sunderland at home and Aston Villa away). Then we have Manchester City on our soil (hopefully with Koscielny, Alexis and Theo in the team) and a difficult game to Southampton away. Before the transfer window opens, we will play against Bournemouth as well. With 13 points we would be on the top after the first half of the season.

    However, in January we have back-to-back trips to Liverpool and Stoke before Jose Moaninho comes to the Emirates. I think that’s going to be a crunch time so any transfer work should start quickly. If we spill points in January due to poor transfer work, don’t call my criticism a hindsight as I have made this bona fidei warning on 29th November.

    Oh, I know I’ve written “just one more thing” but this I have to say: speaking of Manchester City, Pelle didn’t play yesterday due to 5 yellow cards and Shawcross will miss the game against them next weekend after being sent off against Sunderland. Strange coincidence, no?

  47. This season we have seen many cynical attacks on our team, but especially on the deep midfield pairing of Coquelin and Cazorla – I have not counted the number of hits they have taken – but it is far far more than one would expect.

    The cynical teams especially have targeted this pairing – why – because together they break up attacks and very quickly and skillfully distribute the ball starting dangerous counter-attacks. Basically these cynical teams want to stop us playing by crippling the defensive midfield – removing the cover for our back four is an added bonus for the thugs.

    And who permits the cynical teams to mix pre planned thuggery with football – the useless incompetent Clones of Riley – who have long forgotten that their job is to ensure fair play within the rules of the game.

  48. Agree Josif, we certainly don’t fit the narrative, think there may also be a few things going on that we don’t buy into, and pay for it. think the same happens in Europe….Wenger mentions quite legit concerns about doping, and 10 inspectors arrive to interrupt Friday training, the day before the west Brom game. I would suggest there is some implication ….rock the boat, and you might not finish in the top four. But yes, the English physical game is preserved at all costs, especially by our northern refs. It seems most teams go along with it, we stick out like a sore thumb.
    Interesting that vardy didn’t go the way of the then Leicester managers son for racial indiscretion…..but guess the latter did have a bit more on his plate.we should,pick up some points in games coming up, but we are going to be a bit stretched.
    But sadly, our players are targeted with impunity by opponents…then the media……that will continue as long as Wenger is with us….at least, unless Wenger can do something so special, he can shut them up. Or the club start saying enough is enough.

  49. Just seen a post from Eduardo over at PA, apparently over the last ten seasons, we have gained 58 points out of a possible 117, comprising 17 wins, fifteen losses and seven draws.
    Pretty poor, but this Nov seems to be one of the worst I can remember .
    Ift is possibly partly a preseason schedule sacrifice designed for the players to peak in the second half of the season, but making it difficult in late autumn when the meaningless interlulls and other things take effect?
    Guess it is also worth noting most of the teams in Europe mid week had similar results…….but still hard to come to terms with how poor this month has been and how many injuries… key players….they are experiencing.
    Wenger will have his work cut out over coming weeks.
    As for Jan, he will have to examine in the most Frank and brutal manner who he is likely to have available. Not sure many top players will be available for transfers, but maybe a few loaned backups if this spell is likely to continue?

  50. It’s not all doom & gloom, neither was it all doom & gloom to watch. Two points off the leader, Christmas on the way, the title race proper starts January.

    The bottom half of the Premiership will scrap for every point. Any team can beat any other team. Arsenal will not be the only team to concede points or take injuries.

    As for the refs – as long as we moan nothing much gets done. The only action that will cause plausible change comes when the public takes on the FA, the PG mob and the whole corrupt pile of suits ruining football and sport. If this takes too long, or never arrives, maybe people will have to come up with some other solutions.

    The good points about the game – Campbell looked assured, the Ox ran into the game smoothly, Bellerin has started to have the poise of a player who knows he can change games. The lads took a point. We have come through November.

    If I listened to the voices of doom I would believe we were halfway down the table, open my eyes I see we are two points behind the leaders. We could have been three in front, we could have been five in front – May is next spring. Reality, reality, reality.

  51. Or influential people from within the club take on the FA and PGMOL Zedsaunt, and by that, I am not referring to Wenger, he has enough on his plate.

  52. One more thing, next time one of ours gets shoved into a camera pit or advertising board, a bit more surrounding and pressure on the ref please……you know other teams do it

  53. Oh come on Mandy, if our players surrounded the ref probably one of them would be sent off! We are not ‘other teams’. It is not a level playing field.

  54. “Just watched Arsene Wenger’s press conference. Koscielny got a kick. Cazorla got a kick. Sanchez got a kick. I suppose it was Arsene Wenger on the pitch kicking them?”

