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  1. geekaybee

    Wenger always wanted to sign Vardy but understood that Man U were going for him so he lost interest. I always get the impression that if the two Manchester’s or Chelsea want a player that we should go for then Wenger surrenders.

  2. geekaybee

    I apologise, I did not realise with site I was reading. I will double check in future.

  3. bushido

    like i said before’ the media journalists and bloggettas so desperate to make big team with no CL relevant and at the same time ridicule Arsenal to the highest order. in the case of Miki, maybe he will be tempt by big wage offer from Man U for example but does he really want to go to the team playing in Europa league next season. for sure Arsenal also can offer him attractive wage package and he’ll get the chance to play for his favorite team under the guidance of legendary AW. the manager that George Weah (the only African player to ever win the Ballon d’Or) gave his player of the year winning medal to and hailed the impact AW had on him as a mentor. i really hope Miki will come to Arsenal cos imo he can be the new Tomas Rosicky for Arsenal.(not on the injury side of cos)

  4. jake

    merson was oh i can’t really say why i believe he was let go hic

  5. Dex

    Blimey, you’re almost as bad as the wretched hacks: With your repetitive rants!

    Wenger fucked up last summer by NOT making any signings apart from Cech. Who knows what might have happened had we signed a striker and central midfielder?

    We all should be permitted to recognise both his achievements and his flaws, but just like le grove you only want a one sided perspective, nullifying any hope of interesting debate and discourse.

    By the way, banning me proves my point, but I still read the blog because I love the articles that take a wider view of football and politics, such as the brilliant FIFA stuff..

    • Tony Attwood

      No Dex, you haven’t read the rules. You appear, at least according to our software, to be sending from an email address that does not exist. If you do post again, please check it is a valid email address, as we request.

      Name calling through describing the person to whom you are writing as writing “rants” though is never a way to endear yourself to anyone nor to open up a debate. There is no evidence that I have seen that further signings last summer of players who were available would have helped, and what this site tries to do is build on evidence rather than personal opinion. Please see the article on comments listed in the pages section.

  6. Ajay

    You know Wenger over the years have pulled some amazing transfers. We attracted the likes of ozil, sanchez, elneny, xhaka in the last three years. However there are several transfers that should have come our way but went elsewhere simply because they were cash rich and we were getting there. So I am inclined to believe that some of the other clubs are inclined to get arsenal targets because Wenger was always inclined to play attacking football. The prominent ones that come to mind are hazard, Mata. And since a hijack can happen again, arsenal may be using vapour transfers to mask their real targets.
    In the case of Miki, I hope he chooses to play for us simply on the kind of football we play.

  7. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    The yet to be confirmed transfer of Jamie Vardy to Arsenal by Arsenal FC which God’s willing will eventually be confirmed, has been over whipped by the media.

    I still strongly hold on to my positive thinking that Arsenal have already signed Vardy, despite the insinuation by the media that he’s yet to complete his medicals at Arsenal before he jetted off to France. And since Arsenal who doesn’t lie or decisive their fans have said that they are still confident of signing Vardy. That word, “confident” in the Arsenal’s reported comments quoted in the media, is what I am still holding on to and nothing else.

  8. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Tottenham Hotspur have: Danny Rose, Eric Dier, Kyle Walker, Dele Ali and Harry Kane all 5 starting for England today against Russia. No one from Arsenal starting. After all, is only Jack Wilshere we have that could fly the Arsenal banner for us in the England games.

    I saw the Boss standing in the stands looking to his right & left before the match kick-off. Is he there to watch the match to enjoy himself or here there to monitor a player? Only God can tell.

    Still England 0-0 Russia as the 2nd half has just started. England had some good chances in the 1st half to take the lead but they did not seize those opportunities to convert the chances which fell to them. I am taking them to best Russia 2-0 @ the end of the match.

  9. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Eric Dier has just scored a stunning free kick for England after the Russian keeper had denied Wayne Rooney’s controlled low drive which could have been the opener for England.

  10. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Jack Wilshere is on and he has made a 1 2 moves that would have counted but for offside. Is Robert Sterling wasteful? Anyway he’ just been subbed.

  11. GoingGoingGooner

    Russia score with their only chance of the game.

  12. Florian


    Raheem Sterling is nowhere near Robert Sterling. At least Robert Sterling was one of James Bond’s disguise names (The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977). By all standards, Robert Sterling was kicking ass. Raheem Sterling couldn’t get one clean touch all evening.

