Arsenal v Liverpool? – we have no players left for the game,shock horror.

by Bulldog Drummond.

Shock, horror, disaster, Arsenal unprepared as usual.  For the amazing news just discovered by the old Thunderer (as the Times used to be called) is that Arsenal could be without four of their main first team players for the starting day of the season!!!

The four in question are Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Özil, Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny.

Now when you come to think of it, this story could be reported as a success story for Arsenal.  For unlike, for example Tottenham, five of whose players “represented” England in their farcical assault on the mighty Vikings, only to slither away to a country with a population one half one percent of the size of England’s, Arsenal’s players were successful in playing for sides that got to the semi-final.

But no, with a clear vision of a story that suggests Arsenal are in crisis, we see that Arsenal will have four players who could all miss the game on 14th August because they will only return to training 13 days before the league campaign starts.   Oh gnashing teeth, woe, woe and thrice woe.

Now I have always been one who would prefer that our players don’t play international football – I am completely with Walter on this one – but given that they have to do it, I want them to come back safe and well.  And without being churlish, I want them to come back early.

Here’s the Arsenal line up that went to France…

Olivier Giroud (France), Laurent Koscielny (France), Hector Bellerin (Spain), Granit Xhaka (Switzerland), Petr Cech (Czech Republic), Tomas Rosicky (Czech Republic), Jack Wilshere (England), Mesut Ozil (Germany), Aaron Ramsey (Wales).

Tomas Rosicky (Czech Republic) and Wojciech Szczesny (Poland) were also in the official lists, although Tomas has now left Arsenal and Wojciech is more than likely going back to Italy for next season.

You can imagine if it were any other team they would be praised for having four players in the semi-finals, but no this is Arsenal, so it is a chance to contemplate how unprepared we are.   But let’s take a look and see how the other sides got on in terms of semi-final players, and one or two other clubs who are sometimes contemplated as our rivals.

Chelsea had six players on show, but none in the semi-finals.

Crystal Palace like Arsenal had four semi-finalists: Wayne Hennessey (Wales), Jonny Williams (Wales), Joe Ledley (Wales), Yohan Cabaye (France).

Everton had seven players in the tournament, but none made it to the last four.

Liverpool? had 12 players on show with three of them in the semi-finals: Emre Can (Germany), Martin Skrtel (Slovakia), Danny Ward (Wales), and Joe Allen (Wales).

Manchester City had seven players in France with two in the semi-finals.   Bacary Sagna and Eliaquim Mangala both of France.

Manchester Utd gave up 10 players  including Anthony Martial (France), Morgan Schneiderlin (France), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany), who made it to the last four 

Southampton can boast of being the only team to have offered up players to the winners:  Cedric Soares (Portugal), Jose Fonte (Portugal), being their two semi-finalists out of seven all told.  

Swansea had two semi-finalists out of four players who went: Ashley Williams (Wales), Neil Taylor (Wales).

But what you will be asking, of the Tiny Totts and the now renamed England Hotspur team.  Well out of their eleven players five were in the extraordinary valiant performance by… Iceland over England.  But they also loaned out Hugo Lloris (France), Ben Davies (Wales).  A total of two.

State Aid Utd (the club formally known as WHU) also gave away two out of four for the semis – Dimitri Payet (France), James Collins (Wales).

So yes, we were at the top in terms of semi-finalists and maybe there could be a little praise for this.   And yes these four players are unlikely to start.   But they could be on the beach (oh how long it seems since I have been here talking about line ups and the beach.  I can’t wait to get back).  

But let me try with some kind of line up for the game against Liverpool? leaving all of those four out.


Bellerin Mertesacker Gabriel Monreal

Xhaka Coquelin


Campbell Walcott Alexis

On the beach: Ospina, Koscielny, Chambers, Wilshere, The Ox, Ramsey, Iwobi

Now there may well be some people who will scream abuse in the normal way that “we are relying on Walcott”, but that is based on the notion that the way a player performed in the last few games is how he will perform in the next – which of course is nonsense.  If this were a fair way to see events no one would ever come back from a below-par run.  Mr Wenger will know.

And of course there can be many other ways of doing this.  Chambers for example was bought to be a centre back for us – and maybe he is now ready.   Iwobi might now be considered ready to start as the prime centre forwards.

So total panic or a moment to celebrate that unlike other teams Arsenal had four semi-finalists?   It’s fairly obvious what the bloggettas and the newspapers are lining up for the new season. 

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22 Replies to “Arsenal v Liverpool? – we have no players left for the game,shock horror.”

  1. Arsenal’s worst enemies are their so-called ‘fans’ who see nothing good in the team they profess to support. They get on my nerves big time

  2. And if you had half an idea what’s going on ??!! Sanchez has a bad ankle injury and Cambells been told to find another club!! So both of those could possibly be missing? AND WHATS HAPPENED TO SANTIAGO CAZORLA? You Herbert’s not got a clue!!

