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  1. serge

    Looks like we’re in good company then.
    Add to this list Liverpool who have a sense of permanent victimisation (some of it justified)

  2. GG

    If we got Simeone it would be like when Dennis joined, a real message on intent with exciting times ahead, but it won’t happen, can always wish.

  3. colario

    In England a drama series that go on and on are known as ‘soaps’.

    In America they are usually about the pretend rich and powerful. Dallas (sometimes thought of as ‘malice’) and ‘Dynasty’ (dysentery)in the UK they are usually about the life of the masses of ordinary workers.

    The two most well known TV ones in the UK are ‘Coronation street’ and ‘Eastenders’. Both serials (soaps) are followed by millions.

    I have found soaps to be boring so I don’t watch or listen to them.

    There is a real life soap in the UK known as The Royal Family. I bear the members of this family no grudge and have nothing against them personally it is just I am not interested in their activities.

    The ‘football’ soap is just as boring as all the soaps I have referred to.

    However I believe we cannot afford to ignore it for to do so would be to passively agree that the corruption in this great game is acceptable and it is not acceptable.

    It is wrong that 10 000s of thousands football fans should be cheated in the way they are game after game, week after week.

    The result of a game of football should be determined by the ability of the players playing the game not the officials of the game, be they game administrators, referees or others.

  4. Gord

    I think Canada knows this une chèvre. Might be from the French influence. 🙂

    But, there is a ice hockey commentator, I think his name is Don Chèvre. Supposedly popular.

    I like Wenger from the interview (http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20160414/team-news-wilshere-rosicky-ox-santi):

    >> on who will play in goal on Sunday…

    > I have not decided that. When it is decided I will have to inform the people first.

    Expanding on that, with some poetic license.

    Yes. If I decide that Cech will play in goal, I will first have to Cech that he will play in goal. Then I have to tell Ospina that he will not be in goal. And sometime after that, I will call you dogs and tell you this as well; if you sign the form on the way out asking to be informed. Thank you for your silly question (whispers to someone to the side, “How many times this year have I had to answer that question?”).

    Within 10 minutes, there will be articles in the media now announcing that Cech will be in goal, as Wenger personally just told them that this will happen.

  5. Fransico

    Wenger is keen on value – not something he’s alone in, by the way – but the changes in the market in recent years have been so vast I think he’s found it hard to readjust. He didn’t sign Morgan Schneiderlin because he felt the price was too high, and maybe he’s right, maybe he’s not a £27m player, but the market dictates the price, not a perceived value you have in your head.

    Adam Lallana cost just a bit under £30m. Perhaps it’s ridiculous, or perhaps that’s just what you have to pay. The £400,000 Mahrez style deal is an outlier, and also the kind of gamble people are probably not prepared to put up with when they want established talent. So, it’s a concern that when we go looking for players this summer the prices are going to be higher than ever, and we’re not always the best at negotiating. We’re also rarely prepared to pay more than we think a player is worth, but to get what we need, we might need to be a little more flexible.

    Anyway, that’s all for the summer, we have it all to look forward to, and what a magical time that’s going to be. Think about the fun the headline writers are going to have then.

  6. insideright

    Given the manager and/or stadium related turmoil that several of our nearest rivals are going to endure over the next few years (not to mention potential financial irregularities being investigated) I would have thought that the more stable we can be as a club the better we are likely to do.
    The three players that we know are leaving (Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky) have already been replaced by Coquelin, Elneny and Iwobi – funnily enough for a combined transfer fee much less than those being replaced cost in the first place.
    Others potentially leaving will do so because the Club wants them to go (as much for their own good as for any other reason) and we have more than enough cash to be able to buy replacements for them – that’s if we need to.
    Keeping the same manager, who is still many years younger than SAF was when he retired, seems especially logical to me.
    By the way – is Iwobi the first player born after Wenger took over to be brought into the first team squad? If he is a indicator of what’s to come we are indeed in a very good place.

  7. Backagain

    The following text was lifted from Facebook and really sums things up nicely

    “AFCL – Arsenal Football Club London!

