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  1. nicky

    I await the news that Takuma Asano will not be joining Arsenal. Behind the scenes, he doesn’t really want to leave Japan, his Mum wants him to stay at home and help tend the garden and his girlfriend won’t leave until she finishes school.
    Lo and behold the subsequent inevitable headline from Fleet Street…

  2. Nonny

    I actually went to goggle to check if Takuma Asanu is a real player and not a phantom imagination. Lo and behold, he is there aged 21 and playing for Sanfrecce Hiroshima in Japan.

    England is already out of the Euros so interest there has declined and transfer news (sorry rumours) has gone into overdrive. Arsenal will be linked to any and every striker on the planet because of this notion that Arsenal is in desperate need of a striker (as the bloggers put it).

    As for Wenger, he will be said to be interested in any striker feature in any Euro match he watches irrespective of his plans. I won’t be surprised if we are linked to sign Giroud tomorrow.

  3. Gord

    Ah, come on Tony. Look at how much Leonard Nimoy said on Star Trek, by just raising his eyebrow? 🙂

    I’m sure that if Wenger rubs the side of his nose in a certain way, it speaks volumes to the medja hack trying to make up yet another story.

  4. para

    Why do they keep asking him? They should know by now that AW does not give any verbal information away.

    If he thinks a deal is close there is a faint smile in his demeanour, if he’s having difficulties, a slight frown, if the player is not considered an, air of disbelief, but no more than that.

    AW would be mad to consider the England job. Mind you, i can’t really see them asking him to take it, after all they don’t seem to like him at Arsenal.

  5. tunnygriffboy

    We may or may not be signing Lacazette. I sure hope we’re sig ing someone to help Giroud out 🙂 🙂

  6. Chris

    I don’t know what you guys think, but as far as I am concerned the reports AW is considering or being considered for 3 Lions position is total BS.
    Guess AW will not talk about it, nothing will materialize and they’ll come up with a screaming headline like : not even able to sign his own contract…

  7. Ajay

    In 1996 a lot of journalists, players fans alike asked Arsene who? He changed the way not just for AFC but inspired others into developing facilities. Takuma Asano who? May be a question we ask now but what does the future hold nobody can tell.

  8. Goonermikey

    Call me a pendant…….

    I’m sorry Tony I simply can’t resist the opportunity to compliment you on “tying out a new approach of not correcting people’s mistakes when we quote them” 🙂

  9. John L.

    Wait for headline “Wenger fails to get England job”.

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