    The ball playing that Jack Wilshere brings to the England’s team is simply incredible. None of his multi-million team mates comes close. Were it not for Kane’s lack of awareness when he got caught offside, Jack would have recorded an assist.

  13. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    All the England Untolder fans are apparently glue to their TV set watching the match leaving me to be the only one taking off my eyes from my tv set to follow this match and make comments on the match.

    And Russia have equalized in the injury time of the game to give England a hammer blow. The ref has blown for the end of the match just immediately after that. Poor defending by England has led to that Russian equaliser.

    Good night to every Untolders and have a pleasant sleeps.

  14. nicky

    To return to the purpose of your post, Tony, I have always felt that unless Arsenal can keep potential signings totally under wraps, the Club will operate on an extremely sticky wicket.
    Whether funds are available or not, Arsenal does not function under the auspices of a “sugar daddy” where limit-less money, is freely ploughed-in in order to achieve a purpose.
    Arsenal FC has never subscribed to the theory that money alone can buy success and long may the Club continue this way.

  15. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    Florian, I had to comeback after saying goodnight. I’ve watched most of the James Bond film. I think The Spy Who Loved Me was one of the Rodger Moore’s films and not those of Clean Connery’s, ones or were they? I can’t remember the episodes in that film. Mr Saramanga ( Christopher Lee) RIP, in the “Man With The Golden Gun” is one of my numerous favourite James Bond films.

    Florian, I am sorry for my mistake of using the wrong 1st name for Sterling.

  16. SamuelAkinsolaAdebosin

    I’ve just seen another bobo by my Android key board. I’ve typed Cean but after posting, I am seeing Clean. My key board chooses words for me which I don’t choose save if am vigilant.

  17. Florian

    No worries Samuel. Roger Moore is one of the most humorous characters ever, I’m sure he won’t mind being remotely mixed up with Raheem Sterling. Although what Raheem Sterling did on the pitch would have been humorous had it not been pathetic.

  18. Jammy J

    @ Geekaybee – “Wenger always wanted to sign Vardy but understood that Man U were going for him so he lost interest.” I’m just curious where you got this insider information from? Do you work directly with the Arsenal scouting network? You seem extremely informed. Perhaps you should start writing for the Metro; you’re footballing transfer information seems about on par with theirs.

  19. Pat

    ‘He did not transform Paul Merson, but instead allowed him to go to Middlesbrough’.

    What a great line, Tony. I laughed and laughed.

  20. Mandy Dodd

    Vardy to Utd…..for a start, reportedly, his buyout clause only applies to CL clubs. Then, the small matter of Utd next year having martial, rashford, ibrahimovic at their disposal.
    Could happen, but just cannot see it, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there is some sort of smokescreen going on, to respect Leicester, stop his wife getting grief during next few weeks, then Vardy suddenly decides to join us.
    If Vardy really is playing any form of silly buggers, he is taking a risk, as we all know Wenger will walk if he has to. Or maybe he really just wants to stay at LCFC as is his right.
    But we shall see., but have my suspicions he may well end the summer an Arsenal player.
    There was a time ,as we all know, when finances were not great, perhaps to the extent that has not really been reported, whereby necessecity dictated we would have to be a lot more wary of signing players than maybe the club are today, maybe a few years back, we would have waited to the end of the summer, or at least after a tournament with the risk of injury to sign him….and maybe losing such players.But recent signings suggest those days are in the past.
    Whoever Wenger is after, I am sure he stands a realistic chance. But until such signings are made, I am pretty impressed with the players we already have…..and some coming through.

  21. Jambug

    Mandy Dodd

    “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there is some sort of smokescreen going on, to respect Leicester, stop his wife getting grief during next few weeks, then Vardy suddenly decides to join us.”

    I was thinking something along those lines as well.

    The thing is Leicester gave him his big break. They love him and he loves them (in the footballing context of course), of that I have no doubt.

    But despite that I would be very surprised if he wasn’t majorly tempted. It is Arsenal after all, perennial also runs or not, and Leicester are Leicester Gary. But seriously that is not meant as an insult against City, as I understand when Arsenal players are similarly tempted by Madrid, Barca, Bayern, even City and United (at least up until recently) etc.

    Yes it hurts, but it’s life.

