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September 2021
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September 2021

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The match preview: AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal

So to Bournemouth and nice to see that the media has picked up on our research from the home game over when we last played Bournemouth.   They’re a bit late with it, but now are doing the “28 years since the last match, and now just 41 days between the two games.”    They must be quite glad we do some background checks, to same them the trouble.

Anyway just to remind you…

  • Arsenal 2 (Gabriel, Ozil) Bournemouth 0, Premier League, December 2015
  • Arsenal 3 (Richardson, Smith, Thomas (pen)) Bournemouth 0, League Cup, October 1987

The press are also quite big on the fact that Bournemouth have won four of their last six and we’ve won two.   But we knew that.  The aaa speak of little else.   The AFC Bournemouth games were

  • Drew with Leicester
  • Lost to West Ham
  • Won against Norwich
  • Drew with Sunderland
  • Won against C Palace
And thus to the team
Alexis, Ozil, Theo/Campbell
Ramsey Coquelin
Monreal, Koscielny, Mertersacker, Bellerin
On the Bournemouth sandy beach…
Seven from… Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Gabriel, Flamini, Arteta, Elneny, Iwobi, Reine-Adelaide, Walcott/Campbell, Oxlade-Chamberlain.
The problem is that the referee is Kevin Friend, the most passionate home ref of them all.   Bournemouth however are not that high up the “break his leg” chart so hopefully it won’t be too frightfully rough.   There will be some older people present and we really don’t want to upset them.   Here’s the official yellow and red card chart.
1 Newcastle United 48 4 60
2 Watford 49 2 55
West Bromwich Albion 46 3 55
4 Aston Villa 49 1 52
5 Southampton 37 4 49
Sunderland 43 2 49
7 Norwich City 39 3 48
Tottenham Hotspur 48 0 48
Chelsea 39 3 48
10 West Ham United 35 4 47
Liverpool 44 1 47
12 Crystal Palace 43 1 46
13 Manchester City 45 0 45
14 Stoke City 32 4 44
15 AFC Bournemouth 38 1 41
16 Manchester United 40 0 40
17 Leicester City 37 0 37
Everton 31 2 37
19 Swansea City 33 1 36
20 Arsenal 23 3 32


The injury table now has just three Arsenal players in it – Rosicky, Santi C and Jack.

It puts us 14th.   Bournemouth have four.   Funny, since the Untold articles on just which team gets the most injury, digging up the training pitches, changing training methods etc, we ain’t heard too much on that.

1 Newcastle United 10
2 Liverpool 8
3 Sunderland 8
4 Manchester City 7
5 Aston Villa 6
6 Manchester United 6
7 Crystal Palace 5
8 Everton 5
9 Stoke City 5
10 West Ham United 5
11 Bournemouth 4
12 Southampton 4
13 West Bromwich Albion 4
14 Arsenal 3
15 Chelsea 3
16 Leicester City 2
17 Tottenham Hotspur 2
18 Norwich City 1
19 Swansea City 1
20 Watford 1

Hey ho, we’ll win.  2-1 I suspect.  Dodgy refereeing though is to be expected.

66 comments to The match preview: AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal

  • serge

    I know it’s being disrespectful to Bournemouth and their excellent young manager Eddie Howe, but we should be battering teams like them week in week out, and no amount of excuses ( “negativity that the aaa generate”. Are you sure?) can make our goal scorers any better than they’ve been of late.
    We need goals and lots of them!

  • Tasos

    We should be battering teams like Bournemouth?

    That is where disappointment stems from.

    At this stage I’d take a one nil 90th minute own goal so long as it gives Arsenal the three points today.

    I can recall from our recent encounter with Bournemouth that they didn’t defend set-pieces very well at all. Gabriel scored from a corner and almost got another soon after. Set-pieces have been Bournemouth’s Achilles heel so far this season.

  • Pat

    This mantra, that we should be ‘battering’ teams like Bournemouth, is not based on the current reality of the premier league or on performances by other top teams against other teams lower down the table.

    It also sets up an atmosphere of negativity when we fail to batter.

    It fails as well to take into account the incredibly energetic performances all teams seem to turn in against us regardless of how lack lustre they look in their previous or next match.

    And finally, it fails to take into account the biased and poor referee performances that this site has registered again and again.

    A one nil to the Arsenal would do for me.

