Arsenal Swansea 1-2: When refs & woodwork conspire things can go horribly wrong.

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal has made a couple of changes for this match.

Per Mertesacker comes back in the team but Koscielny has a slight calf injury and is out for this match. So Per partners Gabriel in the centre of defence.

Up front we see Giroud come in the place of Welbeck of whom Wenger has said that he had to wait for the doctors advise to start him or not. And also Joel Campbell comes in the team and Walcott drops to the bench.

Arsenal team: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, GAbriel, Monreal, Campbell, Coquelin, Ramsey, Alexis, Ozil, Giroud.

On the beach: Ospina, Chambers, Welbeck, Walcott, Flamini, Elneny, Gibbs.

Giroud with the first shot for Arsenal but a defender in the way after a good combination from Ramsey and Alexis. Another attempt from Giroud after a good combination on the right but again a defender in the way of his shot. Another good attack from Arsenal with a back header from Özil to Alexis who first misses the ball but gets another chance and hits the post with his shot and the ball bounces in the arms of Fabianski. And what was coming came. Arsenal with another good attack. Alexis gets the ball 6 meters outside the penalty area, looks up sees the run from Campbell and chips the ball over the defender and Campbell with a sliding effort shoots the ball past Fabianski. GOAL! 1-0 to the Arsenal after 15 minutes.


Swansea now going a bit more forward but not really coming close to Cech apart from a harmless cross.  Özil with a blocked shot an then a shot from Bellerin but Fabianski can hold on the just enough to prevent Ramsey getting on the rebound.  Fer with the first shot for Swansea but half a meter over. Mertesacker showing the importance of having long legs to stop Gomis from going forward.  Campbell with some artistry when collecting the ball but his shot is diverted in to the hands of Fabianski. Still 1-0 for Arsenal after half an hour.

The referee then ignores a foul on Özil  and Swanse capitalises by putting Routledge on his own and he puts the ball past Cech. 1-1 after 32 minutes. What is it with English referees who ignore fouls on Özil time and time again. A good attack on the right flank  but a defender just in the way of the cross in front of an Arsenal player.  Arsenal with some good attacks but it went wrong with the last pass or cross. Ajew gets a yellow card for bringing Monreal down. After a corner Ramsey gives a long ball to Mertesacker who heads it back to Giroud whose shot crashes the crossbar. Arsenal unlucky twice now.  Arsenal has to go in the dressing room at the end of the first half with a 1-1 score thanks to the woodwork not helping Arsenal and the ref ignoring a blatant foul on Özil. Again….

Bellerin with a good run but nobody at the end of his low cross.  Arsenal pressing but not getting in to real opening scoring positions.  A corner to Arsenal, Alexis shoots but the shot goes just wide.  Free kick from Özil but Alexis can’t put his foot against the ball and Fabianski can collect.  Still 1-1 after one hour.

After 63 minutes Campbell comes off and Welbeck comes on. Arsenal lose their concentration and Sigurdson shoots wide from a difficult angle. Free kick for Arsenal. Alexis with the kick and again the crossbar saves Swansea. That is 3 times that Arsenal has hit the woodwork this match.  Swansea gets a free kick and Williams bundles it over the line. 1-2 for Swansea after 74 minutes.

Walcott comes in for Alexis who had a unlucky match hitting the post twice and misplacing a lot of passes. Header from Giroud but Fabianksi with the save.  Monreal shoots over. A cross from Özil but a defender at the end of it. Corner but Fabianski can catch the header from Walcott. Ramsey goes down in the penalty area but this is Arsenal so no penalty. A header from Welbeck goes wide. A final corner where the shirt from Giroud is almost pulled over his head but this is no penalty by English rules of course.

When nothing goes right, the ref forgets to blow when he should and the woodwork stops goal bound efforts it feels as if the world is conspiring against Arsenal. Another point lost because of the incompetence from the ref who gave Swansea a life line when they were in the ropes.

