Man City – Arsenal 2-3: Why ref? Why 4 minutes of extra time in a pre season friendly?

By Walter Broekx

The Arsenal team at the start: Cech, Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Xhaka, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Iwobi.


The subs Debuchy, Gibbs, Ospina, Walcott, Cazorla, Chambers, Martinez, Campbell, Reine-Adelaide, Akpom, Elneny, Bielik, Zelalem, Willock.
A first match for Alexis and Ramsey this season after their 5 and 4 weeks holiday after the Copa America and the Euro.


A good start from Arsenal with a yellow card against Reges for pulling Alexis back who robbed him from the ball. First chance for The Ox but his lob goes well over. Could have taken a bit more time as City lost the ball because high Arsenal pressure. City also try to set up some attacks but no end product. Alexis in some space and a cross to Ramsey whose header goes just over the crossbar. And a bit later The Ox is send out in space and he attempts a lob but the effort goes wide. And minutes later The Ox puts pressure on the City goalkeeper and the ball ends up in front of Coquelin but his goal bound shot is stopped by a City defender. Ramsey then again with a good shot but this time the City keeper can push the shot wide. Arsenal should have been in front by now.


Then a first chance for City but Bellerin can take the speed out of the shot and Cech can easily catch. But alas a cross from Sterling goes over the head of Holding and Aguero can finish the chance for City. 1-0 for City after 30 minutes. Taking your chances is the name of the City game.


Arsenal trying to put it right but a free kick from Xhaka goes just over the head of Holding. A bit more pressure and both teams battling for it and now we get a bit of a scrappy moment in the final minutes of the first half.


Arsenal go in the dressing room 1-0 behind but that isn’t a fair reflection of the match I saw so far. Arsenal with most and best chances so far but it was City who scored. Holding a few times caught in possession and losing the ball too easily, something he has to work on but he sure looks a confident ball player.


Chambers, Walcott and Elneny came on in the second half for Holding, Xhaka and The Ox. Bellerin with a good long ball to Walcott who runs on his flank with a few options in the middle. He picks out Iwobi who cuts inside and finishes with a hard shot in the far bottom corner. GOAL! 1-1 after 50 minutes.


Delph with a shot after Chambers gave the ball away but no real problem for Cech. Aguero goes in the book for a late kick when Chambers robs him from the ball. Lots of fouls now this isn’t a real friendly for the moment. Arsenal with a few promising moves but the final ball doesn’t come to a teammate. Free kick to Arsenal, Alexis to take it and his shot hits the crossbar and Ramsey just can’t reach the loose ball.


After 62 minutes Santi comes on for Ramsey. Santi immediately to Theo whose shot just went wide. Santi with a corner but Chambers heads it wide. Navas with a cut inside and a good shot but an equal good save from Cech. Some confusion in the Arsenal penalty area as the ball bounces around a bit but in the end the Arsenal can clear. Alexis then goes down in the City penalty area but nothing give by the ref. Iwobi goes off after 68 minutes and Campbell comes on. Note to presentators: a two footed challenge (Toure) is always a foul. Arsenal attacks Theo on the flank cuts inside, gives it to Alexis who puts in in front of Theo who made a great run and Theo chips the ball over Hart. GOAL 1-2 for Arsenal after 73 minutes.


Cech alert at the first post to catch a cross from Sterling. After 75 minutes Debuchy and Gibbs came on for Bellerin and Monreal. De Bruyne escapes on the flank but Toure smashes his effort high over. And after 77 minutes Akpom comes on for Alexis. A really young pitch invader comes on to taka a selfie with Walcott I think leads to the ref stopping the match. Cech again alert when a cross is deflected. Cech almost with a fantastic long ball to Campbell but the ball gets too much speed on the wet pitch. Walcott first on a loose ball in the City defence and Hart has to dive in the feet of Santi and the ball falls in front of Akpom who simply puts the ball over the line. GOAL 1-3 to The Arsenal after 85 minutes.


Santi then losing the ball and Navas can escape and his cross finds Iheanacho who heads it in. 2-3 after 87 minutes. Santi a bit too casual there. City again but Elneny with a good clearance. Toure with a good low shot but great save from Cech. Navas at the end of a low cross in extra time but he shoots over. Gabriel and Iheanacho go both down after a duel and the Brazilian defender looks in pain. Oh bollocks ref why did you give extra time in a preseason match???? The silent agreement is that you only play 90 minutes and don’t give 4 extra minutes. The stretcher comes out for Gabriel. It looked as if he got the weight of the City players when he fell down. I think Wenger will be furious with the decision of the ref to play 4 minutes of extra time. Completely ridiculous….


