Stoke v Arsenal Sun 17 Jan 2016 – The Match Officials and the return of Dean (despite the petition)

by Andrew Crawshaw

Here is the Table of Shame updated following the Newcastle review

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents
2nd Yellow Cards 1 23
Red Cards 1 10
Penalties 2 15
Goals 0 8
Total 4 56
Possible Cost in Points 0 11

Plenty of mistakes by Anthony Taylor, virtually all in Newcastle’s favour but none on them were Important Decisions (second yellow, red cards, penalties or goals) but he did buy every Newwcastle dive.

On to Sunday and we have

  • Referee – Craig Pawson
  • Assistants – D Bryan and S Long
  • Fourth Official – Mike Dean

Firstly I am very concerned that The PGMO have seen fit to appoint Mike Dean as Fourth Official for this game following his travesty of refereeing in our game against Chelsea on 19 September which led to a 100,000 plus signature seeking that he never be appointed as referee again in an Arsenal match.  The PGMO surely can’t believe that we have forgotten the events on that day can they?  I sincerely hope that Mr Pawson doesn’t suffer an injury allowing Mr Dean back on the pitch.

Secondly I have two ‘flags’ against Mr Bryan – in our game away at Villa 0n 13 December he wrongly flagged Walcott offside immediately before he put a curler into the top corner.  The goal should have stood.  Last year in our home game against Burnley on 1 November, he failed to spot/assist  Mr Pawson in awarding the handball against Boyd in Min 20 which should have been a penalty and a second yellow card for the player.

I have no markers against Mr Long

On to Mr Pawson – he is a relatively new referee to the Premier League, a Yorkshireman who will be 37 this year, home County FA Sheffield and Hallamstead.  He made his league debut on 2 March 2013 and was appointed to the select list for the start of the 2013/14 season when he refereed 10 games, none featuring Arsenal.  To date he has been in charge of 48 games, issuing 8 red and 155 yellow cards.

This will be his second Arsenal game this year – his first was our thriller against Leicester in September when he put in a very good performance. 84% Weighted overall score, bias against the two teams 20/80 and no wrong Important Decisions. Craig Pawson – good performance

Last season 2014-15 he was in charge for two games, one at homeland one away – exactly as it should be.

The Arsenal v Burnley game I mentioned above – 72% weighted score, bias 86/14 and two wrong Important decisions both relate to the Boyd incident in Min 20.  Boyd deliberately handled the ball in the penalty area, strangely this was missed by both Mr Pawson and his assistant Mr Bryan.  It should have been a second yellow card for Boyd and a penalty to Arsenal.  Fortunately the wrong decisions didn’t affect the overall outcome of the game. Arsenal v Burnley

Our away game at Southampton on 1 January 2015 when he scored 78% weighted, bias again 14/86 and two wrong Important decisions.  Min 22 Wanyama should have had a second yellow card and Min 66 Gardos was wrongly given a yellow card for a last man offence, it should have been red.  Again the wrong decisions didn’t cost us points, but made our task harder than it should have been.  Southampton v Arsenal

In Conclusion

  1. There are too few games that Mr Pawson has done for us to be certain of his overall competence.  His other game for us this season does, however, give us hope.  A weighted score of 84% with no wrong Important Decisions is a very good performance  – the second best in the first half of the season.
  2. The reappearance of Mr Dean has to be a major concern, I seriously hoped we wouldn’t see him again in any capacity.  He is an official who cannot be trusted in any capacity in an Arsenal game and who shouldn’t be allowed in any ground when we are playing.
  3. It is also concerning that we have an assistant referee who has made major mistakes in wach of the last two seasons in games involving Arsenal, he has almost certainly cost us two goals.  I hope Mr Bryan has a much better game.
  4. Stoke v Arsenal games always tend to be feisty given the history between us and usually demand firm refereeing.  I am hoping that Mr Pawson shows he can be such a referee and that the presence of Mr Dean is not malevolent.  I am quite sure that Mr Dean will be there to ‘guide’ Mr Pawson’s career progress which is bound to be bad news for us.
  5. I hope the excesses we frequently see from Stoke players will be treated appropriately with yellow and/or red cards and that they are not allowed to push, shove and kick us off the ball with impunity.
  6. Watch out for not given penalties, phantom fouls and wrong offside calls.  Our magnificent away supporters will need to be on their guard for all signs of incompetence and bias.


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24 Replies to “Stoke v Arsenal Sun 17 Jan 2016 – The Match Officials and the return of Dean (despite the petition)”

  1. Nice.

    Lets hope the referee isnt influenced by that hostile Stoke crowd of neanderthals.

    The way they treat Ramsey, who was just a kid when Shawcross smashed his leg in half, is disgusting and sums up their intellectual capacity.

    Stoke 1 – 2 Arsenal

    Good game for Elneny to get his first tast of the PL.

