Injuries after comeback: what will they think of next?

Frustrating ain’t it?  This Brazillian guy from Croatia (or is it vice versa) comes in, does great (as in “the boy Eduardo done great” – if you remember that type of football talk) and then gets some niggle injury.   There’s talk that Theo’s in the same barge.

(Actually I once wrote a piece about that in a journal in which I said there was now a verb, “to done great” which you have to master to be a football journalist.   It goes…

I done great

You done great

The boy Linekar done great)

So I guess that answers my point from yesterday about the superfluity of players in squad (and as I thought through my red wine filled haze, yes I did miss a couple of rather important ones, and couldn’t count either).  But the key point is that what we do is rotate the little comeback injuries.

Cesc is due to return after the international break (although it wouldn’t surprise me if Spain suddenly called him up, played him and injured him for another month).

According to the little chart that runs on the home page of this site Rosicky is now out for another month – although I can’t find out why anywhere else.   Maybe the Lord Wenger will have something to say in today’s “matchday magazine”.  (Whatever happened to programmes?  Matchday magazines indeed.)

So, unless I miss my mark, after the international, providing we can lock all these guys away and not let the international prowlers find them, we’ll have pretty much a team – unless the Thugs kick some of our guys a bit too much today.

I’m about to get the Bentley out for the saunter down the A1 from my ancestoral home in Attwood Towers just outside Corby, and for today’s game have got us tickets just in the upper tier right in front of when Fat Sam the Slug is due to stand.   Now if I can just smuggle in the weaponry….

(Note to gatekeepers, that was a joke).

What else: West Iceland got let off the hook by settling a deal with Sheffield Untidy for something around £15 million compensation for Tevez, and the Bad Bankers of Iceland have until July to flog the club to pay off some of their banking debts.

And as you will see from the top of the page, Charlie Nic, the only ex-AFC player to be a consistent supporter of the club, the players and the team when doing commentaries, has become our Site President.  Hope that’s all right Charlie.  Unless I hear from you I’ll take it as a yes.

Now, where did I put the estate plans so I can find the road out of my grounds.  (Such a pain when the chauffeur has the day off, don’t yer know).

(c) Tony Attwood, Planet Arsenal, 2009

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