This stupid referee decision will cost Arsenal a lot. Extra time in a pre season friendly…. FFS….


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  1. Kevin Campbell thinks he knows better than Wenger. Another pundit without management experience waffling on about buy this & that.

    Well done Walter. I can understand your anger. I thought it was 3 mins but why any time? 20 odd subs & a dick head for a ref!

  2. The commentators seem to get templates for their commentary, where they just insert name of player, club, manager, coach as needed.
    Other phrases like “he went down too easy” or he “was looking to be fouled” annoy the hell out of me.

    Good game, the lads are playing differently now, an air of confidence and freeness that was missing last times.

    In the last game where there was more pressing, this game had a little less, but was not needed as much, but it could also be due to the personel change.

  3. Media comment all about Arsenal needing to buy players. No appreciation of the fact that we just beat City far more convincingly than the scoreline suggests.

    Of course, if we had lost, it would be proof that we are finished. Since we won, it is only a friendly of no significance / City were poor / not really trying etc etc.

    As for the injury to Gabriel, I echo Walter’s point about the added time. My immediate concern is for the player himself, which none of the ITV pundits seemed to share, as they see the incident as support for their agenda that we need to buy a centre-back.

  4. Well it relates to the recent discussions, I saw a good few nibbles at Alexis, Couquelin just to mention a couple.

    We are feared, this is in some way a mark of respect, bt agreed, no extra time should be played and he called an end to the first half inside the 45th minute.

    We all know what he was up to!

  5. We played really well especially our midfield which looks as good as any in the premiership with lots of options and depth.Sadly the same cant be said for our striking options and more so know with the gabriel injury we need to strengthen at centre back.I feel chambers could be badly exposed in the league and hasnt progressed since he signed from southampton.Two top pieces of the jigsaw need to be found soon and if they are we have a real chance of silverware this season.Lets show our intent and ambition and sign a top striker and centre back.
    and lets give it a rest constantly blaming referees for everything,it doesnt half make some of you look desperate and bitter.

  6. Extra time was played in the Viking game. If that’s the rule it’s pointless blaming the ref.

  7. Personally I like when Wengers hand is forced, I would have selected Gabby behind Callum and Holding anyway. He reminds me of a Goat in a small mountain village, you wouldn’t swap him for a cow or a sheep, nor a horse. But by God you wish he’d get it all a bit quicker. It’s Keown, wait for it, he’ll be immense.

    Positives, we should have sealed it earlier, but Pep used his usual Vs Arsenal Tactic wait for them to come onto you and then counter and then exploit counters, but he can’t play from the back, Mangala, ha, Kompany, HaHa, anyone new, Language, HaHaHa, and Gabby admitted communicatio is key and he struggles, see question and Answer on ArsenalPlayer with Ospina even translating for him he struggles.

    He’s Koscielny, likes to step out, so we need high and hodling midfielder to comfort him. Holding would suit as Partner. Mustarfi and Koscielny will be rock, guaranteed.

    Monreal got exposed, in final third he’s great tracking back he’s off the pace a little.

    I just knew Akpom would make it 4 in 4, he’s the second choice for me, until we sign and Lacazzette, i’m not convinced, if he wanted it why was he so bad in last years friendly?

    Iwobi better be a wonderkid in next FM. Gedion needs to stay, his weight of pass is Ooh La La.

    for me, we must seal CB and then look at a Left back,I’m always defence first, especially for attacking style.

    They’ll be ready and thank heavens Sturridge and Milner look unlikely, we need to win the opening two for sure.

    Mertersacher is scathing in his criticism and then gets set back for 5 months, yes you are right about shortcomings, but we need confidence, especially you, just run down your contract and coach already, so, so, so good positionally, but yu need to be a threat from set pieces and learn to attack the bal when defending.

    Wait for Morata, get Julian, sign either Ricardo or Santos.

    Sorry Ospina, you need to stay, you’ll be Cup keeper, great shot stopper, Szczesny needs to think for another year about whether he is serious, a title will change his mind or 17m is a good take.

