The eight most outrageous anti-Arsenal stories since yesterday

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Since the anti-Arsenal Arsenal movement (commonly known as the aaa, the contemporary equivalent of the boo-boys who lambasted Herbert Chapman and his team) emerged after the move to the Emirates Stadium, it has gradually grown more vitriolic in its outpourings.

But even so, there was little in the past couple of years while I’ve been reporting on the publishing activities of said aaa, to prepare me for the rise in sheer vitriol of the past few months.  Whereas previously the little lads had been happy to talk up make believe transfers (of which maybe 2% if you are lucky would turn out to be true) now it has all got much nastier.

I guess there have been signs over the last couple of years, but with the transfer rumour season starting in April this year, and with most of the obvious names that could be linked to Arsenal already having been done, there is something else in the air.

Below are examples, but believe me there are merely examples of something really rotten in the state of some people’s minds…

1:   Is Arsene Wenger going Blind?

Apart from such a naff headline (it is of course about the player, not an eye affliction) the writing in Americana suggests in its claims that the writer knows far more about football and Arsenal than the Arsenal manager.  But as always, if that is so, why is he spending his time writing, rather than managing a club to show how incredibly clever he is?  It would be nice if he told us.  Warrington Wolverines are advertising for a football coach, as is Swindon Town who need an academy head of goalkeeping.  Poole Town Ladies Reserves need a manager too.  Plenty of opportunity to show us how you can do it.

Here’s what the little boy wrote…

Some incredible rumors have surfaced linking Arsenal to Manchester United center half Daley Blind. This can only lead me to ask, is Arsene Wenger genuinely going Blind?

Arsenal desperately need a strong, commanding, aerially dominant center half. They have been calling out for a player to dominate strikers and shut down wingers for many years. Finally Wenger seems to agree. Unfortunately, he sees 5-foot-9 Daley Blind as the physical presence to lead Arsenal’s defense.

“Desperately?”   So this guy has future-vision too, knowing how Gabriel is going to develop.  OK… All of this comes from a website called Pain in the Arsenal which then continues in a contradictory manner by quoting the Daily Mirror although with the spellings changed.

The rumors linking Arsenal to Blind are far-fetched from the outset. It would be very unlike Wenger to poach a player from a Premier League rival, Blind would command a decent fee and Wenger has always preferred to look abroad rather than recruit closer to home.

However, the rumors are there, and very rarely is there smoke without fire. But would Blind actually be a good signing for Arsenal?

In a word, no. He would be absolutely terrible.

So we might conclude he is coming, he’s not coming, but yes he is coming, and he would be rubbish.

2:  Report: Arsenal Midfielder Agrees Deal To Join Fellow Premier League Club

Mikel Arteta agrees deal to join Manchester City’s backroom team – report.  

The headline suggests a current midfielder, and a playing transfer.  We all knew Arteta was leaving, that he wanted to move into a backroom role, and that Arsenal had no vacancy.  So of course he goes to where there is a vacancy, and since a lot of Man City’s staff left this summer, there are vacancies.

3:  Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal will only sign two more players

Even the headline is ludicrous in this one, and it gets worse.  “Admits” suggests he has been suggesting something different but has now, thanks to the clever ploys of the bloggetta, finally been forced to come clean.  It then gets more insulting not least by telling us how to think.

Arsenal fans thinking their club will be busy in the transfer window can think again.

After finishing 10 points behind Leicester City in the Premier League title race – thanks to an all-too-familiar collapse in the second half of the season that saw them win just twice in nine matches – it was thought that Arsene Wenger would spend heavily in the summer.

But he has confirmed that Granit Xhaka, who arrived from Borussia Monchengladbach, will be joined by just two more players.

The insanity in the story is that nothing from Arsenal has ever suggested how many players will be signed, until Mr Wenger made a statement about one or two more.   But that level should be obvious, because it is just about impossible to integrate three new transfers into a team at the same time.   Not only is the team disrupted by new signings, with existing players needing to work out how to work in a new system, but also there are many language and domestic issues for players when they first sign.

Goodness knows how many players this bizarre site expected Arsenal to bring in, in one go, but clearly a lot more than three.   Five? Six?   And with over half a team new to the club, he expects us to win something?

Then it gets even more silly saying

Gunners fans have, as expected, reacted negatively to the news. Wenger is under increasing pressure having seen Arsenal’s league title drought extend to 12 years and he will face more competition next season.

Which Gunners fans?  Increasing pressure from Americana blogs?

Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea all endured difficult seasons but have responded by hiring new managers. Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho have already got stuck in, signing Ilkay Gundogan and Eric Bailly respectively.

