Biggish Sam, who was caught out in 2006, has been a naughty boy again and the truth is starting to come out.

By Tony Attwood

You will almost certainly know (at least if you live in England) that the manager of the England football team is today accused of telling people whom he thought were Far East businessmen that it was possible to “get round” the rules about third-party player ownership.

Various issues immediately jump out: one is that surely after all the stings and revelations run by the Sun and other newspapers in which their journalists are dressed up like sheikhs and men from distant shores, every person with an IQ above 10 knows not to talk tittle tattle about scams and schemes with foreign businessmen.   Whatever the truth of the allegations being revealed, it shows the England manager as phenomenally stupid and lacking all form of judgement.

Second, the England manager has a lot of form in this sort of area having been named (when manager of Bolton) in the 2006 corruption scandal investigation along with his son (a football agent).  Allardyce repeatedly let it be known that he was going to sue the BBC but never did.

To give a brief summary, in September 2006 the BBC broadcast “Undercover: Football’s Dirty Secrets” including films of meetings between agents, managers and club officials, showing agents and managers taking bribes and tapping up players.  Allardyce and son were accused of taking bribes, Redknapp was shown having tapping-up discussions, Kevin Bond of Newcastle admitted on film he would consider illegal payments,  Frank Arnesen of Chelsea is shown tapping up Nathan Porrit and Liverpool officials were implicated.

Peter Harrison, an agent, stated that he bribed Sam Allardyce and the programme also stated that three Bolton transfers involved secret payments to Allardyce’s son.  They were damning allegations.

Third, given the 2006 issue has never been resolved and Allardyce has never initiated any legal proceedings against the BBC, we cannot say Mr A was guilty but we can note that when a man is accused of such serious crimes taking place at the heart of his profession and refuses to clear his name in the courts, it leaves the question: why?  I stress, it does not mean he is guilty, but it would be good to know why Allardyce would say the matter was proceeding, and then for nothing to happen.

Fourth in such circumstances, why did the FA appoint him?  A man who swears blind that he is suing one of the biggest organisations in the UK, and then doesn’t and leaves the most serious of allegations unresolved, is surely a risk when placed in the highest job in English football.

All we have from that time however is the statement that, “I have had lengthy discussions with my lawyers and they have advised me that I have a very strong case in relation to the Panorama programme.

“I have therefore instructed them to prepare my case against the BBC, whom I am planning to sue over the false and highly damaging allegations which they broadcast.”  The FA then asked the BBC to provide all of the information it obtained during their investigation with a spokesperson saying, “The corporation emphasised that it is keen to help the relevant authorities with their investigations and a proper process has now been put in place.”

Now once again the FA is left asking a news organisation for details of things it should have sorted out itself years before.

In his latest case Allardyce has been caught on tape saying it was “not a problem” to bypass the rules his own organisation had introduced in 2008 saying he knew of certain agents who were “doing it all the time” (quite possibly one of whom might be his son) and added: “You can still get around it. I mean obviously the big money’s here.”

Allardyce will probably bluster a bit and then say, he was merely giving a personal view of the sport, although that will still leave the question of whether a man charged with such serious acts before who chose not to defend himself properly then, can be believed now.  Also it raises the question, if he knows about these people why is he not telling his bosses to act.

On the tape Allardyce insults Roy Hodgson calling him “Woy” but elsewhere in one bit of the conversation he strayed into reality calling the spending of huge sums of money the FA did not have on rebuilding Wembley “stupid”.   He also described Gary Neville as someone who should be told to “sit down and shut up”.

So what will the FA do?   Probably nothing, because that is what organisations that run football mostly do, and the FA has a vast amount of form in terms of doing bugger all.

Of course it is not just the FA that has been incredibly stupid in employing Allardyce.  Stupidity seems to be a pre-requisite for being involved in football.  For at the same time as the latest Allardyce allegations have emerged Fifa has decided nothing more needs to be done about racism in football.  Just three years after Blatter said that racist comments on the pitch could be resolved by the players shaking hands at the end of a game, it has wound up its anti-racist unit saying it had achieved what it set out to do.