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  1. Walter this getting countered after a foul is really really pissing me off, and then the fans aren’t shouting to support the team. I almost broke my screen this evening now all the sewer rats are coming out!

  2. At least Leicester tied and the Spuds lost, as did City but United are creeping up. ….looks to be a very tight run-in, with Arsenal NOT getting any luck and not finding their shooting boots. What gives with the defense?
    We need to really perform at WHL or we will be definitely in a hole….there are still 9 games to go so anything can happen!

  3. I feel for Arsene and the team; I’m disappointed, can’t begin to imagine how they feel.

  4. Yet again, teams are scoring against us with an almost unbelievable ratio to shots on target. Why is this happening so often?
    As for the refs, I get so bored of saying this, but why the silence from the club. Some say Stan doesn’t care…..but will he care if refs cost us a place in the top four….because , make no mistake, if this carries on, the top four is far from a given.
    Think…and stand to be corrected, this is the worst slump since the dark days of that summer and the 8. 2 at Old Trafford.
    Wenger seems to have an instinct to allow players to play their way out of bad form, but he needs to make this team a lot more solid.
    Of the players are lacking confidence, they need to hide themselves away from the outside world over the next few days.
    This slump is becoming serious, and I don’t even want to think about the ramifications if they don’t get out of it.

  5. Maybe Usmanov’s takeover wouldn’t be a bad idea. I have a feeling he would know how to deal with PGMO.

  6. The mood at the end in my part of the ground was extremely ugly. Our performance for the most part seemed lacklustre. Our forwards can’t score, our midfield was missing for most of the game giving the CBs no outlet ball and our defence was pathetic for their second goal. Worse there was no movement from most of the team. The referee didn’t help either.

  7. Seriously are we that desperate that we blame the ref for not showing up? We should have been good for at leat 3 goals before the start! Feeel for the team? How about us fans who coughed up 2 days wage?

  8. What a load of shit, blame the ref for the entire 90 minutes, not to mention we couldn’t defend well or hit a barn door from 10 yards! AKB alert!

  9. 3rd lost in a row and it’s not looking good. This was a must win to close the gap but we couldn’t do it. I’m starting to doubt we can win the title. We desperately need Alexis and Giroud to start scoring again. An extremely bad week.

  10. @ Gooneress No 1, I’m sure the tens of thousands of pounds they are paid each week help them sleep well at night unlike us poor b*stards who scrimp and scrape to watch paint dry and then have to struggle to get home. Please!!!! Oh yes and twat head (me) was there to witness the debacle!

  11. To cap off a great night Cech will miss the NLD as he pulled his hamstring running back after the corner. If the ref had given a goal kick it would never have happened. More bias.

  12. 5th gen, of you are making the sacrifice of coughing up wages to go to the games, why do you never come on here overjoyed after games when the team have done well?
    If you are only interested when the team do badly, why bother going at all?

  13. We hit the woodwork 3 times if that is not being unlucky then it never will be…

  14. Too many players not performing and Ramsey needs to be dropped or rested. Give Elneny a go otherwise what was the point in buying him! We needed a world class striker before the season begun, it’s costing us now.

    Maybe Usmanov coming in and reinstating David Dein wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen, get George Graham and Martin Keown in to make Arsenal a solid team again. Sick and tired of hearing we had great mental strength and fantastic spirit!

  15. Football is corrupt. There is no doubt about the PGMO & their game management. They have done this for years & only Untold & Football is Fixed have been picking up on the cheating. I will write to Arsenal asking them to either start proceedings or accept the daylight robbery that is happening.

    FIFA is still corrupt, UEFA has not changed & the FA are complicit with PGMO.

  16. Josif….I have reservations on Usmanov, but I would imagine he would bring in Dein to help out with the issues surrounding some of our refereeing…..Dein reportedly used to do just that.