    I didn’t see this statement, but if that’s what he said then I’ll have to reappraise my own opinion of what I thought I saw which was Koscielny grasping his hip after landing badly on the the ground & Sanchez holding onto his hamstring. No kicks took place. Cazorla took a hit though.

    The pitches at both Emirates and London Colney have recently been blamed as being too hard and are a possible cause for all of these injuries our players are getting.

  55. @Al
    This is nothing new. We are aware of how refs can be. We played them off the pitch early on, and if we had continued we would have sewn up the game. If we play our game we can win regardless of refs.

    There is no real talk about how the seemingly “innocuous” “targeted” fouls on our key players decimate our squad year in year out. Indeed it is the stupid commentators who make these same fouls appear to be harmless. I am sure that these are the cause of our injuries. I count 3 targeted fouls today. Watch replay on Arsenal com and see if i am right.

    We have all seen the way Arsenal is treated year in year out and it is this same type of thug mentality that has conquered the world and ruined it for those of us who have any humanity.

    Arsenal has been relegated to being a so called “3rd world country” of football and continues to suffer the way they do.

  56. I am starting to see too many comments where the author is acting like they own Arsenal, or they manage Arsenal. If you reach this point, you have stopped being a fan. You will only be happy, if you go out and buy a team, or take on the job of manager of some team. Don’t tell us we are wrong, and don’t write as if Arsenal ownership or management are wrong. Go out and get your own team.

    You want an example?

    The other day, I commented on Stephan O’Connor’s first game on loan at York City. And learned more since then. Just before Stephan signed on, the manager had let go a bunch of loaned players. On the day Stephan had his first game for York City, four other players also had their first game STARTING for York. Four of those five were loan players. There was another brand new loan player on the bench, and he eventually came on the field.

    York City lost 5-1, setting a new club record for consecutive losses. Stephan O’Connor is going to need all the support he can get. But he signed up for that kind of situation. The manager now has a 2 week period before the next game, and hopefully he can gel the team a bit.

    But Stephan has it much harder, than any person writing in to Untold Arsenal. Quit thinking you know more about football than Wenger. Either be a fan, or go buy a team and run it your own way.

  57. Depends how they do it Pat, of course we would not get away with what, Utd or Chelsea have, but I would suggest peaceful protest in numbers. Plus, the captain should be allowed to have his say in reasonably strong terms.
    Maybe the ref didn’t see something….., so just a matter of pointing something out

  58. One more thing: I am now sure AW is fully aware of the things going on but he has learnt that to speak of them only harms the club(fines etc) so he keeps quiet on those things in press conferences.

    Still, i’m sure that Arsenal will prevail and i hope that all Arsenal fans will salute the club when we end the season on top, not just because we have won, but because we have won against the whole establishment. 🙂 🙂

  59. Maybe Para, but silence prolongs the problem.
    Not claiming I know the answer to a complex problem, but I believe it should be our board or CEO rather than Wenger taking this on. Wenger is the public face , this needs doing behind the scenes.
    Our players are being injured ….on an industrial scale…for debatable reasons, but rotational fouling and lack of protection from referees is surely amongst the main issues. If the club choose not to act on some of the things se see repeatedly, I hope they have some bloody good reasons

  60. Just glad to see the back of November , where we were told (ad infinitum by the commentators ) we drop the most points . We are within touching distance of the top of the table , and hopefully we do not get gypped of more points by the PIGMOB .
    And that 14 minute flight , that apparently ‘enraged environmentalist’, quips by the commentators repeated ad nauseam . Really ? But nothing about the rough roadhouse tactics by Norwich ?
    Hope the guys get back to winning ways next week.
    Up the Gunners !

  61. Just the Same ?

    A married Irishman went into the confessional and said to his priest, ‘I almost had an affair with another woman.’

    The priest said, ‘What do you mean, almost?’

    The Irishman said, ‘Well, we got undressed and rubbed together, but then I stopped.’
    The priest said, ‘Rubbing together is the same as putting it in. You’re not to see that woman again. For your penance, say five Hail Mary’s and put $50 in the poor box.’

    The Irishman left the confessional, said his prayers, and then walked over to the poor box.

    He paused for a moment and then started to leave.

    The priest, who was watching, quickly ran over to him saying, ‘I saw that. You didn’t put any money in the poor box!’

    The Irishman replied, ‘Yeah, but I rubbed the $50 on the box, and according to you, that’s the same as putting it in!’

  62. Josif the evidence based conclusion is that Alexis couldn’t run properly after being pushed into the pit. Especially before HT. Norwich equalised when AFC were down to ten. Simples.

