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October 2020

FA Cup : Arsenal – Burnley 2-1 A good run out

By Walter Broeckx

Rather a lot of changes in the starting line up for this FA cup match.

The most important one was of course the fact that Mohamed Elneny made his debut for Arsenal. And also a first start since his injury in mid november for Francis Coquelin.

For the rest we had Chambers and Gibbs starting at the full back positions in the place of Bellerin and Monreal. Ospina in goal for Cech.

Also a starting place for Iwobi in this mach and for Alexo Oxlade-Chamberlain.

And also a starting place for Alexis for the first time since his injury. A few players who got a bit of a rest like Özil and Ramsey.

Team that started: Ospina, Chambers, Gabriel, Koscielny, Gibbs, Coquelin, Elneny, Iwobi, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Giroud

On the beach: Cech, Monreal, Bellerin, Arteta, Rosicky, Walcott, Campbell.

Arsenal with a few corner early on and a low shot from Alexis that went just wide of the Burnley goal. A bit later a low shot from distance from Elneny but straight at the keeper.

Burnley with a chance but Ospina could save in corner I think as my stream went down for a few moments. Ospina actually with a good save I could see later. Gibbs with a good run and a low cross that took a few touches in the box and ended with a shot from Chambers that got somehow blocked by the Burnley defenders. 0-0 after 15 minutes with Arsenal well on top.

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Arsenal keep on attacking and a long spell of possession ends up with Iwobi laying it off to Alexis who passes it on to Chambers who curls it with the outside of his boot in the top corner. A lovely shot! GOAL!!! 1-0 to The Arsenal after 19 minutes.

Alexis very lively and in the mix of each dangers attack but the Burnley defenders rather successful in cutting out the shots. Another attempt from Alexis is blocked at the last hurdle. Burney get a corner and when Arsenal can’t clear their lines Vokes can head a cross in. 1-1 after 30 minutes.

Coquelin went down just before that goal after a collision with another Arsenal player but could carry on. A cross from Iwobi gets a touch and is too difficult for Oxlade-Chamberlain to convert. A shot from Oxlade-Chamberlain but the keeper could hold on to his shot before Alexis could become dangerous. Alexis with a few amazing movements getting him past a few players but a defender can block his cross. Giroud just not at the end of a loose ball in the Burnley penalty area and Alexis with a deflected shot. Again lots of Arsenal pressure in the final minutes of the first half after Burnley had a better spell after their equaliser. At half time the score was 1-1.

Burnley with a soft free kick at the start of the first half but Iwobi was first on the ball to prevent a Burnley play from having a shot from close range. Alexis with an attempt to play Giroud in but the latter didn’t understand the idea. Ospina at the other end with a save on a low shot and then had to be quick to be first on the ball at the expense of a knee in his back from Arfield. No card ref?

Arsenal with an attack down the middle. Iwobi with a ball to Oxlade-Chamberlain on the right and his low cross was put in the net by Alexis. GOAL! 2-1 to The Arsenal. after 53 minutes.

Iwobi with a shot from the edge of the penalty area but blocked by a defender. Koscielny just couldn’ get on the end of the corner. Arsenal still 2-1 in front after 60 minutes.

The Ox wins a corner and the ball goes to Elneny who has a hard shot but too close to the keeper. Burnley with a good attack but Koscielny on hand to put the cross in to a corner. Arfield gets a yellow card when he drags down Alexis. Elneny a bit later with a shot from inside the penalty area but he couldn’t keep his shot low. Iwobi goes off after 70 minutes and Rosicky comes on. Coquelin also goes off and Arteta comes on. Alexis with a free kick but a great save from Heaton to prevent a third Arsenal goal.

Koscielny gets a yellow card for a handball after handling a long ball. Burnley with a shot after a corner that went over. After 77 minutes Alexis was replaced by Walcott.