  17. I truly feel for the team. Tonight was just not their night. Ozil could have had 3 assists. twice he created for Sanchez opportunities to score (the flicked header & the free kick) and both times he fluffed his lines. I noticed after Sanchez was subbed our midfield looked empty as no one was coming to receive the ball from the defenders. when they did they seemed in a hurry to give it away. I miss Cazorla a lot. He makes our midfield run like a well oiled machine. his ability to retain possession allowing others take up promising positions is being sorely missed by the team. without Wilshire or Rosicky the team suffers in that regard. Ramsey doesn’t do same. He is much more attack minded and arteta doesn’t have the legs anymore. I also feel our defender don’t like to head baĺls in set piece situations. The second goal should not be happening to a team with title aspirations. Someone has to be busting a gut to win the first header and check should have done better. Don’t know what he was trying to do… Punch a ball so low???? He should have come out to claim that ball before the first player got to it. it was too close to the post and would have been a catch or punch.
    Wenger has got work to do this summer.

  18. We scored then relaxed, happy to pass the ball laterally across the pitch rather than going for the kill. Yes Özil was fouled but we stopped and basically waved Swansea past us.

  19. PGMO won’t allow Wenger to leave Arsenal with the league title. I think that FA Cup 2015 was their final offer to him.

    He didn’t accept it and now Arsenal & Wenger pay the price.

  20. Don’t be silly 5th Gen Gooner… what am I saying? I’ve read your posts…

  21. Josif I believe Arsene and Arsenal are paying the price because Arsene wants no part in corruption.

  22. Sentimentality getting the better of some of us here, Watford narrowly missed getting 3 points at Manure tonight, we capitulated to a better team their on Sunday. complaining about luck is folly, relying on luck and refs decisions is something Leciester and Spuds should be spouting about not Arsenal.

  23. Andrew Crawshaw, yes, that was naive, they were silly to think an English ref would call for a foul on Ozil…..especially as there was a very recent precedent.
    Our players are way too honest, Joel Campbell stayed on his feet when going over would have resulted in a penalty…from a decent ref…..if it were any team other than arsenal to be the beneficiaries.
    Really hope the Hull game does not go to pens…..our players will be seriously out of practice.
    Josif, I agree, they will not let Wenger win a title…..but sometimes, we make it way too easy for them.
    Ivan Gazidis recently met up with all the top people from the European big boys. Why can’t he pay a visit to the FA or Mike Riley?

  24. Folks, we aren’t going to win the league this year and the players look like they know it. Arsène has a real job to lift the team for Saturday

  25. @Andrew

    When it comes to our team, Wenger has to take responsibility once the season is over for his lack of activity at transfer market in both transfer windows.

  26. Menace, Josef, wake up and smell the roses there are no conspiracies here just consistent underperformance..

  27. Menace I will rejoice the day the corrupt are uncovered, along with all their little minions.

  28. In a world like this no conspiracies Mark – that’s almost funny.

    The conspirators are laughing at you naivety.

  29. No matter how much spin you put on it tonight was low. I was telling my mate Even with 5 minutes of injury time it didn’t come, Arsenal have lost three in a row now, but tonight’s loss against relegation fodder just shows how bad things are.

    A dismal night ahead of a North London derby.

  30. It is march and it is Arsene.
    So what is knew…..

    He never learns from past and never will in future.
    Arsene and his team are finished long time ago in football terms.just make money for Kronke.

  31. I suspect that the ref review will show this to be a very poor performance. I apologise to all Untolders for getting my preview wrong. He was about as much use today as a chocolate fire guard and I was expecting a lot better from him.

    I do miss our fast incisive one touch passing though. The present slow ponderous version is far less pleasing on the eye and much more frustrating as well as being much easier to defend.

    At times today we looked like a random bunch of strangers having a weekend kickabout rather than an extremely expensive team of athletes. That was the most frustrating thing.

  32. funny how some think we should breeze past everyone in this league even with bad refs, while leicester and tottenham do not, even with favours from refs

  33. We hit the woodwork three times. Two possible penalties not called for us. Ozil fouled with no call in lead up to goal. They scored from their only two shots on target. Combination of bad luck and poor refereeing did not help us one bit.