Consider this for a moment.  All three teams cited above finished below Arsenal, two of them failing to get entry into the Champions League, one failing on every front.  And the commentator cites two signings between the three of them.  Arsenal have a new signing too.   Then we have…

Wenger appears to have failed in his bid to sign Jamie Vardy from Leicester and so it’s back to the drawing board for the Frenchman.

Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, that drawing board isn’t loaded with many names.

Every line is an insult – suggesting that it was all or nothing with the Vardy escapade, and that Arsenal – or come to that any club – find a name, put in a bid, and have no other plans.

There is also of course the obligatory insistence that all Arsenal fans have reacted with horror.

4:  Arsenal close to complete £25m move for Wenger’s dream No.10

Goodness knows that the situation is with Mkhitarya, but “close to completing” seems highly unlikely in relation to anything to do with this player, and suggesting otherwise appears to be far from the truth.

As per the Independent, Arsenal’s French boss is desperate to sign the 27-year-old attacking midfielder, who has been one of the best performers in Bundesliga last term.

As ever, the notion of Arsenal desperation is at the fore – no back up plans, no plans at all in fact, just desperation.  So if, as recent rumour monger stories suggest the player is either a) going nowhere, or b) going to Man U, we can have another story attacking Wenger.

5:  Deal Close: Arsenal Set To Finalise Defensive Signing ‘In Next 7 Days’

This story is simple:

Arsenal have moved a step closer to announcing another fresh face with the signing of Rob Holding possibly being finalised within the next seven days.

Will be be within seven days?  A bit like the Mkhitarya deal it could go through, but in this case, given that the story has been around for ages it seems unlikely that one bloggetta has got the story and that’s that.

6:   Vardy

When Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger told Chinese television he believed Jamie Vardy was staying at Leicester City, he probably wasn’t conceding defeat in his efforts to sign the England striker. writes Rob Tanner.

It would be easy to think he was raising the white flag. It has been several weeks now since Arsenal had triggered the release clause in Vardy’s contract and offered a tantalising £25 million four-year contract and yet Vardy hasn’t jumped at it.

This has been seen as incredulous by so many media pundits, especially those based in the capital. How could a Leicester City player not leap at the chance of signing for the Gunners? It is a question that has been repeated on a daily basis.

The suggestion that pundits are arrogant is probably not far off the mark, but the notion that there was a view in London that “of course” Vardy would jump at an offer from Arsenal because it was Arsenal is silly and insulting to Arsenal fans.  What made people think that Vardy would come to Arsenal were the multiple rumours about the medical – starting with the story that the medical had already been undertaken.   Players do not normally go for medicals unless they are going to sign.  It turned out to be untrue.

Mixed up with this is the fact that it appears that Leicester had not offered their players salaries of the type that they would get in other clubs, and put in buy out clauses that were too low, plus the fact that their PR and marketing division seems to be run from an unmarked office in a back street by a person or persons unknown that fuelled the rumours.  They have since been going around offering improved contracts to try and keep their team together.

7:  Arsenal Boss Makes Major Announcement Over £20m Star’s Transfer   

That was monday evening.  Was there such an announcement.  If there was I missed it.

8:  Arsenal to complete signing of perfect Hector Bellerin’s replacement after a £15m bid

It goes on to say

According to reports, Hector Bellerin is all but certain to join Barcelona this summer which has put Arsenal on alert and forced them to sign a new right back ahead of the next season

So what do we know from all this?   We know that people make up stories, of course, but not just wild rumours.  These are stories deliberately set up to cause anti-Arsenal sentiment.  It is turning into quite an industry even though the accuracy level of such stories is currently under 2%.

The last statement from Bellerin was that he was keen to stay at Arsenal.  Of course players change their mind and the criminal gangs that run Barcelona with its illegal payment systems and the transportation of children without their parents into Europe, will stop at nothing to beat Real Mad.

But that doesn’t mean Bellerin is certain to leave.

The idea though is that if Bellerin were to leave (which is unlikely but always possible giving the bunch of people running Barcelona) and we haven’t signed Boufal, then Wenger can be criticised.

Same old same old and all without evidence.

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Anniversary of the Day

21 June 1995: Dennis Bergkamp arrived from Inter where he had played just 52 league games.  He had been attacked by the press in Italy where a column highlighting the worst mistake of the weekend’s games was named Bergkamp della settimana  See also here.    And particularly about Inter, here.    

29 Replies to “The eight most outrageous anti-Arsenal stories since yesterday”

  1. When i saw the title, i thought, ahh, someone else noticed that in the game yesterday, every time the ball got near Jack Wiltshire, he was critisised (at least eight times and more) in some way, even amidst a little hesitantly given praise.