Burnley more and more trying to go forward but not really dangerous. The Ox at the other end with a shot over the bar after a long attack from Arsenal. Theo being called back for a doubtful offside decision with 4 minutes to go. Burnley now working with the long high ball bombing everything towards the Arsenal penalty area whenever they get a free kick. And that is a lot of times to be honest. Gray with a shot that went wide in the last minute of normal time. Ospina had it covered.

Two Arsenal players down in extra time after some battling for the ball by Gray, some arms in the stomach, a handball but nothing seen by the ref. Burnley give the ball back by putting Arsenal under pressure close to their own penalty area. What do you want from a team who has Barton in its ranks…. But Giroud manages to win a free kick relieve the pressure. Theo with run, a one-two with The Ox and finally a shot from Elneny that goes wide. Theo send away by The Ox but the keeper wins the duel. Burnley try to counter one more time but Koscielny blocks the last effort.

Arsenal win 2-1 against a good Burnley side who has shown that they are close to PL level. If just for that one player… why on earth give yourself a dirty name by employing such a player like Barton?

A difficult game, some players with some more running time on the field, others who had a rest and a win in the FA cup. Good enough for me.




38 comments to FA Cup : Arsenal – Burnley 2-1 A good run out

  • Usama Zaka

    Gibbs, Iwobi, Sanchez all played good. El Nenny also had a nice game. Meanwhile the ref had a poor game. He failed to give a foul on us so many times. And stopped us from playing with a phantom foul. In the last 15 mins Burnley just decided to kick-punch-elbow us everywhere and no card was shown by the ref.

    Thankfully it looks like we came out injury free.

  • serge

    A good win with nine changes.
    Elneney did well enough for his first game and doesn’t look the type to get roughed up but missed a couple of opportunities to make an instant hero of himself.
    Iwobi again showed his class.
    I thought Roger East was inconsistent with the cards, giving Kos a yellow for deliberate handball (justified)l while overlooking a Burnley player stopping the ball with both hands in the first half and another kicking the ball away at a free kick in the second.

  • Rathod

    What a sweet finish by Chambers, he chanelled his Rozza.

    Other than that, thoughts on the game: Koscielny shaky early on, but recovered very well. Gibbs seems so afraid even with low risk passes, pretty much the same with Gabriel.

    El Neny energetic, a lot like Ramsey but shows for the ball more in deep midfield and makes little runs to be available Koscielny was the only guy able to pick him out though). Rozza came back and did well.

    Alexis (“The pitbull” as Jim carrey called him) was brilliant and Coq did well with their first starts after layoffs. Coq made some superb tackles!

    Ox did much better this game with his assist, tracking back etc. The shots at goal could’ve been better but he’ll get there surely. We have come a long way, but I don’t know if we have enough to push for the title. Southampton are going to be another test for our midfield.

    Theo… If he continues like this, he’s the one nicking a living. Ball on a plate from Ox, he doesn’t even need to get it under control. Just take it past the keeper or finish early. Does neither.

    Onwards and upwards?

  • dan

    How was our new boy elneny? Heard lots of praise, got in after training my under 12’s, saw Walcott fluff a chance. As much I think Walcott will come good, Wenger may be looking to change him.

  • Definitely a good win for Arsenal. I was surprised Barton got away without a card after lifting Arteta up when he genuinely went down after he was caught on the face with a tackle right in front of the referee. Another show of bias from a typical PGMOL referee. Well done chaps.

  • bjtgooner

    A good win against a feisty opponent, the latter aided by some very poor refereeing.

    There used to be a time when the PGMO screwed us in the league, but were fairer in cup matches, it looks now as if they want to screw us in all competitions.

    But, well done the team for a good & well played Elneny and the returning players!