  2. “Good game for Elneny to get his first tast of the PL”

    I suppose he’s used to extreem cold playing Basle, but not the hostile crowd at Stoke.
    If he gets through that unscathed and with merit, he’s ready for anything the Premier League can chuck at him.

  3. If Elneny makes it onto the pitch I hope he has been suitably forewarned about the idiosyncrasies, to put it politely, of the English referees. We have seen quite a few of our foreign players red carded on their Arsenal debuts, Gervinho and Kos spring to mind.

  4. That is typical of Riley & the fucking cheating bastards at the FA. Dean to let more broken legs & unseen fouling. I hope the bastards that run this sport in the FA get the most painful illness so that they know what Arsenal fans have to go through.

    Sorry but I cannot take this systematic abuse of sport by the FA & PGMOL.

  5. Oh Dear. Mike Dean hiding behind the mike, watch out for strange delayed decisions from the main ref gently whispered in his ear by Dean.

    Still, it’s about time we battered down Stoke’s fortress, we have not got the luxury of cruising this one, hard work and focus will do it. The joy at the new signing should also fire the players on, whether he plays or not, i hope he fits in well in training Fri and Sat for AW to play him Sunday. We all want to see him.

    Hate these late Sunday games after everyone else has played.

  6. Dean anywhere near a football field and especially at the hacker’s den is not a good omen.

    Stoke are serial thugs and cheats and will try all sorts of skullduggery – Pawson will be under pressure from Dean the Dastardly to accommodate their brand of anti football.

    What happened to the petition?

  7. On his first game with the Gunners, Pires said:
    Let me tell you a story about my first game at Arsenal. It was away to Sunderland and Arsene Wenger said to me, ‘I’m going to put you on the bench and you’ll be able to see how they play football in England’.
    I can tell you that after 20-25 minutes I wanted to return to France because I could tell how difficult it was going to be here, that’s how it all started for me.
    It was his way of saying, ‘Look, if you want to succeed in English football it’s going to be very, very hard’. He was right. That day at Sunderland was a real shock for me in terms of the way the sides got stuck into each other.
    But he had confidence in me, picked me and I adapted to the style of play, there’s no question that I had the best years of my career here, at Arsenal.

    I would be surprised if Elneny were thrown in without time to look and see what happens on a EPL pitch with PGMO oversight

  8. Don’t be surprised if the ref next week in our match against Chelsea is…. Dean.

  9. Walter – I really can not believe that even PIGMOB would earmark Dean for the return fixture…

  10. Definitely not a fan of chelsea. Though thought this would interest every one here.

    From the BBC website;

    Chelsea interim boss Guus Hiddink believed Yacob should have been dismissed and spoke with fourth official Jon Moss during the game.

    “I told him: ‘This is one of the worst referees of the Premier League I have experienced,”‘ said Hiddink, speaking on Friday before Saturday’s match against Everton.

    “He said to me ‘you haven’t seen me yet’, which was a beautiful remark I think.”

    Clearly prejudice exists within the pgmob.

  11. Maybe Jon Moss would be a good selection for the pgmob ref for the Chelsea game next week?
    Though even still, ‘be careful what you wish for’.

  12. Pete, I wouldn’t trust MIke and the PGMO at all…

    Two options if he gets this match.
    1. He will screw us again and thus make it impossible for the media to ignore it and he will expose himself to being biased

    2. in order to make sure that the old wisdom: ‘it evens out’ will be put in the headline he will give us 3 penalties, send 2 Chelsea players off and give us 3 offside goals.

    But before it ever will even out with Dean we are entitled to some 10 penalties and probably another 10 goals…

  13. Off topic but our U18s beat Swansea in the fourth round of the FA Youth cup tonight. Two goals in 2 minutes mid-way through the first half took the initiate away from the Swans, who had the better of the opening exchanges. Malen got the first in Min24 and Adelaide the second a minute later. Cullen pulled one back with 10 minutes of the first half remaining. Robinson was sent off with a straight red following an off-the-ball altercation with James who got a yellow meaning the Gunners had to play 47 minutes with 10 men.

    Unsurprisingly Swansea had the most attacking pressure in the second half but Mavididi made the game safe in the 84th minute.

    There was a worrying sting in the tail for Swansea as their keeper Thomas had suffered a serious injury which required medical attention on the field. When the game restRted after a break of several minutes Swansea had to put an outfield player in goal as they had already had used their three subs.

    Untold wish Lewis Thomas a speedy and full recovery.

    We now face either Coventry City or Charlton Athletic away in the next round.

  14. What has happened to our petition is the big question that needs answering without any further delays by those who should answer that question.

    How can Mr Riley send Mike Dean as the fourth official to hid behind the mask to teleguide Mr Pawson against Arsenal after all he has done to us at the Bridge to denied us our legitimate rights early this season.