There has often been comments made that the anti-racism task force was only there to make it look like Fifa was doing something and to thus enhance Fifa’s image. But this is another sign that those now running Fifa really do think that the problems that beset Fifa at the end of the Blatter era, are now resolved and it is all plain sailing.

What links Fifa and Allardyce here is that both the organisation and the man act in a way that suggests that they can do anything they like and get away with it.   The accusations against Allardyce made in the 2006 scandal are still there, still hanging in the air, but he feels he can just continue doing his thing, saying what he wants while feeling that most reporters who ought to be looking into his past won’t do  anything much.   Fifa likewise believe the past can be brushed aside.

But clearly, in targeting Allardyce, the Telegraph knew they were onto something – after all newspapers don’t go around setting up these situations and making offers to all and sundry waiting for one of them to trip up.  They know who they are after.

That doesn’t prove Allardyce guilty of course, but it does show up how incredibly stupid the FA were to give him the job.  The FA knew about all the past allegations against Allardyce and his son and they knew that Allardyce had not just threatened legal action against the BBC but had said it was actually happening.  And then he did nothing.  That marks a person out.

As for Fifa, the anti-racism programme was never given real support and indeed in many ways was constantly undermined by the tiny fines that were given both by Fifa and Uefa to clubs and associations after gross exhibitions of racism in football grounds around the world.

As the Guardian has pointed out in relation to the racism issue, “the most recent research from the Moscow-based Sova Center and the Uefa‑affiliated Fare Network reported a surge in the number of racist displays by Russian fans, with most cases going unpunished. Researchers logged 92 incidents of discriminatory displays and chants by Russian fans in and around stadiums in the 2014-15 season, against a total of 83 for the previous two seasons combined.”

But let’s give the last word to the manager of England.  Here’s one bit quoted today in the Daily Mail speaking about his employers…

‘They’re all about making money, aren’t they? You know the FA’s the richest football association in the world? Well, I shouldn’t say that. They’re not the richest at all. What they do is they have the biggest turnover in the world with £325m.’

Concerning third party ownership of players he said it was not a problem and that it was how he bought Enner Valencia to West Ham United commenting,  ‘He was third party owned when we bought him from Mexico.’

That is an interesting historic allegation against a Premier League club which the league ought to consider further.  The FA banned third party ownership in 2008.  Fifa banned it in 2015.  Valencia was brought to WHU in 2014.

The Telegraph has said it will be making further accusations regarding financial misconduct in British football, while raising serious questions about its governance and the influence that money has over it.


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  1. Well done Telegraph. Previously, I thought that paper was only decent for its cricket news.
    We will now see whether the FA is any better than FIFA. 😉

  2. The story goes, regarding the Panorama programme, was that it was all set up for Redknapp to be filmed receiving a briefcase of dosh… only for Mick Newell, then Luton manager, to fire a broadside the day before against corruption in football. ‘Arry wisely decided it might be better to lie low and failed to show up.

    It has also been publicised that certain England managers, in particular the previous one, have strong links with certain agents and that these agents are more likely to have their clients selected by England (full or U21). I would doubt that Fat Sam will be a breath of fresh air in this regard.

  3. Great article Tony

    During a recent debate on UA discussing the virtues, or otherwise, of our media, we had this from Leon:

    “There are folk living in nations who would die for (and often do) a media such as we have in this country. Cherish it I say.”

    It will be interesting to see if they live up to Leons high opinion of them.

    How the mainstream media approach many of the points made above could well bare out Leons faith in them, personally a doubt it very much.

    My guess is, as was the case with mark Halseys recent revelations, it will all be yesterdays news before it even makes todays.

    But hey, why bother doing any real journalism when you can spend your time trying to catch Wilshere having a sneaky fag.