    Then i saw it was not about that at all!!!.

  2. @para
    If I’m honest, I’m not particularly worried about Jack’s form any more than I take any notice of the idiots on ITV and BBC continuously criticizing him. I’m happy that he is getting a run out, but more concerned that he stays safe and injury free.

    This England side is generally poor, and I bet Roy is beginning to wish he had found a spot for Theo Walcott.

  3. I think it’s been well known that Arteta was keen to join his very good friend Pep at Man City.
    there were reports that he’s been offerd a big role at the academy, but he could still return at a very high level in a few years.
    Para & Norman 14.
    Wilshere will receive praise when he earns it. He was poor yesterday and deservedly subbed off.

  4. Wilshire still has more to offer in this England team and when you’re a player who likes to beat players and try something different you’re always going to come under pressure if it doesn’t come off,he was England’s best player before his last injury.Theo was getting a lot of stick from the anti-Arsenal prior to the euro’s and also pundits from other clubs, plus Talk-sport had a show designated for him to be left out of the squad.Roy generally does what the media tells him ie’Kane on corners,yet if you look at the amount of games he played plus the nine goals he scored Theo should have really gone.England have always preferred runners and grafters to flair players which is why our players often get overlooked and England always look bang average.

  5. I vow, each summer, not to read News Now in order to avoid getting carried deeper into the false news stories it provides links to. But mostly I fail. I can’t help sneaking a peak. You get to know the sites/sources and ignore the bullshitters. I make it worse for myself in that if I had my way, the club would indeed buy at least 3 new players this summer and so I’m in a “has it happened yet” mode from day one of the summer break. This is partly fuelled by, on the one hand, the admiration I have felt for Arsene when, within days (it seems) of the summer transfer window opening, we have already bought a new player ( Cech last season, Xhaka this) but also fuelled by worry that we’ll see nothing more for the rest of the summer (last summer was particularly frustrating in this respect).

    Bad evil bloggers play on my anxiety of course and I fall for it.

    But even if you do your best to edit out the bullshit, you can still only judge the club on what it actually does. And the truth is the records show that since we’ve had increased revenues to spend on better/more players, post the austerity years, we haven’t quite yet built a squad capable of making a serious challenge for the Premier League or the Champions League. I take the point of course that most people would have judged the Leicester squad of not being capable of winning the title last season. But it was. Their manager got more out of his squad nonetheless than Arsene was able to get out of our squad both in terms of performances and results. So the transfer market isn’t everything.

    Xhaka looks to have real quality, discipline and persistence in his game. I feel encouraged. If Vardy turns us down, it will be a disappointment and a blow to our pride, but I hope Mr Wenger doesn’t settle for what he’s got and shows some real hunger in pursuing better players. Part of the reason Mr Wenger’s apparent comments (about getting one or two more players) are interpreted negatively on bullshitter sites or more generally in the media is because Mr Wenger has a track record for not quite buying all the players needed. Says who you may ask. Says the league table says I. He brings it on himself. Not entirely of course because he has bought some great players. Not enough is the issue.

  6. Spot on Tony, and you must add to that list the ridiculously biased ‘assessment’ of our new midfield colossus Xhaka by some two penny unschooled pundits like Danny ‘muffing’ Murphy who -likened a player who has won man of the match at the EUROS twice consecutively- to Charlie ‘Liverpool flop” Adams. Off course the implication is clear that our Xhaka will be a flop too. What kind of smelly pig heap is that!

  7. Where do they get this stuff from.
    Just not sure how someone like Mikka would fit in unless one of our superstars was leaving…..I will take out superstars.
    As for Vardy…..didn’t do much yesterday, a bit like many England players, if he came to Arsenal, he would quickly have to get used to the bus parking aspects of the game.
    Also, notice the AAA are up in arms , with a reported medical taking place, Tottenham are about to make another step in filling their team with thuggish midfielders, apparently, the AAA want the physical, but limited wanyama in a red shirt. Wanyama…..Alli…Mason….Benteleb….Dembele….Dier…..that’s either a big Fuck You to the PGMOL…..or perhaps an acknowledgement of what they can get away with.

  8. Yeah like they say in french : throw s… at people, some of it will stick….

    maybe Untold ought to find some volunteers to tell all sort of stories about all these blogettas, pseudo reporters, pundits, newspapers….I mean, it could become Untold Fantasy…. ;=))

  9. In the German and Swiss press, the fact that Xhaka is already being criticised and/or doubted in the british press/blogoshpere/TV/punditry has been noted with surprise.

    Guess UA are not the only ones using their brains instead of just gobbling up words – just too bad they are far away.