  • Wolfgang

    If Arsenal indulge in pass after pass times X they could be caught cold like MC against the foxes.The 2nd foxes goal was scored from afast breakaway with only 1/2 MC defenders plus Hart.
    When Arsenal played Saints,they had to confront the Saints great wall of nine/ten defenders. How to score?
    Maybe Wenger wants pretty goals.How about Vardy’s goal against Pool?
    Wenger is too obsessed with possession and passing.Football is a simple game .Wenger has made it into a complicated bewildering game of too many passes.No wonder the gunners find it hard to score against massed defences. And the smaller sized gunners usually lose out in a 50/50 tangle with more oversized opponents.How can a ballet player player prevail against a thug?Maybe Wenger thinks they can but the gunners always have a problem with teams who physical soccer and usually draw or lose.

  • Pat

    How can any player prevail against a thug, Wolfgang. That’s what the referees are there for. Or should be.

  • Al

    Can you define what ‘physical soccer’ is please…
    Hope its not kicking, elbowing, manhandling, pushing and shoving, all abetted by a compliant ref, because the last time I checked that wasn’t legal.

  • Mandy Dodd

    They are not an overly physical side, but expect plenty of rotational fouling, back shoves, fouls off the ball on runners, because they know refs permit that against Arsenal, and will continue to do so at least until Riley leaves.

  • Tony Attwood

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain replaces Joel Campbell on the right while Gabriel remains in central defence.
    Per Mertesacker returns to the squad after his suspension but is named on the bench alongside Francis Coquelin and Theo Walcott.
    Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud
    Arsenal substitutes: Ospina, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Coquelin, Walcott, Iwobi, Campbell

  • Josif

    Ox is apparently in a good form. That’s what Arsene says at least. A weird choice of words given that, on top of my head, Ox hasn’t recorded a goal or an assist in the league since Welbeck’s goal at State Aid United.

    Boys, beat Bournemouth and leapfrog Man City!

  • Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    This is a MUST win match for the Gunners today and another compulsory MUST win by them at home against Leicester on Sunday the 14th if at all the Gunners are to remain in contention for the title this season.

    The Gunners and we their fans all know this fact. So, the Gunners should go out there at Dean Court Stadium to get that win whether by hook or crock. This season is Arsenal’s ordained given season, they should collect all the 3 points there unfailingly. Even if Leicester have risen or not is not Arsenal’s business. Arsenal MUST win this BPL title this season.

    I am not one of those that are clamouring for big names signings. But I’ve clamoured for adequate signings for option and cover for a sustainable title challenge during the title season run-in to avoid dropping points due to the injuries suffered by some 1st team Gunners. At least Kokorin is not a costly to sign player if Lukaku could be one.

    Nevertheless, we’ve pass that level now. Those Gunners the Boss will select to start today, MUST collect all the 3 points at stake today at Dean Court. That’s what we want to see done. Anything short of that is totally unacceptable.

  • Strus

    Besides match at Aston Villa, last time Arsenal won in the league on the road was Swansea at the end of October. Time to wake up, Gunners!

  • Mandy Dodd

    The aaa really do have a lot to answer for, their noise means the media know they can get away with giving it both barrels to our team and manager……with impunity. Piers will always turn up and support the msm, that is when he can divert himself away from hacking celebs or telling lies about our troops.
    Can you imagine if the universally loved Leicester …or even Spurs got the refereeing we do…..the pgmol just wouldn’t dare, as they know there would be a media uproar.
    Whereas Arsenal just have to put up with it. And the aaa are part of that unfortunately. Why worry about shite refereeing, when all you think about is getting rid of Wenger.

  • Serge

    Not the team I expected to see start. Arsene’s full of surprises isn’t he.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Falmini lucky there…..

  • Well the refs given us a pass there for sure

  • ARSENAL 13

    BTW… Why is there garbage on the pitch!!

  • Rodelero

    Flamini wasn’t lucky there, that was a perfectly safe tackle. There is no rule in the book that says “two footed = bad”, the question is was it reckless or dangerous, and blatantly it was neither. He hit the ball with both feet, and both feet were together, and both feet were grounded, and he made the tackle a long way from the Bournemouth player’s legs.

    More over, Friend clearly reacted to the Bournemouth players, rather than the tackle itself, which isn’t surprising, because it wasn’t even a foul.

