Arsenal announcement causes disaster all over he world

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal Football Club have today released the following statement about Cesc Fabregas::

“Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly-valued member of the team and part of our future plans.

“We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

“To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

So far the statement from Arsenal. Now, do you think this is funny? Do you think this is good news? Do you? DO YOU REALLY THINK THIS IS FUNNY???? DO YOU REALLY THINK THIS IS GOOD NEWS???

Just wait till you read the rest of the article and discover the consequences this will have and then see if you still find it funny.

Reports say that since Arsenal released this official statement the whole media is in uproar. Editors throw with their furniture, assistant-editors have to hide to avoid being hit by still unidentified flying objects that are flying around in all media headquarters. Doors are smashed by angry directors. Some reports say that several people are injured by all those flying objects. So this is not funny anymore.

A source said that a few thousand people have been fired since the official statement was made by Arsenal. The economy in the UK is collapsing rapidly. Those people were hired by the media to help them to make up stories about Cesc this summer. Their only needed talent was to be able to write as many articles which should certainly contain the following words : “Cesc or Fabregas, to go conjugated in all its possible forms, Barcelona, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, next month, before the world cup, during the world cup,   after the world cup, this summer”. The rest could be made up as they liked it but the words given here were a must. Now all these people have lost their job all of a sudden and that because Arsenal spoiled the fun of the summer. See, this is not funny anymore.

But reports also suggests that not only the media are hit hard by this statement. No, the paper industry will face a major setback. The paper industry had made an extra large stock of paper to be sure they could follow the demand that would come from the newspapers. The newspaper had expected an increase in sale of some 30% just to cover the news around Cesc. The paper industry bought the paper but now it looks like they will not be able to sell it. Several paper companies have already declared that they could face bankruptcy because of the Arsenal statement. See, told you this is not so funny anymore.

It is believed that also in the  world wide web it seems to be all doom and gloom. Hundreds of bloggers all over the universe are facing a very, very difficult summer. Those who write a blog know how difficult it is to write interesting stuff during the summer when there is no football. A lot of them had their articles ready to condemn Cesc because he left us. Others had their articles ready to say that they understand Cesc but condemn the board and the president for saying foolish things to the press and thus forcing Cesc to leave.  And others had their articles ready to blame Wenger. But in fact those face no problems as they are constantly blaming Wenger for the bad weather, for the good weather, for the lack of rain, for too much rain, for being too cold or being too hot, for selling Cesc or for not selling him. So those last one can just carry on as if nothing happened. But for the rest…they have to start all over again and try to invent some new and different angles. Many blogger will throw away their keyboard in despair. Can you imagine being such a person? I can tell you they will not find the Arsenal statement funny.

While I was writing this some news reports came in from Barcelona. A lot of shirt sellers face bankruptcy. They all had ordered some 10.000 Barcelona shirts with Cesc his name on them. Because the media in Spain had reported it was certain that he would come they ordered the shirts before the deal was done. Now they have paid the shirts and they cannot sell them. Their sale of the century is down the drain. A certain Manuel was quoted to have said: ‘I’m from Barcelona and I know nothing”. Do you think they find this funny?

An insider told that some other people who are out of their job is Barcelona Club Director Raul Sanllehi and technical secretary Txiki Begiristain. They had been appointed to direct the negotiations for Barcelona. Some reports even suggested that they had flown to London to start the negotiation only to find that the door at Highbury house was shut and that Wenger refused to open the door. They even weren’t allowed to go to the toilet and had to go to a pub full of Gooners who chased them out the pub when they heard them speaking Catalan. They were lastly seen running as fast as they could down Holloway road. Do you think they find this funny?

So you see a simple statement made by Arsenal about their captain which made most of the fans very happy turned out to be the beginning of the end for some people. So when you sit at home very satisfied you maybe could spare a thought on all those people out there who’s live turned out miserable just by this statement. And maybe while you are enjoying a pint, or who knows something else that you like to drink when you feel good you might just make a toast. Maybe you could use the words: “Here’s to those who work all day to invent that Cesc will go”.