    I feel for the manager and the players. I’m pretty sad myself. Let’s hope for a better result at the weekend.

  34. Andrew, i think swansea looked rather good, i would consider it lucky getting points from this team most of the time

  35. Andrew Crawshaw, unfortunately, cannot see us getting that zip back until we get a fit Caz, Kack TR or even Ox or Arteta…which I hope will be this season.
    I know this site has proved we do not get more injuries than anyone else, but we do seem to get a lot of key players injured…..and often in the same position. Basically, all our MF ball players are out.
    But wish we could be a bit more solid at the back

  36. Firstly, we looked fine until they equalised. It was a clear foul on Ozil right in front of Madley. These things create doubt in players minds and affect confidence. Without confidence players are 50%. We hit the woodwork 3 times too. Meanwhile, Swansea have 2 on goal attempts. Koscielny did not start and won’t be fit for Spurs. Cech is out of the Spurs game.

    So we’ve certainly not been shined on by the gods.

    Yet instead of getting behind the team and the players during a difficult spell, the agenda members are shitting on the club.its embarrassing. What kind of frigging support is that?

    So now that’s out of the way, let’s comment on the lack of form.

    The team look scared in front of goal. Sanchez is snatching at chances, a clear sign of low confidence. This spreads. It’s difficult to put right, players need to play into it. Do we drop these players? Does this create further problems? Do we abuse the players and boo the team? Will this help?

    When you’re down you are in most need of support. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and support. Starting Saturday. Beat Spuds and it will do the boys a power of good.

  37. Have a strange feeling we might just beat the Spuds……yes, we are making mistakes, and we know shite refs can continue ad infinitum…..but how long can our bad luck with things like the woodwork continue?
    Very frustrating……not for the first time, could have hit five, but just ends up with a load of shit thrown at the team and manager.
    But, having said that, goals being conceded is a worry

  38. Just a bit more focus when finishing, and the results will be there. Yes, the midfield was static and the only link between defense and attack were our full-backs. Yes, we were exposed to counters. But, we had 18 shots, of which only 3 went on target (the 3 woodworks count as off-target). So, we had enough chances to win the match, it’s just our finishing was again waywards. But to me this only underlines how close we are to turning the tables. Once the shots will start going in, we will get rampant. Just a bit more focus guys, just a bit. Keep believing.

  39. Andrew, I do like your ref previews, but, everytime you indicate that the ref may be reasonable we get screwed! When you indicate the refs will be totally unreasonable we still get screwed – but at least your forecasts are accurate!

    A bad result tonight – my fear is for the morale of the team, we are losing to teams that we should be putting away – it looks to me that so many bad results, mostly thanks to the PGMO have really undermined the confidence of the team.

  40. Here is a serious question:

    our last victory was the one against Leicester. We won 2:1 in a way that should have injected our players all confidence in the world – turning the game around against the league leaders and beating them for the second time this season.

    Two-and-half weeks later we don’t have any confidence at all. A single defeat has shaken us completely. A defeat to the best team in the world.


  41. The refs’ issue is really interesting, because depending on how you see it can be a burden or a curse. It is all but apparent that the players’ morale is low, in connection with the refs’ abuses, and that’s what keeps them from improving. Disconnecting from the refs’ is not easy, but if the players could manage to do that I’m sure they will bounce back. It’s not the players’ fault that the refs are crap, bent or both.

  42. My team for Spuds:


    Bellerin, Mert, Chambers, Monreal

    Flamini, Coquelin

    Ramsey, M1Ö, Alexis


  43. Florian,

    I’m sorry but I really don’t have a crystal ball. My previews are based on how the referees have done in the past and in all of his previous games for us he had been rather decent. No way of knowing that tonight would break the pattern.

    A game that could easily have ended four one to us with everyone reasonably happy rather than two one against with everyone angry.