    A reasonable opinion or critique would ask why the physio didn’t come on to have a look at that point, to take him off at HT.

    To say the player’s fitness was gambled upon from KO is an opinion that doesn’t match the evidence or observation.

    Alexis was having a good game. Till he got pushed into a pit.

  63. @finsbury

    Actually, Alexis’ hamstring had raised the alarm before the game against Dinamo (Wenger’s words). In fact, Wenger said he had moved him to No.9 role in order to spend him less. So, yes, it was a gamble that backfired unless Wenger hadn’t been telling the truth before.

    If the gamble was made due to poor judgment of our medical staff, then Wenger has to react in that direction. Danny Welbeck’s knee injury was supposed to be a minor one, a few days of absence…in April (Wenger’s words again). He hasn’t played since April. Something is rotten aside from PGMOB there as ten (10) of our players are out due to injuries, pretty much all our pacey players minus Bellerin and Ox (who have just returned). Whilst assaults a la McNair probably had something with some of those injuries, you have to ask yourself what the hell happened with Welbeck, Rosicky, Gibbs, Walcott and Ox.

  64. God save us from the moaning minnies, the FFM,s and the hindsight experts. Even some of our regulars appear to be getting infected.

  65. FAO Ai
    “The facts”
    1 Cazorla was not touched & correctly booked for simulation
    2 Cazorla may not have known O’Neill’s was coming past but he swung at the ball &kicked him, even your own players or Wenger did not query the free kick
    3even if we concede the Ryan Bennett, aka the thug, push on Sanchis please look again at the one where one of your players ends up in a pit behind the goal. There is no player anywhere near him & it is entirely his own momentum
    Now my facts
    1 prior to yesterday Jon Moss had refereed you 10 times resulting in 10 Arsenal victories. Really shows bias against the Gunners
    2 If we are talking about incorrect decisions why no mention of Ramsey clattering into the back of Hoolahan in the corner of the penalty area in the first half, not fiit your theories?

  66. “He says it’s a kick on his hamstring, but I fear that is not the reality”

    Wenger is getting very tetchy ( with justification ), but this is very revealing. To me it translates as “well he would say that wouldn’t he?”, as Sanchez had declared himself fit to play and then tried to blame a kick for what was obviously a recurrence of the hamstring he hadn’t fully recovered from.
    Being pushed into the pit couldn’t have helped much.

  67. @Josif – Wenger did mention about Alexis hamstring in the press but we don’t know what have been said between Alexis and Wenger during the week before the match. My guess is Wenger ask Alexis how he is feeling and Alexis assessment on the hamstring, Alexis being Alexis probably say he’s fine and can play. During the match Alexis look normal and nobody notice any problem with him. Is it AW fault for all injuries? I don’t believe so, as it’s the players responsibility for their health and how they feel. If they don’t feel right they should advise they can’t play.

    All the doom and gloomers need to calm down, yes it’s frustrating that we are not winning the games we are expected win but remember we are only two points behind the leader and there is a long way to go.

  68. @Polo- if I’m right, Wenger has mentioned tests for hamstring. If the whole testing is based on: “Alexis, can you play?”, then we are screwed.

    I have mentioned Ozil’s case from 2014 when he played for 45 minutes against Bayern despite feeling a hamstring pain in 2nd minute of the game. We lost him for a while during the busiest part of the season.

    I agree with you that players should act responsible too but what about our medical team-Wenger communication? Is there some sort of misunderstanding or lack of organization?

  69. @Josip – I understand what you mean but there’s always two side to a story, we all are speculating. The medical team might of told AW of the problem but the player believe he’s fine and want to play so AW ignore medical advice, I read somewhere AW do this often. If we go back to one of AW press conference when he was answering a question about rotating players, I think AW said something like how can he tell a player who played well in the previous match to get benched when that player wants to play the next game. As most ex-players say AW doesn’t like having confrontation with his players so he excepts the players judgement. There need to be an independent investigation and if the findings suggest AW ignores medical advices then the Board should strip AW of power to over rule medical advices and if the medical team are at fault then they should be assessed for competency.

  70. @Polo – I think we are on the same page then. Something is wrong and that something should be fixed. We have a wonderful squad assembled but injuries have been destroying them for years.

  71. I have not seen the match but I know that PGMO were playing against us again. It’s a disgusting fact that the FA have blood on their hands. The evil of officiating with bias is a constant that cannot be ignored.

    Serge – your comments are pathetic as you can see the bias of PGMO creating issues that you heap on Wenger. Get a life.

    Josif – no jinx involved. Cheats & probably doped ones at that causing issues with our magnificent team. Go back to WBA post & read my comment about the knee in Alexis thigh.

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