  4. Good (and ongoing) investigative work by The Telegraph.
    You’d think Sam would be more cautious considering his past (unproven accusations) and his current position as England manager, but somehow the man just keeps getting into it.

  5. Oh , dear ! This is truly bad news . With AW yet to sign a new contract with the Arsenal , I fear maybe that he will be lured away to a soon to vacant England manager’s job .
    Could he really resist the temptation of working with the likes of those chappies at the English FA ?
    Was it really a pig that crapped on my roof ?

  6. Leon

    I hope so too, but I doubt it.

    Personally I don’t count 2 or 3 days of hand wringing in the broadsheets as the Media seriously looking in to something.

    Only when I hear stories are making big and lengthy headline news in the Red Tops, on SKY Sports and Talkshite etc. do I believe the media as a whole are serious about any particular issue.

    From what I have read, and I freely admit that most of that is through UA, Allardyce’s position as England manager is untenable.

    The FA should also be relentlessly pursued and taken to task as to how a character such as Allardyce, was installed in the position in the first place. Heads should roll.

    If the media pursue this to that end, or conversely clear his name, then and only then will I consider they have acted correctly.

    But as I say I fully expect this to be all forgotten by the weekend.

    I hope I am wrong.

  7. Only in the job for five minutes and he’s there on the frontpage. Not one of those – ”In the later years of his England career his reputation was somewhat blemished.”

    Obviously the English do not do corruption, nor do the FA do much at all. Where it all ends is where it all starts. How dare you impugn my integrity!

  8. @Tony

    Last year Ognjen Koroman (ex-Portsmouth) published an anecdote on his Facebook-profile about how he was surprised after Harry Redknapp had given him a new contract despite his poor form. According to Koroman – incredibly thick footballer – Redknapp praised two Koroman’s virtues that very few players have: 1.”You are not envious at your rivals in the team” and 2.”You like to bet a lot”.

    Redknapp and Big Sam are the mirrors of FA.

  9. He could be missing for 5 matches:

    Arsenal v Basel

    Burnley v Arsenal

    Arsenal v Swansea

    Arsenal v Ludogorets

    and possibly

    Arsenal v Middlesbrough

    As I say, could of been a lot worse.

  10. I haven’t read the article but one of the headlines suggests Fat Sam was going to be the Chinese guys ‘Special Advisor’ on certain football matter. Surely the FA has to vet any additional jobs of the current England manager (assuming he’s allowed to have other jobs).

  11. not suprised at all over fat sam’s comments, he’s an embodiment of the fa in a way flies are associated with garbage, it wouldn’t shock me too if members of the sacred fa didn’t already know about the flaws in the third party rule, my heart isn’t beating with excitement as i await another dumb stunt to be pulled by the parties involved.

  12. Medja displaying information not submitted, and likely fabricated.

    One Google snippet talks about crisis talks with the FA over this (Fat Sam). The medja should not know if an appointment for talks between FA and Sam have been scheduled. The medja may observe Sam going to the FA for some reason; which may or may not be talks.

    Personally I don’t think the FA cares. Having corrupt or improper officials should be of more concern, and look how much they have invested in that. Zero.

  13. This is why we call the Football Association, the sweet FA, which across the pond means sweet F**k All. FIFA is now officially known as FICK ALL FUFA and both rotten organizations are criminally corrupt and abysmally inept at anything: posh stuffed suits eating prawns and admiring each others’ Armani ties.

  14. Over the years people (many of whom were Arsenal-haters) were asking me why the FA didn’t have the balls to appoint passionate Englishmen like Allardice and Harry Redknapp to be the England manager … I think I now have the answer.

  15. The most disturbing point of the Telgraph interview with Allardyce – when Big Sam tells them he can, as the English national manager, have international players from Sunday onwards, whatever the clubs say.

    The chains that the FA have on football have to be broken.

  16. @Zedsaunt,

    Hopefully Fat Sam will NOT have international players from Sunday onwards.