  44. That’s a very good question Josif.
    Wonder if Wenger really laid into them….he was in-characteristically critical of them in public.
    Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.
    Still think the issue is more simple though, too many injuries to key players, a MF imbalance and too many off form or lacking confidence….which is affecting the fans in the ground, and probably not helping things.
    Sadly, just cannot see us winning the league, the battle is now to recover composure, get players back, and stop conceding on so many attacks. Stop losing out to journeymen. How quickly and how well we do this could have huge and unforeseen ramifications to this clubs immediate future.
    The fans need to back the club …if it has all gone horribly wrong come May….if they feel the need to , react then, but this team needs a boost….they won’t get it from the pgmol, so it has to come from within the team, from the manager, and the fans.
    Of your own are struggling, if you have anything about you, you help them

  45. Agree on Flam Coq…..for the Spuds, with Elneny waiting in the wings if needed…and Ramsey further up.
    Wenger is believed to be set in his ways, but in reality, he can surprise when the chips are down. He needs to change something, and this would be a good game to make the team more solid.
    The players are under pressure , and it shows. I wonder if some believe they are playing for their arsenal future, and it may be showing. If we don’t pick up , some might not fancy an arsenal future!
    Surely, our luck must change. won’t it?
    Maybe if Leicester get far enough ahead, they will leave us alone

  46. And will add to that, refs allowing players to handball our shots to prevent goals….no wonder they feel all is against them.

  47. Andrew,

    I know. It’s not your fault that PiGMOB are a bunch of tw***s. It’s just that when we are not helping ourselves nobody does, but when other teams (like you know who) do the same they are carried in arms. And a lot of people don’t notice the difference.

  48. Josif,

    So, for Spuds, Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott coming off the beach in the last half hour to capitalize on their defense after the first 11 wore them down? Sounds like a plan to me 🙂

  49. If we can beat Tottenham this weekend, I think we could go all the way. As this will lift the players confidence. However, on current form it’s going to be extremely difficult to win there and it even made harder with Cech and Kos out.

    Let’s all pray and hope that we win.

  50. “now all the sewer rats are coming out!” Sad but true. The people who think being in 3rd place, 6 points off the lead, on March 3 is “mediocrity.” I wish just one would come forward to say he wanted Graham sacked after finishing 10th. Yes, Geoff Alvis, I’m talking about you: THAT was mediocrity.

  51. hahahahha…Whats with Ramsbo hate!!!

    He tried to make things happen. Alexis is under-performing and that puts more pressure on Rambo. So cut some slack on him.

  52. A set back nonetheless , but all the other challengers also dropped points . Its getting harder , but a positive result for us this weekend against one of our main rivals should kick start a resurgence .

    Just hoping that we get our confidence groove back and pronto.

    Up the Gunners !

  53. We are not learning from our mistakes. Again we scored and relaxed as if “everything iis all right now”.
    Why do we allow other teams to play when we have scored? It’s not tennis for f sake.

    Today i am sooooooo calm, as i was sort of expecting something like this, so my emotions are perfectly balanced.

  54. She may have sung that , ” We don’t need a another hero !” , but actual fact we do need quite a few to step up . And that we try to be ‘The Best’ and that ‘It’s Gonna Work Out Fine ‘ as you dreamt ‘In Your Wildest Dreams’ for ‘ Something Beautiful Remains’

    And also that also that them ‘ Back stabbers’ had better ‘Show Some Respect’ and ‘ Better Be Good to Me ‘ despite their ‘ Ball of Confusion’ or else you lot will be screaming ‘Help ‘!

    But for the faithful and the Arsenal team ( hope they all download it to their ipods or whatever >) , here she soothes and calms us all with her rendition of the Peace Mantra .


    A Sanskrit mantra sung for calmness, harmony, and peace for all beings.

    Om Om Om
    Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu
    Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu
    Sarvesham Poornam Bhavatu
    Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu
    Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


    May auspiciousness be unto all;
    May peace be unto all;
    May fullness be unto all;
    May prosperity be unto all.