  3. Bulldog, that your opening day Gunners lineup looks probable and inviting.

    I think the media has sensed that we the Arsenal fans want the title badly. Hence their focus on Arsenal than they have focused on the other clubs who will also challenge for the title too this coming season. More so as we are the ones looking more to want to win the title next season than the rest of the top clubs are, as a section of the Gooners have shown through their continueos past protests against the Boss that the Arsenal fans are craving more than ever to have the title in their arms more than the rest of the supporters at the rest of the top clubs have craved for it In the past recent seasons.

  4. Interesting coincidence that I was making the same point about how such a positive is, somehow, being made to look like a disadvantage, just because Arsenal is involved and the (I’ll-informed?) fans jump on the bandwagon of contrived panic. I have trust in any eleven put out, so long as they have had a good pre-season.
    By the way, Bulldog, you have left out Santi Cazorla, who should play as No.10 in Ozil’s absence, replacing one of Xhaka and Elneny (I expect Xhaka will introduced gently). Chuba Akpom and Iwobi should play some role too. Arsenal are as ready as the next EPL side! I

  5. Gonnermay68.
    Please buttress you claim with a prove or an evidence than Joseph Champbell has been told by Arsenal to look for another club. I am not saying you are lying, but how on earth I’ve missed such a big news on the bloggettas.

  6. Goonermay68, do you have an official club quote regarding Joel Campbell or you are going with the media and ITK Twitter warriors? This is the matter in question. We swallow the media narrative about the club and give ourselves avoidable tension. Let’s wait till the club makes that announcement.

  7. @Ogban,
    Your comment needed saying.
    We have a hard-core of so-called support that is never satisfied.
    If the Manager isn’t pinpointed, then a player will be targeted for criticism.
    I’m convinced that even if Arsenal won every trophy possible, something would still be found on which displeasure would be directed.
    And to cap it all, there is surprise that Arsenal supporters are notorious for being fickle!

  8. Goonermay68.
    Please buttress you claim with a prove or an evidence than Joseph Champbell has been told by Arsenal to look for another club. I am not saying you are lying, but how on earth I’ve missed such a big news on the bloggettas.

  9. Tony

    I think you’ll have to switch Alexis & Iwobi, Cazorla will probably be in there (but has anyone heard anything of him since last season?) and who knows what is going on with Campbell.

  10. So there is no proof that Campbell was told anything. Heck, the people writing this story probably wouldn’t even recognize Campbell if they met him in person.

    It’s just clickbait.

    Click this article, so I get paid for the advertisments shown on the page.

  11. This comment has been omitted. Just a reminder – we don’t publish commentaries that contain abuse against employees of the club. There are plenty of other sites that do this, so no need for us to.

  12. Campbell was pictured earlier today in training with the rest of the available first team squad along with a bunch of the U21s.

    In case you missed it Gnabry has been called up to the Germany Olympics team so he is clearly also not available for the Liverpool game to add to the sense of shock and horror.

  13. Leon.
    Okay then. We’ll later know more about this Campbell leaving story if it’s true or not.

  14. I did read somewhere that Gnabry was being gently persuaded by Arsenal not to go to Olympics.

    I cant wait to see Santi play again, we sorely missed him.

    We now have many different options in midfield. Le Coq, Santi, Elneny, Xhaka and Wiltshire in any combination. Sad that Danny’s input will be missed right about now too, but Joel should be rearing to play and (again) show his worth?

    As i said in my last post, the vultures are hovering around Arsenal, sensing “near death” and looking to tear into our flesh with their vicious beaks.

  15. On one of the distinctly down- market sites this morning, I read…
    “Arsenal’s £70m dream target finally agrees move”.
    Nom du Pape, I thought.
    Unfortunately,reading further, I discovered that all it meant was the alleged Arsenal target had decided to leave his club and move, not to us, but to another club.
    (Memo to self: Only read Untold or ACLF in future.)

  16. I rule out Sanchez, he’s sick right now, and even if he becomes well in time, it would be better to give him a little bit more time. In any case, I think we are capable of holding our own for a month, until the first choice team becomes full.

  17. Lots of unfortunate knee-jerking from the Wenger out brigade,will these unfortunate brethren ever learn.We just have to agree chums that these poor folk’s minds are forever in a fog.

  18. No Alexis Bulldog, Wenger will need to rest him even if he is fit after his ankle injury. Jack could play though

  19. Should Gnabry be permitted to go to Rio for Germany, I can see the Coach of Nigeria’s Olympic team crying favouritism or something along those lines. It is on record Arsenal will not be releasing Alex Iwobi for the Olympics, a fact which didn’t go down with Nigerians.

  20. Making humour out of the medja

    Google pointed to a Guardian article, when I searched for football corruption news earlier today. The blurb said that someone who had criminal and corruption charges to answer to, was rumoured to be buying Nottingham Forest.

    I thought to myself, septic bladder?

    Reading the article, it is the guy from Olympiakos in Greece.

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