My God, I certainly loved this Arsenal statement and I will be lifting my glass right now and say : Here’s to those who stuck with Arsenal when all said Cesc would go”.

Oh  and one final thing : just wait a few days till the media has counted the body’s and they will come up with a new victim to sell.


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56 Replies to “Arsenal announcement causes disaster all over he world”

  1. Sorry Walter but I disagree with you. The Barca Scum will not go quietly away. They might have run back down Holloway Rd with their tails between their legs but on the way to the airport thy made telephone calls to their fellow Catalans in the Spanish world cup camp (Xavi, Puyol and Pique) to continue messing with Cesc’s head and to make statements how Cesc is dying to return tot Nou Camp and Arsenal is so unfair etc. This is enough to keep many of the unemployed journalists and bloggers happy. In the mean time Spain will lose the world cup due to distracted Barca players spending their time on tapping up Cesc rather than properly preparing for a campaign that is more gruelling than the Euros. Will serve them right!

  2. I said from the start Cesc is going nowhere.

    Now you doubters trying to second guess arsenals response can be quiet. shhh…..not listening!

  3. Just wondered if anyone could clarify the so called Webster rule – Article 17 – players under 28 can buy their way out of their contract after three years.
    Is this still in effect?
    How does it apply to our players?
    Would that mean that in two years time, if for instance Cesc had not signed a new contract, he could buy his way out on the cheap if he so wished (I believe he signed a new or upgraded contract last summer). I dont think he would but if he wanted to put pressure on to leave presumably he could use this rule in two years time.
    Possibly could partly explain why players are getting upgraded/new contracts on a yearly basis.
    Just a thought and maybe someone could explain.
    all the best

  4. Diaminedave, while Im not familiar with this ruling, I think buying out Cesc’s contract would be hideously expensive. It’s got five years to run, so any buying-out would costs a minimum of £25million.

  5. Barca do not respect our beloved club so will have to do or say something in response. However I think with the whole world watching(slight exaggeration I know) – this incident might be an important one for the history books. I am still smiling after reading the statement off the website!

    Arsenal have come a long way in the seven years that Laporta has been in charge – things change and we will not be bullied by Barca.

  6. Correct Phil. The reason Wenger and the club have repeatedly extended and enhanced Cesc’s contract is to make it expensive for vultures like the Barca-scum to induce him to buy out the remaining years of his contract. If I recall Cescs 1st deal was for 3 years, the last extension was for five years to 2015.
    “Golden hancuffs” I call it.

  7. Now I guess the media will take a shot on Arshavin leaving story, it’s worth trying!! The iron is hot so why not take a shot!! Then for the 10,345,767 th time he will say “I will be Arsenal next season”, they will wait.. After 2 days he will quote on his personal website in Russian that ‘he does not like English Donuts for breakfast’ they will translate it ‘I hate players of Arsenal, they are loosers and I don’t like the manager and his playing style’ !!

  8. Finally!!!

    We are sending out a clear Message to Barca and Real dont touch what you cant afford ,oh by the way dont you owe us money from Henry and Hleb.

    By Tony and walters accounts one of these so called bigger teams is going to collapse soon it is going to take a really big team to change the football landscape, you have to blame Fifa. I remember saying something to the effect of Oh Barca like our plaYERS and our interesting in buying cesc to which wenger replied I like Messi.

    The only player I want to really see out of Arsenal is Gallas, because of his disruptive nature by all means Barca sign him up give him the lucrative contract he so richly deserves.

