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  1. Proud1

    Just wondering when you last won the Champions League/ European Cup?

    • Tony Attwood

      Proud 1, I think your comment illustrates the profound difference between Arsenal fans and many Liverpool! fans. The author of the article carefully listed all the trophies won by Liverpool! in the period covered, something that obviously took a few moments of research to do. And yet you were not able to look up the details of your enquiry. The answer to your question must be somewhere on Google, and perhaps you would search it out there. I really don’t think you should expect us to do your research for you.

  2. Pete

    Per previous thread, the weather forecast up there is atrocious this evening. A lot of mud for the Liverpool gegenpressers to run through?

  3. colario

    Over the years of listening to interviews given by Arsene I have noticed (as you I have here) Arsene as the ability to verbally ‘poke out’ his tongue so to speak and make a comment that seems normal and positive yet laughs at someone or points out the error of their way with out seeming to criticise. You have to be quick to realise what he has actually said at the time.

    COYG Let’s hope Klopp is a flop tonight.

  4. Gord

    OT: Strange Betting and the Weather

    Google News has a few sources of stories on the odds of new Liverpud Caulker pulling his hamstring in the game tonight. If I was to pick the weather most likely for this, I would pick cold and wet. Pete has responded by arranging for it to be cold and wet in Liverpud-land. One place was offering 10:1, I have no idea if that is good or bad.

    Any other strange bets happening?

    Jones is from Cheshire, which is a heck of a lot closer to Anfield than it is to Emirates Stadium. The 4th official (Robert Madley) is from West Yorkshire, which is closer to being equidistant.

    So, I am going to wish for either a meteor, large ice ball or lightning to smite Jones slightly before kickoff, in the hope of getting a better chance at fair officiating. I wonder if I can get 10:1 on that? 🙂


  5. godge

    Arteta and Rosicky on the bench maybe?

  6. Gord

    OT: Moss and Cheshire

    I started Google Maps to look at that Cheshire to Anfield business. The Cheshire FA is just off Firdale Road, next to something called the Moss Farm Leisure Complex on Moss Lane in Northwich. I think the Moss family has a long history with the Cheshire region.

    Zooming out from Cheshire FA, at the point where Liverpool becomes visible, so does Manchester. It looks like Liverpool, Manchester and Northwich form an equilateral triangle.

    Zoom out a few more steps, and finally the region around Birmingham appears, as does Isle of Man.

    One more step of zooming out, and I can see London. As well as most of Ireland.

    How to best assign referees?


  7. Tai

    Great stuff Bulldog…

    All through this season, Arsenal has always turned up for the big matches…never mind the Mike Dean-inspired horror at Stamford Bridge.

    Our boys should never listen to this injury-ravaged stories…Liverpool will be very tough tonight, whoever they line out. If I had my chance, I’d advise we adopt the patient style we did at Olympiacos…same squad, same approach and we grab the three points.


  8. Pete

    Gord – Jones is from Chester. A part of Cheshire almost a suburb of Liverpool (I exaggerate slightly…).

  9. proudkev


    I just had to laugh as I took my usual ‘glance over the shoulder’ at the WOBsite.

    Apparently our league position flatters us because we have had an easy fixture list! It’s funny how beating Manchester City, Manchester United and Leicester away become conveniently ignored. Also funny that they fail to mention how this easy fixture list resulted in us accumulating more points and conceding fewer goals then any other team in the whole of 2015. I suppose it’s that ‘easy’ fixture list again over those 56 league games!! I am sure a child age 5 can work out those maths don’t add up.

    I’m sorry but these clowns just have to be on a massive wind up, nobody can be that stupid. I’m starting to wonder whether that blog is just a bunch of Chelsea and Spurs fans having a laugh at our expense.

  10. proudkev

    What did I say about the North West referees and them being appointed to home town games.

    Mike Jones is from Chester, 18 miles South of Liverpool. JOKE.

    I am not saying he is going to be biased, he could be an Everton fan BUT for heavens sake why have PGMOL picked a referee from Chester? He has the local influence and has to deal with any repercussions if he makes a bad call for Liverpoool.

    Why are we always on the end of this? We had Manchesters Anthony Taylor for our game with Manchester United earlier in the season.

    I warned about this.

  11. Gord


    Seeing as I am writing something on this topic, I am going to be pedantic. I wrote that he was from Cheshire, because if I look up Jones at either Wikipedia or PremierLeague.com, it says his home county is Cheshire FA.

    Obviously, nobody wants the street addresses of referee to become common knowledge, so that every hooligan can pay them a visit.

    How should I have referred to Jones and Cheshire?