  8. Am I right in thinking Gabriel was the only outfield player to play the whole game . Seeing as he’s are only fit and ready centre half for Sunday one cuould say that was a bit of a gamble

  9. Walter
    You’re a stickler for having the rules applied correctly, so should extra time be allowed in friendlies or not? It’s no good having a “silent agreement” if the rules are not applied.
    Would you have complained if Gabriel had not got injured? I doubt it.

    Service as usual from you.

  10. I got annoyed with the ITV clowns before the game started and watched on Arsenal player. Much more preferable..

    I feel for Gabriel – so unlucky. Get well soon.


  11. Much better layout guys, are you able to do a reply section so we can respond to each others critiques and comments more directly??

    Maybe a comment title. so at a glance we can see what people choose to focus on in their analysis or lack there of?

    I look around and see that we have a ready made U20 squad for League Cup, we have 2 keepers to allow Cech that warm down time he pragmatically requested.

    We have one of the best teams in terms of squad depth, and energy levels will be telling over the course of the season.

    Full Back and currently CB are risky, Bellerin goes missing before last 16 we have a problem, and who is actually better Gibbs or Monreal? Both have their pros and cons and I don’t like that. CB we will get Mustarfi, no problem.

    I think width is a key issue, Iwobi is easily second choice on left, Ox is a second choice right winger. Walcott, is good enough, everyone knows if you knock a strikers confidence he’s out, which is why I’d sell him to Klopp, match made in heaven, if you love something let it go, I’m not a striker I;m a winger, even he’s confused, sometimes to progress you need to change something.

    it would give us the finances to get my favoured two in. Jenks still not back so….. I do not rate debouchey. Callum is better at right back currently than centre back. His game changes he doesn’t dive in like he did for MLS all star goal. and his passing range is good. attacking play lacks, he doesn’t trust himself over the half way line, but with Ox he has a good relationship which could be of value.

    on the left, our Lef wingers are so proficient they need a full back with the legs, Gibbs has them until someone crocks his fragile twigs.

    Were we to sign a worlds up front, I’d likely release Giroud not Theo and see what Theo offers, Invincibles were all about pace, if you look closely it’s the exact same format, but a bigger squad, with more options and a new stadium, we paid from the nose for this.

    What is missing is Ashley Cole and Henry. and hopefully something more than Lauren, what are you talking waffle to the media for, did you not save from your career?

    I know a club with an Henry (converted left winger who is massively underrated) who went to Juv and belongs to a club who want to deplete one of our strongest enemies.

    It’s like Oxford street sales everywhere, but stock is left downstairs 2,900 units in one Office store to be exact. What you do is nick what you want early, then wait for them t bring up the good stuff, he who waited longest laughs loudest.

    there are 3 world class players knocking about that are available, 1 German, on Algerian and one Spaniard. We take Ricardo if we can ensure we have enough for two of three key attackers.

    You do what you need before you do what you want!

  12. From Wenger’s interview on

    >> on the referee playing extended time…

    > We always ask to not play injury time in friendly games. He did it. I have no special issue with it.

    So, there is an unwritten rule, not necessarily restricted to officials.

    Service as usual from you.

    And lots of borderline fans; who are happy, maybe, but we still need to spend 150 million before tomorrow.

    It’s more fun trying to figure out why this GPT disk won’t boot. It isn’t EFI or UEFI.

  13. Here goes the neighbourhood….

    The blogosphere starting to say that the title hopes are already gone….considering the same blogosphere was judging Gabriel useless….talk about stupidity of the crowds….

    Hope for him that he gets well soon. And maybe someone like Mustafi makes his way to the Emirates as we do need some strong men with experience in central defence. As much as I like Chambers, he still is not the finished product. As for Bielick and Holding, they sure look promising, yet experience definitely is lacking.

    Then again, I trust Le Prof to get things right. He has been honing this team over the fast years and it is visible how he adjusted it patiently and I am very positive, whatever all the ‘destroyers’ are telling on the internet. Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. PL here we come.

    By the way, is the figure of an above 200’000€ weekly salary for Pogba confirmed ? If yes, this is just insane. I couldn’t imagine him coming to AFC with such a salary. That would wreak havoc among teammates’ self-esteem and sense of hierarchy. And I wonder what his future teammates will be thinking.