  • Serge

    One of the players I didn’t expect to see start doesn’t look as though he will finish if he continues like that.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Nice ball Rambo…

  • Rodelero

    How is Ozil not fouled there? Would have been a great position for a freekick, and even more dangerous had he not been brought down at all. Referee has made his intentions clear, we’re having to do it uphill again. What a surprise.

  • Cyberian

    Garbage is product of strong crosswinds

  • Serge

    ….and the other player I didn’t expect to see start is continuously giving the ball to Bournemouth

  • ARSENAL 13

    Good ball Rambo. Good assist Giroud. Smashing goal Ozil….

  • Serge

    Great shot. Now for the battering.

  • Rodelero

    Yes! Finally. God how much we need a solid win here. Linesman got the decision right, unlike the one before where Sanchez was surely in line with the defender (we’d have almost certainly scored).

  • ARSENAL 13


  • Rodelero

    YESSSS!!!! Terrible start for Oxlade tbh, but that is fantastic.

  • Serge

    One of the players I didn’t expect to see start has just scored. The battering continues

  • ARSENAL 13

    That should do some good for Ox’s confidence.

    Come on Ox.

  • Damilare

    You know our team is sh*t when Ozil and AOC score within minutes.


  • Rodelero

    Another foul on the very outside of the penalty area ignored by Friend. Don’t really understand how that’s consistent with the fouls he’s called against us at all.

  • Serge

    There are people here who scream penalty at an unpleasant glance. Monreal wasn’t fouled in my opinion

  • Vince

    Rodelero : Let’s be honest that was nowhere near a foul on Monreal. However I don’t see a lot of difference with the action between Monreal and Afobe earlier when Friend gave them the free kick…

  • Gord

    How to go Ozil, and Giroud!

    How to go Ox, and Ramsey. Apparently that was Ox’s first EPL away goal.

    Some commentary was saying that Flamini had a fair amount of contact. The Daily Mail put up a picture which was absolutely useless for determining anything.

    A couple of commentaries are saying that Arsenal are doing just as much fouling as Bournemouth.

    The dislike button has quite working. Serge, will you please quit ragging on the team. Saying that the team Wenger chose is different from the team you would choose once is fine. Saying it twice is probably once too many. Saying it more than that is just annoying. Being a fan is supporting the team. If you want to bitch, go outside and tell the tree across the street from you.


  • para

    Well played lads, working for each other a.t.m
    Please dont stop at 2 goals, and cause panic if they score. Please not.

  • Serge

    The ball is in the air a lot. Could be the strong wind to blame, but we’ have it in our favour for the second half

  • serge

    Half time.
    I think my comments have been fair and positive.
    I come to this blog with the advantage of having watched Arsenal appx, 1000 times home and away and will not defer to some bloke who lives the other side of the world and who has only ever watched them on TV ( at the best) and follows matches on live blogs.
    You know nothing

  • Menace

    Serge – you are a proper idiot. You think you know better than Wenger. You must have instructed your father how to create you. The team is Wengers. He created it & he choses who plays. Flamini is a fantastic player & your pathetic snide remarks about an Arsenal player are not appreciated. Read the mantra of this site & kindly go where you fit.

    The pundits are full of red card to the Arsenal & nothing about the fouls on Arsenal players. There should be at least one penalty in normal circumstances (an arm around Giroud in the box following a corner). Kos had a red for that foul & a pen -(oooops forgot one Law for Arsenal, another for others).

    What has our Friend in store for us now?

  • Serge

    Yeah I know all about the “mantra of this site”
    I said the team wasn’t the one I’d have chosen. Against the “mantra”?
    Dear, dear, how do you manage to make it through the day?

  • There shouldn’t be a mantra for this site, it’s unhealthy

    All opinions should be welcomed, not only that but encouraged. Debate is healthy. Serge was in no way unpleasant or insulting and that should be the only criteria for whether someone is “welcome” on here

    People who don’t wish to engage with those of differing opinion don’t grow intellectually imo

  • Gord

    One commentary is trying to make it sound like the only referee concerns of today, should be because Arsenal are dirty. They wanted a red for Flamini, and they want a red for Giroud stamping on an ankle.

    Me, I would like another Arsenal goal. And I think Ozil needs an assist today.


  • Serge

    So that’s a headline we won’t be seeing…..former “Striker scores against Arsenal.” Truth be told he wasn’t very good throughout .
    We still need a couple more goals to help the GD

  • ARSENAL 13

    Well well well….. How dare you have an opinion Gord. You are not allowed to as you’ve not watched ARSENAL at home and away….

