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April 2021

Why Arshavin chose number 23

First, because 23 is a prime number.  Just like 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, and 19 before it, and an infinite number thereafter.


Second it was Theo’s number and we all love Theo.


Third it was David Beckham’s number at Real Mad, and Russians somehow think that if you are British you love things like Princess Di, Buckinham Palace, Eel pie and David Beckham.


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Fourth, it proves you know your science: there are 23 pairs of chromosomes;


Fifth, back to primes, it is the earliest prime with consecutive numbers.


Six, the rest of the number world is based on the primes, everything feeds off them, from basic maths to the encryption in your credit card.

Seven he could have had 6 or 13, but he went for 23 (which is a statement of fact and not a reason, but I am running low on ideas).


Eight he wanted to keep us guessing.


Nine, he wore 23 when he played for the Leningrad Juveline Juveniles Under 10s.


Ten, someone had to have it.


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