    And hopefully never again.

  17. The devil we know? Or is it the devil we think we know???? How can we allow media to entrap sports people? There is a sad state of affairs where corruption seeps through society & the evil remain in control.

  18. The Ravel Morrison story carried the rumour that he refused to sign up with Biggus Sammus’ favourite special agents?

    The old Revie wannabe’s greatest achievement for English (& Nigerian) Football will have been the arrival of a young Iwobi at the Arsenal as an indirect possibly accidental consequence of his generous benevolence.

  19. Just heard on the radio Allardyce has fallen on his sword, sacked in disgrace.
    I hope the FA don’t go after Arsene again!

  20. Sam Allardyce OUT!!! after one game and 64 days. It’s not all bad for him afterall – Fat sam is now the only England football manager ever with a 100% win ratio 😉

  21. Leon

    Just like we where saying. When journalists decide to do there job properly this is what they can do.

    Yet for years they let a secretive, incompetent, cheating body such as The PGMO get away with murder.

    Similarly they allow the incompetent FA to pour Millions of pounds down the drain without a murmur.

    It makes you wonder who decides who to go after and who not and why.

  22. So many questions run through mind following the sacking ,as do so many jokes!

    So who next as manager ?
    I sincerely hope that the FA are not seriously thinking of some Frenchman or another ! I think that Henry could be lured back to England and he SHOULD get the backing of his fellow studio pundits .

    But then, what would that say of the quality of the present English coaches ?
    Aren’t there hundreds of thousands suitably qualified English coaches around?

    Who was the next best shortlisted candidate the last time around ?

    Was ‘arry ever really considered ? Wasn’t he always the media’s darling ?
    Has his( and dear Rosie ‘s) cases been adequately ‘dealt’ with ?

    What about those studio experts , who weekly inform us of their paucity of their ideas ? Or their moronic use of cliches ?
    Spend some more fucking money may not seem to be too clever here !

    I open the floor to all and sundry for their well thought-out and measured opinions , and await with baited breath the rush of optimism that normally accompanies a new beginning or start . Or a new broom or some old wine in a new bottle ?

    The next few years should be a real hoot !

  23. Here’s a joke about taking the piss !

    This is a Hokkien joke…

    Mr. Lim shares with his doctor , “I feel just fine, doc. But you know, it’s the strangest thing. Every night when I get up to pang jio (urinate), the bathroom light goes on for me automatically when I open the door!”

    The doctor is worried that the old man is getting senile, so he phones the man’s son, and the son’s wife answers. The doctor tells her, “Mrs. Lim, I’m a little concerned about your father-in-law. It seems that when he gets up to urinate at night and opens the bathroom door, the light somehow goes on…

    At which point, Mrs. Lim is heard yelling to her husband , “Ah Seng! Ah Pa pang jio (urinated) in the fridge again!”

  24. Wife: Can you help me in the gardening ?

    Husband: What do you think I am… a gardener ?

    Wife: Can you fix the door handle ?

    Husband: What do you think I am… a Carpenter ?

    In the evening, when husband came from work, he saw that everything had been fixed.

    Husband: Who did all this ?

    Wife: Our neighbour. But he gave me 2 options…. Either I should give him a burger or a kiss.

    Husband: I am sure you must have given him a burger.

    Wife: What do you think I am.. …..McDonald’s ?!!

  25. Great article.

    I can’t see Arsene ever seriously considering the England job, even if he decides to leave at the end of the season, which I don’t think he will.

    He’s got to know that, whatever they say now, the english media would LOVE the opportunity to tear him apart.

  26. The sad thing is that Big Sam has been raped by the media because of his greed. It is the same con trick that the old & greedy are robbed with. The Police should intervene & charge the Telegraph for entrapment with fraud. This is a sick society that accepts this method of ‘catching greed’.

    Selling news is legal but making news to sell must be bordering on the illegal.

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