  55. There are half a dozen on here who are desperately trying to find excuses for another loss and capitulation in the league.Do you not think that its happening year on year,and too many times to constantly blame luck,the referees ,injuries etc.Does it give you comfort thinking thats its something outside Wengers control that is stopping us winning the league?
    Ask yourself why everyone else can see it but not a few on here.Football fans,Opposition fans,pundits ,ex arsenal players,journalists and radio presenters can all see it.Hell nearly all the stadium could see it last night .The half empty stadium and the booing coming from those that stayed must tell you that ,and dont start that bollox about they were booing the ref.
    While you still think Wenger is the best there is and that we are improving we will never move forward because you accept mediocrity and a club with our fanbase , wealth and history should not be mediocre it should have ambition and challenging to be the very best.This will not happen under a stagnant manager

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  57. My view is that the Rambo / Coq combo does not work half as well as the Rambo / Flamini combo. When Rambo&Flam were together, Rambo stayed back more and the forwards had to help. Now Rambo is charging forward causing plenty of overload on Coq which transfers the stress onto the defense. It may be an idea to bring Flam in to help Coq in the middle and use Ram more on the right(like when Caz is there….). That will balance the team more and allow Ram to push forward, like the first half of the season(when they won!). Its time to admit that Rambo is NOT a good match for Coq, so try something else….

  58. If the general view is that we couldn’t play worse, then we are bound to play better.
    Somewhere there is a frustrated guardian angel guiding our nearest rivals to peculiar results to suit us…..but so far we take no notice or advantage.
    In golf there is a phrase “the rub of the green” meaning a bit of luck. We all get it from time to time, but Arsenal are currently out of it.
    Our turn is certain to come…probably at this coming weekend, where Arsenal are the underdogs. Just the scenario for all to come right. Have faith and patience. 😉

  59. Other teams
    11 games
    14 goals
    164 shots = a goal every 11.7 shots
    53 shots on target = a goal every 3.7 shots on target
    Average 14.9 shots per game
    Average 4.8 shots on target per game

    11 games
    13 goals
    160 shots = goal every 12.3 shots
    51 shots on target = goal every 3.9 shots on target
    Average 14.5 shots per game
    Average 4.6 shots on target per game

    I was surprised at how equal the shots and shots on target were between Arsenal and other clubs since Boxing Day. We are just not creating enough chances in games

  60. There seemed to be a lot of negativity around me last night, I try to be positive but am concerned the team has lost its mojo currently. The movement was quite poor and the everything was a bit slow. This was particularly true of the second half when we really didn’t look like creating anything. We have too many out of form and something needs to give I think.

    Perhaps rest Alexis (the poorest I have seen him), play Elneny for Aaron (who works hard but is not passing well, or keeping his discipline). Also not sure why Arsene removed our best player on the night so early (Joel). It was also one of the worst games I have seen Giroud play (poor touches and giving the ball away). We can blame the ref and bad luck, but we have to be bigger than that, Arsene really needs to earn his money now and the players I mentioned need to look at themselves and step up.

    The form in 2016 has been bad and it feels like Saturday is the last chance saloon. Collectively the lads and manager need to be strong and work hard and we need to get behind them. A win on Saturday and everything changes; COYG!

  61. The Ozil incident is one of the most pointed suggestions to me that the team are not regularly instructed to expect bad refereeing at any moment. I’ve always suspected it must be like that.

    Simply, if we are near right about how bad these refs are, then Wenger has to have a similar view- nothing else makes sense. From there, it is a question of how much of this view he is willing to share with the players.

    From a tactical viewpoint, it would surely be untenable to share that view as it is (paradoxically, it would not be damaging to convince the players that refs are against you when this is untrue. Secretly they’d know, and the feedback from the game would not be troublesome).

    How could you motivate players, how could you keep and attract top stars, if you were telling them often enough for it to become clear, that while playing for the team they cannot expect normal refereeing at all?

    I don’t think that is feasible, but you’d hope there would still be room to subtly prime the players to be prepared anyway for bad calls at any time. Shit, you’d hope smart players would work that out easily themselves.