  • Alex Dieuzeide

    Thank you Walter. Agree, Barton is a disgrace.
    A tough game, good win. I would be glad if we’ve closed out the game and scored one or two more.
    At the end of the day we could see a nice Arsenal team on the pitch. Elneny is good ! Excellent spirit, good placement on the pitch, reliable and confident, good passes, nice defending…
    I’m just dreaming of the day when Theo and The Ox will find back their shooting boots. They are both slowly improving. One more step for them to gain more self confidence and I’m sure that would boost the whole team.
    Glad to see Alexis and Coq back. Same for Little Mozart.
    One more step toward Wembleyyyy !

  • Strus

    It is great that Arsenal dominated and won this match without :Cech, Bellerin, suspended Mertesacker, Monreal, Ramsey, Ozil and so frequently played Flamini.
    It is great that Coquelin, Arteta, Rosicky and Alexis played good minutes after coming from injury. It was important. Alexis is already on fire, which will be handy in upcoming matches. Coquelin played better with every minute.
    Defending was shaky in some moments, but finally really good, Burley have not a single shot on target in 2nd half.
    El Neny replaced Ramsey perfectly. He covers all blades of grass on the pitch. A bit cautious in defence, but overlall positive.
    Iwobi played another great game in the No. 10 position. This kid has enormous talent.

    Another quite poor,but not very bad referee today.

  • Damilare

    Yeah! Great win Arsenal. Upward and Forward to the next game. Kudos to the boys and AW.


  • Gord

    That is 14 wins in a row for Arsenal in FA Cup play I believe. It appears the record is 20 wins in a row for Blackburn Rovers. Blackburn had a tie, before a replay of a final, to stop their run. This is ignoring games that were a “bye”.

    We have a little bit of work ahead of us if we want to take that record. 🙂 Something to strive for.

    The U21 report is up at We beat Stoke 3-1 at Stoke. Congratulations young Gunners!

    Crowley was sent off (dissent) towards the end of the game.

    The report on the U21 mentioned Rosicky. I guess Tomas played for the U21 in the previous game, so it was a change that he wasn’t there today (with the U21).

  • Gord

    I think Akpom is well liked at Hull. His second goal was a penalty. From the BBC commentary:

    > Penalty to Hull – and Chuba Akpom calmly converts. Team-mate David Meyler fancied taking it, only for skipper Michael Dawson to grab the ball and hand it to Akpom instead. He sends the keeper the wrong way to double his – and Hull’s – tally.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Gord, yes he played the first half in the previous game

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Glad we are not taken to Turf Moor for a replay. The Gunners a times are the ones who are screwing themselves up as they don’t convert their chances even on the platters. If the angle was difficult for Ox to convert, how about the open sitter he missed as he skied his shot over in front of goal in the opening minutes of the match? And has Walcott lost his footballing strength or what’s his problem? How can he be so playful with a chance presented to him in front of goal on a platter to take as he refused to score the goal on the day he received a price of honour at the Ems in honour of his 10 years continues service at Arsenal. That a milestone achievement many footballers can’t achieve at a club.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Gabriel seemed a bit shaky at the start, the same with Gibbs.
    The Ox was good today…some lively take ons. Alexis and Elneny sure added some zip to our play; they were everywhere. Elneny had 2 or 3 half chances. The team on the pitch looked good. Sure we missed Ozil’s creativity and Mertesacker’s calm and organization in the back but the side put out today had very good balance.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Thanks Walter as always.

  • Al

    Good win against a good side, poor refereeing again but now that seems to be the standard.

    Elneny really impressed me; great shots (could have grabbed a brace today from distance) and intelligent runs which unfortunately his teammates failed to pick, but sure this will improve the more they get to know him. He looked right at home, and popped up in all areas of the pitch (was it him that went on the final attack with Walcott – which the latter fluffed instead of awaiting it to the other player? – sorry but got no replay of that action).

    I’m not normally one to criticise players but I feel The Ox and Walcott need to get their decision making and final ball a lot better. Iwobi was excellent throughout in these areas that if the former don’t improve I can see one of them making way for this youngster, which would be a real shame as I believe the other two are excellent but just miss one final piece to make them complete players.