  • Gord


    Yeah, well. I suppose the fact I am trying to write a program at the same time, and looking up man pages means I am not allowed to support Arsenal.

    The BBC always seems to find a bunch of AAAs to send in twits.

    Two goals, apparently no injuries and 3 points. Can’t have been too bad of a game. 🙂


  • John

    Menace.For someone who constantly criticises referees what is you honest asessment of the Flamini challenge?

  • Serge

    A bit hairy towards the end and not the battering I’d hoped for, but three welcome points all the same
    The snides are out in force today aren’t they!

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    By the sound of it (commentary from a solid professional performance leading to three important points. Still all to play for this season.

  • Josif

    A victory, a CS, a move up on the table.

    Three last away victories for Arsenal – each one with Friend in charge. How about a petition to get him for our trip to Old Trafford? 🙂

    Nah, we’ll get Dean or Atkinson anyway. Or, God forbids, Moss so that Fellaini can break Ozil’s jaw without a yellow card.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Sooner or later the not so positive ones come up with a “you are a bloody johhny foreigner so shut up”-kind of comment….

  • “By the sound of it (commentary from a solid professional performance”

    that’s like saying “By the sound of it (according to Kim Jong-un) people are incredibly free and happy in North Korea”

    Haha, sorry… It was a decent performance, a win next week and a favourable draw between city and spurs , and things are back on!

  • WalterBroeckx

    the match report is on line. Well written by from furter shores. But I do get to see the Arsenal in the stadium every now and then. What about next week… 🙂

  • Iv’e had terrible insomnia of late, I went to the doctors , he believes in a more holistic approach than sleeping pills so he recommended I watch the Man u chelsea game with the windows blacked out

  • Al

    “Ox is apparently in a good form. That’s what Arsene says at least. A weird choice of words given that, on top of my head, Ox hasn’t recorded a goal or an assist in the league since Welbeck’s goal at State Aid United” – Another demonstration that Wenger knows best. As if he needs to prove himself to these armchair managers, laughable really.

    “having watched Arsenal appx, 1000 times home and away” – Pathetic. I swear I’ve heard these exact same words, by someone who used to go by the name tailgunner aka rolf… It could just be a coincidence….

  • Josif

    AI – my bad. 🙂 But you have to admit it’s weird to call a player who hadn’t scored a goal nor recorded an assist in a league match for over a year “in form”. That was the point of what I wrote. 🙂

  • Made to Love Magic

    The problem isn’t one of engaging with people of different opinions, it is that the same arguments are raised over and over again, arguments which are against the essence of the site.

    As had been said, if one was running a blog or magazine about the music of Bob Dylan, and people write in saying Bob Dylan is shit, then what is the point of publishing them? It doesn’t get anywhere, it annoys a lot of people, and gets in the way of debate. If someone wrote in saying, Dylan is shit, because if you compare his songwriting with David Bowie, McCartney, and Stephen Stills, we can see what they do which Dylan can’t do, that starts getting us somewhere. But the simple mantra that x y or z is rubbish because he was poor in his last game gets us nowhere, and we do tend to cut those.

  • Al

    No problem 🙂 Yes, the Ox hasn’t heard scaled the heights we know he can, and I think Wenger might have been referring to what he sees behind the scenes, like in training, last few games, etc. Even though he hadn’t provided an assist or goal in a long time his last two outings weren’t that bad, things just didn’t go for him. I’d say of the two, the Ox’s form has certainly been better than Theo’s, over the last few games, which was what Wenger was responding to I think. Anyway, let’s hope that goal brings back the confidence that may have been lacking a little.

  • Josif

    AI – agree with you. Also, it seems to me that assist in the cup match against Burnley did well for Ox and his confidence. 🙂

  • Billy The Dog (@3.48pm),

    I have said this on this site so many times. Every website, including mainstream media’s have what they are known for in terms of slant and biases. But none displays Untold Arsenal’s honesty, shown by clearly displaying their point of view right on the freaking site banner.

    I don’t agree with all Untold positions but I respect the steadfast support they give to our club in all ramifications and for being a safe haven for those of us who are only interested in supporting our team rather than playing armchair experts/critics.

