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  1. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Josif, you should remember that the Boss doesn’t sign any player which media is promoting and the Arsenal fans are saying they want him to sign. Even if the player is a proven quality like Ibramovich or Lukaku, still, the Boss won’t sign any of them because they’ve been recommended by the media and the Arsenal fans. Has he ever signed any such player?

    That’s apart, Arsenal are still in this season title race despite Leicester’s dominance on top of the table. Leicester, Spurs and Arsenal are in the home straight race racing to the title trophy table.

    Leicester need to win 3 & 2 games to be sure of winning the title from Spurs and Arsenal who are still challenging them to wrestle the title away from their hands. And that can still happen.

    But Spurs won’t finish above Arsenal in table. Because that’s an abomination. Arsenal are waiting for Leicester to cave-in under the pressure of them nearly to win the title which they are close to winning it. Because of their inexperience of winning the title, Leicester will eventually cave-in under that pressure of nearly there to win it. And Arsenal will capitalise on Leicester’s collapsing under pressure and storm past them in the home straight to the title trophy table and lift the trophy.

  2. Ando

    Thoughtfully written article, thanks Josif

  3. Rich

    Good read, Josif.

  4. Wolfgang

    So Spurs wont finish above Arsenal and Leicester will collapse.These are probably extreme cases.A five point gap can be bridged but not 11 points unless you have the 97-98 team and games in hand.Ranieri is more pragmatic than Wenger and he will go on to win the epl.
    As for the fm according to repots he will go for Kante ,the foxes terrier. I believe we need physically imposing md and not midgets.
    Just read rf threw tantrums when MU lost.He expects the rd to win all the time. If that were case he shd nt retire because winning is like a drug. Unfortunately
    his winning days were over and couldnt be replicated.

  5. Menace

    Excellent story Josif. A proper fable for the future. Only thing you have ignored is the hurdle of bent authority. How does the new man/woman make the authority honest?

    Wenger has to coach his team to play on slippery uphill slopes. What makes you think the slope will suddenly mimick Leicesters downhill?

  6. Polo

    Good article so far Josif. I think Martinez and Mourinho won’t be Arsenal managers, Martinez is not doing well and Arsenal board won’t risk it, mourinho well not many fans like him and his style of football, it doesn’t fit with the Arsenal philosophy. Koeman well he look settled at Southampton and I don’t think he will move.

    I will see your part 2 and give further comments.

    Again, well done for a writing a good article.

  7. Gouresh

    Well put Josif, now on to the next one. thanks

  8. Brickfields Gunners

    Nice article , Josif . Still early days for a new man to come in , but at the EUROS , potential targets will probably be identified . Both from among the players and the management.

  9. Bard

    Its a good topic but the overall thrust is too gloomy for my liking. Wenger arrived at Arsenal as something of a punt having had modest success elsewhere and completely revolutionised Arsenal, why couldnt that happen again ? On the more specific I dont know where you sit but I havent been aware of a toxic atmosphere at the ground. My take is more indifference on occasions. I also think managers will be killing each other to get the Arsenal job and why not. They will get massively well paid, job security and relatively modest targets to attain. Its not like Ferguson retiring. I would add thats its all academic as I dont think Wenger is going anywhere any time soon either next season or the season after.

  10. Col

    “Wenger’s heir will be expected to win the league in his first season as the goal-posts have been moved after back-to-back FA Cup victories in 2014 and 2015.”

    Don’t agree. If the new man looks like he is moving the team in the right direction, so that a title challenge will be forthcoming, that will be enough for most fans. This comment wilfully ignores the antipathy that has built up from a decade of failing to challenge meaningfully, and a lack of obvious progress in the direction of challenging. As has been said a thousand times, putting a run together when there is no pressure on is not quite the same.

    It also ignores the fact that the board would rather sit on pile of money and get 4th every year rather than actually try and win the thing. That won’t change, but it rather affects who is likely to get the job – at the moment, there is no-one better than Wenger at achieving this.

  11. Menace

    Col – Your take on the board sitting on a pile of money is so unfair. Arsenal have been trying to win the CL every season but have not had success just like most other clubs in Europe. The fact that Arsenal have been financially successful in attempting to win is not sufficient for anyone on the board in my opinion. Winning is the ultimate success but that has to be done without compromising the financial stability of the club. Arsenal is self funding even though there are a few billionairs as shareholders.

    Wenger has been the greatest manager in terms of balanced growth of a football club. He has grown both the sporting excellence & financial excellence in almost equal measure.

  12. Col

    Menace – I hear what you say. Unfortunately the prospects of Arsenal winning the PL title or the CL in the foreseeable future are quite low, to put it mildly. My take on it is the board would like to win either in an ideal world, but don’t see realistically competing for either as a high priority. They have an outside chance, but no more. Yes, that means Arsenal is stable and self-funding but the competitiveness of the team is no greater than it was 10 years ago (and arguably is quite a lot worse). Obviously, partly this is down to other clubs throwing money at the problem, which they (quite reasonably) are not prepared to do. The depressing part for me is that I don’t feel Kroenke really cares (unlike, paradoxically, Usmanov), for him it is no more than an investment – so all this stability etc. actually means is that Kroenke’s net worth increases, so if/when he eventually sells he makes more profit.

    I do think Wenger has done a good job as per the remit he has been given – but that is to keep the board happy rather than the fans. Of course, I may be proved completely wrong, Wenger will buy a world-class replacement for RVP this summer and a midfielder or to upgrade on some that are getting long in the tooth – here’s hoping!

  13. Menace

    Col – who decides if it is a goal? who decides if it is a foul? Everything in football depends on a balanced set of officials using the current Laws of the Game. Don’t dream of some brilliant set of footballers winning anything when they can be choked & their legs broken. The truth of any success depends on the FA & their PGMOL being replaced by an annually elected set of officials with requisite FIFA qualifications. These will clear one part the other is the random appointment of officials with an assurance that each official will only officiate each team a maximum of twice a season.

  14. Magneto

    @ Josif,

    Arsene’s achievements at Arsenal, and in English football in general, cannot be measured purely in terms of silverware.

    Such an approach would be highly inadequate,
    and would be doing Arsene a great disservice, as he is, and has been, way more than just a
    football manager.

    That’s why attempts to compare him to other managers often miss the point…you would not be comparing like with like.

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