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  1. Usama Zaka

    Slight error above, Worst Referee of the week with 3 wrong decisions is Robert Madley, not Andre Marriner.

  2. bjtgooner

    Another excellent report – well done guys.

    As for the incompetents in black – surely no one can now argue against the introduction of video technology.

  3. MickHazel

    In the ‘ Possible Change in Points Week-by-Week Due To Wrong Major Decisions’ table you show Bournemouth with +2 on week 3 but 0 on total so the ‘adjusted league table’ is therefore wrong for Bournemouth as a result. They should be on 9 points not 7 should they not?

  4. Usama Zaka

    Thanks Mick for pointing it out, this was probably a last min transposition error.

    Yes they should have a +2. Will be correctly with a remark in the next week report

  5. Mandy Dodd

    Seems Spurs players do not get red cards

  6. MickHazel

    Mandy Dodd
    They (Spurs that is) managed to go all last season without picking up a red I believe. They should at least have had one against us, Dier I think it was, for a foul on Giroud..

  7. Mandy Dodd

    Mick, think Dier, Dele, walker, rose, dembele wanyama, as well as verthongen and alderwerield have got away with rather a lot, as did Mason when he was there. Pack a team with thug Mfs. What can it mean? Surely they don’t want a bunch of fouling hoofball merchants to win it two years running…….or do they?
    Wenger, just keep saying you are interested in the England job, might get some decisions!

  8. para

    “Liverpool vs Hull” 1st link.

    I see two players with legs raised going for the ball, and anyone of them. Now, who gets the card? The one who avoids injury? Or The one who gets injured? And what if both get injured?

    Should not both get a card for “too high” a foot?
    Or is it because the last kick before the incident happened to be from the liverpool player, meaning he had the ball before the incident?

    Looking at it a few times, i see that the liverpool player tries to retract his foot after ball contact but the hull player follows through.

    So the ref would have to go through all these calculations before making a decision, makes me realise that it is the rules that cause the refs such headaches and wrong decicions, at least a good part of them.

    Thanks for the report, it is great to go through all the info. 🙂

    Shows though that appearances can be false, it looks like Arsenal is still being hard done by even though it appears we are getting a few favourable decisions.

  9. para

    Mandy Dodd
    Its all a plot to destroy Arsenal’s football by arming their bitter and long standing rivals,(who else was foolish enough to take the challenge?) with thug players, players who have no other way than to plough through all opposition that causes them any problems. The FA, media and others sit back and smile at a job well done, and that they approached the right manager and team for the job. This is “power” they think sipping gently on their expensive drink.

  10. AJ

    The problem with this analysis is that it is the refereeing review teams interpretation of an incident, not fact.

    Case in point was Huddlestone’s lack of a red card. It was a 50-50 loose ball and as a result both player went for it. Henderson got there 1st and as a result of Huddlestone’s raised foot, definitely a foul and maybe a yellow. A red would have been VERY VERY HARSH. Even though I never mind if ex Spuds players get sent off, but still….

    This analysis is extremely good, painstaking and detailed but we need to be careful that this is just an opinion/interpretation

    @Arsenal fans need to keep their feet on the ground and support our team that the performances and results continue. COYG

  11. Dawie

    I would place the incident at 6.10 (Boro vs Spurs – Alli) in the contentious list as well. The Boro player has his arm on Alli’s back and pushes him, but it is obvious that Alli is looking for the foul to get a penalty. Spurs followers in South Africa are still upset that they lost to Newcastle and North London was not white at the end of the season. It looks like PIGMOB has decided Spurs is the team of the season, as per Leicester for 2015/6….. Something else that has baffles me is how Pool has received so many pens so far. Maybe PIGMOB loves them and Spurs for 2016/7…

  12. Usama Zaka


    At first we thought the same for 6.10 but then we slowed it down. Just before the motion of Stuani’s hand, you can see Alli already on his way down.

  13. Dawie

    Usama, Thank you for that. I can see that Alli is looking for the contact to go down and that is why I say that Spurs is the filthiest team in the league. They will do anything to win as they are taught by their damager(he is certainly not a manager). When you see their over-the-top tackles, always trying to con the ref and general play, it is no wonder that they had the game against Chelsea last season. I am still waiting for any of their supporters to try and explain that away. But I guess that will have to wait…. 🙂

  14. Goonermikey

    The Mike Riley, pro-Man U bias is yet again glaringly obvious to see from the wrong decisions for and against……………..

  15. ithi

    Great stuff. For next week, can you add two columns to the “Correct/Incorrect decisions” tables under the Season To Date section:

    1. % of all Decisions
    2. Average / Game

    These are easily calculated from the numbers you already include, but showing them would help in comparing officials since all have different numbers of games and decisions to make.

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