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January 2022
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January 2022

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Henry edges a step closer to management

by Ray Hobbs

Thierry Henry has become a step closer to becoming a football manager after revealing that he has completed his Uefa A Coaching badges. The Gunners legend is now as a result able to take on a managerial role in any league below the Premier Division, or at any youth team in Europe.

The Frenchman, who has been heavily linked with replacing his former boss in Arsene Wenger, when he decides to retire from the club where he has spent the last twenty years, will now look to complete his pro license to enable him to manage teams involved in European competitions.

Henry who has recently clashed with his countryman over comments made surrounding supporters apparent hostility towards Wenger following a recent home defeat to Swansea, is currently juggling media work as well as on occasion helping out Arsenal with their youth set up.

Henry adds to a long line of former Arsenal players starting out their careers in management. Dennis Bergkamp is currently on the coaching staff of Ajax, while Remi Garde and Patrick Vieira have recently found themselves top jobs at Aston Villa and New York City FC respectively. Wenger’s wisdom has clearly rubbed off on certain individuals over the years, as they now look to forge careers off the field.

Arsenal themselves will be looking to get their title challenge back on track after damaging recent results have left them eight points behind leaders Leicester, and next up face a difficult trip to Goodison Park to take on Everton.

With the Gunners recent form inconsistent at best, it is certainly worth making use of bet in play options for those of you who fancy a flutter. After finding themselves quickly two goals behind at Old Trafford recently, Arsenal fans will be asking if you can bet during the second half? Betway currently offer Arsenal as 5/1 outsiders for the title with just nine games left of the campaign.

Still at just the age of 38, and only a few years since retiring as a professional footballer, Henry certainly has ample time to learn his trade in the management game.

With many top class footballers often failing to make the transition from player to coach, Henry will be hoping he can follow in the footsteps of the likes of Pep Guardiola and going back further in history, Carlo Ancelotti. However, given his standing with the Arsenal faithful, certainly do not rule out his involvement at The Emirates in the future.

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20 comments to Henry edges a step closer to management

  • WalterBroeckx

    The best players rarely become the best managers at top level…. I think there are more top managers who had little or only a small playing career than the other way round.

  • Breaking News Arsene wenger resigns,Prof Arsene wenger has resigned after losing to watford. The AAA are so happy that they have celebrations in The Wenger stadium. The Morons have taken over the management and have installed sir harry red dog;Robert Mugabe has been invited to the moronic party and hell is lose zzzzzzzzz Oh danm it has been a dream and in reality Lord Wenger is going no where,sewer rats get a life. IN ARSENE WE TRUST

  • AndyT

    Henry will never make a good manager in my opinion as I dont believe he is someone who knows his own mind well enough. Just watch his appearances as a pundit alongside Souness and the others and you will see how Henry bends his opinion to sort of appease the people/opinions around him (almost like he has to also reflect the anger or the over-riding emotion in the studio at the time.)

    He makes it up as he goes along and this is typical of ‘marketing mind’ – the reason I believe this is because I’ve studied this and I also have this trait for better or worse. It takes a more durable mind than his to be a successful coach. I would think that as an assistant to a single-minded coach, he could well be inspirational though.

  • Polo

    Kampala you scared me for a moment there, luckily I kept reading your post instead of jumping on Google. Phew it was a joke.

  • Gouresh

    even I thought WTF???

  • @Polo sorry dreams sometimes are crazy brain delusions @Gouresh sorry.

  • Josif

    Henry might become a manager but I wouldn’t want him to be an Arsenal manager. He was much better player than he was a captain – I believe the gap between Henry the Player and Henry the Manager will be even wider.

    I think Arteta will make a good coach, maybe even a good manager. Intelligence, sense for positioning, versatility and obviously manager’s right hand.

  • As a player he was fantastic and I will never forget what he has done in the red and white but I burned my bridges with him after the Swansea remarks. Arsene Wenger made him the player he became and at the very least Henry should never have bitten the hand that fed him. Wenger deserves at least a show of respect and dare I say loyalty. Henry if he felt that way should have said it to Wengers face and not the media.
    I was so desperately disappointed in him because he was giving those fuel for the fire that he knew was already was starting to burn.
    I have watched him on Sky and could not believe that it was the same guy that played in an Arsenal shirt, he goes with the crowd instead of being his own man and that being the case I really hope he never manages Arsenal ever. For me he give up that privilege after the Swansea game.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Whoever we appoint when Arsène decides to stop will be an experienced manager. If Henry gets an opportunity to be in charge of Arsenal it will only be after he has proved he is a good manager with a number of successful seasons behind him. I would never say never but currently would definitely say not yet.

  • If he does one day become manager I will give the team and him my support but the difference between him and AW is there for all to see. Arsene is a man of his word, his loyalty and Honor are real. If Henry ever took charge of Arsenal the same cannot be said of him.
    Sorry Andrew I cannot stand his lack of respect of loyalty to a man who made his career what it was.
    Fool me once shame on you
    Fool me twice shame on me.

  • proudkev

    Andy T and Linda, I agree.

    For all the criticism Wenger gets, whether fair or otherwise, nobody can say he wasnt loyalty. I don’t just mean to the club but also to the players. He is a man of prinicipal but unfortunately that means nothing in this modern world. I remember when a well known reporter passed away and his wife attended a game at the Emirates. Wenger found out about it and invited her to his office, where he persoanlly handed her a hand written letter. She said he had kind words and she couldn’t ebelive how he found time during a match day to do this.