    Cesc you are a winner and we want to send you back to spain a winner not someone who has given on a formation built to suit him. Mourhino is going to knock Barca out of the water because he believes in the team mentality and boring people to death. I remember owen going to real Madrid just before the transfer deadline to win the champions league with Madrid only to find the liverpool side where he was so frustrated won the champions league, they didnt think much of you at Barca to let you go in the first place, they kept messi and let you go Cesc, they were sending you a msg. We let David Bentley go because although he was good he wasnt good enough, but now we have nutured you to the player you are they want you back like an ex girlfriend, they will get you into bed seduce you and once they have you will probably dump you and the last place I want to ever see you end up is at man city

  9. Phil and Shottagun – Thats kinda the point I was thinking off. Golden handcuffs as you say but will only be useful/available for two more years and then in two years time the buy out would be down to about £15mill which is a lot less than his true value.
    I am definitely not saying this is going to happen but I am sure that it is the kind of thing that the management at Arsenal and son of orange and possibly the catalans will be thinking about.
    I hope he stays for his whole career but I can well understand if Cesc wishes to play elsewhere sometime in the future.
    At the same time it is good to see that the Arsenal management have given due consideration to situations like this arising and put the club in a very strong position.

  10. Good job Walter and what a decisive statement from our club!
    As i previously said, Cesc will not be leaving THIS summer because it’s clear that it’s the C**talans that need him more than he wants to leave, or we wish to let him go, at this time.
    I feel that there are 2 main reasons why Barcelona are desperately tapping him up now:
    Firstly, the arrival of Mourinho to Real Mad has put the s**ts into them and they will struggle to win much domestically next season without a better squad.
    Secondly, their short to medium-term financial situation is only going to get worse rather than better as the Spanish economy deteriorates and they will never be able to afford Cesc’s market valuation, or wages, once their creditors begin to bite (remember, they still owe us money for Henry and Hleb!).
    It’s been clear for over a week now that Cesc is happy to stay for at least one more year as he still loves our club and remains young enough to fulfil his long-term ambition of playing at his prime in La Liga for several years. Once he sees the 4 or 5 new signings which Lord Wenger will DEFINETLY MAKE this summer, the second of which will be Joe Cole, (i’m sure that they discussed these issues, and he was reassured, at their recent “greatest conversation”), he will want to stay to play alongside these new and vastly experienced winners to further develop himself and to play regular football (which he won’t be guaranteed of having at Barcelona next year)!
    I personally can’t wait for next season to show the middle-finger to all the Arsenal doubters, including that increasingly stupid and ignorant Judas, Ian Wright, who seems to think he’s all-knowing when it comes to our club. He apparently said today that “it’s embarrassing” for Arsenal to try to hold on to Fabregas and that they should let him go cos that’s what he wants. He also added that our club is falling-apart and we’re on the decline. Wrighty’s become a complete tosser and he’s probably only going to get more annoying now that he thinks he’s the dog’s bo***cks because his adopted son was chosen for South Africa ahead of Theo.
    Strength and Honour as always guys, the good times are on their way!

  11. I believe after the dead bodies of all these reporters have been gathered others will learn to keep shut

  12. I think the ‘supporters’ who lost their heads when all of this kicked off should be disgusted with themselves right about now.

    They all lacked BOTTLE. Arsenal FC today showed how much bottle IT HAS. Unfortunately many of the bed wetting supporters cannot match this.

  13. How I wish I knew what was said in the meeting between Cesc and Wenger. Cesc probably knows more about Arsenals future than Gazidis do.

    What’s the difference between Adebarndoor and Cesc? Shouldn’t we be upset that Cesc is flirting with Barca? I don’t like it. If he wants to leave, he speaks to Wenger and not the media. It must be unsettling for the rest of the squad and maybe potential signings.

