A rather amusing surprise

Now here’s a jolly thing.  Just when I started to get excited about Leeds United and how there might finally be an enquiry into who owns the company that owns the company that owns the company that owns Leeds Untidy when up pops the story on the Guardian web site saying that the sale of Liverpool Insolvents “going really badly”.


The point about this is that if Liverpool I don’t get £350 million by July they run out of money.  Even the RBS who give money to anyone who happens to stroll along and ask for a few billion for a load of dodgy deals won’t touch them after that.


Sheikh Yerbouti has said that the problem is that the American owners simply want too much money.  “I don’t think anything will happen unless we get a better price,” the Sheikh said.


Meanwhile sincere apologies if you have tried to read this blog and the comments, and found the site down.  We’ve had two crashes on the servers in the last two days – the first took out all the web sites, the second just to blogs.  We think the reason is a hacker trying to get data from one of our on line databases.   Once I’ve got his address I’ll go round and smash his face in.  (I find that quicker than calling up technical support).


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3 Replies to “A rather amusing surprise”

  1. I tend to find that the direct approach works with weevils like that. A wee bit of percussive maintenance.

    So, what is the upshot if liverpool cant find new buyers? will they be able to deal with the loan?

    on a tangent here, but Manu’s luck seems to have spread to their shirt sponsors now. AIG completely failed and had to be bailed out by the US govt.

  2. A couple of questions to those who believe Wenger is on borrowed time. Setting aside what might or might not happen with players leaving etc. as supporters what is most important: finishing in the top 4 with no silverware, finishing 5th and winning the FA Cup, or 5th and the Champs League. Also what would the team need to achieve in order for you to think there was a future with Wenger, or is there nothing he can do? For me I’d settle for top 4 provided the team performed well over the next 10 games. I also think we will win a trophy as the freshness of our returning players will give us an edge. In terms of Wenger, I want to see what he does when he has most of his players at his disposal. I think he wants a team like Spain and believes that will be the future.

  3. Cital – well, quite obviously if we win the champs league it doesnt matter where we finish as we’d qualify by rights as holders! so i’d definitely take 5th and champs league. which would also be quite funny as to Aston villa effectively putting themsleves out of europe this season, in order to qualify for next season… (well, it amuses me anyway!)
    I dont think wenger is going anywhere, and I dont think he will. he’s a man of his word and has a contract till 2011, so we can rest assured till then. my only worry is if Cesc or RVP decided they want pastures anew this summer… of course if they were aware of tonys “curse of the arsenal” theyd obviously think twice – as it is though i think only wengers assurances will suffice. and who knows what he actually says to the players?!
    lets hope they decide to give one more seasona try, and that we have an injury free year for once!

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