Arshavin: we might sign him, but he won’t play (yet)

Everyone is telling different stories according to the always believable and generally truthful British press.  (That statement is ironic).

Dennis Lachter, agent to the man most of us had never heard of a year back, said on “Andrei wants to move to Arsenal, and Arsenal wants to acquire Andrei. All that remains is for the parties to agree compensation.”

But apparently he has had a month off for the Russian cold season.  Which would mean he isn’t fit (although he is probably rather cold).   So the young Arsenal reserves battling it out in the midfield, will have to battle on a bit longer it seems.  (Actually a reserve midfield, and a reserve central defence, and we are only about 6 points off the top – that isn’t so awful is it?)

Alisher Usmanov also figures in more and more press statements, ever since the Daily Mail found out that he is chairman of Gazprom’s overseas division – and that Gazprom own Zenit, as well as all the gas that flows through the Ukraine pipeline.

“Usmanov wants Arshavin to join Arsenal. In fact he insists on this deal,” Anton Lisin, a football writer and columnist with Sovietsky Sport is quoted in the Guardian as saying.  So that’s all right then.

Personally if Gasprom told me to do something I’d damn well do it – or else get out on the first plane and hide for a few years in the middle of Dartmoor, or Tierra del Fuego or somewhere equally disconnected from the Gazprom pipeline.

But Lisin says that Manchester Money will also bid for Arshavin.  Manchester M have shown they know how to play with the big children, by blaming everyone but themselves for the way the Kaka deal worked out.  They said that WC Milan used the event to bolster their own position with their fans – which of course is what happens.   Everyone tries to make the most out of every deal – except Manchester Money have ended up looking exceptionally silly.   So they might now go around like a playground bully, knocking over the other kids’ toys.

But really they ought to be able to afford a better public relations person to handle the work.

I’m available – but so far they haven’t called.

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  1. I met Arshavin today in Dubai where he has come along with the rest of Zenit to play for some friendlies. He sounded hopeful when I said it wil be great to have him at Arsenal.

    If he does join, I will remember this more than having met david dein and flamini here in dubai as I met a player while he was still in the process of joining arsenal.

    it was a great moment.

  2. It’s hard to know what to believe since the story seems to change minute by minute. It does make you wonder why Zenit bothered to invite Arsenal to Russia for talks unless they were ready to make a deal, but on the other hand the invite was extended before the Kaka situation had reached it’s conclusion, so maybe Zenit are hoping for a gazumping bid from City, which is closer to their valuation of the player. I’ll be glad when it’s over one way or another.

  3. In a strange way Gael Clichy being suspended could be a good thing.

    Of course Arsenal will miss him against Cardiff City but the player himself could do with a breather after a hectic campaign so far.

    The suspension will also give him a chance to clear his head. He has made several errors that have cost Arsenal at times.

    Clichy is a marvellous player who I believe can develop into the best left-back in the world but he can only achieve this if he cuts out the mistakes.

    I think its a concentration thing with Gael. He can just switch off and this is the problem he needs to deal with.

    He comes across as a highly intelligent young man and I believe that when he gains more experience he will cut out the mistakes and improve his concentration.

    This “mini-break” could do him good. He can reflect on his errors and become a better player for them.

    I have every confidence that Gael Clichy will become the best left-back in the world and he will iron out these mishaps on his way to doing so.

  4. I can see us NOT getting Arshavin, not because Man City will snatch him from under our noses, but because we aint gona fork out the necessary money. And then Wenger will come out with excuses like he thinks he feels he needs to give Bendnter a more pivotal role coz he scored in the last two games. We need to be realistic. In Wenger we can we trust to win 70% of our games but In Wenger we can forget trusting him to win us the 90% games needed to win the title. I lost my job in this crappy financial climate but i was still forking out for expensive Arsenal tickets and merchandise. but now i can shelve that Arsenal fan club for a bit, not like its any interesting at the moment. Peace out

  5. It is a shame that Arsenal cannot afford to pay more than 12 million for a 27years old established player but we can sell a 29 years old thierry henry and viera for over 16millions.That makes Arsenal a taker and not a giver.Get rid of that inconsiderate, self centered and Mr know it all AW.The boards doesn’t care about the fans all they care about is their pocket.As for me, i will not renwe my ticket until i see quality signing and not some bunch of kids

  6. NigelP
    Would that inconsiderate, self-centered, know-it-all be the same AW that is the most successful manager in Arsenal’s history. The same one who has won as many league titles at Arsenal as Chelsea have won in their history. The man who has won more titles than Spurs have in their history. The man who took us unbeaten through a whole league season.
    The man who brought Fabregas, Vieira, Henry and Pires to the club.
    How very inconsiderate of him.

  7. So wot Ian Trevett,who cares that we’ve won more trophies than spurs or we went unbeaten for a whole season years ago.or he brought pires vieira and henry,where are they now?…..Do they give a toss we’re 5th in the league? No!!!!!
    All wenger does is chat shit about our team is so great we don’t need no signings,he’s happy with our squad!
    He’s a liar,he got my hopes up about xabi alonso,and what happened there? he only wanted to pay 10 mil for him aswell..OF COURSE arshavin is worth 20mil,how much did Liverpool pay for Stan collymore ages ago 8MILLION,what about tottenham signing Bentley, modric,Defoe all for 14million plus each. This is why MANCHESTER UNITED will always be the biggest club in england,they dnt care 30mil on rio carrick 16mil what about rooney? I don’t care what any1 says ARSENE WENGER SHOULD JUST BE A SCOUT!!!! GET MOURINHO IN and watch him take arsenal to another level,

  8. NigelP – Vieira and Henry had proven themselves at the highest levels of the game – if Juve/Barca respectively were prepared to pay those prices isn’t it a good thing that we got the best price we could? Apart from last season, I’m sure Barca are not feeling that the £16m was too much given the shirt sales and the goals they are now getting from TH. Also, a lot of Arsenal fans were thinking we sold them cheap at the time.

    Considering no other club has made an official approach for Arshavin, why would Arsenal keep upping their offer? We’re led to believe they’ve made a couple of offers, but you have to know your maximum or you risk being ripped off. Remember the current financial climate. If TV money and gate receipts fall, clubs like ours who live within their own resources are going to feel the effects more. Even money bags spurs who don’t have a stadium to pay for baulked at Zenit’s demands and they’ll pay anything for any old crud.

  9. NIGELP Says:

    January 21st, 2009 at 01:13 pm
    “……i will not renwe my ticket until i see quality signing and not some bunch of kids”

    Mate can I get your season ticket off u please, seeing as u have no need for it anymore, i’ll be willing to pay face value for it and will keep your place in the queue till we get into the glory years again and you are ready to come back.

  10. On another matter Tony – do you have any idea how the Spurs are able to splash out so much money each transfer window??? They do not seem to be affected by the crisis at all. How are they getting the funding?

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