    Somebody asked me earlier if I wanted a ticket for the game on Sunday. Without hesitating I responded “No Thanks, fuck sitting with those wankers!” . I didn’t ask, but the ticket would probaby have been free – Truth is I didn’t care. “Those wankers?” well sadly that refers to the vast majority of people who now attend the souless bowl that is The Emirates stadium. I haven’t called them Arsenal supporters because in my opinion they don’t deserve that title. The last time I Iooked it up ‘support’ meant to ‘hold up’, to ‘carry aloft’, to ‘underpin’ or something like that. These people are not ‘supporters’. Anyone who screams abuse at the players or brings banners asking the manager to leave is not a ‘supporter’. They are no better than ‘Glory hunters’ who have spat their dummy because we haven’t won whatever it is they want us to win in a while. Back-to-back FA cup wins isn’t enough! Almost 20yrs of consequetive Champions league qualification isn’t enough! Living with the knowledge that we’ve seen our team do things ‘in recent memory’ that virtually no other fans can imagine & that only a few other clubs will ever do, is not enough! Yes! I want Arsenal to win trophies, yes I do not like when we do not acheive what I would like us to achieve & Yes I think Wenger has reached his zenith & his glory days are over. I’m also not a fan of the current aloof ownership who clearly only see the club as a means of ‘making money’. I understand all of those things, but I also understand that you cannot ‘win’ all the time & if your attachment to a club is solely or mostly about ‘winning’ then what use are you to that club. If you judge a club only by what it can do for ‘You’ or what glories it can provide for ‘You’ to revel in then what value are you to the players & mangement? In essence: Where is your SUPPORT when it is truly required? Any fool can wear a red & white jesters hat at a trophy parade or poke fun at a rival who has won less. Any fool can gob off down the pub when the trophies are rolling in! Any fool can spit & froth at the players or attempt to hound the manager out when no obvious replacement is on the horizon! The Emirates stadium is now rammed full of such fools! . . . . . I sat among the Scousers at Goodison pk the other week. We played well & won 2.0. At the end of the game some people sung about getting Kronke out then they unveiled a WENGER OUT! banner. These people are not Arsenal supporters. I respect their right to do what they want outside the stadium, but I will never abuse an Arsenal manager whilst he’s doing his job or sing shit about the owners at such an innapropriate moment. We are not Leeds, we’re the opposite of a ‘financial mess’. We are not Aston Villa, on route to obscurity! Any team that currently sits above Man Utd, Man City & Chelsea is hardly on the brink of ‘being forgotten! The Scousers asked me ‘what’s all this about laaa?’ & they looked horrified when I explained. “Fookin’ hell” said one “what have yooze got to be moaning about?” I felt like a father trying to justify the fact that his child had deliberatly shat his pants because their were no blue smarties left in the packet! . . . . .

    We used to have a Football club! It won, it lost, it excited us & it sometimes bored us senseless, but it was our club We SUPPORTED it regardless. Nowadays Football has been taken away from people like me/us. Billionaire owners, multi millionaire players & managers with more economics degrees than coaching badges are now standard fayre & as a big club we naturally have all of that! I do not celebrate any of that. I hate it, but I accept that things nowadays are way beyond our influence! Our job is to show ‘support’ & hope that success will come our way. Not to be irritants whos behaviour slowly but surely eats away at the fabric of a club until there is nothing left. Unless you’re a glory hunter – Football is not solely about Winning! Winning is beautiful, but if you don’t win everybody that you think contributed to that ‘non-victory’ is not a cunt! . . . .

    I SUPPORT Arsenal & I accept everything about us is not perfect, but if you abuse any player whilst he’s wearing the shirt, attempt to hound out the manager ‘during a game’ or bring nothing, but negativty & your ‘demands’ for Glory to the stadium then I have no desire to sit anywhere near you! . . . . . Try Supporting the team, irrellevant of the result. Not whinging & booing because they’ve ‘ruined your weekend’ – You might be suprised by what we can achieve & if we win Nothing then at least keep your integrity & leave your toys in the pram – because we are The Arsenal!”

  8. Mark

    That post is perfect and should be posted on all Arsenal blog sites. Whoever wrote it deserves huge kudos.

  9. Andy Mack

    We’ve too many newer ‘fans’ with a serious sense of entitlement (like ManU and Liverpoo Fans… Maybe add new Chav fans to that list as well). There are a few long term supporters that are very vocal but most of us just sit back bemused that we’re not as ecstatic with 3rd place as we would have been 25 years ago…

  10. Brickfields Gunners

    Another former European Cup winner has bitten the dust – Aston Villa have fallen through the trapdoor to join 2 time winners Nottingham Forrest in the lower reaches. Was it just mismanagement ? A lack of faith ? Could more support for the players , more belief in the managers and more trust in the board averted this fall? Anyway all those fans leaving early , the numerous banners , and booing most definitely did NOT help .

  11. Menace

    I will be at the game later today & expect to see some tough tackles going unhindered. Commentators give a biased view when tackles are made on players other than Arsenal. Apparently southern skillful players deserve a good kicking (PGMO Laws).

    It was quite surprising listening to commentators waffling about high tackles & red cards. Same ‘selectively blind bastards’ that didn’t see the tackles on Arsenal. I still can’t believe the FA allowing choke holds to go unpunished, while the slightest touch of the hand on a bit of skin is treated like a knock out blow.

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