    But my guess, and it is only a guess, is that yes, he has made his mind up, and yes it is to join us.

    I cant see anyway that Wenger would of said to him, ‘okay, let us know after the Euro’s’. It’s too late. But I could be wrong of course. Wenger seems to be a very patient and understanding guy.

    I think if Vardy had said yes immediately, not only, as you say, would his wife of been getting abuse all Summer, but that would of been playing heavily on his mind whilst he needs to be focused on the Euro’s. Not only that, but the attention on him would of magnified 10 fold. Also he may of thought saying yes instantly could of been construed as disrespectful to the fans.

    Delaying his decision. Making it look like he really had to think long and hard about it.

    Basically, just a public relations exercise.

    That’s my best guess anyway.

    BUT, it could easily be any of the other theories.

    1) He really is 80/20 in favour of staying. Fine.

    -Guaranteed to start.

    -Might not be at Arsenal.

    -This could affect his chances at international level.

    -Our style might not suit him. (we can adapt, but it is not our prime way of playing)

    -He doesn’t have to move.

    -Wants to continue the fairy tale.

    I get it, and wouldn’t really blame him, or be that bothered for that matter either.

    2) Vapour transfer.

    Personally I’m not convinced about these things. I think that sometimes we make bids that are almost a done deal before there’s even a whisper of it. Other times it’s a bit more speculative. Other times it’s really left field and almost certain to fail, but a genuine approach none the less.

    Do we make interest known, even put in bids that we have NO intention of following through, under any circumstances? Well, it’s definitely a possibility but personally I don’t subscribe to it.

    So if I had a gun to my head, like you, I think that come the start of the season we will, for better or worse, see Vardy in an Arsenal shirt.

  22. Andy Mack

    Dex, we ended the 14/15 season in 3rd and although we didn’t sign any outfield players that summer, the 2 teams above us did.
    So by your reckoning they should have been fighting for the top slot in the 15/16 season. How did that work out for them?

    It’s a lot more complex than a failure to sign an outfield player!

  23. Andy Mack

    Sorry if this has already been mentoned but I missed it.
    I understand from Mr Birds fine Arsenal Youth web-site that Flamini has been release (according to papers submitted by the club to the PL).

  24. Andy Mack

    We become an easy target for the media who are trying to make a story.
    Basically (from what I can see) the only facts available are that the club enquired about Vardys buy out clause which seems to have been confirmed by the tinkerman.
    Maybe we made an actual offer.
    Maybe we’ve discussed terms.
    Maybe we were told by Vardy (and his agent) he’d give an answer before the Euros, maybe not.
    With our clubs reluctance to make their ‘dealings’ public and their insistence that the selling team acts in a similar way, it’s a real field day for the hack to dream up new and/or inventive ways to make AFC to appear like the keystone cops….

  25. Mandy Dodd

    Quite a few reports…..if they can in anyway be believed, that Vardy has been offered around a bit…..maybe by his agent rather than LCFC I would guess, if true. Liverpool and West Ham have been mentioned, tho of course they would not be eligible for the …reported…ECL club buyout clause.. So maybe , as many have said just a cynical ploy to get more money out of Leicester…..who knows.
    But still not convinced a clearly motivated and ambitious 29 year old would turn down Arsenal…..or not without a pretty good reason.
    But, cannot bring myself to be anything other than relaxed about the whole Vardy thing

  26. Jambug

    Andy Mack

    “With our clubs reluctance to make their ‘dealings’ public and their insistence that the selling team acts in a similar way, it’s a real field day for the hack to dream up new and/or inventive ways to make AFC to appear like the keystone cops….”

    Spot on.

    It’s a sad reality that Arsenal/Wengers propensity to do things the right way often works against them.

    They vary rarely seem to get embroiled in tit for tat, no matter what the provocation.

    For example Liverpool’s lies about Suarez and the ‘what are they smoking down there’ jibe.

    I still haven’t read a word of rebuttal from Arsenal.

    I’ve given up counting the nasty little digs emanating from managers not fit to lick Wenger’s boots, yet he seldom, if ever retaliates, and lets not even go there regarding the odious one, and his endless stream of insults.

    It’s odd, because on the one hand I am proud of the way we deal with these things, but on the other it does get frustrating when such insults and lies are left to permeate unchallenged into the consciousness of the footballing public, as the truth.

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