    I need to be correct about this, as how this is specifically worded probably effects how accurate the article will be.

    On the subject of articles. This is going to have graphics in it, as the use of colour is being explored to help present information. How big should the graphics be? We have desktop and mobile people. What format? If it makes a difference, I am making them in SVG.

    Oh, for the 60th day now, Elneny is close to finalizing his transfer to Arsenal. The news for tomorrow? Elneny is close to finalizing his transfer to Arsenal. The news for the day before the transfer window closes? Elneny is close to finalizing his transfer to Arsenal. And Aubameyang has been transferred to the Moon.

    And I still hope Arsenal do well today!


  12. serge

    “I just had to laugh as I took my usual ‘glance over the shoulder’ at the WOBsite”

    For the benefit of the not so smart, what is the WOBsite?

  13. JohnW

    Yeah, just give me 1-0 to the Arsenal, score in the first minute and defend it. So much fun, eeh?!

  14. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    I will advice our dear Gunners to guide against falling prey to the high pressing game of the Reds side as per their traditional way of playing. But to resolutely defend in their numbers against any counter attacks by the Reds and not concede any goal to them whatever.

    Once bitten twice shy. The Gunners should by now be accustomed to playing under the harsh condition of any prevailing weather. And not to tender the excuse of a bad weather night at Anfield for not collecting all the 3 points that will be at stake in this game.

    A high pressing game against the Gunners at Hillsborough and at Saints Mary’s have seen the Gunners succumbed to the Owls and the Saints so far this season in a Capital One Cup game and in a Barclays Premier League game encounters respectively.

    We are all under the thought that the Red might play a high pressing game against the Gunners in this Premier League encounter tonight as per the preferred heavy metal brand of football game of Jurgen Klopp.

    Therefore, the Gunners MUST guide against being forced to committing errors like 1 and 2nd bookable offences. And not scoring an own goal against themselves or give away any penalty during the course of playing the match.

    The Gunners SHOULD stick to their classical method of playing and be discipline in their defending organization to timely arrest any dangerous incursion by the Reds into their final 3rd.

    If the Gunners adhereded to discipline in their game this night at Anfield, despite the envisaged high pressing game by the Reds and the likely poor weather. I see no reason why the Gunners will not soundly beat the Reds by 0-3 goals tonight at Anfield before the very eyes of their partisan home supporters.

    I refuse to buy that BBC Lawro’s 1-1 draw predicted final score-line tonight in this game. Arsenal MUST not drop any point to the Reds only for our title rivals to pick it up and add to their own points tally at our own expense. But the Gunners MUST win this match to consolidate their sitting on top of table.

  15. Dazza64

    Proud 1- Pride before a fall!!

  16. James

    I came across this today in 442. A fascinating read over dinner before the match kicks off later. I was twelve at the time… http://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/best-ever-title-finish-arsenals-1989-triumph-over-liverpool-told-players#:WrjksVsok5n0dA

  17. Menace

    Well it going to be persisting down at 4C so it is ideal for muscle pulls if not warmed up. Chances are that ‘somebody going to get hurt real bad’ (punch line of Canadian comic Peters).

    Gord – the distance of Riley to the Ems versus to any northern club will be sufficient to judge his evil cheating heart.

    Looking forward to Wenger clippity Klopping Rileys feathers.

  18. Rich


    In fairness, they do seem quite reluctant to give him Liverpool games . This’ll just be the fourth since start of 2012-13.

    Last time they did wasn’t too pretty mind- two dodgy handball pens against Leicester at the start of 2015.

    Just our bad luck to get the local ref, I guess, like it was with Taylor, like it was when Mason was given an Arsenal game right after his time in Siberia which was punishment for allegedly screwing up in an Arsenal game.

    We should probably tape the players arms to their sides for tonight just to be on the safe side tho.

    Just want a good game with no bullshit tonight, like always. Win or lose i can always handle it as long as there’s no bullshit.

  19. Tony Attwood

    Team as predicted I think

  20. Josif

    -Arsenal have lost just once at Anfield in the last eight league matches (for Liverpool fans who read this: I didn’t take a Champions’ League defeat because even if it is called “League”, it’s not the same thing as “Premier League”). We have won three times (2009-10, 2011-12, 2012-13).

    -Ramsey and Walcott didn’t play in that 5:1 defeat.

    -Martin Škrtel scored three goals in the last two Anfield clashes but won’t play tonight. None of their goal-scorers from 5:1 match will feature tonight while Mikel Arteta is on the bench for us. In fact, Philippe Coutinho is also out which means Laurent Koscielny will be the only player on the pitch tonight who has scored a goal for Liverpool against Arsenal at Anfield (2011-12).