  • Menace

    John – the challenge was 2 footed and clearly aimed at the ball. The contact was not by Flam on the Cherry but the Cherry trying to make capital of the challenge. Yellow card was harsh. The Laws say feck all about 2 footed challenge. It is a pundit thing, just like ‘a piece of the ball’. If the tackle was directly at the opponent then it would be a straight red.

    There are vicious tackles & there are obvious fouls. Every corner Arsenal had should have resulted in penalties as ‘holding’ of players is a foul.

  • Menace

    Just saw the pundits chatter. I was out celebrating Carnival in Goa. The pundits are all shits trying to make capital of the tackle. What constitutes a red card? the MFs who break our players legs with a single footed tackle on the shin. These pundits are just off the scale of jealousy of the way we play. They hate the ticki taka football that is contact free & try to blame every contact on Arsenal. Flam got the ball & the shit who wanted a red card for a fellow professional made contact with Flam – without a hope of touching the ball.

  • Menace

    For those that do not appreciate my point of view please post yours as it is never too late to learn (& I’m a patient teacher). 😉

  • John

    Your recent posts show that you can only see referees failings on one side and not both ways.It was a reckless 2 footed challenge by Flamini and one which would be red carded 9 times out of 10.If he had made contact with the bournmouth player he could have caused a serious injury.I have seen you posts many times using the word assault when players have just collided and this shows that not only have you never played the game but having spent too much time drinking the Goa wine.There was a directive in 2012 where the 2 footed challenge where both feet off the ground was outlawed and your lack of understanding of the game is clear. The directive to referees about these challenges was clear.”Referees are to be ordered to punish all two-footed challenges with red cards in a hardline move to clear up confusion over dangerous tackles.”

  • John

    Oh and ask yourself why you would make that challenge in the first 15 min knowing that your team could be playing the rest of the game with 10 men.

  • Gord

    I was wondering about that. I think you need to look at this through the pundits eyes here, that early in the game, you should not give cards, especially red ones.

    These PGMO duds won’t call fouls against teams that play us, so the other team starts from the get go. Perhaps Flamini thought he would try to put some “Fear of God” into the other team, seeing as the dud wouldn’t.

    I’m just guessing, I don’t read minds. Heck, Tony is probably much better at it than I am. But, did that slow up the opposition at all?

    Others had noted in other threads, that players who had been allowed to do what they want against Arsenal, often go into their next game, and find that with refereeing now “normal” they find themselves carded right away.

  • Menace

    John it is obvious you dont know that I am a season ticket holder & spend some of the winter in warmer climes. I am an Arsenal supporter & don’t care about what you perceive as Arsenal fouls. They will come in the analysis. I want my team to be advantaged because all I see is the disadvantage the PGMO have heaped on Arsenal. I would not complain if Giroud was booked for his tackle from behind. His was not the only one though.

    Bear in mind that what I saw was a 2 dimentional picture of what happened (third dimention is created by experience). The Flamini ‘tackle’ was toward the ball not in the direction of the player who incidentally kicked Flamini from the side to claim contact. It was never a booking! Sad when players try to get advantage by getting others sent off. I didn’t see you on here when Cahill tackled Alexis full on with no intention of contacting the ball. Sadder when supporters want their own players punished for what could have happened. You say ‘if’ knowing full well that it was not a foul nor was it a booking but imagination takes you to Disneyland with the clowns that PGMO provide. Did you see any Asenal player holding in the Arsenal box? Did you see Arsenal players being held in the Bournemouth box? Whatever happened to the ‘tackle from behind’ directive? What is impeding the goalkeeper? Is Arsenal the only team that has no goalkeeper? (every team particularly those from up north put a player in front of the goalkeeper. It is a foul according to the Laws but not according to PGMO.

    So don’t pick on my drink in Goa or my playing the game when you should be writing to the FA or more importantly understanding the bias & cheating that Arsenal has had to live with.

  • Menace

    Gord – good deduction on Flaminis timing. He didn’t go for the opponent but somehow all the pundits & idiots think a two footed leap anywhere is dangerous play. I did notice Afobes piked dive got him a foul. It is not Wenger coaching but somewhere between Arsenal & Bournemouth he has picked up the skill.

    OT – the brine used for saltbeef was excellent for Ox tongue & for pork. The Pork rind softened beautifully. I will look for a ‘tongue press’ to shape the cooked tongue & remove excess fluid when I’m back in England.