  14. Ian Wright was and I mean WAS a legend at Arsenal. But no more. This guy is increasingly becoming an embarassment with his meaningless tirades against our club. A club whom he purports to care about. His ridiculous and ill thought out statement on Talk Shite today just proved to me once and for all that he has no feelings for this club anymore and is more than happy to join the happy band of shit stirring bac stabbing wankers willing to knock our club for a few measley quid. Well I’ve got news for you Wrighty, What ever decision us made in regards to the sales or not of Cesc, is done so in the interest and benefit of Arsenal Football Club and Fans. Not Ian Wright, Barcelona or even Cesc himself. If that’s too embarrasing for you then fuck off cos you don’t do fuck all for us anymore. We’ve won titles since you left and we’ll win more despite your tragic and misplaced belief that the ‘bad times’ are ahead for us. Can’t wait for you to choke on your words you gobby little shite….

  15. Love the article but lets not jump the gun and fill our hearts with more disspair, Barcelona must have expected this so they must have organized a plan b and c. Arsenal FC have always been prudent doing business and have stood firm with negotiation

  16. negotiations and other clubs have felt their sense rather than dollars but why are Barca playing so nice it’s all diplomacy ATM from their end but I don’t believe for one second that this will last unless they completely underestimated the strength of our board or they simply just don’t have the cash. Cesc wanting to leave suits them fine but let’s see how true to their word they are. RESP

  17. RESPECT is a huge word only the most honorable can let come out of their mouths with any bit of it being recognized as truth. The statement made by Arsenal FC today is RESPECT respect for the club and fans! But like I said hold on to your seats because unless Barca fold this is just beginning and the media is still wa

  18. Is still watching with it’s eyes wide open and mouth watering. I don’t believe 911 was caused by 2 planes hitting 2 of the strongest structures ever built but a lot of people do.

  19. If you read the comments under the articles with the Arsenal statement you will find that the ‘fans’ are still moaning about this that and the other. I don’t understand how you could actually WANT your club to fail? I can’t wait till next season starts. Come on Arsenal!

  20. The poor fellow in this saga is none other than our captain now. imagine how difficult it is to lead a club to winning with a heart split into 2 places. Cesc will surely grow up into mentally tougher player, if he can still display genuine capitano attitude on the pitch. Let’s hope for it.

  21. Cesc will be playing and will be giving it all. That’s just because he is who he is.
    We were wondering at home how long this statement has been lying on the desk of AW or Gazidis waiting to be released. I think it will be a few weeks.
    It answers all the questions we had asked ourselves the last weeks:
    Are Arsenal aware of the media hype? yes they are.
    Why don’t they react to the media bullshit? Because they waited for the right time to come out with this and the right time is when a club makes an offer and not before they do.

    And then that last sentence I will repeat it here as I think it is so brillant and clear : “To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

    The way they take Barcelona on their words is great. From now on every attempt to talk about Cesc from Barcelona should be followed by another statement from Arsenal saying that inspite their promise to not go after Cesc if Arsenal don’t want to talk about him they have broken their word.
    And if Barcelona does make another attempt we should expose them as unreliable as they dont keep their word. We then can show their true face. And if they accept this answer… even better. Just leave Cesc alone.

  22. it means arsenal fc have delayed the inevitable and nothing else…club can change their stance, a month after they can publish totally different statement regarding fab…taking a stance is good but staying put to it is another matter….

    u r celebrating like a 4 year old who is just been told lollipop is on it’s way.

    wenger should bench him for first few games for his flirting with barcelosers…not going to happen…he is too soft to do that…and his softness comes in his way to success.

  23. Walter you are spot on. Arsenal dont need to do or say fuck all until or unless it suits our club. If Cesc does insist he wants out then so be it but only on our terms, not his, Barca or anyone else. The player is under Contract so either leave him alone and come back in 2015 or pay the asking price placed on his head. This I believe is currently £80m..

  24. For weeks some people have said that Cesc was going. For weeks people have been furious on Wenger and the board for not reacting to the media hype.
    For weeks people have asked Arsenal to say to Barcelano to tell them they could F********f.

