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  1. WalterBroeckx

    The disgusting FIFA story continues…. come and see next week who has been bribed/is bribing…. Disgusting


  2. Robert

    Excellent article in the Guardian that shows what a good FA can achieve:


  3. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    If the Fifa President, his Vices, the committees chairmen or heads and all the Fifa’s general staff are well lawfully enumerated, the chronic corruption at Fifa we’ve been hearing & reading about may drastically reduced to the barest minimum which may no longer involved the top echelon at Fifa.

    Paying small wages to the staff of Fifa who are doing top official jobs on behalf of the professional football World who are yielding billions of money out annually, may need to be officially reviewed upwards. In an attempt the financial corruption at Fifa may abate.

    But who does this reviewing of a significant upwards earnings for the Fifa staffs. I think Fifa has the committee mechanism in place that is charged with such responsibility. The Fifa executive council can ask that committee that is responsible for reviewing Fifa staff’s salaries to do a significant upwards review of salaries playable for Fifa staff starting from the President and submit it reports and recommendations to the Fifa executive committee for deliberation. And if at the end of considering the reports and recommendations, an approval is reached, the recommended approved salary structure can be forwarded to the Fifa congress for approval.

  4. Jambug

    Another fantastic article that other blogs can only dream of matching, unless of course I’m missing something over there at Le Grove et el !

    Being such an important revelation it raises the question, what will be the hot topic of discussion at work tomorrow?

    a) FIFA’s on going corruption, and the FA’s complicity in said corruption by funding them with our money?


    b) Who they drew in the SUN’s Euro ’16 sweep?

    Hmmmm, I wonder?

  5. omgarsenal

    It appears that they have simply replaced the burnt-out bulbs with their equally useless 0 watt varieties. Hopefully the FBI and its Interpol counterparts, as well as the Swiss authorities, will investigate Infantino and his cabal equally ferociously as they did Blatter & Platini! As Tony & Walter so eloquently argue; the lunatics are in charge of the asylum!
    It comes as no surprise that corruption is so deeply ingrained in FUFA and EUFA, with the amounts of cash floating from hand to hand, how many people have the integrity to resist such enticements?

  6. Ken1945

    Tony, where is that upstanding media mogul Piers Morgan when you need him/
    But, when you think about it, I guess Piers would have to do some real investigative journalsm wouldn’t he.
    That’s way out of his reach so I guess he will carry on telling everyone how he could do a better job tha Arsene.
    FIFA? The most “legitimate crooks” in the world today.

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