  14. I’m even more in favour of my own suggestion regarding comments four dislikes, wow a record first ever that people don’t like whatI said more than they like it!

    Curious to know why?

    I know I am usually right, this club is ingrained in me!

    Maybe they think Mangala can play out from the back, or Kompany with his reoccuring injury, maybe they don’t see that Gabby almost always comes out from the back line and leaves space in behind, even when he’s next to Hector.

    Or maybe they know of cheaper left backs who are better, please tell Arsene then! Or maybe they think we need 8 CB for a Pogba fee.

    Maybe they don’t get why Gazidis, chosen by Wenger, who’s CV is so good he’s on FA committee, saying we had money last year till some idiot anounced how much, would detract and say we can’t afford this time around.

    Or Maybe they do not think Julian and Morata are better options than I dont fit in Vardy or maybe I’m injured, maybe it;s a ploy from Lyon ho are inconsistent with press releases.

    Or Maybe they think Per shouldn’t do better than ducking out of high balls or always being under corners, lead footed, but can’t see that being that slo he has to be a positional genius to be as effective as he is.

    Or maybe we should sell Ospina and have only one recognised GK? Maybe they don;t agree with Keown himself comparing the two defenders and saying he loves the guy, because I remember Keown in his last few years and know he’s coaching and we have one of the most attacking teams and also are closing in on a Invincibles standard of defending. We conceded a fiar few we just had the will and ability to score more!

    Perhaps they don’t notice Sturridge goes missing in games, which is what makes him potent when he turns up. Or possibly the effectivity of Millners drive and being selected ahead of the actual Left Back for Liverpool. Maybe they think we should lose our opening two. Or maybe their affiliations are for clubs other than the one in question.

    I dunno!

  15. Gord
    It makes no difference at all what Wenger “asks for”. He probably also “asks” that our players don’t get kicked, but they always do. I think it’s silly playing extra time in a friendly, but you, Menace & Walter would have been moaning if we were chasing that match and he blew on 90 minutes.

  16. Can’t agree Leon.
    I think most of us wanted “no injuries” as the best result of this warm-up game.
    I remember being concerned that, early in the match, Alexis Sanchez got the “treatment” more than once, although he appeared to recover.
    For added time to be allowed in such a meaningless encounter seems to me to be the height of foolishness.

  17. Leon, no one is moaning here. Its mutual frustration among Walter and all of us regarding the injury in stoppage time.

    Nearly every preseason friendly game for any club is concluded at 45 & 90 mins,given the summer weather, lack of players’ fitness, and hectic travel and training schedule. Any extra minutes at the end of any pre season match can be the difference between a fit player, pulled hamstring, or a bad contact injury

  18. I have read that Gabriel has ligament damage but to what extent will not be known till a proper assessment is possible. So at least it appears there is no broken bone.

  19. Walter

    Never mind the bollocks and FFS – it really doesn’t matter at all whether it’s a pre-season match or not. You just can’t ignore the fact that the spectators did pay a substantial amount of money to see the game that was going to be decided on penalties had City happened to equalise.

    I totally agree with Leon. “Silent agreement” – you’re (supposed to be) a ref, so why don’t you tell us more about it? And do you honestly believe Gabriel was injured because of the referee?

  20. As I had some problems with my computer I couldn’t react earlier.
    In our courses that we get when we start to become a referee they clearly give this message that pre season matches or friendly matches should not get extra time unless a serious injury has happened during normal time.
    There is a difference between friendly matches and matches in a league form or knock out competition.
    When I heard the announcement from the speaker (I could understand him say 4 minutes in Swedish) my immediate reaction was: WHAT?????!!!!!
    If like some say the rules have to be applied then you have to add 30 seconds for each substitution. That is what they teach us refs, 30 secs for each substitution. So if as some say the rules have to be applied they should have announced around 10 minutes of extra added time. As both teams made some 20 subs alone that would give us 10 minutes. So 4 minutes wasn’t according to the instructions either.

    Let me tell you what happened. This ref was so happy to have this match that he wanted it to last as long as possible as next week he will do FK Nogood against SC Nobody. Tell me which match would you prefer to last as long as possible? Yes MC – Arsenal. So he decided to add 4 minutes without any basic for this (as I have shown). Now either you follow the rules (10 mins extra time) or you act as both teams prefer (and in friendlies you have to take that with you as a ref) and give no extra time.