    And now they do it after they received an offer and still it is not good enough. To sell Cesc after such a statement would make Arsenal look like a fool from now on and I really think the board and Wenger does not want to look like a fool.
    I think there is no Arsenal fan in the world that knows Cesc will be playing for Barcelano once again but not now.

  25. Otniel, I like the writing of BarceloNO. 😉 While writing my last comment I made a mistake BarcelaNO and well I just let it be as it is almost the same.
    Maybe we can use these names in the future like MIOU, KGB in Fulham, and those others that Tony has come up with.

  26. The Barca president has thought for years that Xawi’s shite
    He sent his spies to find out if young Cesc would take a bite
    But when the Arsenal Board found out what Francophobes were at
    They wrote their piece and said: FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Who’re those ‘chumps’ that lost to IN-TER?
    Who’se that Swede they’re gonna sell???
    They’re the team that’s going bust
    And Nou Camp will soon be rust
    And J. Mourinho’s going to make it hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. To Shev

    I totally agree with what you said about our once legend Ian wright , I heard his latest shite rant today on talk sport and he is a joke. He was kicked of BBC and every other sport channel but still finds a way to embarrass himself through talk sport , I cringe every time I hear them say he is to be a guest.

    He should listen to Henry and bow out with dignity and not slowly alienate all the fans he made over the years.

    As for the cesc situation , the statement is very clear but let’s be honest,we know he will go eventually and probably this summer.

    His own statement last week was that he had a conversation with Arsene and it was the best conversation he had ever had !!! Well if Arsene had said you can’t go it would hardly have been the best conversation he had ever had . He must have liked what he heard from Arsene when he said he wanted out .

  28. I will only find it funny when Cesc finally goes and your article made to look amateurish to say the least. Don’t run yet before a single shot is fired please.

    If Cesc does not go this season, it will only be a matter of time. Nor do we want him to run down his contract whereby he goes for free at the end of it all. Who then stands to lose? Remember Chamakh & Bordeaux and how we finally got our man? But here the difference is in the price tag! If Cesc wants to go let him go for £65M now that Barca is still interested and when he still has 4 years to run on his contract!


    I’d rather have cesc for 5 more years and let him go for free than sell him now. If Arsenal were seriously thinking about selling cesc they would never publish such an article. Cesc will go, we all now that, but he won’t leave us this year. Now it is up to Wenger to strengthen the defensive part of our game and win us something. If we fail, I believe cesc will want to leave.


    Fabregas has hardly flirted with Barca. He said it is completely up to wenger if he stays or not. Theres not much to it. It’s just a lot of media hype and election period at Barca. Cesc will play is heart out for as long as he stays at Arsenal, that I have no doubt about.

  30. it is dishartning to note that barcer is gradualling turning arsenal into an annual players supre market. the most annoying aspect is that our players are taken to the hell camp not to play but to warm the bench,deny us the usage of these players and then make ineffective and then either loan them out or sale to american amature leaque. again, its very difficult to name any former arsenal player who left arsenal and succeeded in that hellish of a camp. if you do not believe me ask overmars,hehry,hleb the also think we will allow them to destroy the best midfielder of this generation,never.arsenal have spoken i hope those taskmastres will respect our stand for has suddenly gone bad for all those that benefited while the movie lasted.Fabregas is a gunner for life.

  31. What are we offering Cesc for the next 5 seasons?Another 5 years of Almunia/Fabianski.Denilson,Diaby and Walcott.A 3rd or 4th place finish.

  32. @Ondgooner “when Cesc finally goes and your article made to look amateurish to say the least”
    Well this is the present, not four years in the future, there are only one or two blogs, let alone newspapers that have NOT looked amatuerish over the past 6 months about this so called “cesc saga”

    Thats one thing i love about Arsenal, never believe it until its official, the club and the manager remain tight lipped until any dealings are actual done, why should they release a statement every time a story is printed purely in the interest of selling more papers??? We do not get caught up in the hype, how many years did the Henry “transfer” take according to the papers? I think it was every summer since he joined if my memory serves me right?