    Well done Arsenal. Another step towards a hat trick of FA cups!

  • Barry L

    Thanks for the report Walter
    Was celebrating my grandson’s 18th birthday, so could only follow text reports on my phone. Will watch whole game on Arsenal Player.
    Burnley (3rd in Championship) are no mugs so win was good.
    Also a number of players – Ospina, Alexis, Elneny, Iwobi, Chambo, got a good run-out – with Welbeck due back in 2-3 weeks we have 23 of 25 available. Is the new medical set-up working?

    We need 3 pointa against Southampton to re-boot our EPL title charge

  • Wow,how many new signings did we use today!Yes new signings as Le Prof sayz,atleast now we are back with a bang and tell you what i can see light at the end of the tunnel,we will be a force to reckon with.

  • Alex Dieuzeide

    Samuel and Al. You’re right about Theo and Ox. They are not fully effective at least in scoring position. I think they are aware of that and sad about it. Just look at their face on the pitch when they fluff some good opportunity…
    They both went through a long injury time in their career, and no doubt that it is the kind of things that put a player’s skill down. Yet, technically and physicaly they are back to their best level. I truly think confidence lacking is the main point.
    Maybe it is time for the fans to show them we trust they will go through. It is obvious Arsène can see what we all see, and yet he keeps on playing them. Probably because he knows they need to feel the manager’s trust. That reminds me some years ago, the moment when Aaron was missing half his passes. Wenger kept on trusting his qualities and it worked fine.
    Like for Theo and Alex ,it’s all about a “click”. When it comes they will be efficient again. And we all know what it does when they are efficient! So yes, for now, they are lowering a bit the team level but isn’t that a gamble to take?

  • Jambug

    Good report.

    Was lucky enough to be there and really enjoyed what I thought was a good match.

    Should of won it a bit more comfortably to be honest but couldn’t put it to bed, and whilst you only lead by a goal it’s nervy, both for fans and players alike.

    I think a third would of seen the floodgates open, but hey, a win is a win.

    As for performances:

    I thought Chambers was exceptional and Alexis electric BUT, Iwobi Iwobi Iwobi.

    This guy is going to be immense.

  • Robert

    OT Great news that Gnabry is back from West Brom.

  • Josif

    A brief question:

    apart from general feeling that East’s performance was tailor-made (or it should be called Taylor-made) for the butcher-teams like Stoke, Sunderland and Burnley, I have a dilemma regarding Koscielny’s handball. He was the last man in our defensive line and handled the ball denying the goal-scoring opportunity for the opponents. Now, I didn’t see that one as a deliberate handball – it was more clumsy than deliberate – but what the referee reviewers say about it?

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think Gabriel was a bit behind them at the moment when he handled the ball. So it was stopping a promising attack, not a clear goal scoring opportunity.

  • Josif

    Thanks, mate! 🙂

  • Mandy Dodd

    A decent win. And some decent performances against a tricky team in good form, and a ref clearly playing northern rules, either that or he was just completely useless

  • Al

    Agree. And I wouldn’t even call it a gamble as these are good players and we know what they’re capable of. Like I said, I hate to criticise our own and certainly wasn’t trying to, was just expressing what might be termed ‘just a little frustrated…’ Think I read the ‘nicking a living’ jibe levelled against Theo today, and that’s certainly criticism I don’t agree with and don’t want to see used on our players. In fact for me criticism never helps, it achieves the opposite so it should never be used. Unless if it was used constructively, on a one to one basis, and in private. Clearly something not achievable to any of us, so best not do it.

    These guys have everything, and very good technically. They’re both very capable, they’ve shown it many times before. I just think they are showing a kind of lack of composure, and consistency, at the moment, which their colleagues are showing. I would hate to see either of them leave, as I view them as our very own (know they started at Southampton but they joined us at very early stages in their careers that they can be deemed to be Arsenal products).