    And guess what, the bloke can’t event take propre care of his shirt…..
    About which…just look at the picture :
    and this one from another angle :
    Was Pogba carded ?!?!? Not that I can remember. But then I guess PGMOL has probably asked for UEFA a ‘welcome’ treatment to the new Arsenal player. Might as well get used to it right away.

    About the FRA-SWI game, one could say as found on twitter in french :

    Check materials :

    – shirts : ?
    – ball : ?
    – grass : ?
    – swiss goal posts : A++

    Thing is everybody is on Puma’s back here in Switzerland and very few are saying : wait a minute, why did no one get a warning considering it happened 7 times, 3 times with Granit Xhaka and once Sagna in the last minute, bringing a swiss player to fall in the penalty area? Kind of like, well, it is against the laws of the game but who the h… cares ?!?! Ah I know…the swiss play in red and white like Arsenal, must have been an automatic reaction from the ref as he must be watching PL every week-end.

    As for Wilshere, I felt that he was often simply ignored by his teammates. He’d move into the right spot, but no ball coming. And then they came they were not Cazorla/Arteta/Ozil passes.

    About parking the bus, definitely I believe there is a real tendency, strategy, ‘school’ at work there and that this will get only worse. Physically, all footballers are becoming more or less as well prepared as their oponents. So they can just resist, and come the end, they even have more reserves as they have not been runing around as much and score a goal on an counter…. sounds familiar ?

    Some coach will one of these days find a way, will figure out a combination of player and a game strategy who are effective against a bus. Evolution of football (and of footballer types) has been constant and the anti-bus strategy will be coming. Maybe we should have a line at 20 meters and any goal scored from before that line or goal with an assist from before the line counts as 2 goals….. let’s get some NBA flair into our old game and force defences to come out !

  10. I predicted with total confidence that the BBC et al would pick Jack Wilshere as the main individual target for criticism. The main complaint against Roy Hodgson seems to be that he selected Jack.

    Also, because of the usual media agenda, Wales are said to be blessed with “one world-class player”, plus a team of triers, united by a great collective spirit. (Guess who isn’t the world class player.)

  11. A good example of the different standards that Arsenal players are judged by in last nights game.
    The second time Wilshere lost the ball the commentator was quick to point out ‘Wilshere gives the ball away, not for the first time’.
    Said in the usual critical, disdainful manner.
    Rooney comes on and balloons the ball into the crowd for a second time. Commentator says ‘he’s only just come on so understandable he hasn’t got his range yet’.
    Said in the normal sympathetic, understanding manner.
    Did anyone hear the Ray Lewington interview? When asked about the booing and criticism of Raheem Sterling he said that such treatment can and does have a very negative affect on the confidence of a player. Of course Untold has always said as much.
    Maybe the Emirates boo boy brigade (AAA now the BBB!) should take note of that comment.

  12. i dont understand this concept of ex-players getting automatic backroom staff job. It should be based on merit not history..

  13. Chris,
    I didn’t see the SWI-FRA match but saw the pictures of all the ripped shirts. And now you tell me no French player got a yellow card for this????? WTF????
    I am speechless… I have no more words.

  14. Arsenal 13

    Which ex- players would that be?
    For the life of me i can’t think of any at Arsenal in recent history.

  15. The UK media are SOOOOOOO predictable:


    Spot on – what sort of bloody formation was that with seemingly THREE defensive midfielders, a useless captain and Henderson ordering everybody about? I noticed when Jack lost the ball a couple of times it was after Henderson told him where to move, then passed the ball to him when he was surrounded. Whats the point of that?

    Jack is used to playing with world class players, sadly, not too many in last night’s starting eleven can come anywhere close!

  16. @Leon,

    I am not talking about that at ARSENAL. I am happy that ARSENAL dint do that… at least as far as I know.

    I am talking about the cry about loosing Arteta to Man City.
    I am talking about the situation at ManUtd. Where literally every one is in the backroom.

  17. @norman14.

    Exactly. Put Jack in the middle and sit back and watch him run the show….
    It shouldn’t be the other way around as they did yesterday. These overrated players like Henderson can’t come even close to Jacky buoy

  18. I didn’t really watch the game, just flicked on to it occasionally.
    A quick look at the write ups after and no mention that the one (?) ‘clean through on goal one on one’ effort Vardy got (and missed) came from a Jack pass (when he won the ball back having been dispossessed moments earlier).
    Of the brief bit I saw, Sturridge seemed more interested in losing the ball to the opposition than he did in passing to a team mate.

  19. Arsenal 13

    Arteta would be a major asset who’ll be manager of a top club within five years. Hopefully that club will be Arsenal.

