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  • Today is the anniversary of the match in 2008 when Arsenal’s youth team beat Sheffield Utd 6-0, the signing of Ian Wright and  the first goals for Bergkamp
    • 23 September 1912 – crisis over?
    • 23 September 1922: Tottenham 1 Arsenal 2, FA warn Tottenham about crowd violence
    • 23 September 1932: Dennis Compton signed as an amateur
    • 23 September 1936: Dennis Compton senior debut in friendly v Rangers
    • 23 September 1936: George Eastham born
    • 23 September 1953: Danny Clapton debut in friendly v South Africa
    • 23 September 1955: Gordon Nutt signed from Cardiff
    • 23 September 1955: Mike Tiddy signed from Cardiff
    • 23 September 1973: Ex Arsenal man Terry Anderson scores twice against us for Norwich
    • 23 September 1976: Terry Mancini given free transfer to Aldershot
    • 23 September 1991: Arsenal pay £2.5m for Ian Wright, a club record.
    • 23 September 1995 Arsenal make it seven unbeaten with 4-2 win over Southampton
    • 23 September 1995: Berkamp’s first and second goals for Arsenal
    • 23 September 2000: A 1-1 draw with Ipswich makes it 3 draws and 3 victories in the last six.
    • 23 September 2008: Arsenal put out a youth team and beat Sheffield U 6-0 in League Cup


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The complete Arsenal Anniversary series is to be found on the Arsenal History Society site.
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