    My main concern is that everyone around them seems to be stepping their game up (Campbell, Iwobi, we have a very able Rene-Adelaide waiting in the wings, and the now-recalled Gnabry) and competition is going to be very fierce. Jack will be back soon too. I know Theo didn’t start today as he was being rested, but sometimes it takes an injury or a player being rested for another player to seize the opportunity (Bellerin). And if Iwobi keeps putting in performances like in his last 2 games it’ll be difficult to keep that boy out of the team.

    The problem is if the manager decided to’drop’ them for a bit when their confidence is this low they may never be able to come back. Knowing Wenger he will not drop a player whose confidence is low, which is why I’m silently willing these two to hit the right form again very soon before their ‘poor form’ becomes a crisis (knowing the media we are not far off from there), forcing the manager to eventually ‘drop’ them as he would struggle to justify (to himself) their continued selection ahead of the performing ones (not that our manager listens to the media but if poor form continues then it makes it difficult for him eventually). We’re also out of, and I’m grateful for that, the capital one cup, which unfortunately means less game to give everyone good game time.., so they may not continue to get more chances much longer.

    Could the pressure to perform bearing in mind the competition they face be a factor? Possible. I cant see either Theo or The Ox accepting to become bit-part players, they are key players for England. I hope they find that confidence back, and pretty soonish, as I wouldn’t like the prospect of facing a Theo or Ox in Liverpool or another pl team colours. Having said the above it’s going to be difficult anyway for the manager to keep everyone happy (esp when it’s a group of all talented players), and sadly I think some will have to leave at some point, in form or not in form.

  • Alex Dieuzeide

    Al, spot on! As I said recently I’ve been a UA reader for a long time without daring to write, feeling my english not good enough to express things clearly. So I know well most of the contributors on this forum and I know you’re not the kind to critisize the players or the team.
    I’m just a kind of a “stupid” sentimental fan :-), and I hate to imagine a team without the lads we are used to support. This team is nice, and as a fan, I love most of the players doing the journey with us. That’s why I’m always sad to see some of them going away. Szczesny for exemple… Even if it appears Ospina and now Cech can be better than he was… Even RVP or Fabregas… I know, I know, that’s football. 🙂
    And you’re right, some of them will have to leave at some point. As I said after the last Stoke game I also feel sad to see Theo and The Ox fighting to get their talent back. And yes, you’re right, they must probably hurry to do that for the reasons you gave.
    Beside, I was impressed today by Iwobi. Elneny was good too, considering he just arrives, not used to the power of english football, not used to play with this team, he seems to be a good surprise. And I’m longing to see Reine-Adelaide on the pitch too. Sometimes I think it must be a nightmare for the Boss to choose who’s gone play !

  • Alex Dieuzeide

    Spelling mistakes! Sorry. Criticize* For example*
    Btw Tony, this shows that a third button to edit his own post would be great! 🙂

  • Gord

    I don’t think that would work Alex. The site would be completely used up by Sam editing his posts. 🙂

  • para

    The ref, i’m not even going to talk about him. 🙁

    Well done, a good win and ready for Tuesday.

    I’m wondering what this “power of english football” is? Do we mean the ability of teams to play “rough”?
    Is it because we have more teams capable of winning the PL than other leagues? Or is it the power of the refs(daamm, not talking about them), what is it?

  • Rathod

    have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by Elneny. I think him and Le Coq will be our midfield pairing for a few good years. As Santi might only have a yr or two left in him.

    It does make me wonder how Ramsey and even Wilshere will fit into the team, Will Ramsey go back to being played on the right considering Campbell’s recent performances. If jack can stay fit will he get the nod in the central of the park..

    Not that I’m complaining, if anything having this depth is excellent!!

  • Rathod

    I should add, I am not dismissing Ramsey. He is the Welsh Jesus after all… but we all know how he like playing in the centre. Also with both Santi and Le Coq getting injured so close together we have not seen Ramsey and play in that role with Coq sitting further back. I just feel Elneny might be the missing piece we need in that position, but hey I’m drunk and only seen him play once against a team like 25 places below us..