  20. bravo Sir H.A. i agreed with Chris idea, this type of article need to be publish more here at UA, so we can see what type of twisted made up anti Arsenal story the media, pundit and bloggetas even some is coming from Arsenal fans blog keep recycle it and churning out like they all had some kind of hidden agenda. it wont stop and probably only gonna get worst if A.Wenger get a new contract(make it happen Arsenal board). i had this indescribable feeling(it feel so damn good that got me almost in tears of joy) when AW show how little all this people know about being a football manager/coach and keeps proving them wrong again and again.

  21. The reason that Wilshere (and England) struggled was that there was very little movement ahead of the midfield. Sturridge had a very poor game, Vardy didn’t seem to know what to do against a parked bus and Lallana is limited. Also, Henderson is a runner but technically limited.

    So Wilshere has the ball at his feet 40 yards from goal with his head up looking for a run. And there hardly ever was one. Which means he either has to try an eye of the needle pass or run with the ball himself. Interestingly, Rooney faced exactly the same problem and did at least as poorly.

    The only consolation is that future opposition, certainly from quarter finals onwards, will be happy to take on England and expose our really worrying central defence/GK.

    And I’m not just being parochial about this. I have been very impressed with Dier and Walker so far. Although Kane and Alli have been utterly anonymous and should be nowhere near the team…

    As for the blogetta writers – just complete footballing morons in most cases. i couldn’t care less what they think as they know far less about football than I do. And I am not an expert!

  22. Well said Pete, Wilshere had very few options whenever he was on the ball.
    England are not finished yet, but I am surprised RH persisted with two ultra holding MFs against such unambitious opposition.
    But, seeing some aspects of that performance, you can see why the FA have reportedly approached Arsene Wenger to manage England on more than one occasion

  23. Andy Mac
    The pass that put Vardy through one on one was by Henderson on 16.40 mins. The pass to Vardy from Wilshere after winning the ball back after making a pass straight to an opponent was on 23.16 and Vardy fell over in possession.

  24. Another extremely anti-Arsenal article that i read this morning, was one by Sky, titled; “Vardys significant decision” (seems like they have renamed it now). I made it about 2 paragraphs in, before closing it with anger. The constant anti-Arsenal tones from Sky articles, are just infuriating. I hate Sky with a passion. I can understand blogs printing this kind of opinionated tripe, but mainstream publications are meant to be above this glaringly obvious bias (although were all know that’s a load of rubbish). Practically every single article Sky publishes about Arsenal, is filled with constant negative under-tones, unjust criticism and back-handed compliments.

  25. @ Boyd – It was actually Neil Lennon that made the comparison between Xhaka and Charlie Adams. In my eyes, that is an insult to the highest degree.

    Our good friend Danny Murphy had this to say;

    “I think he looks an Arsenal type player,” Murphy said.

    “My only concern is his defensive abilities. He’s not a super athlete and he’s not someone who will get at you and close you down. But from a footballing perspective, he’s very good.”

  26. @Walter,

    yes none. Last minute of the game, our (ex)own Sagna pulled a swiss player by his shirt and made him fall in the France 16m, while he was trying to get a ball coming from the right wing…no whistle, nothing – you’l find pictures on the web

    really guess PGMOL is spreading its virus and going after red and white….

    If you understand french….have some fun….

    Apart from that game was nice. Xhaka again went I believe past 100 passes with 96% completion rate.
    Just heard that Iniesta had same sorts of stats and everybody saying on TV what a great great great (etc etc etc) player he is.

    Anyway, you know what, just f… them…. sorry for the expletive…

    I firmly believe he will be an excellent addition and I can’t wait to see him be paired alongside Cazorla. This guy does not let others trample him, he is strong and assertive and has this kind of calm that will help us. And his passes get there, some of them being Ozilesque.

    And he is no prima-donna.

    Added to that Lucien Favre, his ex coach, went all the way to get him to come to Moenchengladbach, and he is the closest to AW that I can think of. Technically as well as as a human person (I happen to know him). This to me is as much a top reference as I can think of.

  27. incredulous means doubtful, hesitant, quizzical etc, some “journalists” really need to go back to school.

  28. @Everyone: What does this statement by Danny Murphy mean? Are you sure you didn’t omit any word JammyJ?

    “My only concern is his defensive abilities. He’s not a super athlete and he’s not someone who will get at you and close you down. But from a footballing perspective, he’s very good.”. The 3rd sentence means exactly the opposite of the first 2 sentences. Quite paradoxical.

    Can these guys speak the English everyone understands? Bettor still they should think before speaking.

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