  21. Usama – this ref stopped the first half a few seconds before the 45 mins. There was no reason to add time apart from to give City a chance to equalise & get some extra payment.

    Its history now & only Leon knows why the sky stays up without support.

    Dwain Kaye – you have some good reasons to visit a juju man for a potion.

    Dieter injuries happen. When teams are allowed to play ‘outside’ the Laws with regard to substitutions & time, then added on time is a joke. It is convention that added time is ignored in friendlies.

  22. It’s always good to win games as that is a way to build a winning mentality. Getting one over Oilers is always a good result, especially given that we have been on a six-game run without a defeat against them in official games. Goals should do well for all three scorers. Iwobi has been showing his talent throughout this year and Akpom is his close friend which should be an additional asset. Still, an extra option in attack is needed with three weeks left. I wouldn’t mind if we sign Draxler.

    Losing Gabriel is another huge blow. A new central defender has been needed anyway and if Gabriel’s injury is serious as it looked, Arsenal need a new central defender as soon as possible. I like the prospect of the Chambers-Holding combo but they are more the ones for tomorrow than for today.

  23. Gnabry was in the scoring again today for Germany (well, yesterday for UK people).

  24. Playing Devil’s Advocate here.

    The game was a “friendly”, played outside of the UK. What is to stop the manager of the opposition from telling his players, “It is okay if you injure a few of their players, especially defensive players where they already have injuries piling up, because there is no disciplinary action that can be taken against you.”?

    I’m not saying there was any deliberate content to the actions which injured Gabriel. I just wonder if something like this might happen, and might be a reason why you don’t have friendlies against teams from your own league. Does being on neutral ground make a difference?

  25. It’s just I’ll luck though the ref should have seen that the game was becoming more heated up as the clock ticked down and should have stopped the game. Let’s hope it’s not too long coz I fear it could be up to 8 weeks.

    The boys were good though and what reply matters is if they can replicate their form throughout the season.

  26. Waits until last minute to try to get player as cheap as possible >

    one of our lads picks up a serious injury leaving us short >

    Clubs knowing our buying position is much weaker demands even more money >

    Wenger gets even more stubborn and doubles down by trying to switch everyone around >

    We end up with a very unsettled and disjointed defence/team. We were already short, arguably even before per’s injury, now we’ve got only two fit recognized center backs in the squad, i honestly feel for holding, throwing him into the deep end in an extremely unsettled back line is counter productive to his development. What a piss poor way to start the season but this is nothing new to be honest.

  27. On comments –

    One of ‘them’ : ” Why do you watch the Food Network ? Your cooking never gets any better . ”

    Wife : ” Why do you watch porn ?”

  28. As @shoot mentioned earlier Gabriel was the only Arsenal player yesterday who played all 90 minutes…and yet he was our first choice CB until the injury.

    It is these type of basic errors that Wenger time after time makes and will yet again cost us this season.

  29. As the new season is about to start , The Brickfields Gunners Blog predicts that the EPL will most definitely be won by a manager who is not English .
    Hope that is not construed as being racist , but rather as a well known fact !

  30. As I see blame is thrown at Wenger for this injury. If he had taken Gabriel off and we would have lost this match then he also would have been blamed for losing this match of course, never mind the pre-season status of the match.
    For some the only reason of being a fan is to blame Wenger for something.

  31. Just watched in amazement as Alex Hammond LAUGHED when announcing the injury to Gabriel. FFS, what is wrong with Sky? Time for a blanket protest unsubscribe?

  32. @Top Gun
    It’s really infuriating to hear ‘in hindsight fantasy managers’questioning the manager for playing Gabriel full match. Clearly,if he is to be in contention for opening match,it was crucial that he had significant minutes on the field. But of course you know better! It’s simply bad luck, it happens a lot in football!

  33. A new season and new idiots
    Pep is scared of Wenger, neutral referring he’s toast!

  34. Walter, no doubt about that (people would have been angry if we’d let it slip from 3-1)

    I think it’s possible or even likely that if it had stayed 3-1 another minute or two Gabriel would have come off.

    We conceded, mostly as a result of an uncharacteristic Cazorla error (pre-season, tired after exertions of Friday), then City were putting pressure on us. At that point, I wanted us to preserve the win and wasn’t thinking about putting Bielek in there myself. Compounds the sense for me that it was really bad luck. In time added on as well, which as you said is unusual for friendlies and very likely wouldn’t have happened if we had the two-goal lead and the match was petering out.