    For what it is worth I think Wenger has been treated appallingly by a number of people.

    1. The club. They should accept a share of this, I believe they have hung him out to dry over the stadium move. They had the opportunity to nip in the bud some of the narrative that tries to airbrush the financial difficulties Wenger faced.

    2. Former Arsenal players.Paul Merson, the Chelsea TV presenter and a former Chelsea season ticket holder. As he abused our club by stuffing Coke up his nose, I don’t trust his judgement. He may be a WOB favourite but for me he’s a thick idiot. Ian Wright flip flops, one minute he’s praising Wenger extending his career, the next he’s grinding his axe largely because he was replaced with a 17 year old.

    3. Former players of other clubs. Enough said. Jealousy.

    4. The media. Wenger has been an obsession of theirs for years. Much of that is because he plays them like a fiddle, they haven’t got the brains to come back at him. But the main reason is because he took on the dinosaurs and criticised the way we ‘lived’ and played. From the drinking culture to the kids playng on full size pitches, he picked holes in our backwards mentality. Even now they sneer at possession football, using insulting terms for it. Now they have the chance to finally get even, this I suspect is the medias motivation. Watch Sunday Supplment and you see these Jurassic hacks continually being rude about Wenger. Listen to TalkSport and they’ve dedicate whole shows to degrading Wenger. Adrian Durham may be the biggest culprit but Alan Brazil (Spurs), Andy Jacobs (Chelsea) and Micky Quinn (Liverpool) have chosen Wenger as their favourite person to attack.

    For everything Wenger has achieved here and teh challenges he faced along the way, it is an absolute disgrace. It really is.

  • Menace

    I my opinion TH14 played a great game but lacks the intelligence to manage a club. He may be an able coach but not a suitable strategist. His financial knowledge is not proven either. A modern manager must have some semblence of PR, HR, Accounts & strategy to go with all the coaching & press requirements.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Interesting you mention the club Proudkev.
    Happen to agree btw……I can believe Wenger took on a lot willingly, but there have been times since the stadium move when I wonder if a bit more help could have been given….certainly on the PR front even if not always possible on the financial front.
    Then, things like the now proven wildly inaccurate war chest Sir Chipps Keswick mentioned…..perhaps in a moment of some state of weakness.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Sorry, back on topic, I think….?And hope , as much as I loved him as a player that Henry is way down the list for Arsenal manager.
    One day…..maybe, but a hell of a long way to go, many things to learn and much help would be needed.
    I would see Arteta ahead of him…..but again, a bit into the future

  • nicky

    It would be interesting to learn just how these badges are awarded.
    Is there a written exam under invigilated conditions?

  • omgarsenal

    Mr.hobbs…….do you workforan online betting company? you paragraph about betting has no place here on UA. Tony & Walter, please ensure that advertised services don’t appear in an article discussing the Arsenal or Wenger!

  • chibyke

    I don’t know why but I strongly believe that arteta will be a phenomenal coach.there’s sumtin about him.wenger tries not to talk him up too much but he seems to value his opinion. And a few players seems to quickly point him out once the question of who could be a manager comes up.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I do hope that TH 14 does go on to be come a good manager . That he thinks for himself and stick to whatever he believes to be the best for his team . He was a loyal servant as a player for the club and for that I wish him well .

    But a word of caution for him too , as there are different strokes for different people, as this story will attest .

    A doctor drives by a small town

    He stops at a gas station and notices there is no one there. A little kid passes by and tells him the gas station is closed because everyone is a the funeral of the owner’s daughter. Since he was out of gas, he decided to stay for the night and goes to the funeral.

    When he gets there he goes in and looks at the open casket and notices that something is wrong.

    The doctor calls the father:” Sir, I am a doctor and I can assure you she is not dead, she is in a catatonic sleep.”

    ” What do we do now? ” ,Says the father.

    ” Does she have a boyfriend?” , asks the doctor.

    ” Yes.” ,replies the father.

    ” Take her to a room and have the boyfriend have sex with her.”

    They do as the doctor said and sure enough she wakes up. Everybody was happy and the doctors leaves once he fill up his gas tank.

    Few months go by and the doctor returns to the same gas station. The same kid greets him again: ” Doctor, is so great to see you again. About a week ago Mr. John died. Half of the town has fucked him already but he is just not waking up.”

    Moral of the story: See a doctor before self medicating.

  • Brickfields Gunners


    The Brickfields Gunners Blog have just received the breaking news that the minority shareholders are dumping their shares in protest just before the Barcelona game tonight in solidarity with incensed ‘fans’ who are calling for Arsene Wenger ‘s immediate dismissal .

    Further news as we receive it .

  • I can’t say what I would love to say here but at the risk of being asked to leave this site all I will say is what a pack of dirty BASTARDS to do that to the man who has made Arsenal what they are, a great club.
    All showing their true colours are as sure as hell they are not red and white. How low can people sink is beyond me.
    I’m heartbroken for Arsene Wenger and ashamed to even be associated with the lowlife’s who have the bare faced cheek to call themselves supporters.
    How much is this latest anti Wenger going to affect these players
    These people want my team to lose this match and by a big score line.
    Arsenal supporters, not on your life.