    This isn’t victim blaming and does not remove one bit of responsibility from the refs for what they do, but I can’t understand how, as a player for us, you could NOT expect the ref to make a terrible call when the ball is played to Ozil with a man right on him.

    Maybe it just shows the situation is verging on the impossible, i.e that psychologically a player has to be prepared for a normal game and that they would function worse if they expected otherwise.

  62. Woodwork, ref, luck- what are the other excuses? oh yes conspiracy etc- we are talking about Swansea at home. Do you know how ridiculous you are?
    Its over… Arsenal need a new manager and needed one 5 years ago- and thats being generous. Mr Wenger is a great man and was a great manager of Arsenal 20 years ago- but he isn’t anymore- accept it.

  63. Well my take is that the 1st half I thought we played well, created chances, scored, and was unlucky with the post and bar, if the ref had done his job we would have been winning 1-0 and limited Swansea to 0, nil, zero chances, and thus clearly changed the pattern of the match…

    The 2nd half we had lots of possession but didn’t create enough, were still unlucky with chance hitting bar, and then Cech made a rare error dealing with a very good free-kick..

    Then you have that the ref let Williams along with others get away with constant fouls on Ozil, Sanchez on the turn, with defenders out of position up field and being turned these are professional fouls and should be getting carded, it is blatant what they (all teams) are doing but are allowed to do so week in week out… I was screaming for Ramsey to bring his man down in the build up for their 1st, accepting that as he plays for Arsenal he would have been carded…

  64. I fear Arsenal fans, one of my mates said earlier he wished we were still at Highbury, I thought so no money, fighting bankruptcy trying to buy these world class players everyone demands, while watching Utd, City, Chelsea, Spurs, and even West Ham run away from us with various ill gotten gains propelling them forward…
    That’s the spirit…

  65. We had some bad luck but that was really not a great performance. I did not sense much urgency or purpose going forward. On another day we might have got away with it.
    Swansea were not much of a threat but neither were we.
    Bit of a toxic atmosphere in the North Bank at the end of the game.

    Too many of our players are out of form at the moment. Sanchez is a good enough player that even in bad form he will get some shots in and in this case they hit the woodwork. Giroud isn’t really getting the kind of service he thrives off.

    Ramsey isn’t playing badly but he’s not really in the right position and unfortunately with no Cazorla, Wilshere, Arteta, Rosicky we don’t have another option.

    Overall it seemed like we were giving the ball away constantly

    I expect to see Campbell and Welbeck start against Spurs – they look the most threatening of the bunch at the moment.

  66. Supporters? Dead fucking ducks more like. We have unassailable proof that the PGMO is chdeating us. Leave that aside.

    Our team has played good clean football & been short of victory in a few games. I have seen worse & the solution is not change the manager or replace the team. But supporters who boo are not supporters but fair weather fans & everyone who booed can go up someone elses clubs behind. True Arsenal fans have been there when we were struggling to get to top 6.

    If I blame PGMO, I’m proud because I have not pointed a finger at my club. You snide weak chicken loving bastards have the nerve to point at my clubs manager? Then go on to say the blame lies within the club. I have no fear in calling you absolute shameful non Arsenal supporters. You cannot blame you dad for your mistakes. You must correct yourself & your environment. Go support a club that behaves like you.

    Conspiracy? you blind shits don’t see beyond your noses. Our game has been taken into the sewers by your bullying heros (those with brawn & those with obscene money) & brought back into an area that can be called sport by Wenger. If you want to remain unwashed & dirty stay away from a Wenger run club. Arsenal is now a clean sporting football team. A team that still plays the ball out when a player is injured. A team that allows for cheats by leading by example. It is playing football the Wenger way & has been & will be successful without chickens like you who want bully boy change.

  67. Menace
    Another quality rant. So those supporters who bood the team off against Swansea are fair weather supporters. Unlike yourself who watches from his pc in india..classic.

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