    It’s a game of contingency and luck plays a huge part in events. Per doesn’t get injured, Gabriel probably doesn’t play the 90 yesterday, etc.

  35. The absolute priority­ was a striker. If yo­u’re brutal, Olivier ­Giroud was the main r­eason we didn’t win t­he league last season­. His 17 Premier Leag­ue games without a go­al were vital. Put a ­Suarez in that team l­ast year and we’re wa­lking it.

    This summer, we shoul­d have had a list of ­names and we should h­ave gone hard for the­m. It looks more and ­more like we stacked ­all our chips on Vard­y and when that fell ­through, we had no id­ea what to do. Rank a­mateur. It’s complete­ly unacceptable we st­ill haven’t solved th­at problem.

    There are mutterings ­that we’re talking to­ Lewandowski’s agent ­and we’re still hopin­g on Benzema. Again, ­I’d love either of th­em, but why on earth ­would Bayern sell the­re main man? He’s the­ best in the world. W­hy would he want to c­ome to us? What makes­ us think if either o­f those two were avai­lable, there wouldn’t­ be competition for t­heir names from other­ clubs struggling up ­front?

    Also, on the Benzema ­front, there’s a lot ­of concern in Spain a­bout his ­fitness­. Madrid are furious ­he missed 15 games la­st year through injur­y (sounds pretty good­ by our standards) an­d they’re putting him­ into some indepth st­udy to root out the i­ssue. Doesn’t sound l­ike the sot of invest­ment you’d be making ­if you were planning ­on shipping him out?

    Then you have Lewando­wski. An absolute dre­am machine of a playe­r. Power, pace, subli­me skills, mobility, ­clinical from anywher­e… and Arsenal are ta­lking to him?


  36. Menace
    Of course how silly of me. It’s impossible for a member of one African nation to be racist to a member of another.

  37. Many years ago, I was in the selection camp for my state ie Maharashtra in India. I was selected and it was the final day and after training we had a game. I play as a CD, it was the dying seconds and there was a counter attack on our side and the I slid to stop a cross and pulled by groin. out for 6 weeks and dropped from the team. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done that tackle but at that moment you don’t want to let in the goal. SHIT HAPPENS.

  38. Average Joe

    ‘If yo­u’re brutal, Olivier ­Giroud was the main r­eason we didn’t win t­he league last season­. His 17 Premier Leag­ue games without a go­al were vital.’

    Absolute rubbish.
    It is absolutely wrong to put all the blame on Giroud. He had a bad run of course, no one disputes that.
    BUT the rest of the team were just as culpable for poor finishing and wasting chances for most of the season and this was as much, if not more to blame for us only finishing second rather than putting it all on Giroud. As I have said before just one more goal per midfielder over the season and a couple more from defenders added to the goals Giroud provided would have put us at top scorers in the league and turned some of those draws into wins and some of those losses into draws. I recall the Ox, Walcott, Santi, Ozil, Ramsey, Sanchez, Campbell and a few others all missing easy chances last season that normally they would put away without thinking.
    Our scoring problems as a team last season were collective, not just Giroud.
    Just get off the blokes back, he’s an excellent striker.

  39. i might be wrong but the ONLY central defender in man city squad on that day was Adarabioyo, whos only career highlight so far is 5-1 exit in League Cup
    did anyone hear the media scream for Pep to buy any central defenders?

  40. I’m being trolled, great on the right path, nobody is jealous of an underacheaver.

    COYG – IWIT (I trust), A striker isn’t as important as many people believe, Giroud was cheating and it effected his game, he didn’t lose his class, just didn’t show any class off the pitch and it showed on the pitch.

    JuJu man for a potion! Ha lol, 13 lucky number!

  41. @Walter, you maybe right about the ref, as you are one yourself you may have knowledge of the ref’s inner mind, but I think you’re making a supposition regarding the ref. Sure he may have had added a few minutes on because this was the biggest game of his life, which you don’t know I assume, but you have no evidence and I thought evidence was paramount on here. Also you have no idea who he’ll be officiating next week and I also find it rather condescending to slate Swedish teams, which I imagine is the league he works for, as FK Nogood and SC Nobody.

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