    -Simon Mignolet had more clean sheets in Premier League in 2015 than any other goalkeeper but Petr Čech has had more clean sheets in Premier League than any other goalkeeper ever.

    -Four Arshavin’s goals in 2008-09 were worth of just a single point. But there was fifth Arshavin’s goal at Anfield that nobody mentions, the one that was worth of our 2:1 victory in 2009-10.

  21. Tony Attwood

    Watching BT Sprout it is interesting that poor Liverpool “have to cope with so many injuries” while injuries at Arsenal are always Arsenal’s fault.

    Funny that.

  22. Josif


    Maybe Liverpool injuries are also Arsenal’s fault?

  23. Tai

    Off we go on one of our ‘most difficult’ games tonight. ‘Pundits’ have it that reason we won’t win this title is because most of our big matches will happen outside the Emirates this second round.

    Hope the officials are not on same wavelength.

    Once the boys put in what is expected we’ll grab all the points. Not settling for one point either.


  24. ARSENAL 13

    Rambo yyyeeeaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr..

    Come on…

  25. Serge

    What a superb pass from Campbell and terrific finish by Rambo

  26. ARSENAL 13

    What the ….

  27. Josif

    So far we are second best at pretty much everything.

    Kudos for Campbell’s perfect first touch and pass for Rambo’s finish though.

  28. ARSENAL 13


    Come on.

  29. Josif


  30. Serge

    This is going to be some game. Pool dominating possession but we are getting back into it

  31. ARSENAL 13

    20 mins in and they are already looking tired….

  32. Serge

    We’re playing much, much better now

  33. SidBish

    Any danger of Campbell doing some defending ?

  34. Serge

    And Campbell is the key

  35. ARSENAL 13

    Wow!!!… Now push from back is alright. Its a drop ball.!!!!

  36. SidBish

    Campbell and Walcott are poor so far, Campbell’s one pass for 1st goal aside …… both teams have forgotten how to defend

  37. Menace

    Difficult game when the PGMO bod is a local who ignores fouls on Arsenal players & keeps evading clear penalty decisions.

  38. Gord

    Likes/Dislikes aren’t working for me: SidBish -2


    Pete, I’m sorry for asking for feedback.

  39. John

    How poor do we look when teams press us all over the park.Tactically we are all over the place.Just hope liverpool cant keep this up in the second half.Menace can you post anything without blaming the referee?

  40. ARSENAL 13

    Campbell…. Almost.

  41. Mick

    Are you sure you are watching the same game, Campbell is superb. Two sublime passes Ozil would have been proud of.

  42. ARSENAL 13


  43. ARSENAL 13

    Come on ARSENAL
    Come on ARSENAL
    Come on ARSENAL

  44. ARSENAL 13


    Come on.

  45. Serge

    What a fantastic goal from back to front

  46. ARSENAL 13

    What a touch to make space for a shot.

    Thats a gorgeous goal from Giroud.

  47. John

    Great play and a good finish from giroud!!

  48. Serge

    Hope I don’t regret saying this, but Mike Jones is having a good game

  49. ARSENAL 13


    Good work rate.

  50. ARSENAL 13

    Is it snowing!!!

  51. ARSENAL 13

    I don’t like this ….weather please. Not now.

  52. Serge

    We must stop gifting the ball to Liverpool

  53. ARSENAL 13

    Offside!!… No!!!!!

  54. ARSENAL 13

    Oh that touch from Ozil….Ozgasm.

  55. ARSENAL 13

    Leicester have scored…!!

  56. ARSENAL 13

    Another good game Ozil.

  57. ARSENAL 13


  58. serge

    Great game in shocking conditions and a fair result

  59. ARSENAL 13

    46 more points….

  60. Menace

    Not a bad result all things considered. A set of selectively blind officials letting Liverpool get a point.

  61. WalterBroeckx

    Match report is on line

  62. Strus

    Fantasic moments in offence. Liverpool defenders where there and were helpless!!!

    But what about the defence? Where was Mertesacker/Koscielny when Firmino scored that 2nd goal? Who were they marking? Thin air??
    Calamitious positioning after a cormer cost us the 1st goal.
    No tracking back was the main reason Arsenal did not won this match at the end. What a pity 🙁
    So many good displays, but Walcott and Ozil were below par. So few good balls and so many turnovers.
    Thank God MC has drawn against Everton and it is even better now than before that set od fixtures.

  63. serge

    On reflection I thought that Jones had a decent game, but could/should have given Clyne a second yellow for his wild kick on Campbell.

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