    A 4-3-3 counter attacking lineup for Barcelona, with Sanchez, Ozil and Theo up top and Coq, Ramsey and Elneny across the midfield, that’s a lot of speed and ? running.

  • serge


    Yes Elneny had a very convincing first game, but don’t expect to see him start ahead of Ramsey or a fit again Santi.
    He’ll be used regularly of course (you can’t hold that sort of talent back ), but will be a rotating or off the bench player unless injuries force the issue.
    Did he seem a bit like a more controlled Song to you?

  • apo Armani

    Too many positives from the game yesterday.

    Many have been written by our posters here!!

    Impressed with the new man!!

    Not impressed by the PiGMOB rep – what a disgrace!!!

  • Rathod

    Serge,Very tidy player indeed. I thought he moved very well, put in a good shift, and I dunno, I really liked the fact that he was taking pot shots at the goal. That adds a little unpredictability to our game, and often times, I feel that’s what we need. I hope he keeps that up, even though he needs to do some target practice. – if he gets those shots on target, you never know what will happen (goal, keeper punches out to a waiting Alexis, keeper spills to the feet of Giroud, etc.).

  • Rich

    Overall, a positive day with two excellent goals. Iwobi caught the eye and I reckon that was the Ox’s best game in a while. Sanchez back into top form incredibly quickly.

    Gotta have my traditional moan about that ref,though. Poor throughout then absolutely crap at the end.

    Most instructive part was to see Gray not once be penalised while tussling with defenders.

    It highlighted for me that, especially if there are no replays, it can be hard to make out whether or not a foul has taken place, often you rely on intuition, such as whether or not a defender would struggle to head the ball there if he wasn’t being held/pushed.

    That was the case about a dozen times on the day, most notably with Kos on two occassions. You know he wouldn’t struggle like that with no one around him, so it’s a question of whether there was a nudge. The other ten or so times it was more a case of is the defender, or attacker, being held as they struggle to make contact cleanly. Point being, they can be tricky calls. What you’ll normally see from a ref is a tendency to favour the defender if one of those tight calls could lead to a chance for the attacker.

    What we saw was the attacker not penalised a single time yesterday, until towards the end there was no issue of tricky calls: he was fouling the defender every time. Compare this to Giroud who almost every game has three or four against him despite normally doing much much less and there’s the real cause to be pissed off with joke refereeing once more.

    What are these arseholes about? So clear yet again that as the game enters the decisive phase questionable or poor refereeing becomes absolutely rubbish refereeing which transparently looks like an attempt to try help one team wherever they can.

    Meanwhile yet another push when the ball is out of play. PGMOL must watch all games closely. Here is a perfect opportunity to do the right thing, the very thing they exist to do : take action against a growing trend which has already accounted for one serious injury and nearly caused what would have been a much more serious one; spot a pattern of foul play which can’t be coincidental and shows that, alas, there are characters in the game who explore all avenues of foul play and react to decisions made previously by referees.

    Get the card out for someone who clearly pushes someone in the back when the ball is out of play. It’s a pathetic act, well worthy of the card, but they deliberately choose to ignore it every time. Feels like a clear demonstration of why they can’t be trusted.

  • Menace

    I’ve not seen the game yet but I’m sure the PGMO referee did not disappoint. Despite the cheat & selective blind idiot with the whistle Arsenal play & win most of the time.

    Looking forward to seeing the game sometime as Goa is just to beautiful to stay home & watch TV. Not beautiful to stop me watching the Arsenal but hey sometimes they go vegetarian & show Spuds on TV.

    Enjoy our new additions because they will all have a part to play in our success.

  • Crovax

    My favourite quote from Ekoku the commentator: “What has Joey Barton done to the Arsenal fans to deserve the booing?” LMAO

    How about you do some research on one of the dirtiest players the game has ever seen, before the game, eh?