    I enjoyed reading that statement very much, and it gave me a sense of pride being a loyal Gooner as opposed to a lot of fans who have coincidentally have changed their tune pretty fucking fast. You still will get the fans claiming “Yeah but nah but, he will go some day”, let me say this.
    If you are forever worrying about the future, you will never enjoy the now….

  33. Well said FEDDA and Geezer!
    If Cesc stays till the end of his contract and leaves on a free, which he would never do by the way, then that would be a great bonus. What’s more, it wouldn’t really matter as there will be at least one world-class replacement ready by then (e.g. Ramsey) and we wouldn’t be desperate for the transfer money. Either way, the future’s superbly bright with the class that our club has shown, and will continue to show, both on and off the pitch!

  34. before fab leaves, let him read thiery henry, alex kleb adebaba n pat viera who were stars at ars n left by force. their downward curve was so sharp. th was world player at arsenal, adeb was african player of the year, paty de best engine eva seen. after leaving to barc th n leb not even 1st eleven. let him go if the fathre says so bt he’ll regrt. its only wen paty left that we realised that there was another beta viera on the bench being wasted n was non other than fab. so let him go abeta fab is on de bench.

  35. I for one am disgusted on how we have been treated by barcelona and there media machine… and as for Guillem Balague going on sky / talk sport etc saying all cesc now has to do now is tell wenger..etc.. what a prick.. i,d advise him to stay away from london lol

  36. @ Terence McGovern
    Are you sure about this? According to Wickipedia any player who signed a contract before the age of 28 can buy himself out of the contract three years after the deal was signed. If he is 28 or older the time limit is shortened to two years.

    When did Cesc exactly sign his latest contract?

  37. Walter,

    2015 will be the year… So if the shirt peddlers can hang on until 2015 they will be able to collect on their antique Fabregas Barca shirts. The problem with Barca is will they still be around? Will Cesc want to go there? We know Puyol won’t be there…Xavi and Iniesta? Messi will be sold… Will Cesc want to go back to a club who will probably be in the second division? Maybe the peddlers will need to die the colors from Red, Y, Blue to Black & White? Better yet just get it right and die them Red & W…

  38. Hang on a minute… Fab wants to leave for christ-sake! we should never keep a player that wants to leave although we should be holding out for much more. If Barcelona don’t want to pay more then we should put him on the transfer market. If he does not want to go to any club who bids then he should rott on the bench until he does. Eventually he will want to play and those tw*ts at the Nou will eventually buckle! Never give in to those Spanish scum sucking dogs of a whore from whoresville!!!

  39. Walter this article can only be described as a premature ejaculation…the statement from Arsenal is mere foreplay. There is a very real chance that Cesc will be at camp nou next August.

    And if he is? Good luck to him. Arsenal will move on…Wenger will unearth another superstar and we WILL win the league next year with or without the little man from de Mar.



  41. Zebidiah
    We said the same thing when PV4,Pires and Henry left.They wernt replaced and we havent won anything.

    The scary thing is Chelsea and Man Utd wont be as poor as they were this season.And look how many points they finished above us

  42. Well said Zebidiah.

    Some people need to realise the truth that our Captain wants to play for another club otherwise there would have been no need for ‘talks’ with Wenger.
    We *might* be able to refuse Barca this year due to the respect Cesc has for Arsenal but I wouldn’t want to bet on it just yet.

    It comes down to how much Cesc wants it to happen.
    Sure we have the contract and so can refuse any offers but if that means our Captain getting annoying and just going through the motions then it ain’t a good thing.

    Having said that, if Barca aren’t coming up with a good offer then I don’t think Cesc can complain if we say no.
    On the other hand if Barca come up with a good revised offer then it will be much harder to keep Cesc happy.