    I think the Boss should make a great Gunners starts and Subs that will defuse any cladinetine plans by Mr Riley’s Pgmo outfit to deny the Gunners collecting all the 3 points that will be at stake in this match on Sunday evening.

    A great Gunners starts and Subs is the Boss game application Key to over write any game cheating application the officiating Pgmo match officials and their agents thuggery Porters could have in their armpits to use against us to keep implementing their agenda of not to allow us lift the Premier League title trophy this season. But to make their hidden elect club lift it.

    Therefore, the Boss MUST Maximise the quality of his starts and bench to the fullest at the Britannia to nullify any intentional wrong decision again us and any unpunished thuggery act against the Gunners on the field of play by the Porters.

    I think in this wise, the Boss MUST take that gamble to start the ratio 6:4 fit Sanchez for this crucial game. Hoping his fitness ratio will hit the acceptable level of 7:3(70%) by Sunday staring game time at the Britannia. So that Sanchez will directly start the match on the field and not start on the bench.

    All Gunners feet on deck at the Britannia on Sunday evening. The Boss in this light should start Walcott in his preferred mid-right wing position instead of to be starting him on the mid-left position which is thought in some quarters to have restricted his goals scoring productivity for us.

    If Sanchez is not startable on Sunday, the Boss should still start Walcott at the right wing position. And starts Campbell or the Ox at the left wing. But preferably Campbell should start ahead of the Ox. They could interchange positions at their own wish during the game.

    I think the Boss should start Elneny as DMF strait away in this match instead of to start him on the bench as Flamini may not be able to stand up alone to the physicality of the Porters game as Ramsey bombs forward in search of glory.

    My starts: Cech; BellerinRhino’KoscielnyMonreal; RamseyElneny; WalcottOzilSanchez; Giroud. My bench: Ospina or MaceyDebuchyDeAbreuGibbsChambersOxchaboArteta.

    SCFC 0-4 AFC @full-time 90”+.

  15. I think the appointment of Dean show how little the PGMO care about anyone else’s opinion. As far as they’re concerned, they’re cleaner than clean and they run the PL….

  16. I Googled ‘Lewis Thomas’ and the South Wales Evening Post had a writeup out. That paper seems to be among the most responsible in the UK.

    In any event Lewis suffered some kind of neck injury, or that is what the paper suggested. the most likely concern for me, is the cervical chord (spine).

    Here is a page which discusses injuries to the spinal column, and where the various parts are:

    Good luck young man.

  17. James
    Moss would be terrible for that fixture. Or any fixture at all for that matter. He’s quickly deteriorating into the worst possible combination of Dean and Atkinson, I’m copying and pasting below his exchange with Hiddink last week;

    “”I told him: ‘This is one of the worst referees of the Premier League I have experienced,”‘ said Hiddink, speaking on Friday before Saturday’s match against Everton.

    “He said to me ‘you haven’t seen me yet’, which was a beautiful remark I think.”

    I don’t know what one should make of that. I’d rather we have clatternburg for this one, not a saint but at least he’s better than most. I certainly wouldn’t want Taylor, Atkinson, or Dean , for that one.

  18. James
    Hadn’t realised you’d already seen that little exchange, had only read your second comment 🙂 I now see your reasoning behind wanting moss for that fixture 🙂

    But yes, how can moss say anything like that? Seems these guys pride themselves in screwing other teams. And for Hiddink, a man who has coached in many countries, to say he’d just witnessed the worst referee performance of his life in England speaks volumes of the levels of officiating we have here.

  19. Walter – that is precisely the point. Either Dean is kind to us (yeah, right…) OR he will take the PIGMOB to a new low which may, well, finally cause the steaming lid to be lifted…

  20. Mike Jones and assistant gifting Chelsea a valuable point in what is now known as Chelsea time and the new offside rule that declares no Chelsea player can be offside when he scores….

  21. Is it just these ruby & quartz goggles colouring or obscuring my vision or was Vardy about three light years offside for Leicester’s goal?
    Slightly harsh pelanty too for the leagues most “lucky” team. Saved!

    Sure hope we see a decision or two or several like that in favour of the Arsenal. One day. Perhaps.

  22. Law 11:
    There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from:

    a goal kick
    a throw-in
    a corner kick

  23. Looking forward to the ref review.
    First impressions: it was hard for the officials to call any of the pelanty shouts either way, good stuff there from the officials.
    The linesman seemed to have a good day.

    But what’s all this pushing in the back in every game that opponents are allowed to commit against afc players? PgMOB game management? Certainly bellerin was penalised for what several Stoke defenders were doing all game long. All season long, game after game with the odd exception to this PgMOB Rules Football variant code: One rule for Arsenal and another for the others.
    It is unquestionably a remarkable occurance given the consistency of this impartiality. So we remark upon it.

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