and if that were not enough trying this

Tempting players to the Emirates is one thing, but retaining them is something else, with major teams from La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga all linked with Arsenal stars. Barcelona have long been associated with interest in re-signing full-back Hector Bellerin, while Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are apparently set to compete for centre-back Laurent Koscielny. Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez is also in doubt, with Juventus enquiring as to his availability.

Although the two defenders are questionable in terms of current quality, the transfer rumours should come as some concern to the Gunners. If the European heavyweights attempt to raid the Arsenal squad, it will be difficult to reject their advances, potentially crippling efforts to upgrade and improve.

I leave you to make of that what you want.  “Questionable in terms of current quality”???

7:  Dan Crowley to Oxford for the season

This one is a done deal.  Apparently.

8:  Stefan O’Connor on trial at MVV Maastricht.

I think that means having a run out with the football club, rather than having been arrested.

9.  Tyrell Robinson to go to West Ham

No more news on that one as yet.  Either you read it hear first (or perhaps second) or I shall blame someone else.   [This is exactly the sort of honesty that other outlets reporting transfers utterly lack and what makes Untold so different – Tony]

10:   Arsenal now plan to pay Everton £38m for Romelu Lukaku.

“Which of the two will be on penalties remains to be seen, but as any manager will tell you, it’s a nice problem to have.”   That passes for wit in the Guardian which made the story up.