  43. walter, do you know anything new on Hazard??? would love to see him in arsenal shirts

  44. What are you all talking about???? I dont think Cesc would have signed a contract until 2015 if he was that desparate, or even saw it in the near future to leave.

    Also, it would discredit himself to be Captain of a club for a couple of years and dishonour his contract in such a manner. The only quote i have EVER seen or actually HEARD FROM Fabregas was this

    “There would only be one other club I would ever play for and that would be Barcelona”
    This quote is about a year and a half ago and came under intense media pressure and questions directed to get this type of answer. NOTHING to do with him saying ” I am unhappy at Arsenal” “I am Desparate to leave” or even “I am looking for a new challenge”

    For all of you saying he wants to leave, and that we are holding him ransom is laughable! Back it up, and also show an occasion when Arsenal have EVER held a player ransom under Wenger. Most of they time they go and fail to replicate their greatness shown at arsenal (Except Lassana Diarra and perhaps Reyes”

  45. @ rhys
    oh, c’mon…..
    u had perfect rhyming going, on why did u used “hell” it should have been “worse”…

  46. This farcical transfer story is so straight forward and i don’t see why so many “REAL GOONERS” are still wasting their time with it after what’s now been officially said by both Cesc and our club!
    This bullshit story has always been about the Barcelona presidential election coming up on the 16th June!
    Juan Laporta, who’s got a few mates in Spain that report on Spanish football in the UK (notably those twats: Sid Lowe; Balague; and Hunter), is spinning them to try to upstage the current favourite for president, Sandro Rosell. Rosell’s definitely not keen on breaking the bank to get Cesc but he will be trying to get Torres this summer (particularly by selling Ibrahimovoc and freeing up funds as he knows they have no money) once he’s won the election and after Spain’s World Cup campaign is finished. Laporta’s tactic is a smokescreen and is exactly the same thing Perez did when he ran for Real Mad president last year. However, unlike Perez, he knows he’s going to lose their election.
    Fundamentally, Barcelona have NO MONEY! Laporta doesn’t have the same access to banking buddies that Perez had when he was able to buy C.Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, etc, so once Rosell has won, you’ll see this story die a glorious death and the bullshit media shut the F**k up. But as we all know, they’ll just start something new for all the naive doubters and “FAKE GOONERS” to start wetting themselves about and to further try to run our club down with!
    On a more important point for the premiership as a whole, if i was a Liverpool fan, i’d be scared shitless right now! Benitez has left, and once Rosell becomes Barca president, Torres will leave and Gerrard is likely to follow him over to Spain to join Mourinho at Real Mad. Losing quality players, regardless of whom they play for, is a further big blow to our wonderful league.

  47. hahahaha… I knew the Webster thing would emerge now… the media are so predictable. And the bed wetters who surround this club lap it up.

    Cesc cannot buy out his contract for 2 more years.

  48. Good to be a Goonah, I am glad you said that, because I don’t know too much about it except for Hleb allegedly threatened to use it if we didn’t let him leave.

  49. It’s all about election fever at Barca, nothing else, poor little Cesc is being used by both the candidates for the top spot at Barca, Cesc needs to open his eyes and smell the bull shit for what it is, he a pawn and nothing else.
    As for that pratt Ian Wright he makes me sick!!!!!

  50. Bd, no news about Hazard and I don’t think that if Lille keeps the price tag of 40M on his name he will come to Arsenal.
    Just imagine Lille ask 40M for Hazard and Barcelona only offered some 30M?????? If I was Cesc I would be insulted by this.

  51. Zebediah as far as I know I never received any complaints but I will ask next time. 😉

  52. Cesc will play for Barca next season, Arsenal prefers money than anything else and Barca will do it. Compare money entered Arsenal over the last three seasons to what Arsenal spent, Arsenal is trading more than playing football.

  53. media frenzy !!! all in the name of selling a paper,we love the game but we are not prone to your lies….jeez…….//

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